Asian School Bullies

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Kenzo stopped only for a moment to look through the chain link fence at the boys playing after school sports. Was it his fault that he wasn't cut out for such rough activity? He was a nerdy intellect who much preferred his computer, his books, and his film studies. He was nice looking, but very few of the girls took any notice of him, as they all got wet panties over the high school jocks. Kenzo couldn't blame them.

He thought the jocks were awesome too, although he knew he could never voice his adoration of the well-muscled rough and tumble boys. He both admired and feared them. They were always making fun of him, and now in the last few years, as teenage hormones took over from young boy juices, .the jocks had started to call him "Faggot" and "Queer." Many a night, Kenzo went home and cried because he felt lonely.

This particular day, Kenzo paused too long at the chain link fence. He never saw Tanaka, the school bully, with his ever-present dark sunglasses and tight fitting clothing approach. Even the teachers didn't dare tell Tanaka to remove his glasses in school.


One fragile male teacher, Mr. Kasawa, who had dared to suggest that Tanaka and his gang take off their glasses in the building, was found in the boy's toilet naked and tied upside down from an overhead pipe with his face shoved into a toilet bowl filled with shit. Mr. Kawaza resigned the very next day. Nobody messed with Tanaka, not even the jocks.


"Faggot Boy," Tanaka said putting a strong hand on Kenzo's shoulder. Kenzo spun around and found himself surrounded by the gang of bullies, all smiling cruel smiles. "Faggot Boy, you never paid your toll to go home passed the sports field so you can stare at the lumps in the soccer shorts of your classmates. I told you last week you had to pay a toll."


"Come on Tanaka," Kenzo tried to sound friendly and casual, yet respectful, but his young voice shook so much he could hardly speak. "You know I haven't got any money. Why not hit on some of the rich kids instead. If I don't go home this way, it takes me an extra two hours."


Tanaka leaned Kenzo back against the fence. He brought his face in close to Kenzo's. Kenzo smelled the sweat of the gang boy's body. "I told you to pay the toll. I never, and I repeat, I never say anything twice." That was one of Tanaka's little jokes. He was actually a pretty smart guy and often very witty.


"I don't have any money. Honest. You know I lost my father and my mother works late into the night just to provide rent and food money. I haven't got anything to give you."


Tanaka laughed. "Sure you do, if you haven't got any money, how about a little pussy?"


Kenzo couldn't believe what he had just heard. He had heard rumors of course, about Tanaka and his gang raping both girls and boys, but he had always rejected them as inflated exaggerations. He tried to move away, but Tanaka pinned him against the fence, he lifted Kenzo's slender pale arms over his head and held them there. Then with his other hand he unbuttoned the younger boy's shirt.


"Okay, okay, I'll get the money for you someplace. Just give me a little time."


"Too late Faggot Boy, I no longer want the money. I want some of your pretty pale white body. I want your pretty faggot boy lips wrapped around my big fucking dick. You are such a pretty boy, you make me so fucking horny. I want to kiss you."


The gang of thugs laughed as Tanaka leaned his face in to kiss Kenzo. Kenzo turned his head away. You don't turn your headway from Tanaka. The school rebel grabbed the younger boy's soft sweet face in his hand and pressed hard with his fingers, forcing Kenzo's mouth open. He leaned in further and started to lick Kenzo's neck and cheek.


Kenzo had never been intimate with anyone, girl or boy. Of course he thought about sex, what boy his age didn't, but he had never sexually kissed anyone. Tanaka licked Kenzo's face, swiping his wide tongue all over the soft hairless skin. Then he put his mouth on Tanaka's, and forced that thick tongue into the boy's mouth. Kenzo wanted to die. His heart knocked at his ribs. His head spun. Tanaka lets gobs of spit slosh around in Kenzo's mouth.


In the meantime, Ryo, one of Tanaka's boys, started to work on Kenzo's belt. It wasn't enough that his chest was naked and his shirt was flapping in the wind, now right outside, right there next to the boys playing soccer, they were going to lower his pants. Kenzo was a very shy boy. He didn't like to undress in front of other boys, and he never used a public restroom when anyone else was in it.


He was offended by the way some of the jocks talked to each other from their toilet stalls why they took their shits. He couldn't believe that some of the most popular boys in the school, grunted and made dirty noises when they took their dumps and yelled things like, "What a fucking big shit log," so everyone else in the bathroom could hear. And the other guys thought it was funny. Not Kenzo. He was appalled.


"Oh please, please, don't let him take down my underpants," Kenzo prayed while he tried to force the thick tongue out of his mouth. Tanaka was really kissing the boy, like he kissed the Shinjuku whores. But it was no use. Ryo had his boxers down and his penis and balls were on full display to the rest of the gang. The boy applauded and made nasty comments about what a tiny prick Kenzo had.


"No wonder he is queer. He could never stick that into a cunt!" One of the boys shouted.


Tanaka started to rub Kenzo's sensitive boy nipples. At the same time, Ryo began to play with Kenzo's cock and balls. No one except for the doctor has ever touched the boy there. He felt mortified. Another boy, a boy from his own school, .was rubbing his nutsack and playing with his dick.


"You're very lucky Kenzo," Tanaka said pulling his face away from the molested kid, a trail of saliva still connecting his chin to Kenzo's mouth. "You are going to be our official Bitch Boy from now on. Isn't that great? We'll protect you and take care of you, and all you got to do is suck our dicks and give us your boy pussy ten or fifteen times a day." The boys laughed riotously, but Kenzo had begun to cry.


"Look he's crying, the baby is crying," Ryo said, frigging Kenzo's flaccid prick.


Tanaka leaned in and licked Kenzo's tear covered cheek. "Mmmmmmm tastes good." he said. Tanaka stepped away. "I'll bet he wants to suck some dick. That's why he's crying, cause we are teasing him and not giving him any dick. Let’s get him under the overpass where we can have some privacy."


Tanaka and his gang dragged the half-naked Kenzo under the overpass, where they stripped off the rest of his clothing, leaving the school boy bare assed naked and surrounded by a gang of teenage thugs.


Kenso sat bare-assed on the damp dirty ground, trying to cover his privates. Tanaka squatted down next to him.


"You are so sweet Kenzo, I think I'm getting a crush on you. Tell me, have you ever fucked a girl?"


Kenzo sniffed back some tears and looked over at the squatting teen. He didn't say anything. Tanaka leaned in and grabbed one of Kenzo's nipples with each hand. He twisted until Kenzo thought he would pass out from the pain.


"When I ask you a question, honey, you better answer right away. Have you ever fucked a girl?"


"No." Kenzo sobbed.


"No, what?"


"Noo, ouch, owwwwwwwwwwww. No I have never fucked a girl."


"What a faggot," Ryo said, rubbing his own bulging crotch.


"Have you ever sucked cock?"


"No, I have never done anything like that. Please, you are hurting me."


Tanaka smiled. "That's the idea, my little Pussy. Your pain gives us pleasure, so get used to it. This is what your school days are going to be filled with from now on. But guess what, you are so cute, you have made my dick very, very hard. And so, I think you had better have your first lesson in sucking dick!"


All the boys there, all four of them including the boy taking pictures, TAKING PICTURES, unzipped or unbuttoned and the gang of Japanese thugs took out their fat leaking dicks.


"Now listen up!" Tanaka took Kenzo's face in his hands. "Cocksucking is an art form, and we expect you to become an expert. One thing I hate is a twat or a faggot who gives a lousy blowjob. Your main job in life from now on is to make my dick feel out of this world. And the dicks of my gang as well."


Kenzo was hysterical with fear, he pushed forward, and started to crawl away, bare assed naked. He looked so hot, on his hands and knees with his tight boy ass in the air and his dick and balls swinging, that Tanaka and the guys just let him crawl for a bit. They stood there jerking on their big rigid teen pricks. In two strides, Tanaka was in front of him.


Kenzo squealed and sobbed, tears dripping from his chin and snot running from his nose. Tanaka squatted once again and this time rubbed his fat cock all over the crying boy's face. Kenzo tried to pull away, but Tanaka was too strong. He slapped the boy's tear streaked face with his thick dick. Kenzo could smell his cock and balls. The other guys gathered around, their dicks leaking all over. They formed a circle around the boy. Tanaka pushed Kenzo up against the cement wall, onto his knees.


"Now we don't expect perfection today that will come in the weeks ahead. But make sure you show proper respect to our cocks. Your job from now is to love our cocks, to worship them. You will learn to lick up our pre fuck drippings; you will learn to clean our cocks with your mouth after we fuck our bitches. You will suck our balls and eat out our asses. You will drink our piss and much more. And even more amusing, every day in school, you will entertain us and our girlfriends. You will entertain us in any and every way we tell you to. From this point on, Kenzo, my pretty faggot boy... YOU BELONG TO ME!"