Asian Gang Fuck

(MB) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (rape)

So there was this snotty, uppity Thai waiter at this one restaurant I love to go to. It’s really one of my favorites and this arrogant fuck really ruined the experience for me. He was really cute see, so as he took my order I reached up and started to squeeze his sexy, tight, young ass cheeks. Well, would believe, the young fuck gently pulled away.

What has happened to young people in our world today? Jesus, I was only feeling his ass. It wasn't like I had a finger up his hole or anything. And after all, he was a teenage waiter, what the fuck else are they for? So when he brought me my Singha beer, I grabbed his wrist, smiled really politely, and told him that I really wanted to fuck his cute, young ass. He was so embarrassed he batted his thick, long, black eyelashes and sniffed. He kind of half smiled a Thai smile of embarrassment and told me he didn't have sex with men. That he "wasn't that way."

Well, that was just fine with me. I told him my fucking him would be all the more enjoyable in that case and that I would meet him after work and take him to a hotel where he could suck my dick, and I would fuck him. While I said this, holding him by the wrist, my other hand pawed at the crotch of his black jeans and felt a nice, healthy bulge. I saw a flash of anger cross his face and he actually pulled back and shouted at me something in Thai and heads turned. I was embarrassed now. Talk about humiliation.


So the first thing I did was make sure the kid was fired. I mean if that is how he treated me, imagine the lousy service he gave to other nice, gentlemen customers, but I wasn't through yet. His behavior really bugged me because I knew he would take his bad attitude to other jobs. So I got his address, and then I spent too much money hiring a private dick to tail the kid. Every time he got a new job someplace, I waited a day or two before I went to the manager and told him horror stories of how the kid was a pervert and stole money and the poor, little fuck lost his job. That's what happens when you are a cute, teenage boy and don't let nice gentlemen feel your hot, young, teen ass. The kid was soon destitute.


I arranged for the boy to be gang fucked. Four tough guys worked him over for three days straight. Every kind of sexual act you can think of. They fucked him continually, and when they were too spent, they used dildos, cucumbers, carrots, bottles, and a baseball bat. He sucked cock until his tongue was thick and swollen. He sucked ass too. They pissed down his throat and even took dumps in his sweet, young mouth. I secretly took photos, of course. They left him a fucked up, fucked out ruin of a teenage boy.


Then I showed up at his shack with food, drink, and medicine. He looked at me with confusion and didn't even remember me at first. I kindly explained to him that I was the cause of all of his misfortune. I even showed him photos of his gang fuck. I told him I was punishing him for being rude to me and that he must never be rude to anyone again in his whole life. Then I told him I would arrange for him to have a nice job at a very good restaurant of a friend of mine.


"Now, I want you to come to my hotel tonight for our date that was postponed weeks ago. I want to teach you how to suck my dick, and then I want to fuck that sweet, young ass of yours, and I think this time you won't refuse."


He showed up at my door right on time.