Ben's Teenage Humiliation

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When I was young, younger, I had an insatiable need to be accepted. Perhaps because I always thought of myself as an intellectual, nerdy type and I wanted so to be a popular jock, so it was only natural when Candice Johnson started to pay attention to me, I fell head over heels in love with her.

I was sixteen, had never really had a date and here the most popular and beautiful girl in all the school suddenly started to flirt with me. Her brother Chip was the star athlete of the school and number one hunk. Shit, he was my age and had already fucked twenty or thirty girls. Besides that, they came from one of the richest, most influential families in town and I came from little better than a dung heap. I was impoverished. My classmates never invited me to any of the parties with the rest of the kids. I had no friends to speak of as everyone just pretty much ignored me, until that fateful day when Candice started sticking her teenage tits in my face.

To make a long story short, I began to date her. I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly the sun was shining, and all was right with the world. I thanked God every night and felt that all the years of being alone and feeling out of place were worth it because I had Candy Johnson and I loved her with all my heart and soul. I started to talk foolish talk to her about getting married and living together. She said it didn't matter that I had no money that her daddy could get me a scholarship to a good school and with my grades and a great brain that I would someday be rich.

I was in Heaven. We made out like crazy - kissing and stuff. She let me feel her up, but we didn't go much further. She said she was a virgin, and I was too much of a coward to push it much. And then she asked me for that favor. She told me she wanted me to prove my love for her. She said she had never seen a boy jerk off and would I do it for her.


For a few weeks, I refused. I was terribly shy. I told her someday we would make love and get to see and touch each other's bodies, but she kept insisting that she had never seen a boy naked and would I please, please, if I really loved her, masturbate for her. At last, I agreed after she let me feel her pussy. I loved her so much I would have done anything she asked. I didn't even have a car, so we used hers, and I wanted to do it there, but she insisted that I come to her home one night when her parents were out. So I did.


First, she gave me some beer, which I almost never drank before we made out and then she told me it was time for the jerk off show. She took me upstairs to the spare bedroom. She set a chair in the middle of the room and told me to undress.


"You want me to undress, naked in front of you?" I almost fainted at the prospect. "I can't do that."


"I'll bet you’re naked when you do it at home," she teased. "I want to see a boy’s body. I've never actually seen one. I love you so much, Ben."


Do you know how stupid I felt stripping in front of a fifteen-year-old girl? A girl I was in love with, the most popular girl in town, stripping naked in front of her. Twice I told her I couldn't go on. She had me drink more beer and kept telling me how much she loved me. Finally, I stood in just my green underwear. Then she told me to take that off, and I slipped out of them and, for the first time in my life, a girl saw my dick.


"Why Ben, it's beautiful, just beautiful," she said leaning in to look at my cock. "And your balls are nice and big."


She jumped up on her bed.


"Now sit in that chair and spread your legs real wide and masturbate for me. I can't wait to see how big it gets."


Oh, God, I felt so stupid with my bare feet on the fuzzy bedroom carpet, my underpants on the chair, my naked body on display for her teenage eyes. I sat in the chair and cupped my dick and balls.


"No, no, Ben, spread your legs as wide apart as you can. Now start to play with your cock, just with your fingers so I can see everything. Make it real big for me, please."


She knelt on the bed and blew kisses at me. I was nuts for her, and my dick got hard, and I pumped it and pumped it.


"Oh, Ben, it’s so big. That’s wonderful, take your hand away for a minute so I can see it bounce. Scoot down on the seat a little and let your balls hang over the edge. Oh, Ben, you have wonderful nuts. Pull on your nipples a little. Do you like to do that? Jerk it now, Ben. Jerk it real hard. Show me how you're going to fuck me when we're married."


I know I was an idiot, but I was sixteen and in love and knew almost nothing about real sex. I sat there masturbating for her with my feet spread wide apart and my toes curled while I groaned and gulped down my breath as my chest and stomach fluttered and heaved and my hips bucked, my hand pumped up and down on my seven-inch dick — that’s when her brother came out of the closet with the video camera.


It took a minute for me to come down from my sex high, but when I did, I saw the two of them rolling around on Candy's bed laughing to bust a gut and pointing at me.


"I told you, you could get him to do it," Chip roared. "I told you..."


"You fucker, you fucker," Candy laughed playfully slapping her hunk of a brother. then suddenly she turned to me. "Don’t you think you better get dressed and go home. I mean my parents might be back any minute."


She made a dismissive gesture to me.


"Candy, I don't understand. Why are you doing this? Why are you treating me this way? You know how I love you."


She walked into the bathroom. Chip laughed and threw me my underpants.


"Yeah, yeah and she loves you too. Now get the fuck out."


I walked home, really confused, feeling terribly lonely and wanting to die. I cried most of the night and all the next day which was Sunday. I tried to call Candy, but she wouldn't answer her phone. On Monday in school, she was really cold to me saying she was busy with school stuff and she’d talk to me later in the week.


On Wednesday, Chip approached me and stated that there was going to be a party on Saturday and that he would like me to come. I thought this was an attempt on their part to make up with me. I didn’t know what I had done wrong. He said I should just show up on Saturday and Candy would explain everything to me then. He told me not to feel bad and that everything would be cool. That gave me hope for the rest of the week, especially when Candy blew kisses at me and told me she would see me on Saturday.


On Saturday, Candy's parents were out of town, which was quite usual for them and I guess I got the time wrong because nobody else was there when I arrived. Chip told me to come up to Candy's room with him. She was there, and she ran over and kissed me on the cheek. I felt so good. The Chip sat me on the bed and explained the situation.


"We really want you here at the party tonight Ben, but not as a guest exactly. More as the entertainment. You see, we want you to do your jerk off the show for all the kids."


Tears filled my eyes.


"What the fuck are you talking about? Fuck you. I'm outta here."


I got up and went to the door. Sick to death of both of them.


"I wouldn’t do that, Ben. Not unless you want your jerk off video on the internet and the address sent to your parents and minister and teachers."


I turned at the door.


"You're kidding. You wouldn’t do that. You may be a son of a bitch, but even you wouldn't do a thing like that."


"Look into these eyes Ben. Would I or wouldn't I? You know I would."


I went to Candy.


"Candy, you were so good to me. Nobody ever treated me like you did. I love you so much. Don't let him do this."


"Ben, Ben, Ben, why do you think I went out with you in the first place. It was a dare, a bet. Do you really think I would like a twerp like you?"


She giggled, and I wanted to slug her.


'You can't do this to me. You just can't."


Chip laughed.


“I'll bet a video of you spanking the monkey on the internet would ruin any chances of a college scholarship. Don’t you think?"


I started to cry. At sixteen, I started to cry. Candy called me a big baby. I fell onto the fuzzy carpet and sobbed. I begged them just to let me go home.


"All you gotta do buddy is jerk off for the gang of kids. That’s all. Just treat it as a joke. They'll get a few laughs and think you're a good sport then I'll give you the video and it will all be history."


"You want me to jerk off in front of your friends..."


"Just like you did in the video. Naked with your legs spread nice and wide so we can all see, except we want you to cum too of course. That's all. Some of the kids might respect you more, and the guys will certainly think you've got guts. And Ben, you got nothing to be ashamed of that’s quite a hunk of meat you got there."


"And you'll give me the video?"


"I promise as soon as you shoot your load, but you gotta do it so we all can see everything. You see I promised the gang some special entertainment. I gotta impress them. They think I'm tops, so I have lots of responsibility."


I was shaking so hard I could hardly speak.


“How many kids?"


"About thirty."


"You want me to jerk off naked in front of thirty kids from our school?"


Chip smiled. "You got it."


And that's how it happened. They had a chair set up on this raised section off the sunken living room, and I had to enter from upstairs bare-ass naked and come down the stairs and sit in the chair. They had all the lights out and spotlights trained on me. I recognized several voices amid the hoots and hollers and cheers – some of the jocks I knew from school who always called me wimp. I had to sit in the chair and spread my legs wide while they whistled and cheered.


Some of the girls shouted "gross," and a few kids left but most of them stayed. I had to sit there and beat my meat in front of them. Pump my prick, which wouldn’t get hard at first from the fear and the kids laughed at me even more and called me Limp Dick.


Candy announced to everyone that she was breaking off with me because I loved to beat my meat more than fuck her. The kids roared as I yanked on my prick and started to cry.


"Look, he loves jerking off so much, he's crying with joy," Chip yelled, and they all screamed with laughter.


I tried to think about things to turn me on to get it over with, but I was so nervous and scared that it wouldn’t get hard, it just wouldn’t get hard. Finally, Candy stood in front of me and lifted her sweater to show me her tits. The kids roared. I pumped my limp prick, and it still wouldn’t get hard. She started to call me a fucking faggot.


Then Karl Adams, a real wise ass from school, got up and standing to face me so the other kids couldn’t see, took out his big dick and waved it at me saying, "Maybe he's a faggot, and he needs a dick to turn him on."


The kids were getting sick from laughing so hard. I was sobbing, but my dick wasn’t getting hard.


Chip was pissed. He told the crowd, "Okay, we'll give the faggot two Viagra or make it three, then take a break so they can go to work. We'll put him in a closet, and when he comes out of that closet, he better has an erection or he'll be sorry."


They made me pop the blue pills and shoved me in the downstairs closet.


"If you're not hard when you come out. That video goes on the internet tonight." Chip warned.


I frigged my dick in the closet like a madman, crying all the time. The Viagra did work and I threw a rock-hard boner. It was so hard it hurt.


They opened the door, and my show began again. This time I gave them what they wanted. I just wanted out of there. I spread my legs wide and jerked my teenage prick for them. They called me every disgusting name in the book, and after Karl spit on me, all the guys started spitting on me in my face and on my chest.


"Stick a finger up your ass," Chip yelled.






In front of thirty kids from my high school, I raised my legs and stuck a finger up my ass while I jerked my prick. I knew I would be the laughingstock of the whole school. I knew that I would never have a friend there again and that I would be a freak and outcast. I sobbed and prayed to God to let me die right there, jerking my dick and finger fucking my asshole.


The room started to spin, and I felt an orgasm growing in my nuts. I yelled and bucked in the chair, and camera flash bulbs went off as I shot my load – a long, heavy rope of cum that arced out from my prick across the wooden floor. The kids cheered. I screamed until I lost my voice. My dick wouldn’t stop shooting while splattering fuck slop on the floor. The Viagra made it painful.


"Here's your video, faggot." Chip said, throwing the cassette into the pool of dick sauce on the floor.


I gathered it up and ran upstairs to dress. When I left the party, nobody would even look at me. I don’t know who cleaned up my mess. I walked home crying and wishing I were dead, but the weird thing is, that night in bed I jerked off two more times, thinking about the whole awful event.