Billy and Stevie

(Mmb) (anal) (nc) (inc)
A palimpsest based on Billy and Steffie

Jeff and his buddies sat in a circle on kitchen chairs in the basement rec room of one of the boys. It wasn’t a very fancy rec room, more of a wreck, as it had never been done up properly. Still, it served for parties of which this was a very special one. Jeff was seventeen, and his pals Joe, Kyle, Steve, Marty, and Rich were all either seventeen or eighteen. They were seniors at Central High and popular jocks. They were also nasty sons of bitches, bullies, roughnecks, and girl fuckers of some fame.

Jeff was proud to tell his pals that he had fucked five girls pregnant in the last two years. Of course, like all boys their age, they always competed to see who among them could score the freshest innocent cunt. They were always making thirteen and fourteen-year-old girls fall in love with them so that they could slam their huge hunks of jock fuckmeat between those soft sweet virginal pussy lips and ram balls deep into some tender little twat. Then they would drop the girl. If she became pregnant, they would spread the rumor that she was a cock hungry slut and who knows how many boys had fucked her. So far, it had worked like a charm.

But their foolish teen playfulness didn’t stop with fucking young girls. Oh, no. They also went out at least once a week fag bashing. They loved to gang up on some young fag, strip him bare-assed naked, make him suck their sweaty jock dicks, shove a bottle or whatever was handy up the faggot’s asshole, and then beat the shit out of him.

When they discovered that one of the boys in their school was gay, they made life hell for the boy every single day. They made him suck dick, chew on their wet, stinking jock straps, shoved bars of soap, toilet plungers, and other things up his poor abused ass, and even pissed on his face. They drove him out of the school and were fucking proud of it. They were considered heroes by many in the school community.
At this moment, they were in the rec room playing a new game. The six boys sat on kitchen chairs in a semi-circle and in the center of the room stood thirteen-year-old Billy Ferguson. Billy Ferguson was bare-ass naked. His body was smooth and hairless, except for a thicket of blossoming hair right over his growing prick. He was a cute kid, shy and wanting friends, which was perfect for the gang’s fun.
“Now, Billy, do you want to be part of our group or not? We usually don’t allow anybody under sixteen to be in our group, but we think you are a cool kid and want to let you hang with us. Keep that dick hard!”
Naked Billy chewed his cute lower lip and reached down to pump his prick. He had been forced to stand naked while masturbating in front of these boys for almost an hour now. He wanted so to be accepted and to have friends—cool, adult-type friends.
“You know if you want to be in our group, you got to prove to us that you are grown up. We don’t want any pussies in our group. You know we’re rough, tough jocks, and we fuck all the time. So, you got to prove to us that you got the balls to hang with us.”
Jeff had been drinking, and he wasn’t sure what he even said made a whole lot of sense. But shit, his buddies had been drinking too, so it didn’t make much difference. Jeff watched the thirteen-year-old boy jerking on his dick and felt his fat hunk of fuckmeat give a lurch. This was going to be fun. The thirteen-year-old had quite a fucker on him, must be five inches already.
Jeff had nine inches and was one of the largest boys in the school, except for the nigger boys. Jeff’s dick was thick as a Coke can too, and the boys and girls screamed in pain when he fucked his prick into their tiny cunts or assholes. Like most boys his age, Jeff and his buddies thought about nothing except getting their next piece of fuck meat.
“Are you ready for your initiation test, Billy?” asked Marty, a beefy jock, rubbing the lump in his jeans.
“Ah…yes, yes, sir, I am,” Billy wanted—needed—to pass the test.
“Then to get into our gang, you got to fuck. You got to prove to us you are a man by letting us watch you fuck!”
Billy almost laughed out loud. This is what he had wanted for over a year, to fuck a girl. He practiced at home, even sticking his dick into melons and fucking them while pretending they were pussies. He could do it. He would do it. He would show them. Who would it be, some really cute high school chick?
“I am ready to fuck cunt, sir!”
“Okay then.”
Steve loped across the room, his thick erection pushing out the front of his trousers and opened a closet door. A small boy with dark hair emerged. He could not have been more than five years old.
Billy stood there naked, his mouth agape, as he stared at his five-year-old brother. He looked scared. Worse, he was naked, a naked five-year-old little boy. His chest was flat with small, pale nipples. His tiny prick was hairless, and the two little, marble-sized balls hardly puffed out at all. The young boy trembled.
“Billy, can I go home now?” he asked. “Can I have my clothes back?”
“Okay, Billy my man, here’s your date. Now show us what a man you are.”
Billy turned to the guys. “You want me to fuck my little brother?”
“It’s a test. To see if you got the guts to be in our group.”
“But…but, guys. He’s only five years old.”
“He’s got a cunt, hasn’t he? And once he tastes dick, he’ll be as cock crazy as any cunt. Once a faggot tastes it, no matter what age, it’s all they want after that all the time. You can’t start them out too young to know what their job in life is all about.” Steve smiled as he said this and squeezed the massive lump in his pants.
“Billy, I want to go home,” Stevie said.
“So…okay, my man, go over to the little cumdump and show him who the boss is. Tongue kiss him, swap some spit, pinch his little titties, suck on that little pricklet and the give him a good ass sucking. And make sure we can see it all.”
Jeff hit the remote so the video camera would catch all the action. Billy took a step toward his baby brother, his dick bobbing in front of him. Stevie’s eyes seemed glued to it.
“Eh…guys, I don’t know. Can’t I fuck someone else…ah…um…a girl?”
Kyle, who became dangerous when drunk, barked out, “Do you see any other cunt in the room, Dickwad? Now get to it, and don’t make us sorry we trusted you in the first place.”
Billy knew he couldn’t let these guys down. “It’ll be all right, Stevie. I’ll be real gentle with you,” he said to his little brother as he put one hand on the little boy’s naked, pale shoulder. He leaned down and started to kiss him.
“That tickles,” he said turning his pretty little head away.
Billy’s dick, for some reason, was harder than ever and starting to leak. It always embarrassed him when his dick leaked, even when he was alone. He didn’t know why. He didn’t know if a kid was supposed to leak. He felt a jolt run through his body as his hard prick thumped against little Stevie’s chest. He was quite a bit taller than his little brother, who was tiny for his age. He kissed his five-year-old brother on the mouth, and his prick lurched. He was enjoying it. Why was getting sexually turned on. It was his little brother.
“Way to go, my man. Now, tongue the bitch.”
That was Jeff, who slid his zipper down and put one hand in his jeans to relieve the pain in his stiff dick. Jeff knew already how the party would end. Once Stevie’s tiny asshole had been turned into a cunt by his brother, after Billy fucked his little brother, they would all fuck the brothers. All six grown-up teenagers would fuck the little faggots. They didn’t talk about this, but they knew with enough booze, and with their fat thick throbbing pricks, they would just have to.
Each of the randy teens would shove his thick seventeen or eighteen-year-old dick into the boys’ assholes balls deep, slamming into them, plowing the young boy cunts as hard as they could until the boys’ assholes had ruptured and become cunts. They would make the poor little boy lick their balls and assholes. Then they would take turns teaching him how to suck dick properly.
They had had these kinds of parties before. A few weeks earlier, they had fucked a seven-year-old boy. The trick was finding a boy who was lonely and quiet like Billy and Stevie, a boy who could be convinced that he was a faggot and such a shameful cock whore that he would never tell anyone what had happened to him.
Shit, Jeff, as Billy’s older mentor and buddy, could even visit their home when the parents were home and demand a cock suck from Billy and Stevie with daddy and mommy right downstairs. What fun that would be. And the boys would do it. Otherwise, they would be in big trouble sinc Jeff had the video to help them control them.
“Now reach down and finger his asshole while you kiss him,” Steve directed, and Billy followed orders, even though Stevie was whimpering. Steve was a real bastard when it came to fucking young boys. He even stuck his big dick into the mouth of his older brother’s six months old baby boy when he babysat. He would take away the baby’s pacifier and sit there with the little brat sucking on his dickhead while he watched TV.
“Good work, Bill, my man. Now rub your cockhead up and down his ass crack and twist his tit buds while you do it.”
Billy had to stoop a little, and he left pecker tracks of pre-fuck up and down his little brother’s five-year-old ass crack. Stevie looked quite scared now, almost in a state of shock.
“It’s okay, it’s okay, Stevie,” Billy, grunted, his voice thick with lust. He was going to fuck. He was going to get his first fuck. He no longer cared who he fucked, as long as he actually fucked!
“Jesus fucking Christ, what a horndog you are, Billy. What a stud you’re going to be. Way to fucking go, man!” Jeff yelled.
Jeff opened his jeans and dropped them and his boxers to reveal his nine-inch leaking prick. It bobbed and dripped as his balls swung underneath. Anyone fucked by this prick never forgot it. And tonight, little Stevie, only five years old, was to have the pleasure of being ass and mouth fucked by Jeff’s Bitch Buster.
Hold on, you say! Didn’t these boys have any idea of the damage they might cause? Didn’t they realize they might kill the little fuckhole? Boys in a state of lust like this, never or seldom consider the consequences. It’s sad but true. After tonight, Billy would be one of them. Well, not exactly. They had no intention of allowing some thirteen-year-old wimp to hang with them.
They would make him give them all blowjobs and be ass fucked from time to time. Yes, they would turn him into a fuckhole as well. And they would have him put on shows where he would fuck his brother and do other nasty things to him like piss in his face, or force his hand up his boy-cunt, once seventeen and eighteen-year-old dick had adequately stretched it. They would use the video to control him and make him their slave. He would wash their cars, clean their rooms, run errands, and help to procure other young cumdumps for their fun.
“Go, Bill. Go, Bill,” The horny teens chanted. “Throw him onto the couch and fuck his brains out. We wanna hear your balls slapping his ass.”
Billy pushed his brother back onto the couch. Stevie was crying pretty hard now, but that didn’t matter anymore. Nothing mattered except getting his rocks off. He lifted the tiny, slender legs and spread them. He put his leaking prick knob up to the tight, virgin rosebud and forced the cockhead into the clenching hole. Jeff stood there, pants around his ankles, jerking on his monster fuck hose. He was one fucking happy teen boy. This was life at its best. What a fucking great summer!
“It won’t go in any farther!” Billy hollered in some confusion.
“Push, ram it, slam it in! Make the fucking fag take it!”
Jeff, who could hold back no longer, kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his jeans and boxers and ran over to Billy and Stevie on the couch. He leaned down and rubbed his sweaty fuck slick smelly dick all over the face of the little boy getting fucked by his big brother’s dick.
“FUCKING FAGGOT! FUCKING COCK WHORE!” He shouted at the five-year-old boy, covering his face with cock slime. He grabbed Billy by the waist and pulled him, forcing the boy’s dick deeper into his little brother, who grunted and sounded like he might burst.
“Don’t be such a fucking pussy, fuck him harder!”
Jeff stuck the head of his huge dick right up to one of Stevie’s nostrils and squirted some pre-fuck up the boy’s nasal passage. Then he roughly grabbed his sweet little nose and yanked so his mouth opened and he shoved his dick head in. He was going to make God damned sure he got cock in his mouth every fucking day from now on.
“Cocksucking five-year-old fag!”
The other guys in the gang had stripped bare-assed now too and were flogging their leaking pricks. There wasn’t a guy with under seven inches in the group. Every single one of them was getting ready to fuck five-year-old Stevie and thirteen-year-old Billy.
This is how many ordinary healthy teenage boys in America spend their weekends.