Anton & Olek


It was one of those webcam sex sites, you know the kind, where you can pay a certain amount of credits and have a private show from young dudes, except this was a “special” kinky site that you had to have the password even to enter in the first place. Once connected, you got to look into various “rooms” and meet the young couples there.

I chose Anton, an Eastern European boy of sixteen and twelve-year-old Olek. I picked them for several reasons. Before paying for the “private session,” I chatted with them first and knew Anton spoke fair English. Second, they were brand new to the site. Third, Anton looked to be enormously hung, even though I had only seen him in his thin blue briefs so far. He had the outline of a real fuck monster in his underpants. Fourth, the younger boy was very nervous, which proved to me that this was one of his first times performing. I like to encourage “young, new performers.”

And then there was Olek. He was twelve. What a treat it would be to watch a twelve-year-old boy get fucked. I have a special affection for watching huge cocks ramming especially young, tiny, assholes. It’s just my thing. Of course, nothing beats actually fucking young ass yourself. Watching is a poor substitute, but fun nonetheless. Being such an exclusive website, it is, of course, terribly expensive. But I have found many fascinating “private sessions” available on the site. I have watched eight, and nine-year-old boys suck and fuck with dogs. I have watched a fourteen-year-old boy suck a horse cock. I have seen a father fuck his little son and another father masturbate while his baby boy was fucked by three huge black men. Of course, some faith is needed. You have no guarantee that the relationships they tout are totally authentic. They swear the fucking man and boy are father and son, and they show your family photos, and the two participants swear to it, and they post documents and such, but you have no absolute proof. But then faith is required for everything in life eventually.
The reason I latched on to Anton on this particular day was that after a bit of probing, it was revealed to me by Anton that Olek was not really his twelve-year-old friend, but his brother. This really interested me. This prompted the following interchange which leads on to the private session. Below is the actual transcript of our chat, picking it up right after I learned that Olek was his brother.
Me: That is really amazing Anton. So, Olek is your little brother. And you’re willing to do stuff to him to entertain me if I buy a private session?
Anton: Yeah, that’s correct. He just turned twelve years old two days ago, and have never done any sex thing with anyone. He is very shy.
Me: He is also very pretty. He does look a bit like you, now that you mention it. But you have been on this site before. I have seen your photo in the gallery.
Anton: Yeah, I am on with fucking my girlfriend. We are on it for several months, but I get her pregnant, and she is angry to me, and so I drop her.
Me: Yes, I heard good things about you. My friends who viewed private sessions said that you fuck quite roughly and have a very large dick.
Anton: Yes, I have more than eight inch of cock. Very thick too. You can see in my briefs, yes?
Me: I can see, yes. It is quite a hunk of fuckmeat. You’re a good-looking boy. What gave you the idea of doing this with your brother?
Anton: I have time schedule for show and no partner. I need some money bad and can find no partner. I do gay show if I can find a guy, but all my friends is busy or not want to. So I must have a partner, and I think my little brother is so beautiful and it is maybe time since now he is twelve to learn about sex.
Me: Actually he is a bit old for Eastern Europe. Most faggots there start to suck and fuck about eight or nine years of age. I’m surprised you kept him pure this long and have not had your dick into him for a couple of years already. Your father too. I hear many men in your country fuck their queer sons.
Anton: Is only rumor I think. Not so many fuck them own sons. And I scared before to fuck my brother. I like to think about it, I am honest with you. I show him my dick and even have him to pump it for me, but I never do nothing more because I am scared, but now I need the money.
Me: That’s very interesting. What age were you when you had him masturbate your dick?
Anton: First time I think I am fourteen. I have him to pump me maybe two or three times a week since then, but never to suck it or to get fuck. Well, sometimes I have him kiss it a little bit. But that is all.
Me: So, you had him start to masturbate you three years ago.
Anton: Yes, but not regular. When I have a girlfriend, then I am not interested in my little brother.
Me: I understand, Anton. You sound like a normal average teenage boy to me. Except or course for your good looks and huge dick. Olek does not speak English, right?
Anton: Not good like me. But I can translate to him for you.
Me: Well, tell him I’m happy to meet him and that he is beautiful and that I think he looks lovely in his tiny underpants.
Anton translates, and his young brother smiles sweetly, looking very shy.
Me: He should not keep his hands covering his crotch area though. I cannot see the lump of his little pricklet through his underpants. And if I’m going to buy this very expensive private session, I need to see his dicklet bulge a bit.
Anton says something to Olek, and he takes his hands away to show his baby dick covered by just the thin material of the underpants.
Me: That’s right, Olek. My, what a pretty boy you are. You should learn to keep your legs always spread nice and wide.
Anton: Sorry, he is still learning. This is his first time.
Me: Have you ever thought about fucking your brother, Anton? He must love your huge dick. Have you ever thought about fucking his poor unfucked asshole?
Anton looks down and then at Olek and then at the camera.
Anton: I guess I think sometimes of this. When I am younger before I have girlfriends, I think maybe I can fuck my brother.
Me: I understand. Stand up, will you, Anton, so I can get a good look at your dick bulge. That is really something. You know it is really going to hurt if you fuck your little brother with that hunk of fuckmeat. If I pay for this session, I will want you to fuck him in the ass. You understand that?
Anton: It okay, mister. I already tell him it will hurt at first, but later he will love to get fuck like girl.
Me: Yes, that does happen to bitches doesn’t it? At first, it hurts like hell, the worst pain ever, and then after being fucked ten or fifteen times, they get cock crazy and can’t get enough of it
Anton: No problem, mister, I will do everything. Maybe you will tip us too, okay?
Me: If you fuck him really hard and do everything I say, I might tip you although the cost of the session is outrageous. I have never seen such an expensive session.
Anton: You will see he is virgin and everything. Do you want to see his tits?
Me: That’s kind of funny, but yes. It’s weird because he’s a boy. He hasn’t really got tits, just little nubs. But yes, I would love to see them.
Anton whispers to Olek, and he, at first, shakes his head no, but then Anton speaks harshly to him, and he removes his t-shirt. What I see are small bumps of flesh. He needs nipple work to develop fully.
Me: Tell Olek that his tits are very nice. Someday he will have beautiful sow tits, but they’re quite lovely for little boy udders. I noticed you had to speak harshly to him to get him to comply. We can’t have that if I buy the session. I don’t want to have to waste time with you convincing him to do things. He must obey my orders and yours at once with no trouble.
Anton: No problem, mister. Everything perfect. He do everything, no problem. You can say.
Me: For example, I might want you to piss in his mouth.
Anton gets a dumb look on his face for a moment. It turns me on. I can tell he has never done anything like that.
Me: Is something wrong?
Anton: No problem. I can do that. He can do that. Anything you want.
Me: Have him put his hand inside your underpants and play with your dick a little bit. I want to make sure he is not too shy.
Anton: Okay.
Anton whispers something to his little brother, and he blushes sweetly and looks shyly at the camera. Then Olek puts one small hand inside his big brother’s blue briefs and begins to fondle his dick and balls.
Me: That’s good Anton. Tell Olek he’s doing that very well. Look, Anton, your big thick dick is leaking. There is a giant wet spot on your underpants. That’s great.
Anton: That’s all we can do here. Other people can look. If you want more, it must be a private session.
Anyone browsing on the site could watch the couples until they switched to a private session. So I knew that probably hundreds of men were currently watching Olek masturbate his brother inside his underpants.
Me: I understand, Anton. I will buy your private session, even though it is very expensive, but I need to make sure that Olek is willing to do whatever I say first. I don’t want to get cheated for my money. So before I buy the private session, I want you to have Olek just lean down and suck on the wet spot of your underpants. I want him to suck on the dick leak right where the head of your dick is. With your underpants so wet, I can clearly see your fat dickhead through the thin material. I want him to suck on the wet spot for me to prove his willingness.
Anton: No, no, we are not allow this. We must not show any sex in public chat. Too many people watch and not pay. Sorry.
Me: Anton, listen to me. If you do not have him do this, I will not buy your session. Not many men would pay this high amount, so you had better think carefully. Do you want the money or not? All he has to do is prove to me that he can follow orders. I just want to see him suck up some of your dick leak. It’s not really sex at all. If the fucking little faggot can’t even do that, I doubt he will be willing to take cock up his boy-cunt. So what do you say?
Anton whispers with Olek for a few moments. They are an adorable couple. Anton obviously does have a really massive dick, and Olek is so tiny and fragile looking. I can’t wait to see him totally fucked like a rag doll I suspect that Anton is the kind of kid who totally forgets all about the welfare of his partner when he is fucking. He thinks only with and through his freakish dick. Even if what he is fucking is his own brother, he probably will batter the shit out of the little boy.
Anton: Okay, mister. We do it. No problem. But then you buy.
Anton puts his hand to the back of his little brother’s head and gently but forcefully pushes Olek’s head down toward the huge wet spot in the front of his straining blue cotton underpants. The dick must still be leaking because the spot is growing and getting that sticky, milky look to it. I love dudes who are leakers. I think it is really sexy to watch a guy drip and leak all over his sex partner. There is something so romantic about it. Olek puts his sweet twelve-year-old face down by his sixteen-year-old brother’s fat dick and sticks out his little pink tongue, and he begins to lap at the dick-soaked cotton material. He makes a sour face, and I have to laugh. He has apparently never tasted cock sauce before.
Me: That's right. Beautiful. Now Anton, don’t just have him lick. Have him suck on the cock-slop-soaked material. You know he is going to have to do this for his “boyfriends” anyway, so he might as well learn. He is actually a bit of a late bloomer. He should have learned how to do suck three or four years ago. Cock leak is a developed taste, but once a faggot gets hooked on it, he wants it all the time. Jesus, Anton, I sometimes jerk my dick until it leaks right into my bitch’s coffee or tea or whatever. I do a nice cock leak salad dressing for them too, although actual cum is better for that. Tell him he did an outstanding job and he can stop now. Sit on the bed and just face the camera for a minute. I want to talk to you.
Olek sits next to his big brother. Anton’s fucker is almost forcing the underpants to rip. Olek glances at it somewhat shyly but also with interest.
Me: Okay, I’m going to buy the session with the two of you. But I want to make myself clear. I expect you to follow orders. You’ll be asked to masturbate on his face. I’m going to want him to suck your dick, your balls, and your asshole. You’re going to fuck his mouth and his asshole. You’re going to stick your hand and perhaps other things up his asshole. You’re going to turn his asshole into a cunt. You’ll fuck him hard and balls deep. You won’t wear a condom. You’ll piss in his mouth and on his face and body. If you do a really good job, there will be a nice tip for you. What do you say?
Anton: Sure, mister, no problem. Let’s do it. Okay?
Anton smiles, he has a charming smile. His hand is playing with his hard dick in his underpants.
Me: Get ready. I’m going to pay for the private session now, and I’m going to want you to fuck your baby brother harder than you have ever fucked a cunt before. First, we’re going to make him model for us and show me his bald young boy-pussy. I’m going to want him to spread his ass cheeks and show me deep inside his virgin asshole. Then the two of you will begin to perform. You’ll tongue kiss like good brothers. You’ll spit on his face and lick it off. Then you’ll suck and chew on his baby titties. And then he’ll be introduced properly to his brother’s cuntbuster.
And that was the chat before I purchased the private session.
Do you want to hear what happened next?