Boy Ass 1

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As a man of self-examination and often thoughtful contemplation, I have frequently wondered why it is I love to shove things up the asshole of a young boy. Why does this activity so turn me on? Why am I driven to seduce, captivate, entice, and navigate a pale, slender, smooth young boy to allow insert digits, sexual organs, and a wide variety of bizarre objects into his rectum? How did this interest begin and why did it develop? It's the strangest thing, isn't it?


I adore the tight pink unspoiled asshole of a young boy. The smooth ass cheeks, the hairless hole, the tiny corrugated rosebud of the asshole itself. I love to kiss and fondle such a boy, to flatter him and watch his long eyelashes flutter as he blushes when I tell him how beautiful he is, and how special he is to me. I gain the boy's trust. I try to create adoration on his part. He falls in love with the idea that I am an intelligent, rather wealthy gentleman in the arts, and that I might be able to introduce him to an exciting, exotic life, so different from his boring humdrum existence. I perhaps give him the attention he has not gotten before. I tell him how beautiful his eyes are, and they are! I eventually kiss his full, young, soft as rose petals, lips. Ah, to kiss a boy of a tender age and to feel those soft velvet lips. To teach him how to swap spit, and to feel his saliva in my mouth, as I thrust my large tongue into his delicate oral opening, Such bliss.


Such innocence. A boy so young he still understands little or nothing of sex. It is still a vast dark mystery to him, but he knows he feels a tingle in his pale body when a man like me touches him there and there. And then for the first he sleeps with me. He wraps his legs and arms around me for comfort. I still have not tried sex with him. I gain his ultimate trust first. I touch his small penis, gently fingering it to his delight. No one has ever done that to him. I lick his ear as I run my fingers over his round small as cantaloupe ass globes and then down the deep crack between.


Ah, but what I want to do to this ass is something else again. I don't just want to finger it. I don't just want to feel it’s tiny tightness squeezing around my finger as I insert it into rectum for the first time. Oh, no, I want to also shove my big fat dick as deep as I can up into the bowels of the boy. I want to stretch his tiny asshole until the pain for him is unbearable. Why? Why do I want to see those beautiful eyes fill with Why do I want to watch those full, pink young lips tremble with anguish, as he pleads with me to "take it out?"


"It is too big!" he begs.


And it is. My cock is much too large for the tiny asshole. Only a monster would try to shove something that long and thick into the delicate, pink asshole of a boy so young. I lick his ear and tell him that he is a very good boy and is doing so well, that I am proud of him. I shove more cock inside him. His entire body stiffens and almost vibrates from the tremendous pain of my fuck into his virgin body. I assure him that the pain will get less, that he will come to love the feeling of my cock up inside him.


Some boys, of course, do. Others never learn to enjoy the feeling of getting ass fucked. Some know it will ruin them for life. Some realize it will warp . Others know nothing except pain and discomfort. I kiss his neck and shoulders and suck on his little as if that will somehow lessen the pain of my fuckmeat up his rectum.


He is very small, such an innocent child, but I know I will not be content until I have fucked him balls deep until feel my scrotum slapping against his mounds as I slam into him as hard as I possibly can, almost breaking his little body with the power of my fuck thrust. Why do I want to do this? I want to break him? Do I want to destroy him – his innocence? I lick away his tears and tell him what a good boy he is and what a wonderful job he is doing of taking my cock. His toes and his little legs twist and turn as I fuck harder and harder up into his guts. I bite his pale flesh to increase my ecstasy. I nip at his tits and his soft shoulder and neck flesh. I spit into his face and lick it off. I lick into his ears and over his eyes. And, always I fuck harder and harder, feeling my fuckmeat expand and throb. The first few times there is some blood, but after he has been fucked ten or fifteen times, that stops.


His inner asshole is like silk. Warm, embracing silk. It feels so good on my that I assuage any guilt I may feel, by telling myself that I am justified in seeking out such a fine, young fuck. His feelings, his concerns are of no matter to me. It is my pleasure that controls the fuck. But wait! That is not entirely true. His feelings do matter to me. But, not his feelings of pleasure, but his feelings of pain. The reason I seek such a young, tender sapling to abuse is that his pain makes the fuck all the more delicious. His agony and discomfort, his humiliation and degradation are prime factors in the joy of the ass fuck. The smaller and more fragile he is, the more powerful and dynamic I feel. I want to crush him beneath me. I want to twist his bones and pinch his flesh. I want to take him to the farthest limits of torment, all the while assuring him that I care for him and that I know he can take "just a little more!" And, he can. And, he does. He has no choice.


And, once I have fucked his ass any number of times, and also his tiny mouth and throat and played various other games like "PISS ON THE BOY." , and this is the part that fascinates me, I develop an overwhelming urge to see how much I can stretch his young asshole. Why, if I so love his tight, warm, hot, moist hole, do seek to destroy it? Why do I seek to ruin that which gives me so much pleasure?


Over and over again with a from a very young age, all the way up to young men of nineteen or twenty. After I fuck them, I insist on larger and larger objects up those assholes, until the boys are almost and are ruined for life. I introduce the boy to dildos, bottles, candles, vegetables, anything I can think of. I get off on the continued discomfort of the boy. I make him sleep all night with some huge object up his ass.


Eventually, I'll ask one of my friends to double fuck the boy with me and both our fat cocks up his little boy cunt at the same time. I will then progress to at least attempt to fist fuck the boy. All the while, his agony never stops. Each new sexual experience takes him deeper and deeper into the world of pain. Why am I compelled to do this? Oscar Wilde wrote, "Each Man Kills the Thing he Loves." Is this true? Do I seek to destroy the young teen or pre-teen asshole that I love? Do I so enjoy watching the boy throw his head from side to side in agony while his tears soak the pillow?


It never stops, this compulsion to stretch the asshole more and more. And yet, I know full well that we must reach a limit at some point. At some point, after the boy's asshole is stretched enough to deliver a baby and his inner ass now swells out obscenely, I know I can go no further. He is wrecked. He will not be able to hold in his own shit. He might require surgery. I can shove my foot up his ass. Only then do I dump the child and move on to the next conquest.


And, not only also admit to certain delight by making the boy shove things up his own ass. I love to sit back with a drink in my hand and watch my boy struggle to fuck his own ass to please me.


"If you love me," I say, a pout on my lips, "You will shove that beer bottle up your ass. You will squat on it and bounce for me."


And more often than not, the little boy, hungry for affection and approval, will actually do it! He will do it without further prompting, except when he says to me, cheeks stained with tears, "It's too big, I can't get it any ," and I say, "Of course, you can. Just a little more. Do it for me. Ignore the pain and do it for me."


The little groans and gasps coming from his mouth, make my cock throb and leak and pulse. The twisted look on his sweet young face, makes my balls ache. For me. FOR ME. He shoves more and more of the bottle or the dildo or the baseball bat up his young asshole in his desire to please me. Does he have any idea how his asshole will be ruined for life How his bowels will be re-arranged to accommodate my lust? He is only a young boy, and he is getting his asshole ruined by me, for my callous pleasure. I will move on to other young boy-cunts, and he will have to live with the ruin I have created.


Before I dump him, I make sure that he is thoroughly gang-fucked over and over. This is so that he knows that even though I have replaced him, there will still be other men with huge cocks willing to plow his fucked out asscunt. He can prowl the streets and alleys, the public toilets and looking for other men to give him some bit of affection as they face fuck him and fuck his boy-cunt, destroying his ass even further.


And, perhaps after I dump him, he will try to resume a normal life. Impossible of course. Will he ever tell Dad and Mom what happened to him? Will he sit in fifth or sixth or classrooms with leakage dripping out of his asshole because he is no longer able to control his anal muscles? Will he remember the pain?


I I love nothing more in life that fine ass of a young boy. Nothing is more beautiful, The great artists knew this. They filled church ceilings with the asses of young boys. And, yet, I am driven to destroy that which I love. I am always pursued by the demon that demands, “How much can you stretch that tiny, innocent asshole? How deep can you fuck it? What fun things can you shove up there?"


It's a curse.