At the Concert

Billy Hillis
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First Concert on my Own

I was so excited. I had just turned twelve, and my mom had given me the okay to go to a concert by myself. I was shy and did not have many friends. I loved punk music and was excited at going to the show at the local hall. It was all local and regional bands playing. One was from the high school, which I would be attending in a couple years. They were an awesome band, and I couldn't wait to see them live.

I had long black hair and green eyes. I wore my grungiest jeans and an old CBGB tee. My mom dropped me off, but I told her I'd get a ride home from somebody or just walk. It was only twelve blocks from where I lived. I went into the venue, and it was already packed. The music was loud, and I was so excited. I got a soda from the concession stand and made my way through the crowd. I wanted to get as close to the stage as I could. It was elbow to elbow, and everyone was just dancing in place bumping into each other.

Totally enjoying myself, I got lost in the moment and music. It was so hot, and everybody was sweating and screaming. I dreamed that I was in a band and up on the stage. I intently watched the lead singer of the band that was playing. They were older — it looked like they were probably in college. I loved the way he was growling out the lyrics and moving around the stage. I was quickly becoming a fan of theirs. Every once in awhile he'd grab his crotch and thrust his hips forward. It was so naughty but cool. It seemed like he was looking right at me when he sang, “I'll g-g-g-getcha tonight.”

The night wore on, and finally, the band from the high school was up. The crowd was getting into it now, and most had their fists up in the air or a lit lighter. I couldn't believe the energy in the place. I wished I could do this every night. At about this time, I began to notice someone was directly behind me and moving with me. Then an arm came around me, and I heard a gravelly voice speaking into my ear and asking me if I liked these guys. I could smell cigarettes and alcohol on his breath. I started to say, ‘yeah they were really great,’ but stopped in mid-sentence as I turned and looked up directly into the face of the singer from that college band.

“Oh, my god, you're the guy from the band. You guys were great, but what are you doing here?”


“I just came by to meet my number one fan,” he replied as he smiled at me. “I'm Jessie.”


Oh, I'm…um…Corey.”


Well, Corey, you don't mind if I hang out here with you, do ya?”


Of course, I didn't. I didn't know why he would want to, but I wasn't going to say no. He stayed behind me and kept his arm around me. I thought that was a bit weird, but at the same time he felt so strong, and I felt safe like that. Like he was protecting me. He would lean down, and talk into my ear to tell me stuff about him and ask me questions. We were getting along, and I felt like we'd been friends forever. Finally, he leaned down and told me he was going to go out back for a smoke. He asked if I'd like to go with him. Did I ever! I was getting to hang out with a rock star. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.


We walked out back into the alley. He leaned back against the wall, pulled a pack of smokes out of his leather pants and took out two giving me one and lighting it. I inhaled and leaned back against the wall like him.


“No, Corey! You get over here in front of me just like we were inside.”


I blushed, and my heart started beating faster. Why was he getting mean with me? I was frightened but did as he said. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me tight against him.


“That's better. This is how I like my little fans,” he said in a nicer voice.


I could tell he was smiling even though I didn't turn around to look at him. That made me feel better, and I relaxed again. We smoked the cigarettes while we talked and joked. Some other guy came out for a smoke.


“Hi, Snake. Good set tonight.”


Jessie said hi back and introduced me as his newest fan. They talked about how I would make a good roadie, and maybe, even be a rock star someday. That made me feel good, but I giggled and told them I had no talent, but that I did dream about it sometimes. Jessie said he'd be glad to show me the ropes, and that I definitely had the makings of a star. He said it was obvious I liked the attention. I asked him what he meant. He took his arm from around me and told me to take a couple steps forwards but not to turn around. I did, and Jessie and his friend whistled.


“See, told ya he likes showing off and getting attention,” Jessie said.


“Yeah, those tight jeans with all the rips and tears will get plenty of looks!” his friend said.


“Uh…huh…you can see a lot of skin and his sexy undies,” remarked Jessie.


I turned around. I was blushing from the remarks they had made about my little butt. The comments made me uncomfortable, but I did find I liked the attention, and Jessie was my friend, so it was cool. I didn't get attention like this at school. Jessie's friend excused himself as he finished his smoke, and said he'd leave us alone.


“You can come back in my arms now, Corey,” Jessie said.


I did, and Jessie held me tight to him. I asked him if he really thought my underwear was sexy. I thought they were, and that's why I had my mom buy them for me, but no one had ever told me they were before. Not that anyone had ever really seen them except for little glimpses through my ripped jeans.


He said, “Hell yes, and you’re fucking sexy too, all of you.”


I loved it when he cursed. It was so naughty and mature.


“I like hanging around with sexy people,” Jessie said.


I thanked him but said I didn't think I was sexy at all.


“Shut up, I find you sexy, and that’s all that matters.”


He dropped his right hand and cupped my right butt cheek. I thought that was a bit queer, but I didn't say anything because I figured rock guys were just wild and crazy, and it was how they were. He must have taken that to mean that I didn't mind because he started slowly rubbing my butt cheek and exploring it with his fingers through the holes in my jeans. It did feel good. He had a nice touch, so I just let him continue for about ten minutes.


“You ready to go back inside?” Jessie asked.


“Yeah,” I replied.


He put his arm around my shoulder and started to walk us back inside. Just then I remembered what his friend had said when he first came out.


“Why did your friend call you Snake?”


I figured he had one for a pet or something. I was quite shocked when he stopped and grabbed his crotch. He smiled at me


“This is Snake.”


I gasped and blushed when he took my hand and placed it on the large bulge. I sputtered and quickly drew my hand away.


“Oh, don't worry about it, Corey, it can't get out. It's well secured.”


He laughed, and I did too. He was so funny. We got back inside and worked our way up front. He pulled me into him, and we gyrated to the music like before. He sure liked touching me. He kept one arm around me and one hand down on my thigh or bottom. As the music and crowd heated up, he explored me through the holes or rips in my jeans inserting a finger or two inside them and touching my underwear or the flesh inside. He would lean into my ear telling me that I was his cutest, sexiest fan. I'd never had sex of any kind and didn't know much about it. I was pretty naive. I was acutely aware of his 'snake' pressing against me. I truthfully didn't think it was his wiener since it was so big. I only had mine to compare it with, and it never occurred to me that there were different sizes or that he was bigger.


I didn't think of his actions as sexual, but rather as affectionate. My dad had left mom long ago, and there wasn't much affection at home other than the occasional hug or a quick peck on the cheek, so if Jessie wanted to hold me, and touch me like this, I wasn't going to stop him. I laughed to myself as the thought occurred to me that maybe he did have a snake in his pants. A real one. He was really grinding whatever he had in his pants into me hard. All of a sudden his tongue was in my ear, and I thought that was kinda gross but then he blew on it, and it made my tummy feel all weird.


Then he said that we needed to go back outside. I didn't smoke all that much, so I really didn't want to, but if Jessie wanted to, I was going to be there. So off we went with his arm around me. He dropped his hand down to my butt as we made our way. I guess it was his way of showing me that we were friends and that he liked me. Anyway, I was getting used to it and didn't mind at all. He was so cool, and it did feel good, and I did like the attention. He was right. When we got outside, he leaned up against the wall again, and I started to take my place, but he stopped me and turned me towards him. He looked down at me and smiled.


“I like you so much, Corey.”


“I like you too, Jessie. You're the coolest.”


“I want to kiss you to show you how much I like you.”


Without waiting for an answer, he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. Even my mom didn't ever do that. I knew boys and girls kissed if they liked each other, but I'd never heard of boys kissing each other.


“Did you like that, Corey?” he asked as smiled at me.


“Oh, yeah, Jessie, that was cool. We're like best friends forever now, huh?”




He leaned in to kiss me again, but this time he held it. Both his hands went down my back, and he cupped a butt cheek in each. His tongue started pressing against my lips, and he told me to open up. I did, and his tongue went right in my mouth. Oh wow! This was something entirely new for me. His tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth, and his hands were squeezing my butt cheeks and pulling me into him. I could feel him grinding his crotch into me. I didn't know what it was, but I didn't want it to stop. After about fifteen minutes of kissing me, he broke it off.


“Since you are my biggest fan, I want you to be the president of the Snake Fan Club. Would you like that, Corey?”


“Oh, wow, yes, Jessie! What do I have to do?”


“First, I want you to get on your knees.”


I did. My face was just inches from his crotch. I could smell his musky, manly odor. He put his hands under my chin and lifted it up, so we were looking directly at each other. His eyes bore into mine, and he said nothing for a few minutes.


“It's time for you to meet Snake. He's been wanting to meet you all night.”


He let go of my chin and started to unbutton his leather pants. I gulped and prepared to get out of the way. I really did think he had an actual snake in his pants, and I didn't want to get bit. Jessie unbuttoned his leather pants and then pulled the flap apart. He wasn't wearing any underwear. So naughty. I watched as he then stuck his hand in and brought out this tube of flesh. Oh, my gosh, it was a snake! Well, not a real one, but the name was indeed fitting. I couldn't believe it and just stared at it. It was surrounded by curly blonde hairs like he had on his arms. How on earth did his weiner get that big? Or was mine ungodly small? When I found my voice, I asked him how it got that big. He laughed and said that he was just blessed with a ten incher. It was God's gift to him, and that he enjoyed sharing it with his fans.


“Now, it's time for you to be properly introduced. Corey, Snake. Snake, Corey.”


“Hello, Snake.”


I giggled.


“No silly, take it in your hands.”


I reached out and hefted it up in both my hands. I couldn't reach all the way around it. It felt somewhat heavy and warm, and not hard but not soft either.


“Now, put it up to your lips, and give it a kiss.”


I shook my head back, and forth. There was no way I was kissing his wiener. Absolutely not.


“Did you enjoy it when we kissed earlier?”


I shook my head yes.


“You will like this too then. It will make Snake very happy, and if Snake's happy, I'm happy.”


I brought it to my lips and kissed the tip. It wasn't so bad. Now, we were all friends and happy.


“Kiss it again, Corey. Longer this time.”


I put my lips on the tip and held them there. Smashing my lips against it before I made a loud smacking kiss on it.


“Now, open your mouth, and kiss it using your tongue like we did earlier.”


He told me before I could pull off it. I opened my mouth and covered just a little bit of the head. Cautiously I stuck my tongue out and licked it to see what it tasted like. At least, it didn't taste like pee or anything nasty. I heard him moan


“Yes…yes…keep going…”


He pushed forward a bit, and the whole head went into my mouth. I didn't know what we were doing exactly, but it felt naughty, and I liked it. Jessie’s dick seemed to be growing and getting bigger as I kissed and licked it. Jessie soon had his hands on the back of my head and was rubbing it and pulling me more onto his snake. He was telling me what a good job I was doing, and that I was the best president of a fan club anybody could have.


He started pushing and pulling his dick in and out of my mouth getting a little bit more in each time. He warned me to watch my teeth and not scrape against Snake. Was he planning on putting the whole thing in my mouth? I certainly hoped not. There was no way it could all fit. It would be halfway down to my tummy.


He worked it like that for about twenty minutes. His hips were grinding towards me faster, and he tightened his grip on my head. He told me he was about to cum. Whatever that was, I knew it must be something huge, but I was unprepared for what happened next.


“Oh, fuck, Corey, I'm cumming!” Jessie yelled out.


I felt his dick pulse and something hot and wet firing into my mouth. He pulled his dick out, and I watched as he aimed it at my face, and globs of a white liquid started blasting towards my face. I shut my eyes and felt the hot, thick substance splattering all over my face. When it finally stopped, I opened my eyes. I saw his dick in front of me with some of the white cream still dripping off the end. He rubbed it against my lips and told me to lick it off.


I wasn't sure about this, but I'd come this far and didn't see how I could say no. I stuck my tongue out and licked it gingerly. It didn't taste so bad. I liked the salty flavor. After I finished licking it all up, he stuffed it back into his pants and buttoned up. Then he pulled me up from my knees and kissed me. He explained what the stuff was, and said it showed how much he liked me, and that I should always show my appreciation for it by swallowing as much as I could. He then led me back to the concert. Making me keep his cum on my face. I knew people were looking at me now, but I didn't care. If that's what Jessie wanted me to do, then I was glad to do it.