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My Friends: Once again the necessities of life have gotten in the way of my fun and hobbies. I have been drowning beneath the weight of a show I am currently doing and have had little time for fucking much less writing anything. I will fix all of that next week. I promise to catch up. Until then...Just a little photo I took of me helping one of my young actors and toys named Ben with his eating habits. Ben is learning how to eat all of his nice healthy dog food mixed with piss. At the same time, you can see that I am working on his posture. He is still young and has so much to learn. What to do with a boy who cries every time you shove your big dick up his ass? He just can't seem to get comfortable accommodating my fuckmeat. And he hates little extras like pissing up his ass, and then having him squirt it out into a dish and drinking it. Ben is an independent little fuck, and he needs harsh discipline.

I have told him over and over that if he does not like the taste of my dick after it has been up his asshole....then he needs to work on cleaning out his inner pussy better. simple things could make his life so much easier for him...but NO he has to do everything the hard way. Doesn't he realize it does no good to resist and cause a fuss. Then I have to punish his nice young teenage balls or ass or dick. Crying about the size of my dick will ony cause me to use a huge dildo on him to loosen him up. Stands to reason, doesn't it? Boys like Ben are their own worst enemies. They make things so much harder for themselves. For example...when I shove my dick down his throat and he pukes...well then he only has to lick up the puke as well! Extra work for him. I have taken away his phone and computer....I am texting and mailing his friends from time to time...to tell them about the joys of his new life. He had a girlfriend...but that simply is not possible considering his new position. I am also picking out his wardrobe...which he does not like at all. What is wrong in summer of wearing nothing but a very small pair of silk running shorts and nothing else?

They show off his ass really well...a lot of guys have asked me if they could have a crack at that crack.....and why not? I want Ben to have lots of experiences. I use a belt or a rod on Ben's ass at least twice a week...in the crack as well as on the cheeks. I also have a go at his ball sack at that time as well.

Anyway, in this photo, Ben is eating dinner. I have taught him to clean the plate and lick it clean...no matter what he is served. I'm afraid he has a sensitive tummy and things like shit, puke, snot, spit, piss, and animal cum do not sit well with him...but not to worry... we will not let up. He will learn to love all of it. After all they are acquired tastes. Let's hear it for young Ben and his summer of learning.

P.S. My nick name for Ben is "PIECE OF SHIT."


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