Black and White Party

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“Who brought the nigger?” Charles Barkley asked.


Paul Stevens chuckled and sipped his Dewar’s with a splash.


“Cottrell thought it would be a nice touch for his Black and White Gala.”


Indeed the entire warehouse loft had been decorated in black and white. White curtains and draperies billowed and flowed; black urns sported large phallic white floral arrangements. Black floor lamps with white shades kept the room romantic and tasteful. Plates, glasses, serving dishes, ashtrays, all were black. And in the middle of the spacious room was a black twelve-inch raised podium afloat on the white carpet and standing on the podium was a completely naked coal-black nigger.


Now, perhaps, I should explain that Bill Cottrell was a pervert of the first order. Addicted to sadistic sex, acutely aware of the pain for others his wealth could purchase and the perversions his power could explore. This was a private party for some of his sickest friends, long-standing nocturnal associates who delved with the Cottrell into the pain and humiliation of others.


Had he been asked, “Why do you do the things you do?” his answer would have been, “Because I can.” But the truth was that he stretched the bounds of human decency and humane behavior to stave off some paralyzing fears that all this—this world, this life, this power, and this money was useless. Meaningless. Futile. To say he felt a little more alive each time he abused and humiliated someone else, be it a clerk in a store or a down and out former friend, would be to put it too simple but not inaccurately.


And that brings us to the nigger. A delightful touch, an inspired touch, everyone at the party agreed—everyone except the nigger. He was only fifteen years old. The street nigger, a handsome wild young black buck, was arrested for raping a seven-year-old white boy. The monetary influence of Cottrell, plus his list of influential friends had given the boy a partial reprieve of sorts. He could go to trial and most likely prison for his heinous crime, or he could be the special guest at a party.


His situation was explained carefully to him. He had to submit to whatever abuse and humiliation would be heaped upon him. He could not protest or complain. After the party was over, he would be released back into the streets from whence he came. Any defiance upon his part would cancel the deal, and he would face the full judgment of the law for his vile sexual act.


And what a nigger he was too. Bill had made sure the black boy fit the specifications of his decoration demands. The black boy was not of big build. He stood about five foot ten inches tall. He had a very handsome angular face, two piercing dark eyes, nice full thick nigger lips, a slender nose that spread out at the nostrils, giving him a black animal look. His hair was short and nappy. He had a slender but strong neck and a well-formed chest with two decent pectoral slabs decorated with large pouty nipples. His twenty-eight-inch waist sported a hard solid tummy and a large belly button.


The nigger’s most remarkable quality, of course, was his enormous black prick. It was an amazing prick and the reason Bill had chosen him instead of the seven other black bucks they could have gotten for party decorations. The black boy’s fat thick uncut dick hung nine inches flaccid. A fucking obscene dick. A freakish dick. The kind of dick wet-pussied young white girls and hot-assed faggots dream about black men having.


The dick, sprouting from a forest of gnarly black prick hair, hung thick and serpent-like all veins and thick skin, as thick as a beer bottle. The thick foreskin covered the plum-sized cockhead that just gave a glimpse of the pisshole. The balls behind the fuck slab were prizewinners in themselves. Each one looked to be the size of a tangerine. The fuck sack was low hanging and meaty, but soft looking and sported only a sprinkle of sack hair.


The nigger’s name is unimportant, but what is curious is that this big fat obscene cock had been the source of everything good and everything bad in his life. It had earned him praise among the boys in the hood. It had gotten him a lot of chicks and many faggots.


In fact, he had fucked his ten-year-old brother when he was fourteen because the boy had been so hungry for his older brother’s humongous sausage. His brother could not get enough of the fucker.


The nigger teen needed to fuck three or four times a day to keep his sanity. The need grew so great in him that at school (when he attended the fucking place) he would have to leave class and grab some little freshman white boy and drag him into the can and ram his tiny virgin asshole. Nobody ever reported him because they were terrified of his gang.


In the locker room during gym class, the nigger’s gang members would roam the aisles between the lockers bare-ass naked, big fuck hoses swinging. They would stop in front of some thin young white underclassman boy and bark, “Sink and suck,” and the poor kid would have to drop to his knees and slurp on their big black sweaty needy dicks. Everybody wanted, of course, to be part of the nigger’s gang, but you had to be black and hung over nine inches hard. You had to be sadistic, violent and have an insatiable fuck need.


When the nigger wanted a date with a girl, he did not court the cunt in a usual manner. He just walked up to the bitch and said, “I’m gonna fuck you Friday.” There was nothing the girl could do. Some who had told their parents ended up with unattractive knife scars on their faces. After the nigger grew tired of a cunt, he passed her on to his gang. Everyone in the school, teachers, included, walked the halls with downcast eyes, lest the nigger pick them out for some sadistic pleasure.


And then the black teenage animal had taken a wrong step. He had set his eyes, and his dick, on the young, blond, white-skinned, seven-year-old son of a very influential local businessman. The nigger did not know this, of course. To him the pretty boy was just fresh white meat, a new pussy to plow. But when he raped this sweet innocent seven-year-old asshole and split his asshole wide open, the shit hit the fan. He was arrested within hours and carted off to jail.


So, he now stood naked on the podium, aware that his future freedom depended on his being subservient to these honkys that he hated. On the other hand, the nigger knew that if he went to prison, his smooth black ass would be pussy to every hardened convict in the place. He would do anything he had to prevent his ass from becoming fresh prison fuckmeat.


While men, dressed in tuxedos, chatted and drank and tasted the canapes served on silver trays by black and white clad young waiters, they glanced up at the statue-still nigger, who stood with his legs slightly apart, chest heaving, arms clasped behind his back, so his pouty tits stood out nice and proud. While he was damn proud of his body and especially his prick and while he had loved to show the little white faggots how huge he was before he made them lick it and rammed them their tender assholes, the nigger felt horrible being on display like this. While he loved to swagger around the school locker room, showing all the other jocks his pussy rammer, often dancing from one foot to the other so his huge balls jiggled in their sack and taunting, “You mother fuckers know how much you wanna suck on this.” He hated to be put up here like some plantation breeding nigger, for all these rich white folks to ridicule. He closed his eyes trying to remember better times.


  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


He recalled the sweet young fourteen-year-old cheerleader he had wanted to fuck from school. One bright Saturday morning he had driven over to her home to fuck her, but she wasn’t home. Instead, the twelve-year-old brother came running to the door. Well, the nigger was so hot that he just stripped the little boy and fucked his ass, forcing his cock into the tiny virgin asshole. Of course, the boy had protested at first. He tried to fight the black teen, but within the hour, after the nigger shot his copious scummy load, he was coerced into lovingly licking his own ass juice off the nigger’s humongous cock. The nigger had the boy suck on his balls for a while. Then he’d forced the boy’s head into his asshole and commanded him to lick him out.


He told the sobbing, fucked up kid that if he uttered any of this to a living soul, his gang would return and beat the shit out of him. Then he told the boy that for the next few months, his gang members would be stopping by for free fucks and he was to be nice to them. The boy sobbed, saying that he was not gay. The nigger just laughed and to make sure the boy cooperated, he grabbed a flashlight off the kitchen counter and roughly fucked it the boy’s ruptured twelve-year-old ass. He left the house cursing because he still had not fucked the cheerleader. He took her cherry the following week.


  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


“Can you believe the penis on him?” some man chirped and brought the nigger’s mind back to the party. A group of six was standing around the podium sucking up liquor and looking up at his naked body.


“It’s almost inhuman. Do you suppose we can touch it, or must we ask his highness the host?” one of the men asked.


“Oh, I think we can touch all we want,” the young man said and reached out and fingered the thick foreskin on the big black dick. “My god...” he cooed.


The nigger closed his eyes. Whenever anyone touched his dick, he sprang an instant hard on. Even from just rubbing inside his trousers, he walked around half the day with a leaking boner. This fucking cracker was really asking for it.


“Open your eyes, nigger,” an older gentleman ordered.


The black teenager did. The young man now lifted and hefted the huge prick, weighing it in his hand. Then he had someone hold his drink so he could peel back the thick foreskin to reveal the giant purple prickhead.


“My God, look at that piss slit,” the young man whispered, his lips wet with spittle. The young man eyed the nigger up and down. “He must like it. Look, he’s up on his toes.”


Indeed, the nigger had gone up on his toes, his finely arched foot adding to his sensual beauty. The older gentleman leaned back to look at the nigger’s ass just as the host Bill Cottrell walked up.


“By all means, turn him around. Get a good look at the nigger’s bubble butt. A finer ass I have never seen on a teenage black buck, and believe me, I have seen and fucked plenty.”


They made the nigger turn around, bend over at the waist, and then spread his ass cheeks with his hands to show his virgin puckered asshole. His magnificent, low-hanging balls swung obscenely between his spread legs.


“You like to fuck nigger boys, don’t you, Bill?” one of his guests asked.


“Oh, my, yes. I’ve fucked them as young as seven and as old as twenty-five. I enjoy it because it breaks their proud spirit. Proves to them what they truly are and what they are good for.”


Mr. Cottrell reached up, grabbed the long thick fuck bag, and gave it a good hard yank. The nigger mumbled a pain-filled grunt and then groaned as the aftershock of getting ones balls hurt set in.


“I like to make them beg for a white dick between their thick nigger lips.”


“My dear, you ought to join the KKK,” the young man giggled, reaching up and tugging on the nigger’s pappy tit.


“No, no. White supremacists are stupid heathens, little better than the niggers and Jews they hate. Their cause is rooted in some infantile trailer park trash need to prove their worth at the expense of others. I don’t have to prove my worth. I do what I do because I can. Racially attacking a man is one way to humiliate him and break him down. Look at these big fucking balls. He is only fifteen years old, but he is nothing more than a fuck animal.”


Bill Cottrell did not realize that he was indeed betraying his own need, his own bid for some kind of immortality, that and a healthy normal lust to break fifteen-year-old black boys. To watch them sob and beg. To take away their manhood and make them sniveling little pussy boys.


He shoved a thumb up the nigger’s ass, then the other thumb and then he spread the tight tiny asshole wide open, revealing the bright pink inner rectum flesh. The guests leaned in for a look as more guest gathered.


“Can we see him hard?” someone asked, and not a host to deny his guests, Bill had the black teenager turn around once again.


“Get it up, sambo. You got fifteen seconds,” he snapped, slapping the boy on the stomach.


The boy licked some dribble from his thick lips, put one hand down to his huge fuck slab and started to beat his meat in front of the party guests. The fifteen-year-old boy stood there on the twelve-inch square podium bare-ass naked, hips thrust forward, masturbating in front of over fifty elegantly dressed guests.


The sounds the partygoers made were like those of an audience at a spectacular fireworks display. All oohs and ahhs as they watched the big black prick extend and grow to its full twelve and a half inches. It looked grotesque on the boy’s compact body. A few of the guests shot off in their pants unable to control themselves.


“Stop!” Bill commanded


The black boy stopped, removing his hands so the freakish prick could bob and bounce for the guests. It was a thick as a horse’s dick. A long trail of pre-fuck ran from the pisshole down the boy’s legs to his beautiful big feet. Prick slop coated the kid’s hand and his chocolate tummy. His face was twisted with animal lust, and his thick lower lip stuck out further than the upper. His eyes got kind of milky. His nostrils flared. He was in full nigger heat, and when in that kind of lust, a nigger is dangerous and wild.


Bill reached out and patted the boy’s huge nut sack. He lifted it in his hand and watched it with a curious grin as the big balls spilled through his fingers and fell. Then Bill lightly patted the sack. Then he slapped harder. The nigger breathed harder. With each slap, the sting grew worse. The crowd began to chuckle. Bill whacked the boy’s big balls harder and harder.


“Spread your legs and squat just slightly,” Bill commanded.


Now he could really swat the swinging scrotum. The boy moaned in pain each time the party host’s hand whacked the ballbag. The dick began to lose its hard-on.


“Get it hard again, nigger. I didn’t tell you to go soft.”


The nigger boy fought against the horrible pain that was sapping his lust and tried to stroke his meat hard again, but Bill kept slapping the nuts, sending gut-wrenching waves of sickening pain through the boy’s body. The entire party had gathered now to watch the entertainment.


“He can’t seem to maintain his hard-on,” someone laughed, and everyone else joined in the jeering.


The young man handed Bill a gold ballpoint pen.


“Do you think this might help?” the young man offered, sounding ever so slightly drunk.


Bill, who was quite handsome and only thirty-eight and filthy rich, smiled.


“One never knows until one tries, does one.”


He looked up at the handsome nigger and winked. Then he lifted the boy’s thick drooping penis and placed the ballpoint pen at the piss lips. Then he started to twist the pen tip into the large nigger pisshole.


“Aw…sweet Jesus, please don’t do that, suh. I beg you, please don’t do that,” the black boy almost bellowed, his mouth thick with saliva and his voice thick with pain.


“Stand still, nigger, and don’t make trouble. You know the rules. You need to be punished for your crimes. Now take your punishment like a nice jig slave.”


Bill shoved two inches of pen up into the kid’s urethra. The nigger let out an unearthly scream and bit through his lower lip.


“Oh, that’s disgusting. Can’t someone make him be quiet? What a fucking sissy boy. I thought he was a big tough black street nigger and here he’s just a little black sambo.”


The nigger boy made a strangled noise in his throat. He clenched his fists and curled his toes, scraping his toenails on the platform as more and more of the gold pen entered his piss tube. He thought he would pass out from the pain. The room spun. At last, Bill was satisfied with five inches of the thick gold pen up the kid’s penis.


Bill returned to slapping the balls, much harder than before, and twice the nigger fell from the podium in pain, bringing applause from the crowd. Spit dripped from his chin as his tongue lolled out of his mouth. His eyes rolled as Bill forced him to stand back on the podium each time and beat the big fuck bags harder and harder. The third time he fell, he could not stand up again. The crowd moved in for a closer look.


Bill grabbed a beer bottle from a passing waiter and began to force the bottle up the black boy’s ass. At some point the kid lost it and tried to fight back, breaking the rules. He couldn’t help it. The pain had made a mindless mess of him. Four muscular guys held the naked teen down while Bill industriously forced the beer bottle up the boy’s now gaping asshole. The boy was a slobbering, mewling mess. Like a big fucking baby, and like a fish out of water, he flopped around, his long muscular legs beating a rhythm on the floor, his hands and feet flapping, the big thick bottle protruding from his stretched and torn asshole.


Puke bubbled from the black boy’s mouth. Someone took a knife, spread the vomit on crackers, and made the boy eat it. This brought more laughter. Someone produced two large safety pins which were stuck through the boy’s pouty nipples. The men then tied the string around his big toes, attached the strings to the pins in his titties so that he was forced to remain in the pain-wracked position with his feet up against his chest. If he let his legs drop, he would rip his nipples. As muscle cramps set in, his whole body began to twitch most amusingly. Somebody returned from the bathroom with a champagne bottle half full of piss. Four partygoers had contributed to the brew. They forced the young street nigger to drink piss. For the first time in his young life, he tasted white male piss, but certainly not the last. The young man held the boy’s head and stroked his black forehead and cheeks as they poured the piss down the boy’s throat.


“Hey, I thought this was a black and white party, not a yellow party,” some guy shouted, producing a black dinner plate upon which six guys had deposited loads of cum. Bill announced to the nigger boy that he was expected to lick up all the cum.


The fucked up studlet jungle bunny tried to regain a smattering of dignity. Stupid really, since he was lying bare-assed with a beer bottle up his shitter, a pen up his dick hole, and his big toes up by his safety-pinned titties. Nonetheless, the stupid jig tried to refuse, which led, of course, to another round of scrotum slapping, until the kid was begging to lick up the white man’s cum. Like a good little slop hound, he licked the plate clean. The cramps were causing such severe muscle spasms that the boy’s body bounced around. Jig dancing, someone called it. His could not hold his legs up any longer and let them go and ripped the pins out of his nipples.


Somebody else was holding a cigarette lighter to the part of the pen protruding from the boy’s penis, heating the pen until it was red hot to the touch.


They cuffed his hands behind him, and while the young man cradled the nigger’s head in his lap and soothed his sobbing face, Bill fetched pliers from the kitchen and announced that the boy would be able to suck dick better if he had no teeth. They pried the kid’s mouth open with rubber blocks, and Bill went to work first on the big white front teeth. Some couples lost interest and began to dance. Others were more fascinated than ever. Bill let various friends try their hands at tooth extraction. The kid pissed himself right around the pen. He would have shit himself too, but the bottle up his ass prevented that. He was a real fucking mess. The young man holding the nigger’s head wiped the blood away with white cloth napkins. The wisdom teeth proved to be the most resistant. Twice the boy passed out. They slapped his balls to wake him. To rinse the blood from his mouth, they used more piss. When the boy was toothless, a jabbering mindless wreck, a tattoo gun was produced and the word “COCKHOLE” was written on his forehead with an arrow down his nose pointing at his mouth. They tattooed “ASSPUSSY” on the cheeks of his butt.


A doctor present at the affair made a small slit in the rear of the boy’s scrotum, and they shoved five quarters into his ball bag and then sewed it up again.


They dragged the boy into another room so those who wanted to sample his cocksucking mouth could have the chance. Various party dicks also replaced the bottle in his ass. Since he could no longer control his piss, shit or puke, it was not much fun to fuck him, but some of the guests gave it a whirl.


Cottrell sure knows how to throw a good party.