Barn Boy

(Mb) (anal, oral, scat) (beast)

Stanley never understood what it was they saw in him. He was a scrawny kid of twelve with a small frame, and thin arms and legs, a flat, undeveloped chest, a round, little boy's face with freckles, dark hair, large eyes and he even wore big eyeglasses. Well, he did at first; later on, one of the horses stepped on them, and they were forgotten. Besides, he didn't need to see for his job.

He'd never forget that first day on the ranch. He'd just arrived when his single shabby suitcase was taken away from him, and he was ushered into the big white barn to meet his uncle, Dan. Dan had been kind enough to offer to raise the kid when Stanley's parents had been killed in a plane crash, and nobody seemed to want the boy.

Dan was everything Stanley wanted to be. Six foot four inches of muscle, twenty-five years old, handsome as all get out with a head of curly brown hair and a boyish face laced with a sneer of cruelty. Dan smiled and shook Stanley's hand.

But it wasn't Dan alone that caught Stanley's eye on his first visit to the barn. It was the boy standing next to Dan. The kid was only sixteen years old, Stan learned later, but looked worn out and ancient. Bruises and scabs covered his body. His eyes had a dead, vacant look, his jaw hung slack, and his lips looked swollen and chapped. The boy was naked too except for wearing a diaper. He was grotesque, and Stan was quite frankly a bit scared of him.


Dan made some pleasant, welcoming comments and then turned to the boy next to him.


“This, Stanley, is Caleb. Caleb is the boy you’ll be replacing. He's only sixteen, but the tasks of being barn boy have simply worn him out. Caleb needs a nice rest. So we are retiring Caleb and replacing him with nice fresh meat—you, little Stan, my man. Now, I will quite simply and directly explain to you your duties here on the ranch. Some of your jobs will be a little difficult to adjust to, but we will be patient and help you.”


Caleb stumbled off, hardly able to walk, and Dan gestured expansively at the big barn.


“Our barn holds sixteen stallions. We use them for breeding. Our ranch hands groom and exercise the gorgeous beasts except for one thing. The horses need sexual exercise to keep them ready and in prime condition for studding. Your job here on the ranch, Stan, will be to exercise the horses sexually.”


Stan blinked behind his thick glasses. He had no idea what his uncle was talking about. Sexually exercise horses.


“Now, I know what you are thinking, boy. Horse cock is huge. How is a little guy like you to take care of such big cocks? Well, don't you worry. It all comes down to loving care. We have a big black cook here on the ranch, and you can practice on him for a few days before you actually get to the horses. As long as you work hard and try your best, we'll take good care of you. If you fuck up, you’ll be severely punished.”


Stan winced. His parents had never allowed swearing. They had warned Stan that Uncle Dan was not a nice man many times. Stan blinked and dug the toe of one tennis shoe into the dirt. He looked so small and vulnerable.


“I'm scared of horses,” he said in a thin little boy voice.


Dan laughed.


“All the boys are at first. That’s part of the fun. I'll tell you that you have more to fear from the ranch hands who will want a crack at you every night than the horses. The horses are your friends. Your fuck buddies. And it’s perfectly safe. Before each horse is sexually relieved, he is moved into this special stall. You see one wall of the stall is conventional wood, but the other wall is Plexiglas. That's so visitors can see you working on the horses. You’ll be responsible for taking care of eight horses a day. Four in the morning and four in the afternoon. These stallions are worth millions, so you have to handle them with absolute care. Let me explain your duties to you. So that you don’t soil your clothes, you’ll work naked.”


Stanley gulped at that. He didn't like to be naked, as he didn't like anybody to see his thin little boy body.


“You’ll lead the horse into the special stall. His hoofs will go into special slots so he can't stomp and trample you. The first thing you do is stroke the horse's neck and back to calm him down. Then you reach under him and begin to fondle his big horse balls. You massage his nuts—you'll learn the proper technique—until his huge thick, stinking horse penis begins to emerge from its sheath. When the horse dick makes it appearance, you place both hands around the horse dick and begin to stroke and massage the cock to bring it out to its full fifteen or twenty inches.”


Stanley couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He knew very little of sex, but he knew this was something very sinful and perverted. Dan went on cheerfully.


“Now, almost every day, you’ll have gentlemen seated in those chairs watching your performance with the horses so make sure you always do a good job. After the horse prick is extended, you sit on that stool and begin to lick the horse's balls. Stallion nuts are very precious and very sensitive, so we don't like to clean them with abrasive bushes or sprays of water. We prefer to clean the horse scrotums with boy tongue. We will inspect the scrotums, and you’ll be punished if they are not clean as a whistle.


“Then you’ll lick up and around the dick sheath, getting your tongue way into the folded skin of the sheath to clean out any crud or penis seepage. Then you’ll carefully and lovingly lick the entire horse dick. If your tongue and mouth get dry, you can moisten them with a jar full of horse cum we will have available. Oh, stop crying, you big baby, what's wrong with you anyway? Once the horse prick is fully extended and wet and thoroughly licked, you’ll begin to pump the prick. While you masturbate the horse, you’ll place your mouth on the head of the horse dick and stick your tongue up the horse's pisshole to stimulate it.


“Some of the visitors watching you will be masturbating as well to relieve themselves. You just never mind them and pay attention to your job. You masturbate the horse until he ejaculates into your mouth. You swallow all the horse cum, but before you swallow the final load, you turn to the visitors and open your mouth so they can see the cum in it. Sometimes there will be variations. You’ll be asked to let the horse shoot its spunk all over your cute little face, or on your chest, or even into a glass jar to be drunk at a later time. After the horse climaxes, you lick him clean and wash his cock and balls until the dick recedes into its sheath. Then you kiss and pat the sheath and balls.


“Then to relax and reward the animal for his good job, you get up and go to the rear of the horse and lick and suck the horse's asshole.”


Poor Stanley wanted to puke. This was a nightmare. His uncle must be kidding him. He couldn’t be serious.


“Now, this is one of the most challenging parts of your task to learn because lots of times the horse will relax and take a shit while you’re licking his ass. You have to learn to let the horse shit on your face and keep on licking. When the horse is finished, you rinse off his ass and your face with a hose. Then return the horse to his stall and bring the next one. You’ll do four horses in the morning. Then break for lunch.


“During lunch, you’ll report to the bunkhouse to attend any of the ranch hands who might need a little mid-day suck or fuck. As I said before, these are big, mean, cruel guys, and they’ll be a lot rougher on you than the horses. You want to do everything they say and stay on their good side because they can make things pretty bad for you. Be sure to shower and brush your teeth and gargle before they come in because they don't like little boys with horseshit on their breath. You'll probably be fucked eight or nine times during lunch unless the boys prefer blowjobs. It varies. Then you have your lunch. It'll be waiting for you in the doggie bowl on the floor in the corner of the bunkhouse. Then you go back to the barn for the afternoon session of four horses. You should spend about an hour on each horse, so the beast really enjoys himself.


“Then you high tail it over to the kennel to take care of the dogs, then back to the bunkhouse to shower and clean up again, then supper and then you provide the nightly entertainment for the ranch hands who are sick of television. They think up the damndest games to play. They’ll draw straws or some such thing, and you’ll become the bum boy to the winner for the night.”


Stanley was crying so hard he hardly heard what Dan was saying.


“Now we find that after a few weeks of dog dick up your little ass, not to mention the cocks of the ranch hands, you’ll be ready for fist fucking. That, in turn, will prepare your little boy cunt for the cocks of the horses. After all, you can't expect the stallions or the visitors to be happy forever just seeing you suck and frig the horse dick. No, sir, after a few weeks, you’ll let each horse fuck you twice a week. Now it’s always a dangerous act, you can’t let the horse get too carried away, or his cock will fuck right up into your stomach and snap at your heart. We had one little guy; the fucking cock forced its way right up and out his mouth. The kid was impaled on the horse dick. But if you control the fucking, and we’ll teach you how, and if you’re mindful of the amount of penetration and not a cock greedy little slut, it can become enjoyable for both you and the horse.


“This is your future Stanley. There is no way you can escape from it. Now you realize why Caleb was all worn out. He was fucked by horses until his ass was so stretched he can't even hold his shit in anymore. One horse got a bit carried away and broke several of Caleb's teeth with his fuck slab, so we just pulled them all. He sucked better that way, but the visitors complained he wasn't nearly as cute.”


Dan unbuttoned his jeans and hauled out his eight and a half inch, wrist-thick prick.


“Well, enough talk. What say we start teaching you the ropes? Strip off your clothes and get down on your knees and lick and suck Uncle Dan's big dick.”