Billy's Bitch

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I don’t know how long I was out, but I do know what woke me up. It was Billy’s eight-inch cock, slapping my face. It woke me up in a stupor. I just laid there and stared up at him, thinking how fucked up all this was and how it had all started.

My name is James, but most of my friends and family call me Jim, all except Billy. To him, I’m Jimmy. Billy moved to town, a few blocks from me when he was ten, and I was eight. I was a skinny little blond kid, and Billy was an already muscular dark-haired boy. He was two grades ahead of me, but that didn’t matter to either of us. Billy’s always been a bit of a bully, and I was always smart. I’d help him out with his homework, and he was kind of my protector/mentor. We hung out quite a bit, went to movies, hung out at the mall, played video games and generally just hung out together. As we grew older, like everybody does, our conversations turned towards sex. It all seemed so natural when I was twelve, and he was fourteen.

One weekend, when I was staying overnight at his place, he asked me how often I jerk off. I’d heard about it but didn’t know much. I was an only child, and my parents are really religious, so no sex chats with Dad. I felt really stupid, but I had to tell him that I didn’t know much and hadn’t really done it yet. Billy started laughing. I almost started crying but didn’t want to look like a baby, so I just got up and quickly went to the bathroom. When I came back, I think he figured out what was going on because of what he said.


“Dude, I’m really sorry. How about I show you how to do it?”


“What?” I said. “It’s cool, man, but why don’t you just tell me what it is. I’ll try it later.”


“Suit yourself,” Billy replied, “but it’s easier to show you. Me and Tony have done it a bunch of times. It’s no big deal; lots of guys jerk it together.”


I thought about it for a few seconds. God, if my parents ever found out, my mom would pass out, and my dad would probably have a heart attack or something, but if all the other guys are doing it, why shouldn’t I be. I want to see what all the fuss is about, and besides, I’d never seen another guy hard before, and I wondered if I measured up, pardon the pun.


“Okay, but nothing too gay, dude.”


Billy started laughing.


“It’s not gay, man. It’s just a thing guys our age do ‘til we get dates to do it for us.” That sounded pretty good, so I agreed. Billy pulled down his pants, then started to take off his boxers but stopped. “You can’t jack off with your clothes on, take ‘em off!”


That was weird. It was almost as if Billy was demanding me to do it. Like I said, he could be a bully, but never had with me before. I looked at him kind of scared, and he laughed a bit.


“Jimmy, really man, we both got dicks. I’m glad to show you, but this ain’t no peep show. You gotta do it too.”


I started pulling off my pants and then reached for my briefs. Billy just stood there until I was ready to pull them down. I looked over at him, and at the same time, we pulled down our underwear. I wanted to die right there. I was hard thinking about this, and Billy wasn’t. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was over an inch longer than I was while still soft. I was about three inches hard. Once he got hard, Billy was almost six inches. I really thought he’d make fun of me, but he just looked over.


“You’re younger than me, it’ll grow. Mine’s grown two inches since last year.”


Since I was two years younger, that made me feel better. Billy spit in his hand, grabbed his dick and started rubbing the spit into his cock.


“What did you do that for? I asked him. It seems kinda gross.”


“It’s called lube, feels a lot better,” Billy told me.


“Ah…okay,” I said, and off I went.


I watched Billy get hard up to his six inches. He then wrapped his fingers around his cock and started stroking it up and down. He told me to watch for a bit, and then do what he did. There really wasn’t much to it, other than three to four minutes later it started feeling really, I mean, really good. I couldn’t believe the feelings I was having, then holy shit, I thought I was gonna pass out or something. My dick erupted all this white stuff (which you all know is cum. If you don’t, leave now). Billy took a few more minutes before he shot his load. He asked me how I liked it.


“It was the most awesome thing in the world!”


I asked him how long he’d been doing it. He told me a couple of years. I couldn’t believe that I’d been missing out on this for all this time. That was it for that night. We pulled up our underwear and put back on our pants. When we woke up again, Billy announced he was hard, and he usually jerked off in the mornings.


“Wanna do it again,” he asked me.


“Can we?” I asked back. “I woke up in the middle of the night, but I didn’t want you to think I was some homo or something.”


Billy just laughed and pulled down his boxers. He started pumping away, so I started doing the same thing. As we lay there, I kept looking over at his dick. I couldn’t believe he was so much bigger than I was. I was mesmerized by it almost—or maybe just jealous—but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. At one point, I looked up at Billy’s face. He was looking right at me, smiling. I looked away quickly and kept stroking. I set a new personal record, I think. I lasted eight minutes this time.


Over the next few months, I stayed over at Billy’s house a lot. Each time we’d jack off at night in bed, then in the morning again. Billy had a birthday, and he got a new TV for his room with a DVD player built into it. The next time I stayed over, Billy had a surprise for me.


“I’m gonna be your favorite person in the world. Wait until you see what I got.”


“What is it?” I asked, “I wanna see. What is it?”


“I had to get something out of Jason’s closet, and I found this DVD. It’s porn!” he yelled out.


Jason is Billy’s seventeen-year-old brother.


“Oh, my god! That’s so cool, but keep it down, your parents are gonna hear us,” I told him.


“Damn, Jimmy, this isn’t your house. I’m not gonna to go telling my parents, but it’s not like I’d be dead like you though,” Billy said.


I realized he was right. After all, his parents have beer in the house, something you’d never find at my house. So tonight, we were treated to big titted girls sucking off big dicked guys. They were all older, and the guys weren’t all that good looking. Why am I looking at the guys? The girls are all hot!


Turns out, when Billy did some more digging, his brother, Jason, was like the king of porn. He had tons of them. Each week, Billy would sneak out a new one, and we’d jerk off to it. We usually wouldn’t last the whole movie, so we’d watch the rest during the morning pull of our dicks. Billy was cool about all of it. This went on for a few months, but then things took a turn one weekend. There were a few more times he caught me checking out his huge cock.


“It’s cool, bud, we’re all curious about how hung other guys are, don’t sweat it.”


Usually, when we left school on Friday, Billy would ask me if I wanted to hang out that night and spend the night. I always said yes. My parents didn’t mind. They thought Billy was this really good guy. I don’t know if he was that great of an actor or they were just that fucking stupid. But seriously, they saw me starting to come out of my nerd shell a little, and they’d heard Billy was popular, so they put two and two together.


Anyway, so as we were walking out, Billy says, “Oh, hey, I got good news and bad news. Bad news, you can’t spend the night tonight. My grandma is gonna be there, and my mom wants it to be just family.”


“Well, what’s the good news then?” I asked, kinda bummed.


Billy beamed.


“Dude, this so rocks! My grandma is coming because she and my parents are going to a wedding tomorrow night, so I told them I didn’t want to go, and they agreed to let me stay home since Jason is gonna be here. When I told Jason that I was staying home, he just said he didn’t give a shit if I was home or not, as he was going out to a party and to leave him alone. So get your parents to let you stay tomorrow night, and we’ll have the whole house to ourselves all night!”


I told Billy I’d go right home and ask my Mom, then call him and let him know. I practically ran all the way back home from Billy’s house. I walked in the door, and there was my Mom looking at me as if I was from outer space.


“Did you forget what night it is?” she asked.


“I don’t think so, why? What did I forget to do?” I asked her back.


She just laughed.


“Nothing, honey, I’m just surprised to see you. It’s Friday night, and you usually spend the night at Billy’s house is all.”


“Ah…yeah, his grandma is there tonight. He wants me to spend the night tomorrow night, is that okay, Mom?” I pleaded.


“Well, we were going out to eat tomorrow night, but if you’d rather stay over with Billy, I guess that’s okay. I just don’t want to hear you whining that we went without you,” she said.


“Thanks, Mom, I won’t. I promise,” I said, running past her to go call Billy. I gave her a kiss on the cheek.


“Love ya.”


Billy’s taught me how to suck up. She just laughed again and gave me a big smile.


“I love you too, honey.”


I went and called Billy, telling him my mom said it was cool for me to spend the night. He told me to get there around two or three in the afternoon. I figured it was going to be a late night with him since there really wouldn’t be anyone there telling us to go to bed, so I went to bed around ten-thirty that night and slept in until nine-thirty the next morning. I did some chores, took a shower, ate lunch, and headed over to Billy’s a little before two. When I knocked, Jason opened the door, looked at me and yelled out.


“Billy, your bitch is here.”


He then turned back to me, giving me a smirk and motioned me in. I ran upstairs to Billy’s room, where he was playing a video game.


“Why did he call me your bitch?” I asked Billy.


Billy just snickered and said, “He thinks you follow me around too much and do whatever I say.”


I thought about that for a few minutes and decided maybe he was right. I do seem to follow Billy’s lead a lot, but I’m not his bitch. He’s just older and knows what to do. Jason left, telling us not to have anyone else over and not to trash the place.


We played video games for quite a while, and before we knew it, it was dark outside, and it was eight o’clock. Billy put a couple frozen pizzas in the oven, and we watched Lord of the Rings, then School of Rock. Around midnight, we decided to watch a better movie, before it got too late and we were too tired. We got up to Billy’s bedroom, and he had three porn DVDs.


“Aren’t you afraid he might come home and find you took all these?” I asked him.


“Nope, not at all. He caught me the other night. I was really afraid he’d be pissed, but he wasn’t. He said just make damn sure our folks didn’t find out about it. I fessed up and told him I had been taking them, and we’d watched them on the weekends. He was cool with it and even gave me these and told me he thought we’d like them.”


“Awesome, well, let’s put one in and get to watching it,” I told him.


Billy handed me one of the DVDs. I put it in the player, stripped down, and we started watching it. After we started up the first one, we realized it was one we’d already watched, so Billy handed me another DVD. This one started off with this hot blond chick. She was beautiful and young with firm titties that weren’t overly big. Just the way I like them. The guy was younger than most guys in porn too. He had a huge cock on him. It was bigger than Billy’s even, much bigger than mine. He ate the girl’s pussy for a bit, she gave him some head, and then he started fucking her.


It was your typical porn plot (or lack of), but then something new happened. All of a sudden, this other guy walks in on them fucking. He’s blond like the girl. He starts yelling, asking what the fuck is going on and shit. Turns out, his wife is being fucked by a friend of his. His friend only paused for a few seconds and then just kept on pumping into her. He looks right at the guy and says, “Sorry, buddy, but somebody’s gotta take care of her. She needs a man’s cock in her, not that little thing you got in your pants.”


“What the fuck, man,” the husband says. “That’s my wife. We’re buds!”


“Yes, we are. That’s why I thought I’d help you out and satisfy your lady here. She had posted an ad online for some cock. I recognized the pic and answered her ad. When I got here, she about shit, but I talked her into taking it from someone who treats her right instead of some asshole she meets online. That first time was hot too, wasn’t it baby?” he said, slapping her ass.


The girl just moaned. The husband got more pissed.


“What do you mean, first time? How long has this been going on?”


“A couple weeks, she calls me at least every other day. She can’t get enough of my big cock,” he bragged. With that, he pulled it out of the girl and said, “Check it out, man. I got almost nine inches here. She said it’s twice as big as yours is.”


“I’m not that small,” the husband said.


The husband just stood there and stared at his friend’s cock as his friend continued pumping the lady’s pussy while looking at the husband with a smirk.


“Dude, I know you’re that small, ‘cause you’re fucking hard just watching me fuck her and looking at my big cock. Maybe you’d like some of it too.”


The girl looked up and laughed at her husband


“Look how big he is, honey. Why don’t you show him how big you are?”


The friend looked at him and said, “Yeah, man, get undressed and join us. We can fill her at both ends.”


The husband just stood there in a trance, finally stripping down and walking over to in front of his wife. He was definitely hard before he even stripped off, all five inches. The husband walked over to his wife and stuck his boy-size cock in her mouth. She started sucking it, but her husband was a quick cummer, so she pulled off his cock after a few minutes. He looked down at her and realized why she’d stopped. By this time, he was so turned on, he lay down and started making out with her. At this point, the friend pulled out and brought his cock up to the two pairs of kissing lips.


“Get that away from me, man! I don’t want your cock in my face!” the husband shouted.


“Oh, honey, you might as well, you’ve been eating his cum from my pussy for the last two weeks,” the wife said. “Why don’t you give it a little lick? That would be so hot to see, isn’t it just huge? It’s so much bigger than your little dickie.”


The husband just lay there, staring at the comparatively monster cock in his face.


The friend added, “Hey, man, you keep staring at it. I don’t mind dudes looking and touching, I’m totally cool with it. Whatever feels good is cool with me.”


The husband just sat there staring at it, slowly shaking his head no. The friend, on the other hand, kept looking down at his buddy and moved his cock closer and closer to his mouth. He rubbed the tip of his cock on his friend’s lips, wetting it with his pre-cum and the wife’s juices. His friend pulled back for a second, and the husband subconsciously licked his lips. Then his friend took advantage of the open mouth, and he brought his cock back to the husband’s lips and stuck the tip of his cock into the husband’s mouth. The husband just moaned.


“Oh, fuck!” I yelled out.


I was shooting my load all over the place. I don’t think I’ve shot that much in my entire life. Billy looked at me, smiling.


“Shit, dude, that got you all turned on, I guess. It usually takes us two to three scenes to shoot a load, and you just shot yours as soon as that guy’s cock went into the other dude’s mouth. I think you liked that.”


I looked at Billy. I don’t know what happened, but he was right. I did shoot as soon as I saw it. I decided it would be best to make an excuse, though.


“No way, Billy, I’m not gay. I just was primed up from what we saw earlier on the other movie, and then the other guy fucking his wife.”


“Whatever, man, I see you checking out my cock all the time, and then as soon as you see some fag shit in a movie, with one guy dominating another guy, you fucking lose your load. I’ve never seen you shoot that much. Jason told me you were a fag. When we started jerking off, I kept looking to see what you did. You looked at me more than the girls in the movie. Hell, that one time when we had the movie with just lesbos in it, you just kept looking at my cock. Last week, Jason made another comment about you being a fag. I told him I thought he might be right. He got me this DVD and told me to watch you to see how you acted. He had you pegged, dude. You are a fag boy.”


“I swear, dude. I’m no fag. I just haven’t jerked off for a few days. You’re the one who said it was natural for me to be checking out other guy’s cocks to compare, remember?” I asked him.


“Yeah, it’s fucking natural to check out another guy’s cock, but you’ve been checking mine out for months. It’s not as if it’s going to change enough any given second to check it out for more than a few seconds a month. Don’t get me wrong, man. I could care a less that you’re a fag, but man up about it and tell me what you want,” Billy demanded.


“Really, Billy, I don’t want your cock man, I just was curious. It’s a lot bigger than mine is. I just keep hoping mine gets as big someday. I’m not a fag though, really,” I told him, trying to choke back some tears.


“You’re right there, man. Mine is a lot bigger than yours. I thought yours would get bigger, but it hasn’t yet. I think you’re destined to have a little boy dick for the rest of your life, like that dude in the movie,” Billy said. I started crying then. “Don’t worry, though, man. We’ll still be buds, and you can check out my big monster cock whenever you want.”


With that, Billy kneeled up beside me and put his big cock just a few inches from my face. I turned away


“Come on, man. I’m giving you an up-close and personal look at my big cock. Take a look at it. Just look, man.”


I turned over and looked up at Billy. He was smiling down at me and motioning with his eyes to look at it. He didn’t seem pissed or mean or anything, just telling me to take a look. I brought my eyes down to his big dick. I’m sure I stared at it like two to three minutes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. All of a sudden, before I knew it, I couldn’t see the head anymore, but I could feel it, rubbing along my lips.


“Open up, cocksucker, give him a little kiss.”


I just laid there for a few minutes. It was as if I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move. Before I knew it, Billy had inserted his cockhead into my mouth, and my tongue was bathing it. As soon as I realized what I was doing, I pulled off.


“What the fuck gives, man. I told you I’m not a cocksucker.”


I started crying again. Billy laughed again.


“Quit being a baby about it and stop crying. You’re just washing my cock with your tongue while it was in your mouth. By definition, you’re a cocksucker, whether you like it or not. Now you’ve managed to get me all hot and bothered. If you don’t want me to tell everyone at school you sucked my cock, you’d better do it and do it right now!”


I could tell Billy was getting pissed. This was the bully Billy. The one I don’t normally have directed at me, just other kids.


“Oh, Billy,” I cried, “we’re buds. Don’t make me do that. I just can’t do it. Please…don’t make me.”


“I’m not making you do anything, man,” Billy said, “but if you don’t want me to tell everyone at school you had my cock in your mouth giving him a tongue bath, then you’ll do it. What’s the big deal? You’ve already had my cock in your mouth for at least a minute. You’ve tasted it. It wasn’t that bad now, was it?”


“No, I guess not, but it’s just not cool,” I told him.


“Well, from this end, it’s way cool, Jimmy. Now get to sucking. It won’t be that bad. I promise. Maybe by being this close to my cock, it will make yours bigger.”


Billy snickered. He was really having a good time, laughing at me for this. I didn’t want to, but I let him put the cock head back into my mouth. He pushed it in a bit, and I started gagging. This just caused him to laugh more.


“Don’t worry, bud, you’ll get used to it. You’re doing great, watch the teeth, and we’ll get along just fine. Keep going like that, and we’ll be done soon.”


I just kept laying there, Billy pushing his cock into my mouth, in and out, in and out.


“Yeah, just like that, but use your tongue, man. Keep that tongue going on my cock, and I’ll be there quick. Fuck, dude, you’re a natural-born cocksucker. You may not realize it yet, but nobody sucks cock this good that isn’t meant to do it. Oh, yeah, man, fucking suck my cock, buddy. Keep going so I can shoot my load.”


Then it hit me, he was going to cum soon. Where would he cum? Surely not in my mouth, I can’t let him shoot his cum in my mouth. That would be horrible. I pulled off for a second and begged


“Please don’t cum in my mouth, Billy, please, dude.”


“Huh? Oh…yeah...ugh…huh…sure...I won’t cu—”


That was all he said, as he started shooting his load—where at?—right into my mouth. He held my head right up against him and wouldn’t let go. He’s so much stronger than I am that I really couldn’t move away.


“Fuck me, fuck...fuck...fuck...oh, god… this is so fucking awesome. Eat it, bitch. Eat that load. I got me a fucking cocksucker. Oh, yeah, baby!”


As soon as he let loose, I pulled off his cock, choking and spitting, trying to get his cum out of my mouth.


“Goddammit, Billy, why did you have to do that? I begged you not to cum in my mouth. I begged you, man.”


“Yeah, you begged me, man, but now you’re my cocksucker, my bitch. That’s what cocksuckers do, Jimmy. They eat cum. They let guys shoot in their mouth, and they eat it. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the taste. Soon, you’ll be begging me for it,” he told me.


Oh. My. God. I was freaking out. No. Fucking. Way.


“What do you mean, I’ll get used to it? I’m not ever doing that again, so don’t go thinking I’m your cocksucker or your bitch, ‘cause I’m not. Fuck, man, I wanna throw up as it is. The idea of doing that again makes me wanna die.”


“Now, don’t go doing that, man. It wasn’t that bad. As I said, you’ll get to like it the more you try it. As far as not doing it again, we’ll see about that, Jimmy. I’ve wanted to find me someone to suck me off whenever I want, and now I’ve found him. You may not like it at first, but let’s face it. You don’t really have much choice. If you don’t do it, we can’t be friends anymore. I won’t protect you anymore. In fact, I’ll be your worst nightmare. Not to mention, I’ll be sure to tell everyone you sucked my cock and ate my jizz.”


“They won’t believe you,” I smarted off to him.


“Don’t talk to me like that. I own you now, bitch. And they will believe me. Check it out.”


Billy held up his cell phone to me. Unbeknownst to me, Billy had grabbed his cell phone and, while holding my head halfway down on his cock, he’d snapped a pic. You could tell it was me with a cock in my mouth. My eyes were closed, and I didn’t look like I was fighting it, so I knew nobody would believe me.


I was fucked.


“Now, let’s get some sleep. Lesson two comes in the morning. If you wake up before me, I’ve always thought it would be hot to be awakened with a blowjob.”


And that’s how it all started.