Billy's Dad

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Billy came bouncing down the stairs as only a healthy eighteen-year-old boy can do. He was a handsome, well-built kid, the star athlete of his school. He had a cocky, self-assured way about himself with everyone except his father. Billy fingered the pocket of his tight jeans to make sure he had the car keys. His dad had permitted him to use the car for his “big” date.

Billy had a date with Maura Kramer, the most beautiful girl in the sophomore class. Billy had a big crush on Maura, and she, like most of the other girls in the school, had wet panties over school sports hero Billy. Billy could hardly wait to be alone with her. Because of sports and school, and his dad, Billy didn’t get to go on many dates. Thinking about how beautiful Maura was, and what wonderful tits she had, Billy couldn’t help but crack a charming smile, as he headed for the front door. Just thinking about her made Billy’s dick thicken in his tight jeans.

“I’m off,” he said, almost running to the front door, but Dad got to him first.

“Don’t we have some business to take care of first, son?” John Palmer asked.

His father was a well-built, good-looking man in his early forties. His words made young Billy freeze in his tracks. The boy’s face froze. His whole body began to tremble ever so slightly.

“Not tonight, please, Dad! I’ll be good, I promise. I gotta go.”

However, the boy didn’t move. He knew better than to disobey his dad. John stood with his arms folded across his chest. He wore gray sweatpants and a tight tee shirt.

“You know how I feel about that, Billy. A boy your age can’t be trusted. Next thing you know, you’ll get some girl pregnant, and your future is ruined. Now, let’s get this over with, so you can go out and have a good time.”

“But, Dad...after...you know...after...I don’t feel like going on a date anymore. It ruins everything.”

“Son, that is because you have the totally wrong attitude toward a date and women in general. Girls are not just for sex, you know. You high school jocks think of girls in only one way—as holes to shove your teenage dicks into. Those kinds of thoughts only bring trouble. Now, let’s go and let’s get this over with so you can go and enjoy your date.”

Did Billy’s eyes naturally glisten, or were those tears? He stood there confronting his dad, wanting to stand up to him, but as always the sheer male presence of his father made the teenager cave. He always bent to his father’s will in so many ways.

“Come on, son. You’re wasting time. You’ll be late for your date. She seems like a really nice young lady, and for a sophomore, she sure had a great set of tits on her. Come on, Billy, get with it. Strip out of your clothes.”

“Dad, I...do I have to undress totally? Can’t we—”

Did Billy grow just a bit red in the face, blushing at the thought of what was to come?

“You know the rules, son.”

John smiled while gazing at his handsome son with warmth in his eyes. Young Billy shook his cute head and heaved a tremendous sigh. His well-built chest rose and fell beneath his tight tee shirt, and his full young nipples pushed at the material as for some reason they grew erect. The kid hung his head and shook it once again, but then with a shrug, he peeled off his tee shirt. What a fine, smooth young athletic body he had. The perfect eighteen-year-old stud. He had scholarships offered to him from several top-notch universities. And his dad was going to make damned sure that he didn’t fuck up.

“I haven’t been on a date in two months. It’s been two months since you allowed me to go out on a date. I had a chance to be Debbie Cluster's boyfriend, but you ruined that by not letting me date her.”

Billy sullenly kicked off his athletic shoes and peeled off his socks. Like everything else about him, his feet were perfectly well arched and muscular.

“Just protecting you from yourself, son. Come on. Don’t dawdle.”

John drank in the sight of his eighteen-year-old son. The boy had a smooth muscular chest, tight stomach and just the tiniest trail of hair running from his belly button down into his low-slung jeans. That hair would have to go, of course. John already insisted that the boy shave his balls and around his thick, healthy teenage dick, leaving only a perfectly shaped tiny triangle of prick hair. He also made the boy shave his ass, especially around the asshole itself. John believed that a boy should be smooth and clean.

Billy undid his belt and peeled his skinny jeans down over his well-muscled legs. His legs too were shaved. He hated that. The guys at school made fun of him in the locker room as much as you can make fun of the star athlete of the school. The eighteen-year-old stepped out of his jeans, and he stood in only his tight white underpants. His dad insisted that the boy wear tighty-whities, even though this too caused some of the other boys to snicker at him. John liked the way the very tight small white briefs looked on the boy. He loved the way the kid’s ass looked in them, and he loved the enormous manly bulge that pushed out the front. The thin white briefs also made it easier for John to check the front of the boy’s underpants for leakage. He did that every day. Billy had to hand his dirty underwear to his dad for inspection. John inspected the underpants for urine stains, penis leakage and skid marks. He wanted Billy to be a clean, healthy jock.

“Dad, you know it will ruin the whole—”

Billy protested once again, but a snap of his father’s fingers made the boy peel down the underpants, revealing his more than healthy, larger than average eighteen-year-old dick and the full pink balls that hung under it. Billy didn’t like to let his big dick be seen. The other boys at school often made fun of the thick fucker, although God knows they were secretly and not so secretly envious of such a fuck tool. More than a few of the boys on the sports teams would have gladly sucked on the big pink dick, as would have most of the girls in the school, but that was alas not in the cards for our Billy. Billy’s father was very strict with his son’s sexuality. He would not have the boy’s life ruined by sex before he even started out.

Billy stood there naked before his father. John’s eyes went slowly up and down over his son’s naked body. The eyes lingered on the fat fuckmeat and nut sack. John’s eyes grew squinty and sharp. His nose wrinkled. He walked up to his eighteen-year-old son and bent over at the waist. He brought his face in close to the dangling teenage dick meat and balls. He took a sniff, then a second and a third.

“Did you put cologne on your dick and nuts, son?”

Billy’s complexion changed from blushing pink to pale white. It was as if the color simply drained from him.

“Ah...a little, I guess...you know...just—”

The boy could hardly speak.


Billy shook his head frantically.

“No, Dad...honest...I just...I wanted to be clean...is all. I just wanted to be clean.”



John’s large hand lashed out and slapped the boy, hard. John seldom had to use physical punishment with his son. The boy was really very well behaved. When he was required to deliver physical punishment, it was usually a hard spanking with the naked teen over his lap. Sometimes, when severe discipline was needed, like for example when Billy got a B instead of an A grade, John used his wide leather belt on the boy’s perfectly muscled smooth ass cheeks. Once or twice a month, when some disappointing behavior by the boy called for more extreme measures, John had resorted to using a wooden spoon on the boy’s full young scrotum.

“Let’s get this over with. Go to your chair. I ought to ground you for a month.”

John gestured to the straight-backed wooden chair. Billy used different chairs depending on the occasion, but tonight it was to be the wooden chair. He sat down on the chair, his strong eighteen-year-old legs slightly apart with his dick hanging over the edge of the chair seat. The boy’s toes curled in the carpet. He hung his head in shame.

“Legs!” John snapped, losing patience with his son.

Billy spread his strong young legs as wide as he could. John sat down on the edge of the couch, so he could better watch his son.

“Begin!’ the good-looking man ordered in his deep masculine voice.

He was almost like a coach or a drill sergeant at times. Billy placed a large dish on the floor below his dangling balls. He slid to the edge of the chair. Billy sighed a tremendous sigh, the full nipples on his chest rising and falling as he put one hand down to his dick. Then he began to finger his cock. The thick flesh of the fuck tube began to grow almost at once. It didn’t take much to arouse Billy, and that was part of the problem. As the fucker thickened and grew longer, Billy began to pump it. The balls below started to dance in their sack.

“Show me!” John ordered.

Billy released his prick. It stood out proudly a good nine inches, the head already leaking pre-fuck.

“Do you have any idea of the trouble a fucker like that can cause for a boy of your age? It can ruin your entire life. All right, continue.”

Billy commenced masturbating for his father. His strong toes dug into the carpet, and the muscles in his legs tightened. He pumped his teen dick. The fuckmeat skin moved back and forth, and the ball sack wobbled and danced. It did not take long. Billy licked his full young lips and closed his eyes. His breathing grew heavy and labored. He began to groan. Billy was a groaner. He made lots of noise when he beat his teen meat. John leaned in further to get a better look. Billy gave a huge grunt, as he felt the fuckmeat thicken even more and pulse in his hand. His breath grew ragged, and his naked teen body rocked back and forth. He kept his legs spread as wide as he could, giving his dad an unencumbered look. The prick pulsed and ropes of boy fuck shot from the wide pisshole. Thick, gloppy boy fuck ran over Billy’s hand and splattered into the dish on the floor. Three, four, five spurts of teenage spooge caused a lake of fuck on the plate beneath the boy. Billy’s balls were tight up against the root of the throbbing dick. The spray of fuck grew less and then stopped altogether. Billy slumped back in the chair, wasted. He chewed at his full young lower lip. A few tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Good boy. Now clean up your mess!”

Why? Why did his father insist on this part? It was sick. It was perverted, but his dad demanded it. He always said a boy was responsible for his own mess. Reluctantly, because he never got used to this part, Billy brought his cum covered hand up to his face and began to lick up his fuck sauce. He hated the taste. Sometimes in his head, he pretended that what he tasted was the juice from a girl’s cunt. Although it made it a bit easier to take, he still gagged and felt sick to his stomach. After the hand was totally clean, he held it out for his dad to inspect. Then he picked up the plate from the carpet. There was a lake of thick, off-white, wallpaper paste-like cum on the plate. Billy made a sick face. His nose wrinkled at the smell. He gagged at the thought. He looked pleadingly at his dad.

“Billy!” John snapped.

The teenage boy began to lick his cock slop from the plate. Cum covered the boy’s full pink lips. Cum coated his tongue. Cum glistened on his chin and cheeks. When he was finished, he set the plate back on the carpet.

“Okay? Now, may I please—”

“Again! Begin!” his father snapped.

Billy groaned and swung his head from side to side. His hair was damp with sweat, his careful preparations for the date destroyed. Sweat trickled from his masculine armpits. He began to smell like he did after a gym workout.

“Please, Dad, I’ve got to go. I promise I won’t—”

“Again! Now! Kneeling this time.”

Billy let out a sob. He hated to do it kneeling. It meant his dad planned some prostate stimulation to truly empty him. He turned around and knelt on the chair with one leg. The other leg was thrust out to the side so that his full young nuts clearly showed. He gripped the back of the chair and once again began to pound his fuckmeat.

“I won’t have you throw away all of your talents by getting some dirty little teenage cunt pregnant.”

John had to adjust the raging hard-on in his sweatpants. Not that Billy hadn’t seen his dad with a full blown almost ten-inch hard-on many times He saw it on most days or nights in fact. After the death of Billy’s mom, Billy had been required to sleep in the same bed with his dad. John demanded that they both sleep naked. Billy hated most when in his sleep, John would cuddle in the spoon position with his son, rubbing his huge leaking dick up and down the boy’s ass crack and playing with the boy’s nipples while he called out his dead wife’s name in his sleep. Billy knew losing his wife had not been easy for his dad, and he was sympathetic, but he still felt the whole thing was unnatural and sick.

John watched Billy’s balls swing as the boy masturbated. This time it took longer. But John did not help the boy. He simply watched. After about ten minutes of prick pumping, the boy groaned, and his body arched up. John quickly placed the dish on the seat of the chair beneath the boy’s fucker. Billy let forth with an animal growl. His stomach pulled in, and his muscular ass mounds quivered. The second load of spunk shot from the teenage prick, pooling in the dish below. Five large spurts. Then the boy’s breathing relaxed, and he slumped over the back of the chair, sweat dripping from his body.

John waited for a moment and then gently said, “Good boy, Billy, that’s my good boy. Now clean up.”

This time, John picked up the cum filled dish, walked around to the back of the chair and held the plate up to his son’s mouth. Billy looked at his father with puppy dog eyes. John was well aware how teenage boys could get their way by acting all sweet and submissive. He didn’t let his son’s pleading eyes fool him. He nodded his head once, and after sniffing back some tears, Billy extended his tongue and began to lick the fuck off the plate.

“That a boy. That stuff is really quite healthy for you, you know.”

Billy ought to know. He had been made to lick it up for the last two years. Before his mom had died, Billy had had a perfectly normal life. He had almost gotten his dick into an adorable freshman girl, and he had sucked girl’s nipples and had some girls masturbate him. You know normal stuff that a sixteen-year-old boy does, but then, when his Mom died, his dad had seemed to go nuts. He developed all of these weird desires and habits. He had set up a strict masturbation regime for the boy He started to forbid Billy to date except like once a month. He began to inspect the boy’s body, and worst of all, Billy had to sleep in bed naked with him. And lately, it was getting even worse. Billy could not wait until he could go off to college and have a normal life again.

Billy turned around and slumped in the wooden chair. He no longer felt much like going on a date. He felt tired and embarrassed and confused. His dad broke his reverie.


Billy blinked the sweat and tears out of his young eyes. He lifted his cute head and looked at his father.

“This time you may require some anal stimulation. Legs up in the air and spread.”

In his hand, John held the dreaded eight-inch dildo. Billy hated this the most. It felt like he was being turned into a girl, into a cunt. His dad told him it was simply to help clean him out and to stimulate the prostate so that Billy could produce yet another load of cum. But it always made Billy feel perverted and dirty. AND IT HURT. OH GOD, HOW IT HURT. His dad was not easy on him. He rigorously worked the thick rubber dick into his son’s asshole. How many fathers did such things to their eighteen-year-old sons? Yes, after the boy’s hole got used to the length and girth of the rubber dick, the pressure on his prostate did feel good, and it did stimulate the boy into further orgasms, but it was so humiliating, so shameful.

Billy sat back slumped in the chair, his legs raised up in the air and spread. John knelt between his son’s legs and worked the thick dildo head into the boy’s rosebud asshole.

“Commence masturbating...” he barked, and then fucked the dildo deep into the kid’s rectum.

Billy wrapped his fingers around his now red, raw semi-flaccid dick and began to pump. Stroking the dick hurt now because the skin was tender, but he knew he had to keep going. He felt his inner asshole stretched to its limits by the rubber dick.

“Come on, boy, pump that prick. Show me what you’ve got. You know, I saw a nice new rubber dildo online that I ordered for you. It’s a few inches longer and thicker than this one. That should help a lot.”

Billy began to moan a long, hollow moan, filled with some strange mixture of pain and pleasure. He no longer cared about his date. He no longer cared about anything. He yanked and pulled at his fuckmeat, and at last, he felt a response. The dick thickened once more.

“You know, Billy, at eighteen you are at the height of your sexual powers. We have to be very careful you don’t fall into sin and ruin your life. I think we’re going to increase your masturbation sessions to four times a week. We’ll milk that dick and empty those nuts and keep you nice and healthy.” John thrust the dildo deep into the boy’s guts. “With the new dildo we can get way up into your colon, won’t that be great?”

Billy’s eyes rolled in his head. His mouth hung open as drool ran out and down his chin. He thought he might pass out. He tugged at his boy dick as if he wanted to tear the fucking thing off. John’s fucker was leaking like a faulty faucet into the sweatpants. His entire crotch was wet with the pre-fuck leak.

“You know, son, I’ve been thinking maybe after you graduate high school that you should take a gap year before college. It would give you more time with me!”

John shoved the entire length of the thick rubber dick up into his son’s guts. Billy screamed and threw his head from side to side. Spit sprayed out from the boy’s mouth, and snot ran from his nose. He howled a hoarse kind of howl, and his dick quivered and throbbed, and he had his third orgasm. This time only a tiny amount of boy cum bubbled from his wide pisshole. John stood up leaving the dildo up his son’s ass. He reached down and scooped the fuck from the head of Billy’s dick with his forefinger. Then he brought the finger to the boy’s lips. Billy obediently sucked on his dad’s cum-slick finger. John smiled down at his son’s sweat-slick, slumped body with the obscene black rubber cock sticking out of his ass. Billy’s lips hung slack. He seemed dazed and confused, and so out of it.

“Good work, Billy! I’m proud of you. I think once more, and then you can go on your date, okay? Just once more to get rid of all that nasty sperm.”

Billy sobbed.