Born to be Bred

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DVNT Puppy
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I was always a rotten kid. A real, lazy son of a bitch. Arrogant, too. Got into some trouble. Dropped out of school. Had some fights. That kind of thing. So, my Pop figures I need a job to set me straight. He hooks me up with our building's maintenance guy, Slim--sweeping the sidewalk, taking out the trash, unplugging toilets. I never thought that kind of shit job would end up changing my life, but I've got to thank my Old Man. It’s the best thing that ever happened to this horny boy!

The first day I head down to the basement to meet my new boss. He's in this dark little office. A piece of shit battered desk and chair someone in the building threw out. Ratty old couch. Old TVs and computers everywhere. Cleaning supplies. Basically. It's a shithole. And he's sitting there like the king of the fucking castle.

Here's a laugh: Slim is six-foot-two and at least two hundred and sixty pounds of pure muscle. Huge hands can wrap around my neck twice over. He's about forty, unshaven, and black. I'm such an arrogant little fuck that I'm betting he's really a pushover. A big pussy. So I'm about 10 minutes late for my first day.


"You're late, boy."


Shit. He might be tougher than I though.


"From now on, you arrive on time, boy."


"Sure thing, Slim."


"That's Mr. Slim, boy. When you address me, it's Mr. Slim. Or you address me as 'Sir.'"


"Ok. Ok. Whatever you say."


"The words you are looking for, boy, are 'I'm sorry I'm late, Mr. Slim, sir'."


He's fucking serious.


"I'm sorry I'm late, Mr. Slim, SIR."


The rest of the day Slim is riding me nonstop to work faster and harder. I've plunged five toilets, emptied a dozen stinking garbage cans, and shampooed the rugs on three floors.


Back down in the basement, I catch a whiff of pot. I poke my head into the office and, sure enough, Slim's toking on a big old roach.


"Come on in, boy. Take a break." He reaches out to hand me the joint.




He pulls his hand back.


"How do you address me, boy?"


Um, oh, yeah. Thanks, Mr. Slim, Sir."


"That's more like it."


After about 10 minutes I'm pretty baked.


"Feeling good, boy?"


"Yes, Sir, Mr. Slim." I start to laugh at the thought of calling him 'Mr.' and 'Sir.'


Slim flips on the TV, hits the DVD button and up pops some porn. Pot and porn on the first day; maybe this job isn't so bad after all.


On the screen, some blonde chick is getting banged from behind by a big black guy. Her fat tits are swinging and swaying and knocking together, and she's squealing like crazy. Shit, that makes me hard. Feels strange to be watching porn with another dude, and my boss. Plus, I know he's getting a hard-on 'cause his left-hand keeps dropping down to his crotch and tugging at his pants. It's clear the guy is hung like a bull, but I keep my eyes on the screen.


"Like that, son? Horny white bitch getting long dicked by a black bull stud?"


I don't say anything. I just take another hit.


"Shit, that brother's got nothing on me. She's got some mosquito dick nipping at her pussy. Fuck it, I'd give her a real ride. Make her walk bowlegged for a week."


With that, Slim gets up, adjusts his dick, and strolls out of the room.


"Gonna check the boiler. Back in ten."


Ok, so I'm an idiot. Or maybe it's the pot. Whatever. I'm fifteen and horny. Slim's hardly out the door, and I whip out my dick and start going to town. Stroke my dick a couple times, take a drag on the roach, stroke some more. Shit, this is the best fucking job. Two minutes later, I've shot off, sleepy and hungry.


The next morning I'm early for work. Slim's already there. And baked. Did I tell you how much I love this job? We start shooting the shit while we smoke some weed. After about 20 minutes I'm feeling fine.


"Let's see what's on TV today. Sound good, boy?"


"Sure thing, Mr. Slim."


Slim's got a strange look in his eye, which I guess is from the weed. But there's something sinister about him, too. Fuck, this shit must be making me paranoid.


He flicks the remote on the DVD, and I nearly fall on the floor. Motherfucker. It's a video of me jerking off on the couch.


"What the fuck? You perverted fucker. Turn it off you fucking asswipe piece of shit..."


"Shut your hole, boy. Caught you red-handed on surveillance. Beating your meat when you shoulda been working. Uh-oh, son. Looks like you smoking some weed, too."


"Asshole. You fucking gave me the weed."


"Camera don't lie, boy. Looks to me like you're a horny little fucker who got high and started tossing his teeny-tiny boy dick. Good reason to fire your lazy ass. Wonder what your old man's gonna say when he sees this."


Slim flicks off the TV and takes the DVD out.


"You can't. I mean. You wouldn't. You lousy piece of shit."


He drops the DVD into the desk drawer and locks it.


"Now, now, boy. Don't you get all scared. No reason to worry that pretty little head of yours."


He sits down on the couch. I start to get up, and he pulls me back. He's got me in a python grip around my chest.


Oh, shit. His dick is hard. Shit. Shit. Shit. Motherfucker.


"Don't be like that, baby."


"Don't fucking call me baby."


"Shush now. Your ole buddy Slim's not gonna tell. Not if you behave like a good boy."


"No fucking way."


He turns and pins me on the couch, and I'm too stoned and too fucking weak to get away. He's got both my wrists in one hand, held up over my head, and with his other hand.  Oh, fuck, he's unzipping his fly.


"Now, now, baby. Time to take care of your bossman. Don't be shy, baby. Mr. Slim's got something for those pretty, pouty cocksucking lips."


His dick is enormous. He drops it over my face, and it stretches past my forehead. It's like someone's arm. And those nuts. They're huge. He squeezes my cheeks until my lips open and starts to push his dick in. I'm gagging and struggling.


"Don't fight it, baby. Let Daddy in. Let Daddy in. Let Daddy fuck his faggot's pretty face."


He reaches down and starts pulling my pants off. Shit. Shit. Shit.


Looking up, I can see the domination in his eyes. He's smiling, He's getting off on this. I'm choking to death on a foot and a half of black dick, and he's fucking smiling.


Then he brings his index finger up to his lips and wets it. Shit. Shit. Shit.


Next thing I know, his finger is deep in my asshole, wiggling and twirling like a fucking snake.


"That's the way, baby. Give Daddy some pussy. Give Daddy some pussy."


I'm struggling and fighting like crazy. Fuck no. No fucking way. No fucking way he's gonna fuck me. Please, no.


"Don't you worry, bitch. Mr. Slim's not gonna fuck you. Not yet. Not yet. Just gonna make you feel good while I get my nut."


His finger hits something inside that makes me go hot and shiver all over. I moan.


"That's the spot. Ain't it, baby? Ol' Slim knows the spot. Gonna turn that hole into a twitching pussy."


I moan again.


"That's it, baby. Tell Daddy how much you love it."


I can't stop moaning as the pressure in my ass, and the twirling of his finger starts me quivering inside.


"Keep it up, baby. Keep talking like that. Just keep doing that. Feels so good on my dick."


I don't know what he's doing down there, but it's got me going. My ass is rising up off that couch like it's got a mind of its own.


"Feeling good now, don't it? Got that pussy grinding. Got that little dick of yours hard, too."


He pulls his finger out and slaps my dick. I'm still gagging and choking on that pole power-pounding its way down my throat, and my hands have gone numb. But there's no denying it: I am fucking hard as a post.


My ass rises up again, wanting to get fingered some more.


"Oooh, baby. That pussy sure is hungry. That's Daddy's hungry, horny pussyhole. Ain't it? Want Daddy to make you more comfortable? Want to stroke that dick?"


He lets go of my hands, and – to my surprise I go straight for my dick.


"That's the way, bitch. Tickle your clit for Daddy. Show Daddy how much you want it."


Now I'm pounding my pud like crazy. I've gotta cum so bad. His finger fucking is sending me right over the edge. I'm so close. Slim leans back until his dick slides free of my lips.


"Open that mouth, bitch. Open up and take it."


A hard stream of cum shoots out, landing on my outstretched tongue and coating my face. That's it. I start cumming.


Slim scoops up the slime from my chest and feeds it into my open mouth along with his cum. He wipes his dickhead back and forth across my face as the last drops ooze out. I slurp it up, savoring that sweet slickness as it soothes my raw throat.


Slim stands. Even now, his softening dick must be over a foot long and as wide around as a coke can. He picks up my pants from the floor and throws them at me.


"Time to get to work, bitch."


I'm too stunned to speak, watching in breathless awe as he tucks that big dick back into his pants.


"I said, get that lazy, fucking, faggot ass off the couch and get to work. Do you hear me, boy?"


This is it, my friends. This is the moment that made everything else possible. This is the moment that led me to everything that I ever wanted but never knew. This it. The moment a dream came true – a dream, I would never have dared to imagine. This moment. This, the start of my new life. This turn in the road that led me to what I've become: A slut. A cunt. A pussyboy. And, although I hadn't experienced the brutal beauty of it yet, a dog whore. It's all right here in this moment, and in the answer I give.


"Yes, SIR."