Big Brother is Best

mB, anal, oral, inc

Thomas had just logged off his computer when Dean entered the room. He sent him an instant message about thirty seconds beforehand, telling him that their mother and father had gone to bed and that the house was locked up. They knew it was safe now, mom and dad's room was down the corridor and to the left, and two rooms sat between Thomas' and theirs. Dean was dressed just in tracksuit bottoms, and Thomas removed his own shirt then dropped his trousers and his underwear and watched Dean do the same.

Once they were naked, they moved straight to the large double bed that Thomas slept on and lay down upon it. Thomas moved above Dean who lay below him and kissed his brother passionately on the lips, he pushed his hips up against his brother's as he did this and felt his cock press up against Deans. Dean reached around his brother and pulled him closer to him, feeling his pelvis press against the other. His hands stroked his back, and he ran his fingers up and down the spine. Dean had been looking forward to this all day; there was nothing he liked better on a school night than being fucked by his big brother.

The brothers were four years apart, Thomas being seventeen years old and Dean only being thirteen but had first made out when Dean was eight and then moved on to experiment more when he had turned ten years old. The young brother was willing to completely submit to his brother and wouldn't have it any other way; it was all they knew, and he was glad. Dean broke away from the kiss.


"Am I going to get fucked by my big brother tonight?" Dean asked, looking up at Thomas with a hopeful twinkle in his eye.


He brought his right hand in and ran it over his brother's hard chest, before letting his hand slide down over his taut stomach, over the prickly short pubic hair and finally around the hard cock that was waiting for him. His fingers wrapped around his brother's erection and slowly stroked it; Dean had a grin on his face as he looked up at his brother. "Is this all for me?"


Thomas looked down at his younger brother and couldn't believe how lucky he was. When he had been twelve, he had taken a liking to his younger brother and decided to kiss him and hadn't looked back since. Of course, as his brother was relatively young he had grown up finding it a familiar thing and learning to love it. Thomas had also taught his brother about the importance of not telling their parents as it would get them both in trouble; when Dean had been younger he had told him that their parents would be taken away, but now Dean understood the dangers but wouldn't dream of putting the relationship in jeopardy.


Dean was loved by his brother, and Thomas was not keen on letting him go. Even though he was able to get men his age that loved to be fucked he enjoyed his brother's company too much. As a result, the younger boy would be moving into a flat with him in a few months when he enrolled at the local university in his town. They had already found the property, it had two bedrooms, but Thomas would have Dean with him every night. They were both looking forward to it. Thomas smiled back at Dean and enjoyed the feeling of him stroking his cock.


"You certainly will be, I can promise you that. But, I think you can put those pretty lips of yours around my cock first."


As he spoke, he moved to the side of Dean and lay down on the bed next to him. Dean nodded eagerly at the suggestion and moved in closer to his brother, kissing him on the lips before moving down the bed.


Thomas lay flat on his back and relaxed as Dean pointed his cock straight up in the air. Not wanting to waste any time he slipped his lips over the head of his brother's cock and over the rest of his length. Dean had become somewhat of a professional at sucking cock thanks to the early start of practice and the subsequent training over the previous five years. He loved the penis that had become so familiar to him, and he could smell the musk from his brother's crotch which turned him on as he once again went down on the length until his nostrils pressed up against Thomas' pubes. The older brother was enjoying himself thoroughly but placed his hand on the back of Dean's head and pushed him down quicker onto his cock; his fingers gripped some of his brother's hair, and he pulled him back up as soon as his cock was fully in.


"Come on suck it quicker, get me wet enough to slip inside of you."


Dean heard his brother say and he got the point. He liked his brother when he got a little forceful; on one occasion earlier in the holiday their parents had been away for five days and for four of them the two brothers had played out a kidnap/rape fantasy which both had enjoyed. Dean flicked his tongue up against his brothers' piss hole and hummed gently causing a light vibration to ripple against Thomas' shaft; he licked around the head – causing Thomas to moan loudly – and up and down the shaft, spreading saliva along the length.


Thomas stopped his brother from moving by holding his hair tightly so he couldn't move his head and slowly pulled up until his cock was out of Dean's mouth and slapped against his own skin. He moved forward and kissed his brother deeply on the lips, tasting the flavor of his cock; then he let go of Dean's hair and instead slapped his ass and pulled it towards him.


Dean closed his eyes and leaned forward, pushing his bum back towards his brothers' face. A few seconds later he was greeted with his ass cheeks being stretched apart and wet tongue being pushed against his hole. It licked around his asshole, encircling it before again pushing against his sphincter; Dean breathed out and pushed back against the invading muscle as it entered him.


"Oh, Thomas. That feels good."


He blushed as he talked and could feel his erection swell even more. He lowered his torso and rested it on his left arm as he used his right hand to slowly jerk himself off. Thomas removed his mouth and instead pushed in his right index finger. It slipped in easily with the spit acting as a lubricant and Thomas was able to get another finger inside. Dean moaned loudly at his brothers' actions, he could feel both of the fingers stretching his ass, and it was making him quiver. He moaned softly and buried his head in the pillow in case he woke their parents. His cock was very warm and very hard, and Dean could feel it begin to swell in his hand.


"Tom, I'm going to cum," he muttered.


A few seconds later and a few globs of his semen spat out the end of his cock on onto Thomas' duvet cover. Thomas removed his fingers from Dean as his younger brother lay silent and enjoyed the post-orgasm glow.


Thomas' cock was still hard, and he was looking forward to what was coming next. So was Dean, after he had recovered he got onto all fours before moving towards his cum and licking it up.


Dean moved into the center of the bed and looked over his shoulder at his brother as he pushed his ass up towards Thomas. Thomas moved up on his knees and shuffled up to Dean, placing his hands on his waist and opening his cheeks before pressing his hard cock up against his brothers' asshole and pushing his cock inside.


Dean grunted softly as he felt his ass fill up with the cock. It wasn't too difficult for Thomas to fill Dean's ass after five years of fucking it, but he was young and exercised regularly which ensured he stayed tight. His cock was still tingling from his orgasm, but as he was stretched, he became more aroused and soon he had another erection.


Soon Thomas was in to the hilt, and his hips had hit Dean's cheeks, and he withdrew again. The saliva was a good lubricant, and he was soon able to build up a flow with his thrusts. He moaned every time he thrust inside; the warmth that surrounded his cock burned at his skin causing a quick spark of pleasure.


"Fuck me, you've got a great ass," Thomas said in between breaths as he continued to fuck his brother.


"I'm glad you like it, Thomas," came the reply from a gasping Dean.


His brothers' cock was filling up his ass, and it felt amazing, his asshole was stretched beyond what Thomas' fingers had done, and Dean loved it.


"It's all for you big brother, I love your cock inside of me, I love how I can still taste it on my lips."


Thomas moaned, his brother had a lovely mouth, but it could say some surprising things. He decided he wanted to change position and slowed his thrust before pulling out. There was an audible sigh from Dean, and he looked back as if hoping his brother would put it back in, but instead he watched him take it out. Dean grabbed a pillow and put it in front of him


"Get on your back, lay your bum on this," he said, pointing at the cushion, "legs either side of me," he continued.


Dean did so excitedly, eager to have Thomas' cock back inside of him. When he was in position, and his bum was raised by the cushion Thomas moved in and moved Dean's feet so that they rested on his shoulders. He thrust quickly into his brothers' asshole once again but this time watched a smile of satisfaction appear on his face as his cock slid all the way in. He moved his hands both side of Dean's shoulders and then raised himself up on his feet.


As Thomas was now raised not only did it make it easier to thrust, as well as Dean enjoying it far more, but there was also enough room for Dean to wrap his hand around his cock and masturbated while he was fucked.


"Look, big brother, this is what you do to me," he said, and in response.


Thomas thrust rapidly three times into his younger brother. Dean moaned loudly, and his hand moved rapidly up and down his cock.


"You fucking love your brother fucking you in your arse don't you?" Thomas barely whispered; partly because his energy was being used on thrusting and also as he didn't want to be heard by people in other rooms. Dean nodded.


"Yes, yes I do," Dean replied, he was looking his brother in the eye as Thomas fucked him and Dean masturbated.


"You're a slut. You always want me to fuck you. You want me to fuck you where people can see us, don't you? You want people to know," Dean said, his thrusts were becoming quicker and harder. "Your ass will always be mine."


Dean moaned loudly, but cut it off quickly, "I only want you inside of me, brother. I want you to cum in my ass. Please, cum in my ass!"


Thomas was enjoying this talk from Dean; it wasn't something they always did, but it was fun to be a little fierce.


"You little cum-slut. You can't fucking wait."


Thomas began to thrust quicker and harder against Dean, and the bed vibrated a little.


 "I'm going to fill your ass, and you are going to take it."


It was too much for Dean, and he began to cum. A strand hit Thomas on the cheek while some dribbled down Dean's fingers and some landed on his stomach. He licked his fingers clean and also ate what he could of the stuff on his stomach and drying in his pubes. After that was done, he leaned up and licked the stuff from Thomas' cheek. He wrapped his hands around Thomas and pulled him into him as he continued to thrust.


"Fuck me brother, come on, fill my tight little ass hole," Dean gasped to his brother. "Your cock feels amazing."


Dean looked back to his brothers' eyes but saw they were closed.


Thomas was nearing his orgasm and thrust inside of his brother one last time before cumming. Dean felt the cum spit into his ass and held his brother close to him, relishing the feeling of being so full. The older brother pulled his cock out after about a minute, at which point it was soft. He leaned down and kissed his brother before moving to his side. He grabbed his phone and quickly set the alarm for 4 am so that Dean could sneak out, before wrapping his arm around his brother and moving in to hug him closely from behind.