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My big brother, Basher, is the kewlest dude you ever wanna meet. Oh, I know you think I am just a dopey ten-year-old kid who idolizes his older bro, but believe me, dude, that's not the case. He really is kewl. He does the fucking kewlest stuff. He's seventeen, and a really mean motherfucker. His name is really Steven, but nobody has called him "Steven" since my old man up and split four years ago.

I can still hear the big fat loser, "Steeevennn what are you doing?"


Shit, that was the best day for any of us, when the fucking loser left town with that bleached blond twat he took up with. Of course, it wasn't too good for Mom, which may explain why she drinks wine until she turns purple and shacks up with one hunky mindless ape after another. So, I was left pretty much alone at six and Basher brought me up. Basher was never any good at school, but he told me that school don't matter. Only two things matter in life. Being the meanest motherfucker you can be, and fucking all the twat, you can get your cock into.


Okay, so I'm too young to fuck twat. But, I’ve seen Basher fucking his teen cunts lots of times. Shit, he even lets me rub their tits and pussies sometimes. Twice he let me put my tiny, little dick into the cunts of his girlfriends. He convinced the dumb twats that it was a good deed for them to teach me about fucking. It was fun, and my dick got hard and all, but of course nothing came out.


Jesus H. Christ, does Basher shoot a load when he blasts, there is fuck slop all over the place. Basher hardly ever wears clothes in the house. He loves to walk around with his big seventeen-year-old cock swinging and his huge fat balls slapping his thighs. Even in front of ma. Basher doesn't take no shit from the old lady. More than once, he has lifted his big cock at her and said, "You know you want this, Bitch!" Ma says that’s no way for a boy to speak to his mother. Funny since she's hardly even our mother at all since she's never around when we need her. She does want his prick though I can tell from the way she sneaks looks at it. She'd love Basher to fuck her until she couldn't walk.


But, that's not what this report I am writing is about. This report is about how my brother "Steeevennn" got the name Basher, and why he has the name. Basher has this kind of gang, a bunch of guys who hang together. You know, drink, smoke, do funny shit, kick back. Basher says when I get hair above my dick, I can maybe join if I got the balls. Damn right, I will. It’s a tough gang to get in since you gotta rape a chick. Among other sick things that are way kewl. But, the main fun my bro and his gang have is bashing fags! That's where he got the nickname. Because when Basher bashes a fucking faggot homo that guy is never ever the same again. I should mention to you that Basher is really good looking. All the girls say so, and even the other guys admit it. He is really hot. He has a great body, and a really awesome dick and balls and ass as I already told you because my Ma is hungry for it.


Basher has this thing he does once or twice a week. He will go out and pick up a faggot. Shit, faggots of all ages hit on him because he’s so damned sexy, and when he turns it on and acts all interested in them, well any faggot at all is easy pickings. Sometimes, he brings them home to the house, and then I even get to join in the fun and the games. After Basher has the guy, usually he picks a young, cute guy because it’s more fun to fuck him up. After he has him a bit drunk, and head over heels in love begging to suck his cock or take it up the ass, then Basher starts getting rough. He tells the faggot that he better behave and make him happy. Sometimes, he starts out by spitting huge gobs spittle into the faggot’s mouth. I get to spit into the queer mouth too. It’s fun to watch the faggot get all sick and gaggy. Sometimes, Basher picks in his nose and feeds it to the faggot or blows his fucking nose in the queer's mouth. It’s wild. All the while, he's kicking the faggot in the ball sack. He makes the queer strip and dance for us. Sometimes, he makes him put on ma's panties and bra or even a pair of my tiny underpants.


I asked Basher if it wasn't queer of him to make the faggot suck his dick and to fuck the faggot in the ass. Holy Shit, I've never seen him so angry at me. He beat the shit out of me. He told me that to use a faggot doesn't make you a faggot. He told me that faggots love to get ass fucked and suck dick. They even secretly love to get beaten up and abused. He said it makes a man more of a man to fuck a faggot. That was the first time Basher fucked my little nine-year-old ass. I was nine then, I thought I would die. I know I'm not a faggot because I really didn't like it at all. I was sick for three days after, only I couldn't tell Ma what was wrong. Now, I'm used to his big fat dick, of course, and he only fucked me like once a week or so. More of a discipline thing than anything else. I still have to suck him off in the morning when he wakes up, but I don't mind because his fucking dick is so amazing. And, all in all, he's pretty damned good to me. He protects me and stuff, so if I have to take it up the ass once in a while to show my loyalty, it’s no big deal. I know he's made his other buddies take his dick too. One night, Art was really wasted and slept over, and I heard Basher fucking him in the ass and Art begging him to stop and go easy. Basher says he will fuck anything or anyone. He says he lives to FUCK. That's just how I wanna be when I grow up.


Basher often ends his sessions with a faggot by breaking some bones. If the faggot has behaved and licked Basher's balls real good and licked out his ass with lots of energy, Basher might only break a couple of the faggot's fingers or toes just to show him who is the boss. But, if a faggot is a wise ass, Basher has been known to break both arms and legs, or he will mess up some pretty boy's face forever by taking out his teeth or flattening his nose. You name it.


Basher and his gang love to make faggots do sick things, like drink piss, eat shit and even have sex with animals. Yuck! I know that sounds gross, but it is really funny to watch some crying faggot sucking doggie dick or taking it up the ass.


If Basher takes a shine to a certain faggot, that's what he calls it, taking a shine, he will keep the poor faggot coming back week after week. Each week he will think up some new humiliation or degradation for the queer, each one worse than the week before. Sometimes, the queers have nervous breakdowns or commit suicide because they can't stand the abuse, which Basher says proves they got no balls to begin with. I’ve seen Basher tie a guy to a chair and burn his tits and balls with a cigarette. He even let me burn some young faggot's dick with a candle once. It was really fun because the faggot kept begging me to be good to him.


I love it most when Basher shoves stuff up the faggot's ass. It is fucking hysterical the stuff Basher gets up some dude's asshole and the guy is screaming all the time that it's too big and won't fit up there. Well, Basher says “see you were wrong, faggot, because the baseball bat fits up there just fine.”


This one time, Basher put a fag’s dick in a waffle maker and heated the fucking thing up. That was really funny.


One time one time Basher told this sixteen-year-old faggot, he would stop torturing him if the faggot brought around his nine-year-old sister for Basher to fuck. God damn if the faggot didn’t do it. Not only did Basher fuck the little bitch, but he made the sixteen-year-old faggot fuck his own sister too. Honest to Pete, I was laughing so hard at that, I almost pissed my pants. Here’s this cute, sixteen-year-old, high school kid, crying like a five-year-old baby and slamming his dick into his sobbing nine-year-old sister. Then, Basher sat the sixteen-year-old and the nine-year-old siblings next to each other and fed both of them his big cock. Five strokes in one mouth and then five strokes in the other. He said the one who sucked cock best could go home, and the other one was going to get belt whipped. I forget who won and who lost because Basher is always playing games like that. But, I do remember that the party ended with Basher having me put my dick into the fuckhole of the nine-year-old girl. He taught us how to make out, how to tongue kiss and feel each other up. We were both nine and in the same class in school. I'd like to fool around with her again, but she doesn’t even look at me or talk to me. I think the twat is embarrassed. Maybe, when I start to shoot bullets, I’ll rape her and get her pregnant, just to get back at her. Basher has gotten twenty-three girls pregnant. I told you he was fucking kewl.


One time Basher kept this faggot in a dog cage in the basement for a whole week. My mother was home, and everything and this queer was gagged and starving in the basement taking Basher's big cock five or six times a day not to mention the dicks of the rest of the gang. I used to go down and piss on the faggot.


More than anything in the world, even more than fucking, Basher loves to get his ass eaten out. He says it’s the ultimate proof of being a leader that others eat your ass. I know the other guys in the gang have eaten his ass as part of their initiation into the gang. It’s the only part I am really afraid of. I know I can do it, but, shit, what if I get sick or something, or puke? That would totally put me in disgrace, and it would insult my big bro, who I love more than anyone in the whole world.


Lately, Basher says he is going to fuck Ma. He says the old bitch really needs a real man to teach her a fucking thing or two. He says she would make a hell of a slave around the house doing all kinds of shit for us. He says once she tastes his cock, she'll do anything for him. That's how all the cunts are once he fucks them or they suck him. They just go nuts over him. Cunts are calling the house for him all day long. They give him really expensive gifts too. Anyway, I don't know how I feel about Basher fucking Mom. I guess it's okay cause I know she secretly wants it. Basher says she probably spends hours sucking on his dirty jock straps and underwear. Cunts are like that. Cunts and Faggots. I am so fucking glad that I am normal. Normal just like Basher.