Babysitting My Newphews

(Mb) (oral) (inc)

My sister hadn’t been gone for five minutes before my two six-year-old twin nephews started to tug on my tee shirt.

“Can we see it? Can we see it, Uncle Tony? Please, Please, Please, Please.”
I laughed and threw myself down on the couch. My two darling six-year-old nephews bounded on their tennis shoes and jumped up and down.
“Can we play with it again, please?”
I was eighteen and pretty much in love with myself. I was also a mean fucker, I will admit to that. I had not only a perverted streak in me, but it was somewhat sadistic. Well, kinky anyway. For example, I had gotten six girls in my high school pregnant in the last two years, and I was fucking proud of it. Dick hungry cunts wanting to date me because I am damned good looking and the top jock in the school. I don’t like to brag (yes, I do), but my dick is legendary. And when my buddies and I go out on a fag bashing weekend, all hell breaks loose. But all of that has nothing to do with my nephews.
“Well, I don’t know. If you wanna see it, you gotta tell me the correct names for it.”
Danny and Damon stood in front of me as if they were giving one of those Christmas program recitals at church.
“COCK, DICK, PRICK, PECKER, PISSER, PORKER,” Danny the more outgoing little shit said with a big smile on his face. “FUCKMEAT, FUCKSLAB, CUNTSTUFFER, TWAT TRASHER, SCHLONG, PUSSY STRETCHER, FUCK SAUSAGE...AH...AH...”
I laughed. “Not bad, not bad at all boys. But what are you supposed to do when you say those words?”
Both little boys reached down and started to play with their baby dicks in their blue summer shorts.
“And what are our secret names for your Mommy?”
Damon raised one little hand, the other one still groping and kneading his little crotch.
“Damon, do you have an answer?”
I leaned back and spread my legs, and the two little fucks looked at my dick lump in my cargo pants and grew wide-eyed.
“My mommy is a bitch, a cunt, a twat, a dick ditch, a fuckhole.” He screwed up his cute little face as he tried to remember more.
Danny chimed in, “You forgot, whore, Slut, cum sucker, asshole licker, cocksucker, boy are you dumb.”
“Am not,” Damon yelled back at his brother. Then he suddenly remembered more, “cock hound, prick breath, spooge face, scag.”
“I can see that you boys have been doing your homework. Very, very good. My babysitting has paid off.”
Danny bounced again, one hand still tightly grabbing his baby bulge.
“So can we see it, can we, can we?”
I smiled and stood up.
“Well, I guess you boys earned it.”
They stood breathless while I kicked off my sandals and unsnapped my cargo pants. They fell around my ankles, and I stepped out of them. I now stood in my boxer shorts. I peeled off my tee shirt. I have a damned kewl body.
“Uncle Tony you’re so handsome,” Danny said.
“Say what?” I frowned.
“Eh...sorry. You’re so fucking handsome.”
“Fucking A,” Damon added.
I love it when little kids swear. It’s so funny. I taught these little shits every dirty word I could think of and insisted they use them whenever they were with me.
“Well, aren’t you going to ask politely like I taught you to?”
“Uncle Tony, please, please, take off your boxers and let us see your awesome hunk of fuckmeat?”
“Well, since you ask so nicely.”
I laughed and slipped the boxers off my slender hips to reveal my fat, long dick. The jaws on the little shits actually dropped open, and they sucked in some air. Their eyes were wide and round.
“You guys know that the kids at school pay me five bucks each to see my dick. And I’m letting you see it for free.”
I kicked off the boxers and stood with my legs spread in front of my six-year-old nephews. My big walls swinging and the flaccid prick hanging thick and heavy at six inches soft. The little boys moved in closer and squinted to study my hefty teen prick. Then Danny looked up my washboard stomach, past my well-formed pecs with those awesome nipples, and into my face.
“Uncle Tony, did our Dad have a prick like yours?”
“No boys, I’m afraid your daddy’s dick was very small and ugly, hardly worth looking at. It’s amazing he could fuck your slut of a mommy at all so she could give birth to you. But if you do the exercises I taught you, you’re sure to end up with dicks like mine.”
I bucked my hips, so my cock danced, and my balls bounced, and the prick grew half-hard at seven and a half inches, and the boys started to chew their lower lips and giggle.
“We try to do the exercises you taught us, but it’s hard to fall asleep with pickles up our assholes.”
“Well, you gotta get used to it if you wanna be like me. And no small pickles either. You ask Mommy the Whore, for some nice big kosher pickles. And remember in the morning, you trade pickles, and then you eat them.”
“That’s the yucky part.”
Danny screwed up his face and his tiny button nose wrinkled while I jerked my big fat teen dick.
“That may be yucky, but that’s what makes your dicks grow. You don’t have a dad to help you with this stuff, so I am trying to help you. When you sleep with the pickles up your asses all night, they soak up your ass juice, and that’s where the dick growing protein is. But your own ass juice won’t help you. Your bodies have already assimilated all the good elements, so you need to take daily doses of each other’s ass juice. Do you understand?”
“Ugh...I guess so.”
Of course, they didn’t understand the hogwash I fed them, but at six it did no matter.
“Another way would be to just suck on each other’s assholes for about twenty minutes each night before you go to sleep.” Both boys made a face. “Or if you are sick of pickles, how about trying hot dogs? That might be good.”
“Yeah...I guess,” Danny said in a light unsure voice.
“Tell you guys what. We’ll try hotdogs this afternoon. I’ll even help you. Now do either of you wanna touch my dick?”
Both boys smiled shyly and raised their hands.
“Okay, Danny, you first, hold out your hand and let me rest my big fat fuckmeat on your hand.”
Fuck, the little boy held my cock like it was a fucking sacred relic. It twitched and swelled in the tiny six-year-old hand. Being a bit courageous, Danny closed his little fingers around the stalk of the dick. Then he began to pump.
“Danny, did I give you permission to frig me?”
The hand opened up at once, and the now eight-inch prick bounced and throbbed.
“Sorry, Uncle Tony.”
“Well, it’s just that Damon hasn’t had a chance to feel it.”
Damon jumped in close and held out his hand in the cutest way. I lifted my cunt rammer off Danny’s hand and let it rest and throb on Damon’s hand. Damon brought his other hand up from his own crotch and gently lifted my fat full fuck sack.
“Look at that big beautiful prick, boys. Isn’t it beautiful? Can you smell it?”
Both little guys who stood just about dick height to me inhaled and smelled my dick and balls.
“Okay, who wants to kiss it?”
I pulled back from Damon and my dick quivered in the air and my balls swung. Two little hands shot up in the air as both twins volunteered.
“Tell you what. Danny, you kiss this side of the dickhead, and Damon you kiss this side.”
I reached up and started to play with my fat nipples as the six-year-old boys brought their soft sweet young lips down onto my cock shaft. The fuck tool jerked as the boys’ lips touched it. They first kissed the big mushroom head and then the stalk. Prick lube dripped from my pisshole.
“Who wants dick leak?”
The boys started to fight over it and pushed each other away.
“Don’t fight, boys. Danny got to sample prick leak last time, so let’s let Damon slurp some cock spooge today.”
Damon smiled and seemed to grow taller, and Danny pouted. Damon leaned in and stuck his little pink tongue as far out as possible. Then he put his tongue under the string of dick slime hanging from my cockhead. He scooped up the fuck lube and then started to suck on my pisshole.
“Don’t pout, Danny, you can lick my balls.”
Danny scooted down onto his knees and crawled between my legs. He lifted up his sweet little face and started to lick at my nut sack.
“Oh, yeah, you sweet little fuck faces. Keep licking Uncle Tony’s fuckmeat.”
I twisted and snapped my nipples until they ached.
“Try to get a ball in your mouth Danny. Damon, crawl down and try to suck the other nut.”
Soon I had two darling little twins sucking my nuts. I wondered briefly how Mommy would feel about that if she knew. I had to laugh.
“Okay. you two kneel on the floor mouths open.”
They scrambled to obey as I stood in front of them jerking off.
“Look at that big fucking cock!”
I couldn’t hold back any longer. Well, not this load anyway. I had another three big ones in me. This first one was just skimming off the excess cream. Later on I intended to introduce these tykes to some serious face fucking. I knew I could not get safely up their asses for another few weeks. Not until I had opened them up more with our little exercise games, but I vowed I would not leave their home that day until I got at least three fingers up each asscunt.
“Here she blows.”
I arched my back, stuck out my groin and blew my fuck slop all over the faces of the six-year-old twins. Globs of thick cum ran down their faces, over their noses, into their mouths. The little six-year-old cunt boys squealed like tween girls at a boy band concert. I covered their faces with fuck.
“Okay, now lick each other clean.”
We had done this before. They licked the spunk off of each other. I told them it would make them big and strong.
“Now, boys, I want you to strip bare-ass naked for me and show me how you can kiss each other’s dicks and sacks.”
In no time at all, the little fucks were all pink and bare-assed on the carpet with their faces buried between each other’s legs smooching dick and baby balls.
“That’s how you should be sleeping at night after Mommy kisses you good night. Bare-assed with your faces between each other’s legs and those hot dogs or pickles up your assholes every night without fail. And if you can, go to sleep with each other’s cocks in your mouths.”
Dick slop had drooled from my hanging prick onto my thigh, and Damon pounced like an animal onto my leg to lick it off.
“You know, boys I gotta piss really bad. Let’s go into the bathroom, and I’ll show you some piss games.”
The three of us made our way bare-assed into the bathroom. It was going to be a fun day.