Bill and Danny

(Mb) (anal, oral, rim, ws) (viol) (nc)

Bill raised his big black leather shit kicker, put it on the back of the tiny naked boy, and gave a shove. The boy flew into the room and fell on his face, sliding across the floor from the force of the kick. The first wave of pain from hitting the cold cement floor with his young body was not nearly as awful as the feel of the floor rubbing the skin raw on his belly and chest as he slid. A tiny squeak came from his pretty little mouth, and his eyes rolled in fear. He lay there on the cold hard floor, on his stomach. His small pale back was so delicate, and his beautiful baby ass globes rose like two tiny melons. He was only seven years old, but sadly, he was already used to this kind of abusive treatment.

“You fucking piece of shit,” the man behind him said. “I’ll teach you to give a lazy suck job to one of my friends.”

Bill was pissed in both definitions of the word. He was drunk, and he was angry. Both were understandable. He was drunk because—well, because it was eight o’clock in the evening, and he was always drunk by eight o’clock, usually much earlier. He was angry because the fucking seven-year-old had dared to embarrass Bill in front of some of his best buddies. How could Bill hold his head up among his friends if the fucking little asswipe could not even give a decent blowjob?

Holy fuck, but Bill was angry. He raised one booted foot and stomped down hard on the little boy’s ass mounds. The kid made a sound kind of like a machine breaking down. His tiny pale body quivered and trembled. Bill kicked the boy to roll him over onto his back. At seven years of age, this kind of treatment can be very confusing. It was often that everything moved too fast for poor little Danny.


Bill was twenty-six years old and in prime condition. He had a fucking gorgeous body—all muscle. He was neither straight nor gay. He was abusive. He was into any kind of sex that really, really hurt his partners. Boy or girl, man or woman, as long as it tormented them, his huge prick got pleasure. And it was a fucking beautiful prick too. It was as if God in his wisdom, knowing that Bill would only enjoy horribly rough, kinky sex, gave Bill a hunk of fuckmeat with which he could really churn up the guts of the boys and girls he fucked, a fucker that could choke and strangle when it forced itself down a tiny throat—a “Dick of Death.”


All of Bill’s buddies thought he was the meanest, coolest guy around, and he was. His buddies idolized him. So it was really embarrassing when he wanted to impress them that this fucking seven-year-old ungrateful piece of shit whom Bill had been training for weeks, gave a half-hearted lackadaisical cocksuck to one of them.


“How the fuck many times must I tell you, after you lick the dick and balls and suck up the leaking pre-cum, you take the head of the prick into your mouth and then, you not only suck on the cockhead, but you also use your fucking tongue to lick the underside of the dickhead at the same time.”


The boy raised his beautiful head. Bill had picked the kid because the boy was so fucking sexy. Danny opened his tiny mouth to speak, but no sound came out. His mouth just trembled like that of a hungry baby bird, or a puppy trying to suckle some teat. What he wanted to say to Bill was that he was sorry he forgot to lick the underside of the dick, but he was so tired his mind was not clear. After all, he had already sucked twelve cocks. His poor little jaw ached and felt numb. His tongue was swollen and sore. The mouth of a seven-year-old can only take so much cock in one night. And these guys were really hung too. Besides, he had had to lick ass and shove his tiny tongue up assholes, and that tires out the muscles. But no sound came out.


“If you can’t learn how to suck a dick properly, I swear to God, I will cut your tongue out of your mouth. Would you like that? To have your tongue cut out?”


While he spoke, Bill slid his thick black leather belt from the loops of his jeans. Danny knew what was coming. He was beaten almost every day. This pretty pale little boy skin was often swollen with welts and discolored from the whippings.


“Spread your fucking legs!”


Danny knew he dared not protest. It did no good and only made things worse. He had learned that in the first few days. He spread his tiny legs, his little baby toes curling in anticipation of what was to come.


Bill pulled back one muscular arm and brought the heavy belt down with all his strength right between the legs of the seven-year-old boy. The leather snapped and slapped the boys baby prick and balls with a sound that filled the room. The kid’s baby-like squeak of pain was lost amid the echoes of the leather slapping the boy’s flesh. Bill grunted and smiled just a bit. He was having fun now. He would have found some excuse to beat the boy anyway. Bill was so handsome that every place he went cunts threw themselves at him and faggots drooled while looking at him. They knew instantly that Bill was the kind of guy who lived for sex. It was true. He had very few other interests in life. Hurting people, watching them twist in agony, as the tiny naked boy in front of him did now, that was what Bill lived for. His huge dick throbbed in his jeans. It grew so large that it felt painfully confined.






This time the belt landed on the boy’s bare belly and raised a thick pink welt. He kicked the boy who rolled over and then Bill started to whip the pretty little ass mounds.


“I swear to fucking God that if you don’t learn to be a good cocksucker soon, I will fucking kill you!”


Sometimes, Danny wished he would be killed by the brute. That would put an end to his agony. It would put an end to the huge ugly throbbing dicks that forced their way up into his baby asshole every day and each night. Oh, god, how that hurt. Bill was the worst. When he fucked the boy, he made sure he went balls deep. That meant that his gigantic fucker was lodged in Danny’s intestines. Bill also did not just fuck. Oh no, he loved to grind his hips, so the fat, long dick reached every corner of the boy’s guts. Bill would fuck for ten or twelve minutes, bringing himself close to orgasm, then he would stop and rest, his fuckmeat embedded in the boy’s baby ass. He rested so that he could prolong the fuck and the boy’s agony. Sometimes, he fucked that way for over an hour. After all, he had nothing better to do than hurt some poor innocent little kid. While he rested, he would pull and twist the boy’s baby nipples causing them to puff up and stand out from his small thin chest.




The leather licked the boy’s ass globes yet again. Danny could not even crawl away or curl up. That was forbidden. Then it would only get worse. He was forbidden to do anything without permission. He was forbidden to eat or drink or piss or shit without permission. He was forbidden to speak without permission. One day he has to piss so badly that he blurted out his need to Bill, who promptly punished the boy by shoving thumbtacks into his tiny tongue. Then he stuck tacks into the boy’s baby penis as well. This taught Danny that no matter how badly he needed to piss, he was not allowed to speak without permission.


Bill was not satisfied. How the fuck many times had he taught the piece of shit how to suck dick. And he still did it wrong. He reversed the belt, and holding it by the tail he brought the heavy metal buckle down on the baby ass!




The kid’s baby ass mounds quivered, and a black mark remained when the belt buckle left the skin. “Better,” thought Bill. This should teach him. He hauled back one booted foot and kicked the boy right in the taint between asshole and balls. The boy slid forward. Bill’s dick was hurting painfully from all the excitement. And there were still six guys in the other room, biker pals of Bill’s who were from out of town and waiting for blowjobs from the churlish brat.


Bill pulled off his own shirt, showing ripped muscles and a chest with nice full nipples. He undid and tugged down his pants, at the same time pulling off his shit kickers and socks. He stood in front of the little boy buck ass naked. It was an impressive sight. His thick dick was leaking like a bad faucet.


“What the fuck am I going to do with you, you useless piece of shit. You’re not even worth the money I spend on food for you.”


That was not exactly the truth, as Bill often charged his buddies big bucks for the use of Danny’s tiny ass and mouth, and he only fed the boy can dog food! Sometimes since variety is the spice of life, he mixed his own shit or piss in with the canned food.


“Get up here, you fucking cunt, and lick my balls.”


The tiny boy scrambled on hands and knees toward his master. Perhaps the pain was over for the moment—if he did a good job. He stuck out his pretty little tongue and started to lick the enormous heavy scrotum. Bill had what are called low hangers, and his nuts swung as the little boy tongue lifted and licked at them. The taste was strong with sweat and salty body flavor. The fat dick bobbed and swung over Danny’s tiny face. Fuck leak dripped onto the boy’s forehead and nose.


“Yeah, lick those fucking nuts, shit hole!”


Danny licked as if his life depended on it. Well, it did, didn’t it?


“Now get the dick stalk and don’t forget to smack your lips when you slurp up all the fuck drip!”


One of the things Danny had learned was to lick and smack his lips to show how good a prick tasted. The pain of Danny’s tired tongue, lips, and jaw was forgotten in his attempt to please Bill. That is as it should be. Danny had to learn to ignore his own pain. He existed only to please others. Still, Bill delighted so in Danny’s agony that he hoped it was a long time learning lesson for the seven-year-old cunt boy. Not a day went by that Bill did not try to find some new way to bring physical and mental torment to the baby boy. He stuck long thick pins through the kid’s tongue, nose, earlobes, prick and balls. He burned the boy on the soles of his feet and then made him dance. Bill loved watching big fat tears course their way down those smooth pale cheeks. He loved watching the pretty little face twist in unbearable pain.


Bill pulled back and slapped the boy’s face hard with his erect dick.






The little head snapped back and forth with the force of the dick slaps. Bill scooped down and with one arm lifted the tiny naked boy like a sack of potatoes. He carried him back into the other room. Bill did not mind being totally naked in front of the other guys. Shit, he loved it. He knew half of them lusted after his hot bod. He threw the naked baby boy down in the center of the group.


“Who the fuck wants to fuck his baby ass? The only rule is you got to hurt him badly! I want to hear him squealing like a pig! One of the black guys with a twelve-inch prick stepped forward.


“I’ll fuck the shit out of him, Bill! I’ll hurt him real good.”


“Good, and after we have all blown our nuts down his throat or up his ass, we will take him into the bathroom, dump him into the tub, and we’ll all piss and shit on him!”


The guys in the room cheered and jerked on their big leaking dicks. Bill stood there, his fat fucker bobbing and jumping with lust, a long string of pre-fuck hanging off of it. He was thrilled he had the fucking kid. It made him so damned popular with the guys! He knew that after Danny was used up and fucked out, and they trashed him, he was going to go out and find a new boy, maybe a year or two younger this time.


The sound of little Danny taking the nigger dick up his ass filled the room. First, the boy’s whimpering as the big black dickhead pushed against the baby rosebud, then the sound of the cock actually forcing its way into the seven-year-old asshole, then the sound of the boy gasping for breath as pain wracked his body as more and more dick entered him, and then finally, the sound of the black dude’s big balls slapping the boy’s cunt when all twelve inches were in. Shit, the cock was so big and the boy so small, the fucker was almost up to his heart. Danny’s insides must have been all stretched to hell. And then the fucking started, and the boy’s howls rang off the walls and mixed with the laughter of the guys watching the brutal fuck.


“Come on, you can fuck him harder than that!” Bill shouted, jerking on his massive dick.


“If I do, I’ll kill the little bitch!” the muscular black dude said, slamming into the boy’s rectum.


“Don’t worry about that. I won’t hold it against you.”


Bill squatted down and lifted Danny’s head by the hair. The boy’s face was a twisted mask of pain. He slapped the kid and then forced his leaking dick into the boy’s mouth.


“Suck, you useless piece of shit and let’s see if this time, you remember to suck it correctly.”


Someplace through the purple haze of pain and the feeling that his ass and guts were being torn to pieces, Danny heard a message from his own seven-year-old brain. It said, “Don’t forget to lick the bottom of the dickhead while you suck!”