Bangkok Negotiation

(MB) (oral, scat) (humil)

You do not always have hours and hours or days and days to play with a boy and break him down. I know how much fun it is to slowly destroy a boy’s self-esteem and degrade him until he truly feels like a worthless piece of shit. But for that, you need access to a boy and the ability to control his freedom in some way. Of course, the best and most fun way is to get some leverage on an innocent, virginal straight schoolboy and then slowly get him to do more and more disgusting sexual stuff promising that if he does, you will not get him in trouble or cause a scandal. But that takes access to the kid’s grades, or knowledge that he is cheating, or got some cunt pregnant, or is into drugs, something to use as leverage. Another way is to find a boy who is in dire need of money to pay off a drug or gambling debt, or sometimes just to survive. Many of the boys you find in Thailand, Vietnam or Myanmar are living on the streets without even enough money to buy food. Sometimes they are also trying to support mothers, sisters, or brothers.

If you are lucky enough and evil enough to find a boy who is desperate for money to support a younger brother, you can sometimes get him to fuck him, and you can watch. Nothing is as beautiful as the shame on the face of the brothers as they fuck for you to earn money. This may sound cruel, but remember they are willing to do it and you are going to pay them handsomely for their effort. I know this sounds exceptionally nasty to some of you but no nastier than taking a boy and training him to drink piss, fuck with animals, or even offer his own young ass for your services. Where do you draw the line?
I think I shared with you more than once the first thrill of this kind I had when I offered a poor farmer a hundred dollars or so (in Thai money) if he would fuck his own son. He refused at first, and I thought he might kill me, but as it always does, money won out in the end. I made his family watch. The farmer had quite a large dick, the boy was young, and it was breathtaking. The money allowed them to get by for almost a year, buying seeds and paying for equipment.
But you do not always have time to play around with such abandon. Sometimes you only have a few hours. One day, I was meeting friends in the afternoon to go down to Pattaya from Bangkok. I went for an early morning walk, as I like to watch the monks out with their begging bowls. The orange of their robes against the light of early morning and the glint of the temples is beautiful.
Well, on this walk, I found a boy of fifteen sleeping in the gutter. He was a sight. He was shivering even though it was not cold, and he looked miserable. I woke him and asked him what the problem was. He was homeless down from the North to try to work, but he had no green card. His options were few. I asked him why he did not get a job in a fuck bar, as he was a really cute kid. He could dance, then suck and fuck to earn a decent wage. He said he was scared to work in the bars, but knew he might have to. I bought him some breakfast, and even a new tee shirt and some jeans from a street vendor, and then we went to my hotel room.
I only had two hours. I had the boy shower and get clean. He turned out to have a cute smooth body and a decent enough face. He knew I wanted sex. I asked him if he had ever had sex with a man. He told me that two farangs (foreigners) had sucked his dick, and he had made a little money that way. He told me he was scared because he was starving and sleeping on the street. It was then I offered him one hundred dollars. He could get a room for a week or more and all the food he wanted. His face lit up. Then he asked me what kind of sex he had to do to earn the money. I told him he had to suck my dick and one other thing. He said I could suck his dick, but he had never sucked a dick. I shook my head and bade him farewell.
He thought it over. I told him sucking a dick was not so bad since girls did it all the time. He agreed to try it, but then I lowered the bomb. A hundred dollars is a lot of money. I could get many Thai boys to suck my dick for ten dollars. He knew that. What did I want for my hundred? I told him quite frankly because I had so little time that I wanted him to eat my shit.
You can imagine how he reacted to that. He was shocked and sickened. Just the reaction I wanted. No sense proposing this to a kid who likes to eat shit. (Not that there are any. Well, I will bet there are some. There are people in this world who want all manner of sick things.) He seemed like he was going to puke at the very idea. I told him I know it is gross and disgusting, but that is why I was offering a hundred dollars. It would be over in an hour, and he would be one hundred dollars richer. One bad hour for a week or more of living well, I told him I thought it was well worth it. I thought he would cry. I saw no tears, but his cute young face twisted up like he was about to cry. He was struggling with the conflict in his mind. Twice he said no and started to leave—twice he came back. I told him he did not have to eat much of it, just two turds. Why two, you wonder. Yes, the first one would be gross, but he could force himself to do it. But think of how he would feel, knowing that he had to do it again! That was the beauty part.
I do not like to deal with shit, as scat is not my usual thing, but I have learned much from my Japanese friend Ryo who makes big bucks making shit-eating films with young Japanese boys. The smell is gross—almost too much to bear at times—but imagine how awful it is for the boy. It can be very sexually exciting to make someone else eat shit. It is, for me, the ultimate degradation. It really never fails to break a boy. So, this poor fifteen-year-old street boy vacillated. He could not go back out into the streets with nothing, even though I had given him new clothes. He seemed quite terrified of getting ass fucked, so he was not ready to peddle his ass in the bars. Had I had more time, I would have taken his boy cunt as well, but I had to move on. Finally, he agreed.
I had him suck my dick. He was pretty lousy, but it was fun because he was so scared and such a virgin. I made him lick my balls of course. When I shot my load, he gagged and gurgled, but eventually swallowed. If I had had more time, I would have shot on the floor or on a plate and had him lick it up; it is always more traumatic for the boy than if you just blast down his throat.
Note: Eating pineapple before you have sex make your sperm taste much better, did you know that? Not that I care how my sperm tastes to the boy having to slurp it up, but if you ever want to please a lover or sex partner, eat some pineapple a few hours before you have sex.
I was very considerate of him. I did not shit in front of him. Sometimes, that can be great if the boy is being trained or is tied up or a slave or some such thing, but in this case, I went into the bathroom and dumped onto a plate. I cleaned myself and then brought the plate back to him. He just stared at it, trembling for about ten minutes. I told him I only had so much time. His cute young face looked so miserable. Well, I know most of you are not into scat so I will not burden you with the details. Suffice to say, he earned his hundred dollars. I only wish I had had more time to play more with him.
I took his name and a place I might find him, but on my return to Bangkok, I had no luck. He may already have been dancing and fucking in a gay club. I would have loved to slowly work with him taking him down step by step—piss, shit, pain, fucking, sucking, eating ass, more pain, and so on. To gently turn a boy into a total fuck pig is my greatest sexual pleasure. And it is not as difficult as you may think. Once you get the boy on the road, on the path to self-destruction, you can easily take him. “Just a little more, just try. It’s not so much worse than what you did yesterday. Just one more inch of the dildo, just a bit larger one, just try this bottle up your pussy, and so on.” And voila, you soon have a boy of fifteen with the cunt of a fifty-year-old whore being fist fucked!