Billy's Movie

(Mm) (anal, oral, rim, scat, ws) (cbt, rough, viol)

He sits naked in a chair. His smooth, youthful body looks angelic in the bright filming lights, but his face has a cruelty to it that is unmistakable. He is an ex-con and not yet twenty. There is a sneer to his lip, a nasty glint to his eye that says he has had experience fag bashing. The cameras roll, and he sits there calmly waiting for me as I drop to the floor and begin to crawl toward him. I keep my eyes on his enormous flaccid dick and his ginormous shaved nuts. His nuts are not only egg-sized but also hang really low in a very ample bag, which is smooth and shaved. The dick is uncircumcised, but a bit of the cockhead peeks out from the center of the helmet of the fuck sheath. The balls hang just enough off the edge of the chair to make me drool just looking at them.

Mr. Black sits in a canvas-folding chair marked Director. He sips a martini and plays with the naked dick and balls of a thirteen-year-old black boy while he watches the filming.


The boy in the chair is named Billy. He is a white trash thug that Mr. Black kept out of prison to make underground porno films. This is one of those films. Billy is not happy. He is straight and wants to make fuck films involving him busting the cherry of young white girls. He wants to rape pre-teen girls brutally in the ass and cunt and mouth. That will give you some idea of the kind of person he is. And instead, a middle-aged faggot crawls naked toward him.


Me? I am the middle-aged faggot. Why am I doing this? Not because Mr. Black is forcing me to. Not because I have been blackmailed into ruining my life by groveling before a white trash teenage thug. No, I am crawling naked toward my destiny because I am a submissive pervert. I am a scum-sucking, lonely, middle-aged nerd who has fantasized all his life about making love to a beautiful muscular young stud who would treat me like shit.


Don’t ask me where my sexual taste came from. I have no idea. I have always wanted to crawl before nasty rough straight boys. In grade school, I knew I was different. I would idolize the mean tough kids. I would try to hang with them, and they beat me up and made fun of me. It only turned me on more.


My father was a dirty, sweaty, beer-drinking trucker who cheated on my mother and physically and sexually abused her. And I somehow idolized him too. I would hide in the closet just so I could get a peek at his thick swinging dick as he stripped down to fuck my mother. And when his fuck meat got hard, I would play with my little pee-pee and asshole dreaming it was me he was abusing. You might say I was in love with my father’s dick. While other boys were dreaming of dating girls around the time of eighth grade, I was dreaming of my own father’s penis! When he was passed out drunk, I would crawl up to the couch and gently lift the leg of his dirty boxer shorts so I could look at his flaccid dick


He sits naked in a chair. His smooth young body looks angelic in the bright filming lights. But his face has a cruelty to it that is unmistakable.


And sometimes I would really score. After my father fucked my mother almost senseless, he would simply throw the used rubber into a corner. Ma would drink herself to sleep too, and then I would sneak in, pick up the dirty condom, and suck my father’s fuck slop out of it. It was not until years later that I realized I was eating my own potential brothers and sisters. By the time I was fifteen, it had reached its lowest point. By then, my father was calling me sissy boy and faggot. He asked me almost every week if I was getting any pussy, and when I told him no, he would make fun of me and even slap me around a little.


I had no interest in dating girls. I would have died to be able to date Tommy Fredricks, the captain of the football team, but he was fucking some freshman girl, and I was almost always alone. When I was sixteen, my father died in a trucking accident, and I crawled into a little shell. Most of my sex life was in my head. I masturbated dreaming about all kinds of partners, but never really had any. In college, I had a few disastrous sexual affairs. The guys were always too gentle or too bland or too faggy. I did not want a lover who was like me. Christ, I did not even like myself.


Mr. Black gave me the chance to change all of that. I read stories about Mr. Black, accounts of his adventures as set down by a friend of his, an author named dale10. Then, at a bar in London, I had by some great good fortune a chance to meet dale10, and we became sort of friends. I say sort of because he really had little interest in me. While I was all over him and desperately wanted him for a friend since I knew he might be a link to the kind of sex I was too chicken to pursue in real life. And dale10 came through. Not only did I get to meet Mr. Black, which was the most exciting moment of my life, but also he made it possible for me to fulfill my lifelong fantasy. I was going to be a movie star!


And so now, while the cameras recorded all that happened, I crawled naked across the floor toward Billy. The look of utter contempt in his eyes started me breathing more heavily. I remembered what I had read in dale10’s stories, so I arched my back the best I could, stuck my ass up in the air, and spread my legs, so my balls swung as I crawled. Not that anyone would be interested in my body or me. Three guys filmed the action from a different angle. Three more friends of Mr. Black’s watched the filming. I reached Billy and looked up at him.


“Billy, you are a god. Please let me worship you!” I said.


“Fucking shit-hole faggot,” he said, and he spat in my face.


His spit was thick and heavy, and it ran down my forehead, over my nose, and onto my lips. The cameras zoomed in for a close-up. I opened up my mouth.


“Please…please, sir, spit in my dirty, faggot mouth.”


I had been rehearsing for this moment all my life.


“You fucking homo, you gotta earn it. You gotta earn my fucking spit!”


I did. It was true. Billy’s spit was more precious than anything I had ever had in my useless mouth. What made me think I could just have his fantastic delicious young thug spit?


“May I please worship your feet and toes, sir?” I begged, swinging my dick and balls for the camera.


“Jesus, how fucking disgusting. Yeah, go ahead.”


Billy was not much of an actor. I put my face down to the floor and his large sweaty feet. I gently lick the top of each foot and then in between the toes. Then I picked up each foot carefully and sucked lovingly on the big toe. Oh, God! His big toes were like cocks. Better than any cocks I had sucked before. This young man was perfect in every sense of the word. While I sucked his big toes, I kept looking at his six-inch flaccid prick and his massive balls. If it were six inches soft, how large would it be hard? And what would it taste like under his thick foreskin? Using his foot, he forced me down onto my back on the floor, and then he stuck the big toes of both feet into my mouth at the same time, stretching my mouth. He laughed.


“We gotta stretch your holes so you can take my humongous fuck meat.”


Oh, yes, yes. Billy intended to fuck me. He was really going to fuck me. I would be Billy’s faggot date, his fucking faggot bride. Next, Billy tried to shove one whole foot into my mouth. I gagged terribly, and he kicked me in the balls with the other foot and told me to behave. After a bit, he pulled out and told me to kneel between his legs.


His belly was tight, and his pecs were hard, capped with quite large nipples. Nipples that looked positively juicy. His torso had the perfect V shape, and I got glimpses of the thick patches of hair under his armpits. I would give anything to be his lover, to worship his body every day, all day.


“Lick my balls, faggot,” he said, as he spread his legs wider.


I dove in. I not only licked each ball, but I lifted it and weighed it on my tongue. I sucked gently on the fuck sack, and I went down under it to get the area between sack and asshole. I said to myself, “If I die now, I can die happy because I have had this experience.” He pushed his ass forward in the chair so I could get at his asshole with my tongue. It was warm and moist, the perfect straight stud asshole. I sucked on the hair around the asshole and fucked my tongue in and out of the rosebud. I could taste and smell ass, but it was Billy’s straight stud thug ass, and it was terrific. I know how repulsive ass taste and smell can be, but when it is a man-god like Billy, it becomes the most wonderful thing on earth.


Mr. Black nodded, and Billy raised his legs and spread them, and then farted in my face. The crew laughed. He farted again. I almost passed out from the intoxicating smell. I plunged my face in deeper and flicked my tongue around the asshole and then once again into it.


“Jesus Christ, will you look at this fucking depraved cunt!” Billy said, laughing. “Eat that ass! Eat that ass, you fucking homo, ass-sucking piece of shit.”


My spit and Billy’s ass juices added to the flavor and the smell. Then he abruptly pulled me out of his ass. He took my face in both of his large rough hands. He leaned down and ordered me to open my mouth. I did, of course. I stared into his beautiful eyes. He leaned in closer and blew his nose right into my mouth.


“Show the camera,” Mr. Black’s voice came from the far end of the room. I turned my head toward one of the cameras and showed them the boogers and snot coating my tongue and clogging my throat. “Gargle his snot.”


I gargled the snot. There was not enough, and Billy kindly obliged with another nose-full. Then I was ordered to swallow the snot and boogers.


“Lick under my foreskin. I haven’t washed it in a couple of days.”


I dove for the tasty treat. It was full of headcheese. The smell was overpowering, the taste even more so. I dug my tongue under the dick skin, trying to clean it. The thug’s fucker began to grow. I could feel pre-fuck’s heady smell. I plunged my face in deeper and flicked my tongue around the asshole and then once again into it.


The thug's fucker grew bigger. I could feel pre-fuck coming out of his pisshole onto my lips. The dick got thicker and longer. My own cock was painfully erect. I was embarrassed at how small it is compared to a huge hunk of stud fuckmeat like Billy’s, but Billy is a young stud in the full bloom of manhood, and I am a pathetic faggot dick licking ass sucker.


Billy has the most beautiful dick I ever saw. The most beautiful! And the taste was heaven. I have never tasted anything like it, and I never will again. I still dream about the smell and taste of his dick. When his cock was up to eight and a half inches, he started to slap my face with it. Have you ever been dick-slapped? It was wonderful. Streaks of pre-fuck covered my nose and mouth. He rubbed his dickhead into my eyes and up against my nostrils. I inhaled dick slime. I lost my head a bit, trying to get the cockhead into my mouth. It was a big, fat cockhead. And the pisshole was wide and leaked almost continually. How could a young man—a boy really—be that fucking magnificent? He slapped me away from his dick and raised his arms.


“Get on my stinking pits.”


I crawled up to my feet, careful not to touch his body. Then I leaned in and licked at his wet, aromatic armpits. I sucked on the pit hair. He was obviously the kind of thug who never used deodorant. I thought for a moment that my dick would shoot off just from my pit licking. I had never had such incredible sex.


Then Billy stood, and the cameras zoomed out to capture his gorgeous body in all its glory. The dick was now almost nine inches long. He grabbed me, spun me around, and bent me over from the waist. I put my hands down onto the seat of the chair on which he had been sitting. I could smell his body and especially his ass on the chair seat. He spread the cheeks of my ass, and as hard as he could, he rammed his dick up my ass. My scream filled the room. I had only been fucked a few times before in my sheltered life, and never by a dick of this proportion.


“Take it, shithole.”


He rammed me balls deep, all nine inches up my faggot cunt. He fucked me as hard and as deep as he could. I was sobbing with pain and ecstasy. I could hardly breathe. I felt as if my guts were being ripped apart. He would pull out until only his massive dickhead was still in, and then pull my hips back, so I was totally impaled once again on the dick.


“It’s too big!”


I screamed at one point. But it was not; it was just right. It was just what I deserved. What I needed. Then Billy pulled totally out of my hole, which I could feel gaping like a whore’s cunt. Then he spun me around and shoved his dick into my mouth. Well, down my throat actually. He grabbed my ears and fucked my face brutally. Then back into my ass, and then back once again into my mouth.


I was totally in love with Billy. He was the love of my life. I wanted to be treated like this every day by him. I wanted to be fucked to death, but why would he bother with a loser like me? Why would he care about me when he had willing young chicks to fuck and abuse. I had heard from Mr. Black before the filming that Billy was the kind of ruffian who fucked three or four times a day, every day. His life was totally built around fucking, and he loved to rape little girls. Why could I not be a little girl, continually raped by this huge dick, raped over and over again until my little cunt was totally destroyed? I WANT, AND I NEED BILLY’S DICK.


He pulled out of my mouth and shot a massive load of cum all over my face. I cried because I wanted it in my mouth and down my throat. Instead, it spattered my face like oatmeal. His cum was amazingly thick. One, two, three, four, five, giant spurts of fuck snot. It dripped from my chin and ran down my chest. I tried to scoop it up and lick it, but he slapped my hands away.


“You gotta earn my fuck, you twat-faced hole.”


He pulled back one hand, made a fist, and smashed me right in the face. I fell back, blood spurting from my nose and mixing with the cum. My vision went blurry. Billy squatted down and wiped his leaking dick in my hair. Then he shifted, so he was squatting right over my face. His dick, still half-hard, rested in the cum and blood on my face. I was crying pretty hard. He laughed, and then grunted as he unleashed a torrent of hot piss onto my face. I did not know if I was allowed, but I opened my mouth to catch as much of the golden elixir as I could. I wanted to be Billy’s toilet. Imagine living like a toilet for a boy like him, cleaning his dick with my mouth after he fucked girls and drinking his piss. He would never have to get out of bed at night to take a piss. I would gratefully be there to slurp it down. His piss was wonderfully delicious. I do not know if it was something he had eaten, or if his piss was just always this good. I watched his balls move in their heavy sack as he pissed.


He is a total male-animal, a total male in every way. I cried for joy now that I was receiving Billy’s attention. He stood still spraying me with piss, turned and with one foot kicked me hard in the nuts. Pain blinded me—pain and love. My body curled into a little ball, and Billy from somewhere got a baseball bat. He flipped me over, spread my ass cheeks, and rammed the baseball bat up my ass-cunt. This was not to be one of those namby-pamby mainstream fake sadomasochism films. Oh no, Billy fucked my ass as hard as he could with the bat until blood ran out of my ass as well as my nose.


Then, leaving the bat twelve inches up my ass, he ordered me to crawl around the room again. Of course, I did it for him. I would do anything for him. The pain was mind numbing. Piss and cum and blood ran off of me. Billy got on my back and rode me around the room. He kicked me in the balls and stomach as I crawled. My stomach churned and ached. My asshole felt ripped open. My dick was throbbing.


“Come on, horsey. Come on, you fucking jackass!”


He kicked, and I crawled. He is so wonderful, his young dick got rock hard again almost at once. I could feel it thumping on my back. Then Billy climbed off and kicked me again. I rolled over. I saw that Billy had a cigarette in his right hand—a lit cigarette. He knelt down and held the cigarette to one of my nipples.


“I love you!” I shouted through the pain as he burned both my nipples and then my dickhead.


He rose and kicked the baseball bat deeper up my ruptured cunt. He knelt down next to my head and started to pummel my face with his fist. He broke my nose this time and also broke several teeth. It would make my cocksucking better. I would never get my nose or teeth fixed. I would carry these wounds as a badge and memory of my love affair with Billy. Next, he forced my bloody mouth open and told me to stay like that.


Of course, I obeyed. Then Billy squatted over my face and grunted, squeezing a huge turd out of his ass into my mouth. I started to chew his shit and swallow. It had a bitter taste. I could no longer smell. I could see a second long, thick shit log coming my way, so I swallowed as fast as I could. I had never eaten shit. NEVER. But Billy was totally in charge. If I belonged to him, I would willingly eat his shit every day. He was that wonderful. If you met him, you would agree to do anything for him too. Or perhaps you would not. Maybe it is because I am a fucking faggot.


Billy stood up, shit running down his muscular legs, ripped the bat from my asshole and started to batter my body with it. I felt my right arm break then my left. I chewed and swallowed shit. I had to do a good job.


Mr. Black had told me that if I did an outstanding job on this film, that after I got out of the hospital, he might consider letting me make another with Billy. I live for that day.