Billy and the Bullies

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It started out simple, as these complicated horrible things so often do, just a simple case of some high school boys bullying a freshman. Nothing serious, and after all, high school boys are allowed to have their fun, are they not? And there were other components involved. I mean, Billy, the victim in all of this, was ripe for the picking. His parents were classical musicians, so Billy grew up in an atmosphere of art and culture.

Then there was Billy’s stature. He was built small and compact. Not a wussy skinny body, just smaller than most of the boys his age. And then there was his hair. Billy had long flowing locks, a beautiful head of hair that he dearly loved, but because of it, he was called “girly-boy,” “sissy,” and, of course, “faggot” by the other boys. Many of these boys did not even know the real meaning of those words. I mean, anyone and anything that was not pleasing could get called “faggot.”

And then, of course, we need to take into consideration the blossoming sexuality of the boys. Bullying often comes from a kid’s need to show dominance or to show that he is becoming an adult. It has to do with self-esteem and the need to prove masculinity.

Boys of that age, like the ones who bullied Billy, needed to fuck. They needed to fuck almost constantly, but of course, had little outlet for this. Some of the older boys had girlfriends, and if the bitches did not want dick inside of them, they could at least usually count on a good enough blowjob every day after school. Still, their pent up sexual energy was tremendous. Some of that exploding testosterone could be worked off playing sports, but some of it could only be relieved by these jocks beating their meat three or four times a day. It’s just normal for high school boys.

An excellent release for some of that sexual tension can happen through bullying. Picking on a weaker, younger boy can give a jock status with his buddies, provide a release of all of that stored up sexual energy, and just be fucking plain fun.

And so a group of the boys led by one top-notch athlete nicknamed Butch started to bully small, sensitive, artistic Billy. It began in simple ways, as I said. When they passed him in the halls, they would slap his books out of his hands, sending them all over the place. When they walked behind him, they would reach down and yank his jeans painfully up between the cheeks of his well-formed teen ass. When they passed him leaving or entering the locker room, they would reach out and painstakingly punch Billy in the nuts.

Billy made a mistake. He threatened to report them. You do not do that to seniors when you are only a freshman, and you especially do not do that to the top athletes in the school. Butch and the boys one day cornered Billy in the locker room. They stripped him totally naked. They backed the small boy up against the lockers and took turns punching him until the poor little kid was sobbing and begging them for mercy. They held his legs apart, and Butch snapped his fingers against Billy’s nuts until the hairless ball bag was red with welts and quite swollen. Billy was scared stiff and out of his young mind with pain. He truly feared they might kill him.

Then Butch laid down the rules. From that day on, Billy was to become Butch’s Bitch! He was doing whatever the senior boy told him to do. The freshman boy was to obey orders totally without question. Billy was so petrified that he agreed at once.

The games started with all of the boys taking out their dicks and pissing on Billy. Piss ran down his youthful chest and puddled at his tight tummy. Piss soaked his blossoming pubic hair and ran down around his balls. Piss, especially Butch’s piss, hit the cute kid in the face, soaking the long curly hair. The piss ran into Billy’s mouth and coated his lips and clogged his nose. After they finished pissing on him, they would not let him shower, but made him go home that way. Billy was too ashamed to tell his parents, and besides, they had an important concert coming up, and he did not want to distract them from their art. So Billy soaked it up—literally and figuratively.

Butch and the boys quickly realized how much fun this kind of abuse could be, so they increased their torment of young Billy. In the middle of the school hallway, they ordered him to drop his pants with other students watching and laughing, but that was not enough, not nearly enough. Butch ordered Billy to stop wearing underwear so that when he had to drop his pants, his teenage dick and balls were on display for not only the boys, but plenty of girls as well. They told him when he dropped his pants that the trousers had to go down to his ankles, and then he was to lift his shirt up above his tits, so he was totally bare from nipples to ankles. That was about the time Billy started to cry himself to sleep at night. He developed a tremor for no apparent reason. His grades began to slip. His parents were worried that he was taking drugs for a bit, but they trusted their son, so they just chalked it up to teenage anxiety.

At about this same time, Butch started to make Billy suck his dick. The first time was because the bitch Butch was dating refused to slurp on his fuckmeat and lick his balls. Butch pointed out to the cunt that all the girlfriends of the athletes licked their pricks and nuts of sweat after a big game, but this particular fourteen-year-old cunt said she thought his dick smelled rank and tasted all sweaty and dirty after a game.

Dumb twat, wasn’t that the whole idea? Was that not the fun of it, to have some stupid cunt lick her boyfriend’s rank sweaty body clean? Some of the guys had their girlfriends sucking their stinking sweaty armpits, and a few even got their girls to eat out their asses. But girls of that age are so weird and so stupid. They still thought of dating like something out of some romantic movie on the Disney Channel. The girls on the Disney Channel never suck off their boyfriends. How totally unrealistic.

Anyway, Butch had no chick to lick his sweaty nuts and dick clean after the game, so Butch decided to use Billy. After all, with all that long curly hair, and his small body, he looked kind of like a cunt. So innocent, sweet little Billy was forced to give his first blowjob. He was sick for two days after. It was all psychological, of course, because swallowing some jock sperm was certainly not harmful in any way. True, Butch shot a fuck of a lot, wads of thick off-white jizz, but that should not hurt a healthy boy like Billy.

Billy did not know which he hated worse, sucking the fat leaking teenage dick or having to clean the older teen’s full pendulous balls. Let’s face it, what normal teenage boy does not love to get his balls licked. Many teen boys actually go out looking for older faggots, just to get their jock balls licked. Many older faggots will do that, lick a boy’s ball sack for hours, lick down under the sack where the sweat really gathers. Happy faggots are hanging around schools all over the country with their faces smelling like teenage cock and balls. A large number of teachers too. A cute, smart jock can get an ‘A’ in almost any class just by letting the teacher lick and suck his dick and balls. And many of the perverts will pay good money besides if they are allowed to eat the teen jock’s sweaty ass.

The thing was that Butch had one of his buddies take some pictures of Billy sucking his big fat dick. Butch’s face did not show in the photo, only his fat juicy leaking dick. Billy’s face showed up clearly. When Billy saw the photo, he broke down completely. Now Butch virtually owned the kid. Butch threatened to send the picture to every girl and boy in the school, as well as Billy’s parents.

After that, Billy had to suck Butch’s dick almost every day, sometimes twice a day, and on several occasions, three times a day. Butch increased his demands. Billy had to spend hours after school slurping on the jock’s nut sack. And then he had to eat the older boy’s ass. Butch was patient, but not all that patient. Billy started by just licking the ass crack between the meaty ass cheeks. Then he was ordered to lick the asshole itself. There is no worse thing for a teenage boy to be made to do than to lick the asshole of another boy. The place where that boy shits. Then, after a few sessions of that, Butch told Billy to stick his tongue actually up into the asshole. Billy just could not do it, and that night, his cocksucking photo was sent to twenty-five of his fellow students.

Billy quickly became an expert at sticking his tongue deep up a sweaty jock asshole. Butch made the poor kid come over to his house at night and eat his ass while Butch did homework or chatted with girls on the phone, or simply texted. And then Butch decided to share Billy with his two best friends, so soon, Billy had three dicks to suck, three sets of balls to lick, and three assholes to tongue fuck. Needless to say, Billy became a mental and emotional wreck. He looked sad all the time. His parents became increasingly worried about him, but the family doctor just said Billy was going through hormonal changes that hit some boys harder than others.

A few weeks later, thanks to the enterprising Butch, Billy was sucking the dicks of ten boys a day at school, ten senior jock dicks. Here is where things got out of hand. Butch decided that he wanted to fuck Billy in the ass. Butch was in no way gay, but the idea of ass fucking the sensitive young boy and turning him into a pussy was appealing to Butch. Besides, he did not get to fuck as much pussy as he would have liked, and Billy had a damned cute ass. He was almost like a girl with the long hair and the sweet ass. Butch could easily pretend Billy was a girl.

But the boy’s rosebud was just too fucking tight, or Butch’s dick too big, or both. Butch made Billy stick his own fingers up his ass to loosen it up—first one, then two, then three fingers, stretching the young pink asshole painfully. Billy hated it the most when the jocks stood around, watching him finger his asshole. Did they have to stand around watching him and laughing at him? While he lay on the bench in the locker room fingering his boy asshole, some of the jocks would stand around and jerk off onto his face. Many days, he would go home with his cute face coated with jock jizz, a mask of fuck sauce, often clotting in his beautiful hair as well. Billy grew ashamed to be in school. More and more kids talked about him behind his back and laughed at him to his face.

For the next part of poor Billy’s destruction, I blame social media. Bullying has always gone on, and it can actually be healthy at times for the boys doing the bullying. However, social media has opened up whole new vistas of humiliation. Butch now demanded that Billy put on cam shows over the internet for him and his buddies. Billy would have to go on Skype and put on masturbation shows. He would have to do live shows—sometimes lying on his bed, sometimes lying on his parent’s bed when they were gone, sometimes sitting with legs spread on the dining room table, sometimes standing naked beating his boy meat in front of the big picture window in the living room with the drapes wide open.

Billy had become a physical wreck. His tremors had gotten worse, and he developed a twitch. Billy would have to announce his shows, saying things like, “I’m now going to beat my meat until I shoot my load into this dish, and then I am going to lick it all up.” Billy never knew if ten kids were watching or two hundred. He did not know if his audience was made up of boys in his school or maybe even boys outside of school. Perhaps, even some of the teachers at the school. Possibly, also perverted unknown men. Butch demanded that Billy give his full real name and address and telephone number at the start of his cam shows, so he started to get really dirty phone calls from strangers.

The cam shows became more and more obscene. Butch ordered Billy to do a show where he showered and took a piss and then shit into the toilet—all live on air. He had to lift and spread his legs to show the shit coming out. He was warned that if he did not do a good job, he would have to repeat it.

Butch still had not been able to fuck Billy, and it was frustrating the hell out of him, so he ordered some sex toys online, and when they arrived, he had Billy do the first of his “pussy opening” shows. He was forced to fuck his tight little ass with larger and larger dildos. And thus, his ass opened slowly to obscene dimensions. He was made to sit and bounce on the dildos—seven inches, eight inches, ten inches, twelve inches. Each time Billy refused, photos of him were sent out. A large envelope of photographs of him fucking his own ass was even sent to his parents, but Billy was able to intercept it in time. The boy was in a constant state of nervous collapse.

And of course, with his ass opening up so nicely, Butch could, at last, fuck him. How totally humiliating and degrading for Billy to be used like a cunt. And when Butch said that Billy’s ass-cunt was tighter and a better fuck than any bitch he had ever screwed, all of his buddies wanted to try it, of course.

So along with now having to suck fifteen to twenty dicks a day, Billy was getting his sweet boy ass fucked by as many as eight to ten dicks each day. He sobbed that his ass was so raw, he could not take anymore, but the jocks just laughed and fucked all the harder. After a good suck and fuck session, Billy could not even walk. He would be driven home from school and dumped onto his lawn to crawl into his house and bed.

Many nights, when he got back home after a brutal gang fuck, he still had to perform one of his Skype shows. Sometimes Butch made the boy squat in front of the camera and shit out the cum that had been deposited up his beautiful ass. Billy had to shit the cum into a dish, and then in front of his video audience, he had to lick the plate clean of the cum slime and ass juice.

You see what can happen when good-natured, healthy bullying gets out of hand? A little harmless fun can lead to monstrous things. Billy begged his parents to let him change schools but then changed his mind when Butch threatened to expose the boy to everyone. Billy’s future would be destroyed if everyone knew what a degenerate boy he was.

Billy’s ass and mouth could not take any more abuse but had to when Butch decided to drive him to another high school in the African American neighborhood to have him suck off some black basketball playing buddies of his. That started Billy having to service over thirty black teens as well as those at his own school. The black boys really got a hoot out of Billy’s Skype shows. It was not unusual on weekends for Billy to suck over fifty dicks and take thirty or so dicks up his ass. He became a total mess. He could not think straight and had a nervous breakdown.

In his latest Skype shows, he was forced to shove a champagne bottle up his boy-cunt, he had to make himself puke and then lick it up, he has to piss into his own mouth and gargle it, he had to dress up in his mom’s bra and panties and do a sexy dance for the viewers. He crawls down the line of twenty naked black teenagers, licking their big sweaty black balls and kissing their dripping dicks before they all fuck him up the ass, and then next, it is white boys with fat jock cocks and meaty athletic asses. Sometimes, Billy is made to eat the asses of fifteen boys, going from one sweaty asshole to the next, up and down the line of sweating boys. Butch has started having his buddies beat Billy with their belts if he does not get his tongue deep enough up asshole, or if his cocksucking lacks enthusiasm. Billy does all of this now with a numb resignation and without complaint.

Several of the teachers at school, who are enjoying Billy’s skills, have arranged it, so he does not have to go to class to pass their classes, so now Billy just pretty much goes into the school building, strips down in the locker room and sucks dick and gets fucked all day long. There are now so many boys demanding his services that almost all day long, Billy is spit-roasted, taking one boy in his mouth while another fucks his ass. Certain times of day, he acts as a urinal and swallows the piss of any boy or teacher who wants him to. Butch is now arranging for the boy to eat shit as well. That will take some serious training, but Billy is a quick learner.

Billy’s parents wanted to pull Billy from school and have him put into a psychiatric hospital, but some of his really good friends like Butch convinced Billy’s parents that he should stay with his friends where he is loved.

When Billy is too worn out or sick to attend school, Butch and five or six of his buddies will come to visit him at home to “cheer him up.” Billy’s parents are so glad he has such good friends. When Billy is home ill, there seems to be a constant stream of boys coming over to visit him, even a whole bunch of tall, lanky black boys. Billy’s Mom and Dad are so proud that Billy is racially diversified in his friends.

After a visit, Billy tries to hold the cum in his ass until he can make it to the bathroom without his parents noticing. He also carefully picks all the armpit, crotch, and asshole hair out of his teeth, so his parents will see the loose hairs. Of course, he does as he has been taught, and he eats the hair.

Billy’s parents have to go on a concert tour soon, and Butch has been kind enough to say that Billy could stay with him at his house. Everyone seems delighted with the offer, everyone except Billy, that is.