Ben's Big Night

(B) (anal, oral) (beast)
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Ben was led naked into the stable. The fifty or so men gathered for the show, leaned forward in their folding chairs to better scrutinize the bare-ass fourteen-year-old boy. Ben was quite a site indeed, a truly fucked up and fucked out boy. They had been working on him since he was eleven. His body was smooth and hairless and not overly muscled – a perfect fourteen-year-old boy body with certain exceptions.

Take his balls for example. They hung half way down to his knees and swung obscenely when he walked. They had been working on that scrotum for years and the results were fucking perverse, bug swollen animal nuts swinging between his smooth young legs. You've seen the low swinging balls on certain dogs. Balls that look much too big for the body they hang from, well that’s how Ben looked.

His dick was another matter. It was in a dick cage, lined with needles so if by some chance, it should erect, the pain would quickly put an end to the pleasure. Ben had had to learn the hard way that his job was to please others, not entertain himself.

Then above the boy’s smooth hard young tummy there were the tits. The boy's nipples had been so stretched and pulled that they stood out a freakish one and a half inches from his chest. Impossible you say, not so. They looked like the udders of a sow who suckled her young. Big, thick, rubbery, tit nubs sticking out of the boy’s teenage chest. They had picked Ben partly for his large nipples when he was eleven. Some boys have those big soft nips, you know, just begging to be worked on.

Ben stood there, a dazed look in his eyes, partly from drugs, partly from the fact that he did nothing all day except suck dick and take it up the ass. That was his life. He was a fourteen-year-old cum dump. His face was pretty with slightly turned-up nose, short choppy hair, smooth soft complexion, and his nice, full-lipped mouth hanging slightly open.


Spit sometimes ran from his mouth, but not because he was an idiot or anything. No, Ben had been taught to never close his mouth, to always keep it open and ready for a big, fat cock. Ben often sucked twenty or thirty cocks a day. His lips and tongue were permanently swollen. When you looked at his tongue, you saw it was pierced with three studs to make the dick suck better for the client. Of course, it made the cunt boy talk with a pronounced lisp, but that was okay since he was a faggot boy now anyway and besides, he wasn’t allowed to talk much, except to beg for dick.


Ben never thought about girls any more. Somehow, they could tell when he did, and they punished him terribly for his own good they had said. With electric shock and other means they had turned his feelings away from cunt until now if he even thought of a female, he got very sick to his stomach. If more fourteen-year-old boys were conditioned this way, it would alleviate lots of unwanted pregnancies and create a much more moral society. The same with the cock cage. There are those who believe that every boy from eleven until eighteen should be forced to wear a cock cage with a trusted, adult guardian holding the only key.


And it wasn’t like Ben wasn’t allowed any pleasure. He could obtain as much pleasure as he wished with his boy pussy. His boy pussy was a work of art. It had started out a tiny pink puckered eleven-year-old asshole, but now it could easily take a fist and the ass lips were permanently swollen like twat lips. Ben had been fucked over one thousand times. How many fourteen-year-old boys are that lucky? Guys loved Ben's sweet, full, round, smooth, teenage, ass globes and the deep crack. As for the twathole itself, even though it was large and lose, Ben had been taught to use his pussy muscles to give each and every client a magnificent fuck. If anyone complained, Ben would be very, very sorry.


Sometimes at a party for example, Ben would get exhausted after the tenth or eleventh fuck of the night, but he had been taught that from first to last, every single client deserved a first-class fuck. What Ben hated the most were the S and M clients. He didn’t like pain. You'd think he'd be used to it by now, having his nuts and asshole and titties worked on so endlessly, but he still got scared whenever an adult told him they were going to have a "real fun pain session." A pain session entailed seeing how much pain a fourteen-year-old boy could take. Of course, the limit was decided by the client, not by poor Ben.


Some clients forbade him to scream, while others loved the sound of his young, teenage voice wailing in agony. Fourteen-year-old boys do cry beautifully. They try to be grown up, but with enough pain, they regress into little boys. Sometimes, they had to shove various obscene objects into Ben's mouth so that he wouldn’t bite off his tongue.


Ben hated it most when they shoved pens and straws and things up his pisshole. They told him his piss slit wasn't large enough and that they were enlarging it for his own good, but it was so fucking painful he often passed out, and to pass out without permission was a grave mistake.


Sometimes, they taped thumbtacks to the soles of his feet and made him dance for them. You know how fourteen-year-old boys love to dance to pop songs. Heavy weights were hung from his sow tits and ball bag and he had to swing them while he danced.


He was also made to drag heavy weights across the room by a rope attached to his nuts. A boy does need exercise to stay healthy.


Ben could easily take a baseball bat up his ass, of course, he had trouble now controlling his shit. It just kind of fell out and if it fell out without permission, he was required to eat it.


Ben didn’t think about much anymore except doing his job correctly so that he would not be punished. Don’t you wish more teenage boys thought that way? But, the nice gentlemen who took care of the boy knew that boys of that age get bored very quickly. They have such short attention spans so they were always thinking up new ways to entertain him. Tonight for example, he was strapped on his back to a kind of adjustable bench and then the horse was led into the stable.


The clients applauded. The animal was huge, dark and dangerous. Three guys led the stallion over to Ben and had the animal stand above him so the big, stinking, horse balls hung over the teenage boy’s face.


Ben k new his job. He opened his mouth wide and stuck out his studded, teen tongue and began to lick the big, swinging, black, leathery, horse scrotum. The guys watching were jerking off all over the place, which pleased Ben because it might mean they would be too exhausted to gang bang him. Ben licked the thick-skinned fuck sack industriously and felt the big, drooling, horse dick extending out of the sheath and slap him in the boy chest. Ben didn’t mind the taste too much. Horse balls didn’t taste too much worse than dog balls and Ben had been sucking off dogs since he was eleven.


The poor kid could never understand why guys loved to see young boys suck dog dick. It certainly seemed to turn them on. It just seemed filthy, disgusting and perverted to Ben, but maybe that was its appeal. The more disgusting the activity, the more the clients appeared to enjoy it.


Like when all the guys blew their noses into a single jar and then Ben had to drink it. Why would they enjoy that? Ben would eat and drink anything set before him. He had been taught that. Plates of shit, puke or garbage. Chewed up and spit out food dog food. Bowls filled with animal cum, girl's bloody tampons, used rubbers, even severed animal penis. Ben had eaten it all like a good fourteen-year-old.


Ben was well behaved you could say that for him. But the special treat tonight would demand extra concentration, will power and tolerance because tonight he faced his biggest challenge. To entertain the gentlemen tonight, fourteen-year-old Ben was about to be fucked by horse dick. A twenty-inch horse dick that was thicker than any baseball bat and was now leaking a lake of pre-cum all over his young teen chest. Ben knew he was going to be cunt fucked by the horse. He knew it would hurt worse than anything he had so far endured. He wasn't sure why, but some survival instinct in him hoped that he would live through the experience although that would only mean further horrors. They adjusted the animal so that Ben could slide his tongue beneath the animal’s sheath and clean it up and then lick along the slimy stinking horse dick stalk. Ah, to be fourteen again!