Auditioning the Boys

(MmB) (anal, oral) (humil) (nc)

My good friend Herman opened a boyfuck bar in Chaing Mai, and he invited me up to help interview boys to work there. Interviewing boys meant making sure they knew how to provide proper sex in every possible manner for lustful farang and Asian men. Herman had some terrific ideas for the ambiance of the bar. The boys would wear "Fuck Me" t-shirts. All they would wear were the t-shirts which came down to just about an inch below their nicely developing teenage peckers and nuts. Then just before the opening night of the bar, Herman and his staff washed all the tee shirts so that they shrunk losing at least an inch on the bottom so that the boys were forced to walk around with their sweet, young, teenage dick heads peeking out. In back their smooth, tanned, hairless asses were openly available for adoration. When a boy stretched or bent over, ass, balls, cock, all were on full display. If a boy didn't approve of the humiliating shirts, fine he could work someplace else. Now many of these boys needed the job briefly to help out their families. Some of the boys had been forced to seek work against their will by fathers, older brothers, uncles, or through gambling debts, etc.

Even though the boys ranged in age from twelve to sixteen, most of them had had little schooling. These were village boys from the North. Anyway, I had four boys to work with. One aged twelve, a second fourteen, two fifteen-year-olds, and a strapping, well hung, sixteen year old.


First, I made them all strip naked so they would get used to having their dicks on display. They would have to show their pricks at the nightly jerking contest at the bar anyway not to mention the prettiest dick contest and the hour during which customers could feel their naked dicks and balls. The boys were bashful at first about pumping each other's young healthy cocks. I had them weigh their fuck sacks in each other's hands and decide who’s the biggest, etc. When we found a bit of black hair on a ball bag, I had the boys tweeze it out reminding them that the customers wanted soft, smooth scrotums on the fuckboys. I examined each boy's dick — pisshole to root — and his balls and then his ass. The boys had to bend over and spread their firm, young ass cheeks for me so that could probe and poke at their shitters deciding if the boys were " qualified" to work in the bar. We kept piling on the bullshit on how only the most handsome and best boys could work there. How we only wanted virgin boys who had never been fucked before because we wanted the bar to be safe and clean.


Next, I taught them how to suck cock. This repulsed several of boys including the twelve-year-old, and we had to be a bit rough with him telling him he was wasting our time, and he should either get with it or get the hell out. I had the sixteen-year-old give a cock licking and sucking demo for the younger boys. Then I had each of them suck my dick until I was satisfied they could at least handle the basics. The twelve-year-old had the sweetest mouth — a real facefuckpit — with soft lips and a lovely tongue. His eyes got real big and round when my dick was shoved down his throat. I had to laugh. Then I decided we should spend some time opening up and relaxing the boys’ assholes. I taught them to call their assholes their cunts for the customers. "This is my Cunt," a boy would announce in English showing his fresh, pink asshole.


I used chopsticks to stretch the kids' holes gently yet firmly stretching the little shitters. Then I had the boys stick fingers up each other’s assholes. They didn't like this as they thought it was dirty. While they fingered each other's holes, I had them practice spit kissing. I told them that farang men especially love to swap lots of spit when they kiss and no matter how old or ugly the man was, or how badly his breath stank they had to kiss very romantically. When the teenage assholes were somewhat looser, I told them it was time to kiss and lick ass.


This really freaked them out, so we took a break and had lunch first. Some of the boys didn't eat very much and had somber, long faces. I teased them and told them that ass sucking was one of the things they would have to do every night, not to mention the Ass Sucking Show they had to perform on stage. I told them my ass was very clean, but some of the farang asses would be quite sweaty and dirty, and that must not stop them from doing a thorough job as they could also use mouthwash after.


I had them hold the twelve-year-old down, and I squatted over his pretty young face. At this point I think, he started to protest that he didn't want the job, but we had already wasted hours training him and I wasn't about to stop now. I sat down on his face with my asshole over his mouth and rubbed back and forth while reaching down and squeezing his soft, small, young balls until he licked to my satisfaction. I made him stick his tongue way up my shithole. They had the other boys laughing and joking about this, but they stopped laughing when I told them I wanted to watch them practice ass sucking on each other. It is especially embarrassing for the three older boys as they were all good friends and they had never imagined having to suck their best pal's asshole. Getting a teenage boy’s face buried between a pair of ass cheeks for the first time is a special thrill for me. I'm not sure why. I guess it’s because I know it’s something he will never forget.


By then my dick was so hard, I feared permanent damage so I decided I would fuck the twelve-year-old. I had them hold him down and slowly worked my dickhead into his small, anal pucker. I explained to the boys that it hurt horribly the first dozen or so times but that they would get used to it. Their cunts would soon stretch enough to accommodate even the biggest cocks. I buried my prick in the twelve-year-old's ass with him screaming and crying and at one point chewing his own tongue, so we had to put a dirty pair of underpants in his mouth for his own safety. I told the boys to use someone else's underpants not his own.


I told them they had to learn how to be creative and inventive, and really perverted when they had sex, as it would earn them more money.


I had one of the older boys lick my balls while I fucked the twelve-year-old and then another lick my ass. It was divine. When I pulled out of the sobbing little boy, I had the others kneel toward me with their asses up, and then fucked the boys one after another going from one sweet ass to the next and back again.


I ordered the twelve-year-old to get up and suck the asses of the boys I had just pulled my dick out of to keep it slick and wet and to help with the pain.


These were beautiful, slim-hipped, slender boys with tiny, tight asses and ass cheeks like melons. I fucked for half an hour boy to boy without shooting. When I told the boys, I would fuck five strokes in each of them in turn, and the boy who could make me shoot would get five hundred baht (twelve U.S. dollars). I told them to use their nice, strong, teenage ass muscles to give me a perfect fuck. I told them their ass muscles were the most important muscles in their bodies from now on. The twelve-year-old could hardly walk, which was okay cause he looked better crawling anyway. After I finally shot up the ass of one of the fourteen-year-olds, I had them all fuck each other. I taught them a variety of fucking positions and had them change partners every ten minutes or so. When they shot, I made them suck the cum out of each other’s asses so they would get used to the taste of dick spunk.


Herman wanted at least forty boys working in his bar, and I knew that I had my work cut out for me.


Tired in Thailand, dale10