Border Patrol

Mb, humil, rape
Billy Hillis

I'd lived here in this small Texas border town for years where I have slowly watched it become over run with immigrants. I watched it on the news almost nightly. The Border Patrol catching another group of illegals trying to get into the country. It didn't bother me that they came. I respected and admired the effort they put into trying to make a life for themselves. One thing always stuck out in my mind. The absolute desperation and willingness to risk everything. One night I found myself stroking my cock while I watched a group being interrogated by the authorities. There were boys in the group. One a teen, the other a young boy. I'd always had an eye for boys. A light came on in my mind. I could do my own patrolling, taking advantage of their plight.

I armed myself and began driving down the highway that the immigrants needed to cross. I know it was hit or miss and I drove at random times during the day over the next several days. Eventually hitting pay dirt. A family of five crossing the road. I stopped and got out with my shotgun in hand. Communicating was difficult as they spoke little English. I talked mostly with the mother assuring her I meant no harm and would not shoot except to defend myself. There were two girls and a boy who looked to be about seven. I told the mother that in exchange for not calling the Border Patrol and reporting them, I would take the boy. I told her I needed him for help around the house. And that he would be well taken care of. I'm not sure she believed me, but I had the upper hand. They feared being caught and desperate to get into the country. She reluctantly agreed with a sad look in her eyes. I gave the four of them a bottled water and wished them luck on their journey. I took the boy with me and got back in my truck and drove the two of us back to my place. I learned on the trip that his name was Carlos and he was indeed seven years old.

He would be well cared for with better living conditions than he came from and far better than his parents could ever have provided. There was a price for that, though. He would be kept secured in my house with no chance of escape. The young boy would belong to me. He would be used for my personal sexual gratification, subjected to my deepest darkest desires, which no boy his age could ever imagine.

His first day would be uneventful. Normal to some extent. I threw his dirty clothes in the wash. I fed him and let him bathe and clean up and after we sat in the family room and talked. I laid down the house rules and what his chores would be. It was also made clear that he was under video surveillance and that the doors and windows were alarmed if he tried to leave. I openly stared lustily at his naked body while we talked, as his clothes were not out of the dryer yet. I also fitted him with an invisible fence dog collar. He was going nowhere. We had dinner together, and I let him watch TV until bedtime. I still hadn't returned his clothes to him. And wouldn't until tomorrow. It was at bedtime that his new life would begin.


I walked into the family room. Which was open to the kitchen, tossing a comforter over the island counter.


"Okay, Carlos time for bed."


I placed some rope and a pair of handcuffs in one of the drawers. The innocent, young boy had no idea what he was in for. How could he? Over the course of the next several hours, he was going to be forced to suck my cock. Then his virgin ass was going to be brutally raped. I wasn't concerned with hurting him. His tight seven-year-old cunt was definitely going to be in a world of hurt. At the same, I didn't want to damage him so bad that he'd have to go to the hospital. He was expendable, there were plenty of boys coming across that I could exploit, but I'd like to use this one for a couple years, then whore him out. Maybe even sell him if there was a buyer.


"Come here Mexican slut."


I motioned him over to me with my finger and hands. Scooping him up into my arms and laying him face down on the counter over the comforter with his head hanging off one side and his legs dangling over the other amking his brown butt easily accessible. What a beautiful sight that was.


"Christ this is gonna be good. I'm gonna love taking your hot little boy cherry," I told him, knowing he didn't understand a word I said.


I spread his legs and tied his ankles to the lower cabinet handles then walked around to the side with the handcuffs cuffing his wrists to a handle on the side to totally secure him. I stood in front of him only in my boxers, tented out with my hard eight-inch cock before I took them off and let my cock spring free. I watched his eyes get big with fear not knowing what was going to happen. He struggled futilely to get free. He feared the unknown and didn't like being held captive. The tears were starting to form.


I grabbed my cock and started slapping his face with it, leaving trails of pre-cum streaked across it. Pushing m cock against his lips I tried to get him to take it in. He resisted, so his nostrils were pinched shut until he opened his mouth to gasp for air. I shoved my cock into his mouth. He clamped down on it. His teeth digging into my flesh. I punched him upside his head until he opened his mouth to scream. When he did, I shoved my cock in further. Pummeling his face and head with my fists each time he bit down. Finally, the lights went out, and he went limp. I took the opportunity to freely fuck his mouth, pumping my cock in and out of his mouth.


"Fucking, nasty, little bitch. Take my big cock," I screamed at the passed out boy.


I would rather he'd been awake to gag and choke on it as he was forced to suck it, but it was warm and wet and served its purpose. I grabbed his ears and pushed and pulled his head back and forth, faster and faster on my cock until I came. Most of it just oozed back out and dribbled down his chin before dripping onto the floor. I walked around to the other side and pressed my cock between his butt cheeks, coating his crack with my splooge.


I then grabbed myself a bottle of beer and stood behind the boy drinking it. I pushed my cum-covered cock head against his tight, little, brown hole. Damn it was going to be tight. I tipped the beer back finishing it in a couple big gulps. Using the cum I'd spread on the boy’s asshole, I pushed the long neck bottle up into his cunt. He came to screaming and crying. His arms and legs struggling to break free. I took off one of my dirty socks and soaked them in water before I shoved them in his mouth to shut him up.


I got myself another beer and sat down in the family room to drink and enjoy it. Finishing up my beer I walked back over to the boy, seeing him there all bound and gagged, helpless like a sacrificial lamb, made my cock drip with excitement. His smooth, brown boy buttocks were on display, begging for a cock to part them and penetrate his tight cunt. I smacked his ass hard and shoved the neck portion of an empty beer bottle into his ass hole! I took a picture of the bottle before grabbing it and working the neck in and out of his ass. His struggling and muffled screams sent blood rushing into my cock.


"Get ready, you worthless piece of shit. I'm going to shove my battering ram up your cunt and annihilate it!" I yelled out loudly.


Even though he wouldn't understand what I was saying, the tone of my voice would be clear. I was agitated. Yanking the bottle from his ass, I threw it against the wall, shattering it. Kneading his brown cheeks roughly I spread them apart exposing the object of my desire.


A seven-year-old boy-cunt.


The hole was clamped tightly shut, seconds away from being forced open and stuffed with my eight inches of hardness. I snapped a picture of it, the last time it would be untouched, before pressing my cock head against it. Taking more pictures before and after plunging it inside.


"Sweet Jesus, you're a tight bitch."


I slowly pushed all eight inches in. His muffled screams telling me he was feeling it.


"Yeah, I'm going to love raping your cunt every day you dirty little whore."


I pulled back and shoved it back in. Picking up speed, fucking him harder with my adult cock, stuffing his tiny, little, boy hole with my cock, stretching it to its limits. I loved watching the boy struggle as he tried to get away. It was a wasted attempt. After a week or so taking my cock in his both his holes, he'd be used to it. Servicing cock would become his way of life. Hw would know nothing else.


After fucking the boy for over an hour, I finally erupted depositing my healthy load of man cum up his cunt. Exhausted I collapsed on him leaving my cock inside him until I recovered as I watched the overflow dribble out of his ass and onto the floor.


"You, worthless piece of shit. That's my precious seed dripping on the floor. You must learn to hold it in."


I went and took a shower before going to bed leaving him to sleep tied to the kitchen counter. In the morning, I fucked his whore cunt again filling it with a fresh load of cum, before untying him.


I drug him to the bath room. Filling the tub with warm water, then placing him in it to bathe himself. I made breakfast while he did that. I set a bucket of soapy water and a mop next to it. Pointing at it and the mess he'd made on the floor. I ate while watching him clean it up. When he was done, I summoned him over and picked him up. Placing him in my lap, I slid another plate, full of eggs, sausage, and pancakes in front of us.


As he ate, I enjoyed the feel of his bare ass against my boxer-covered cock. I was totally boned by the time he finished. I picked him up off my lap, taking him by his hand. Walking him down to what would be his bedroom, I sat him up on the edge of the bed. Pulling my boxers down and freeing my hard cock and waving it in his face, I pressed it against his lips.


"Open up and suck my cock boy."


I pushed my cock against his lips until he took it in. Boys learn fast when they're taught right.


"Yeah suck that man cock, bitch. You didn't get enough eggs at breakfast."


I laughed at my own joke. He understood little of what I said. He had to be smacked a couple times when his teeth got in the way, but he was learning. I filled his tummy with a gooey load of man cum then let him rest and sleep in his bed. Locking his door, I got dressed and went to check on my businesses.


I returned around lunch time to fix some soup and sandwiches and took them down to his room. He was watching television. I sat on the bed with him, and we ate our lunch. After eating lunch, I left the room to get my notebook PC and the English learning DVD I had bought. I took them into his room. Pointing at the television with some Spanish channel on.


"No! English. You learn."


I turned off the television and put the DVD in and started it. The rest of the notebook was locked out. He'd need a password to get in, which he didn't have. He needed to learn English so we could communicate. He would not be leaving his room today. At dinner time, I threw a frozen pizza in the microwave. While it was cooking, I went to my room and stripped naked. I returned to his room with the pizza, and we ate it. When we were done, I tossed the empty cardboard platter on the floor.


"You learning English?" I asked.


"Si...Yes!" he replied.


"Good boy." I smiled at him. It would be weeks, maybe months before he would be able to hold a conversation, but it was a start. I gave him my own personal English lesson.


"Cock," I said pointing at my hard-on.


Spreading his legs, I reached between them. Sliding my hand underneath, him and pushing at his boy hole.


"Fuck," I said, watching him flinch.


"Me," I said pointing at myself.


"You," pointing at him.


"Me… fuck… you."


He knew what was coming.


"Roll over on your tummy."


I motioned with my hands. He obeyed. I got between his legs, spreading his tiny cheeks and spitting into his hole and then hocking a wad of spit on my cock, I pushed into his boy-cunt. He screamed and kicked, flailing about before I laid down on him, pinning him underneath me. I fucked the boy just as hard as I had last night ramming into his sore, tender ass. Working myself into a frenzy, I repeatedly plunged into the boy, my balls slapping against his seven-year-old butt cheeks. He was so young and tight. Perfect for a man’s cock.


In time, when he was ready, he would be rented out making me wealthier than I already was. I'd acquired the boy in exchange for his family’s freedom to continue their journey into America. And a couple bottles of bottled water. He'd bring me hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Not a bad investment.


After an hour and half of fucking the boy hard, I finally came. I shoved a butt plug up his ass to hold my cum in.


"Stay!" I demanded. Reaching around to his tear stained face I ran my fingers over his eyelids to shut them. "Sleep, my boy."


This would be his daily ritual. He would be fucked every night before bed, and he would suck me off after breakfast in the morning. After breakfast, I started training him on chores that I expected to do around the house with English lessons throughout the day. It was the same routine every day.


I got up, shutting off the lights and locking the door before I went to my room to sleep.


I bought him some new clothes (unfortunately, he didn’t get to wear them much) that showed off every curve of his young body mostly for short periods of time so I could admire him in them and take photos of him in various poses.


His English was getting better. It wouldn't be long before I posted his photos to sites that I knew attracted boy lovers. He needed to earn his keep, and I needed a return on my investment.