Bitch Boy

(Mm) (anal, oral, ws) (humil) (nc)

“Hey, bitch boy, time to wake up!”

A size thirteen, black foot kicked the boy, and he caught a glimpse of its pink underside as it snapped at his face. He opened his eyes and felt the agony of pain course through his battered body. The black man who stood before him was six foot five inches tall and all muscle. He was stark naked, and his flaccid dick hung at least six and a half inches over huge lemon-sized balls that danced when he moved.

The boy had been huddled against the wall of the garage where they had brought him. The nigger grabbed the boy’s ankle and dragged him down onto his back. The pain in his ripped asshole was numbing. Antoine and Darnell had fucked the fifteen-year-old ass all night. The boy’s face was battered from their punches, and his lips were swollen and cracked from sucking dick. He could not talk anymore because his throat was fucked raw and quite frankly he was lucky to be alive after having two foot-long pricks shoved down his gullet for hours on end.

“Open dat mouth, bitch, time to give yo’ lazy ass some breakfast!”


Antoine laughed as he squatted over the boy’s face. His huge sweaty nuts draped over the boy’s chin, and his fat flaccid penis flopped on the boy’s forehead. He slapped the boy once, good and hard, and he opened his mouth. He had learned that much the previous night. Antoine dragged his limp dick across the boy’s face and shoved the head of it into his open mouth. It was so thick that he had to open real wide like at the dentist. Then Antoine let go with a torrent of stinking yellow piss. The boy’s breakfast!


“Drink dat down, twat face, den Darnell got sometin’ special fo’ you.”


How had the boy ended up like this, battered and abused in a garage, bare-ass naked at fifteen years of age? I will tell you. The boy has always been a quiet boy of a rather small build. He is timid around girls and awkward with jocks. He never knows what to say at parties or school functions. His classmates called him “pretty boy” in a teasing way because he has a pretty face. His body is slender, rather naturally well-built, but as I said, small. However, the boy’s fantasies are large. Because he is shy, he lets off most of his steam on the internet where he loves to explore the most perverted, kinky sites possible. He knows this is a bad thing, but a kid needs some whack-off fun. He masturbates pretty much all the time.


He sometimes fantasizes about black dudes. He just loves their dark chocolate skin, their muscles, and their huge dicks and balls, but mostly it is their attitude. He loves the way they do not let anyone shove them around. He loves how threatening they can be, even to teachers and cops. They do not seem afraid of anything, so he loves to hang around and watch blacks.


So, here he was on a day late in summer, just before school was to start, wandering the streets in the black part of town. Dangerous? He did not know. He was so horny that he did not care. He never really intended to do anything, just soak in the atmosphere so he could go home and have a good three-hour long jerk-off session. His parents were gone for the weekend.


Then a car pulled alongside the boy and stopped, and Antoine rolled down the window. He was so fucking brutal-looking in his white tank top and a baseball cap with the bill to one side. His nose was broad, his lips were really thick, and his eyes half-hooded as if he was on drugs.


“Hey, white boy, what you doin’ down here? You wanna get your balls cut off? You best be careful, you hear me? Don’t want nothing to happen to that pretty face of yo’s.”


He sounded real friendly like he really cared about the boy. The boy felt heady and dizzy having such a stud speak to him. Antoine looked to be about twenty or twenty-one, and the guy driving the car was equally awesome.


“I’m just taking a walk. I rents are gone for the weekend, so I’m kinda on my own.”


Now, he knew that was a really stupid thing to say, was it somehow intentional? He did not even know anymore. Was he asking for what he got?


“Dis is too dangerous fo’ a pretty boy like you. Some of da brothers take one look at dat pretty face of yo’s and dey gonna tear out dere pants with boners. Dey gonna think you a girlie. My, oh, my, yo’ sure got a pretty mouth. Dem’s what we call cocksucker lips in da hood. You know what cocksucker lips is?”


The boy stood there on the curb talking with them, feeling all funny in his stomach.


“Ah, yeah, I guess so...like…um…a girl who blows guys?”


“Yeah, right, my man, a twat who sucks dick and gots real nice full pouty lips or a faggot with a real nice pouty mouth for sucking big black cocks and balls. Dat’s da kind of lips you got, pretty boy. So you best be careful, or some nasty nigger goin’ to fuck that face! You better let us drive you outta here safe and sound.”


Before the boy could say anything, the door opened, and Antoine stepped out of the car. Shit, the boy only came up to the black man’s pecs. He was lanky and muscular at the same time. He held out his hand to usher the boy to the car. The boy was like in a trance or something as he got in, and the large black man followed. Now, the boy was trapped between two huge niggers. The smell in the car was of nigger sweat and pot. The boy had to admit the smell turned him on.


These two beautiful animals were on either side of him, pressing against his little body. Darnell started to drive, but he rested one large hand on the boy’s thigh as if they were longtime friends. Antoine slung one arm around the boy’s shoulder, and his naked hairy stinking armpit was right next to the boy’s face.


“Fuck, I sho’ is horny. I ain’t fucked nothing since I fucked my girlfriend last night—ripped her a new asshole and pussy, but now I horny again.”


Darnell snorted. “Sho’ you ripped her a new pussy and asshole. Tell this little white boy dat yo’ girlfriend dis week is yo’ ten-year-old sister!”


They both thought that was terribly funny and laughed like madmen.


“Shit, she gotta start sometime. Da black boys is lining up to fuck her at school. It’s time she stop teasin’ all dat dick. And start taking it. Yo’ got a girlfriend, white boy?”


Antoine’s fingers started to rub the boy’s bare neck. He kneaded and stroked the boy’s neck as if he was his girlfriend or something.


“Ah…not a steady one...I mean…I play around.”


The boy didn’t sound very convincing. His eyes traveled down in amazement to the enormous lumps in the jeans of both black dudes. They were unbelievable lumps, gigantic bulges.


“What you looking at, white boy, you looking at our nigger dicks, you never saw a lump like dat?”


Antoine laughed and slid his hand in the neck of the boy’s tee shirt so he could rub his chest. His thick black fingers started to play with the boy’s nipple. He got really scared then. It was then that he knew what they had in mind.


“You don’t got too many muscles, do yo’? Yo’ chest all soft like a nine-year-old slut.”


“I swim, but I don’t work out or anything.” I tried to make general conversation to keep them pacified. “You know…I think I better get on home.”


Antoine rubbed the boy’s chest and pinched his nipple.


‘You jus’ relax pretty boy. We takin’ you home. It’s not safe for you here.”


“But you don’t know where I live.”


“Dat, don’t matter none.”


Antoine laughed, and Darnell joined him. Darnell was massaging and rubbing the boy’s thigh through his pants.


“Oh, shit, it’s hot in dis car,” Antoine said suddenly.


He peeled off his tank top. His body was all muscle and really hard. His pecs were massive with huge purple nipples.


“Dere, dat’s better. It so fucking hot in here, why don’ you take off your tee shirt and get relaxed?”


“Ah...that’s okay. I’m okay!”


Darnell vigorously squeezed the boy’s thigh, which sent sharp jolts of pain through him.


“Da man tole you to take off yo’ shirt, lil’ one. Best do as he says!”


The boy raised his arms and removed his tee shirt. His body was sweating from the heat and the fear. Now he was seated naked from the waist up between two hulking muscular niggers.


“Oh, my, oh, my, what pretty soft white skin, jus’ like a young cunt. Anybody ever tell you, pretty boy, dat you got skin like a cunt?”


“Look at dose pretty nipples,” Darnell said, taking his eyes from the road for a second.


“Yeah, and look, pretty boy, you like my tits? You like my big muscular black tits?”


“Ah…sure…they’re very...you look like you work out. You are very buff.”


The boy was so scared that he almost pissed his pants.


“I’s so mudderfucking horny, I can’t stand it. Why don’ you just suck on my titties for me a little bit like my girlfriends do. Just suck on dem a little bit and make me feel good.”


Remember please, that the boy is only fifteen years old and had never had any kind of real-life sexual experience.


“Ah…I’d rather not... I really—”


“Fuck yo’, we give you a ride home, and you can’t even be nice and suck my fucking nipples fo’ me? Fucking white boy, what, you think you too good for me, you too good to suck a black man’s pecs?”


“It’s not that. It’s just that I’m not gay and—”


Darnell’s hand moved from the boy’s thigh to his crotch, where he squeezed the boy’s balls really hard, which sent stars into his eyes.


“Yo’ calling us faggots? Is dat what yo’ doin? You think we’s faggots?”


“Oh…god…that hurts…please...no...no...I mean...no, you’re not faggots. I didn’t mean that.”


Antoine grabbed the boy by the back of his head and brought him to his sweaty black chest.


“Good, glad we got dat cleared up. Den be a good boy and suck on my big fucking nipples!”


And that was how it started, but inevitably not how it ended.