Angels in My Bed

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A palimpsest based on a story by Norm DePloom


I couldn't believe how sweet and innocent the young boy looked asleep in the bed. I knew from the beginning that Taylor was something special, that I was going to have to save him for a very special occasion. Today is my birthday; I think that's special enough. Taylor's tight, virgin boy-cunt will be my own little gift to myself.

My cock always gets hard when I watch one of my little angels sleep. I've jerked off so many times watching Taylor sleep I've lost count, then I stand over his bed and splash my hot cum down onto whatever part of his naked body is exposed at the time.

Taylor doesn't cry as much as he used to and now, when he's sad, he lets me cuddle his naked body and comfort him. Last night we watched the news together, like we do every night. They had an update on Taylor's disappearance and Taylor hardly cried at all, even when his mother came on the screen and made an emotional appeal for whoever had taken Taylor to let him go.

He climbed up into my lap of his own accord and hugged my neck while his naked butt made my dick hard. Only my firm decision to save this little angel for my birthday stopped me from pushing my hard cock into his tight little virgin boy cunt right there and then. Instead I moved him so my stiff dick went up between his legs. I spewed my come all over his stomach while he cried against my neck.

Taylor was used to being naked with me. He'd been naked ever since the day I took him. As soon as I incapacitated him I stripped off his underwear, shorts and shirt, and left them with his sandals. It looked like the boy had just melted away leaving his clothes behind. I know, it was a cruel joke to play on his parents, it removed any hope they might have been able to harbor that their little angel wasn't going to be raped. You don't have to tell me I'm a sick fuck, I already know that.

After six weeks living naked in my basement room Taylor was used to my being nude also. He was also used to playing my little games, the ones that made him feel disgust when my cock shot hot sticky white stuff on his hands, or on his face, or on the cute little nips on his chest.

It's amazing how resilient a boy can be, how quickly he can adapt to new situations. I told him from that first day that he'd never see his family again. I told him that I was going to start fucking him on my birthday and that when I got tired of fucking him I'd give him to other men who would continue fucking him. Then just to make sure he knew what I meant when I said I was going to fuck him, I started showing him gay porno movies.

I always took my clothes off and entered my basement room naked when I had one of my angels locked in there. Whenever I watched porno movies with Taylor, I always encouraged (insisted or forced if you prefer) him to masturbate while we watched them. When I'd seen enough of the movie and Taylor rubbing his naked, hairless prick, I'd lay with him on the bed and rub my cock between his butt cheeks, or on his belly, or between his thighs until I emptied my cum onto his soft smooth skin.

I'll never forget the thrill of holding the end of my cock up against Taylor's hairless boy cunt while I pumped my thick slimy cum over his rosebud. I would always finger him afterwards using my spunk to lubricate my finger as it moved gently in and out of his tight hole. I always loved the look of my white cum on his dark brown skin. Did I mention that Taylor was my first black angel?

I'd done white angels before. I'd done several Hispanic angels and even an Asian angel or two, but Taylor was my first black angel. After Taylor, I'm afraid I might be addicted to black angels. The first day Taylor was in my basement room I put up a calendar and marked my birthday with a red Sharpie. Every day since then we have used a black Sharpie to x-off the days until I would fuck him for the first time.

Every evening Taylor would stand in front of the calendar. I would stand behind him with my hands on his shoulders and my naked body up against his while he put a black x through the day. We would then count how many days were left until I could fuck him on my birthday. This little ritual always made me hard, no matter how many times I'd cum during the day while playing with my little black angel's naked body. After the first couple of days, watching fuck films and playing with him, or watching him play with himself, Taylor had seen several examples of men sucking on men's dicks so I started him on mine.

I remember the first time we had our little calendar ritual after Taylor had learned to suck on my cock and swallow my cum. After he put the x through the day on the calendar and we counted how many days of virginity he had left, I turned him around and pushed him down onto his knees. With a hand on each side of his head, I pulled his face toward me and pushed my hard cock between his lips.

Taylor held onto my thighs and bobbed his head, moving his hot wet mouth up and down my cock. I moaned and pushed deeper into his mouth, not stopping until he started to gag. Every time he gagged, I'd back off just a bit, then start working my cock deeper into his mouth again. I was determined that he would learn to take all of my cock.

After several minutes of him sucking on my dick I came and Taylor swallowed my cum like the good little cum dump he was becoming. After that our little evening calendar ritual would always end with Taylor on his knees sucking my cum down his throat.

One of the most exciting things about each new angel is the journey of firsts you get to take with them. Starting with them waking up, naked and alone, in the room in my basement. Then I come through the door and I get to watch as they are with a naked man for the first time. I'm always very gentle with them, but make it clear that force will be used, if necessary.

I remember how Taylor cowered on the bed, as far away from me as he could get, while I told him honestly what was going to happen to him. Taylor, like all the rest of them, relaxed a bit after I'd told him. I always like to be honest with my angels and make sure they understand that they are going to spend the rest of their lives as cum dumps for whatever man happens to be around.

I climbed onto the bed and put my arm around Taylor's sobbing body. Taylor laid his head on my chest and wept. They almost always accept comfort from me, it's better than no comfort at all. With our naked bodies touching, and his hot tears dripping on my chest, I picked up the remote control and started a video playing.

I always started out with one of my favorite videos. The picture on the screen showed a boy about Taylor's age. He was one of my previous angels and the video was made after he had been totally sexualized. Taylor's tears slowly stopped as he watched the boy on television enthusiastically fucking one man while he sucked on another man's cock. The boy and the two men were surrounded by a room full of naked men, stroking themselves as the waited for their turn to gang fuck the little faggot slut.

I let my hands roam over Taylor's body, and made no attempt to hide my cock as it grew hard just inches from his face. Keeping my left arm around my little brown angel I slowly stroked my cock with my right hand as I watched the boy on television swallowing gallons of cum while he bounced his hairless boy cunt up and down on every hard cock offered to him.

"Look at that," I said softly to Taylor, "soon you'll be fucking rooms full of men just like that little faggot is." I looked down at Taylor. Our bodies were arranged so that my hard cock being slowly stroked by my hand and the faggot on the television fucking like a bitch in heat were both in his line of view. "He started out in this room, just like you," I told Taylor as I held him tight and enjoyed his first experience of watching a man jerk off while watching a fuck tape.

"He was afraid and cried a lot at first, just like you are doing, but look how great he turned out a few months later," I gave Taylor a reassuring hug, "fucking a room full of men with wild abandon and loving every inch of it." I took my eyes off the scene long enough to look at Taylor and make sure he was watching. "There's a group of men in a city not far from here," I continued as my left hand gently stroked Taylor's ass and my right hand continued to pump my hard cock right in front of his face, "sort of like a club, they all love to fuck young boys like you.

This video was made while they were testing Kyle to see if they wanted to buy him for their club. Kyle proved to be everything they wanted, he went to live with them right after this video was made. For the next couple of years he got all the fucking and sucking he could handle at their club. When he got a little too old for their tastes and started growing pubic hair, I brokered a deal that sent him to Hong Kong to work in an upscale whore house that specializes in supplying American boys for Asian men to fuck.”

I was getting near to cumming and held on to Taylor's naked body while I stroked my cock and pumped my hips. "Last I heard..." I continued between grunts and groans as my orgasm approached. "...a rich... Chinese businessman... had paid... a fortune for him. He disappeared... into China... with him... I haven't... heard from him... oh god... oh yea."

I rolled over toward Taylor and splattered his tummy and chest with my cum. "Ahh, oh god that felt good." I loosened my grip on the scared, little boy and, releasing my spent cock, used my right hand to rub my cum over his smooth warm skin.

This was one of my treasured moments with each of my little angels. I always had a feeling of almost a religious nature as I anointed each one of them with the first cum to touch their bodies. Later on he would often be covered with the stuff from head to foot, but this was his first time.

As the thick sticky fluid began to dry on his skin I moved my hand down toward his prick, "spread your legs," I said softly. Taylor lay in my arms beside me, making no move to obey. I moved my hand back up over his belly and chest until my fingers came to rest around his throat. I didn't choke him; I just made sure he knew my hand was there.

"When I tell you to do something," I whispered gently in his ear, "you are going to have to do it. If you don't, then you'll force me to hurt you." I paused to let that sink in. "And when I start hurting you I won't stop until you do what you've been told." Taylor looked at me with renewed fear as tears streamed down his cheeks. "Did your mother ever spank you?"

"Yes." Taylor answered softly with a catch in his voice.

"If I have to hurt you it will be a million times worse than the hardest spanking your mother ever gave you." Again, I paused for a moment to enjoy his fear before I continued. As much as I enjoyed the thrill of watching his fear filled eyes, I was really trying to make things easier for Taylor, just like I had for all my other little angels. The sooner he realized that he had no choice about anything and that he never would have a choice, the better it would be for Taylor, as well as everybody else.

"Spread your legs," I repeated gently. Taylor spread his legs, moving his feet about two inches apart. "When you are told to spread your legs," I instructed Taylor with my hand still resting on his neck, "you will always spread them just as wide as you can." Taylor spread his legs wide and tried to look away in embarrassment. I moved my hand up from his neck to his chin and turned his face back toward me. "Open your mouth."

Taylor did as I instructed. I brought my lips to his and, while I explored his virgin mouth with my tongue, I slid my right hand back down to his prick. My almost dried cum caused my hand to move in a jerky motion across his chest and tummy, but I found his inner thighs to be smooth and warm. While I continued exploring his mouth with my tongue, my hand moved over his legs and his prick and balls. Taylor's tongue responded to mine and licked back at my tongue.

I broke off Taylor's first 'real' kiss. I began to stroke his cock to hardness. I felt the familiar surge of excitement I always felt when I touched a young boy for the first time. My cock was already swelling again. I noticed that Taylor was covering his face with his hands.

"Move your hands," I told him sternly, "you've got to get used to having your prick and balls looked at and touched." I explained. "During the next few years hundreds, if not thousands of men are going to look at and touch your prick and balls and they‘re going fuck your boy-cunt and your mouth." Taylor moved his hands away from his face. I kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth again. Breaking off the kiss I lowered my mouth to his left nipple then sucked, licked and nibbled it into crinkled erection.

"Watch the television," I told Taylor as I heard his whimpers begin to take on just a slight moan, "you haven't seen this yet, Kyle is going to take it up the ass." On the screen, Kyle was down on his knees with his chest pushed flat against the carpet and his fanny sticking high in the air.

He was looking back over his shoulder, telling the man on his knees behind him exactly how much he wanted to feel his cock forcing its way into his ass. I slipped my hand further down between Taylor's legs and gently ran my lubricated finger in tiny circles around his anus as we watched Kyle reach behind him and, grasping a cock that was so big his hand didn't go all the way around, guide its huge head directly into his waiting hole.

"Oh god yes," Kyle moaned arching his back to make himself more available to the giant invading cock, "fuck my ass with that monster."

I felt Taylor’s asshole twitch as my finger moved around its crinkled outside surface. My hand was wrapped around his stiff little prick.

As we watched the huge hard cock slowly stretch Kyle's ass open on the TV screen, and my finger continued to gently stimulate his anal opening, Taylor began to make ever so small humping motions with his hips to stimulate himself in my hand that was wrapped around his prick.

"Look at his ass stretch," I whispered in Taylor's ear. "See how much he's begging for him to fuck his ass hard?" I gently licked Taylor's ear and kissed his neck. I whispered to him and worked just the tip of my finger into his asshole, not even as far as the base of the nail. Taylor continued rocking his hips humping his hot, hairless prick inside my hand as we watched the man on the television begin to fuck in and out of Kyle's unbelievably stretched ass with hard, fast, pounding strokes that pushed the young boy an inch or two across the floor with each slam of his meat into him.

By the time this video was made Kyle had been so well broken-in and trained that, even though he was being fucked in a way that would make most grown men scream in pain and beg for mercy, Kyle was moaning loudly and begging the man to fuck him harder.

"Yes," I whispered in Taylor's ear, "cum for me my little faggot." Taylor's hips were jerking, rapidly humping his prick inside my hand. I could feel his anal sphincter grasping at my fingertip like it was trying to pull my digit inside. I heard little "nnnn... nnnn..." sounds from Taylor's throat as he experienced what I assume was his first orgasm. At the very least, it was his first involving another person. When I felt his body relax, I let my fingertip slip from Taylor's ass. I explored his body more thoroughly with my hands while I waited for Taylor's breathing to return to normal.

"Sit up," I told him a few minutes later. I rearranged us so I was reclining against a pile of pillows with Taylor kneeling between my spread legs staring at my, once again, hard cock sticking straight up at him. I held the lubricant out toward Taylor, "Smear this on my cock." I ordered him.

Taylor hesitated momentarily before my earlier threats of hurting him kicked in and he took the bottle from my hand. One thing I noticed early on with the black faggot was how difficult it was to tell when he was blushing. It might have been easier if Taylor had been the lighter brown of a mulatto or octoroon, but Taylor's skin was the color of beautiful rich, extremely dark chocolate. So dark that my cum had looked starkly white in comparison.

I was sure that his beautiful, innocent, dark brown face would be the star attraction at many pedophile bukkake parties. While Taylor slowly smeared the lubricant up and down my throbbing cock, I pictured him on his knees with a room full of men taking turns coating his face with their hot cum. Just to the side of Taylor’s naked body, I could see the television as the man fucking Kyle's ass bury himself deep inside as he ground against the boy’s ass and emptied himself into him.

When the man pulled out, Kyle's sphincter gapped open allowing a stream of jizz to flow out of his ass and down his leg. Just as Kyle's hole began to close another man knelt behind him and slammed his cock into his young body with one powerful thrust. A hard dick in his mouth silenced Kyle’s begging for another hard ass-fuck.

I was electrified by the comparison before me. Taylor, the shy, scared virgin, being forced to experience his first feel of a hard cock in his hands, and right beside him, Kyle a perfect example of the cock hungry slut he would become. My cock twitched so hard it slipped right out of Taylor's slippery hands, enticing a giggle from the young black boy. His first since waking up alone and naked in the room in my basement.

I started playing a little game with my black faggot, flexing my cock muscles from time to time seeing if I could jerk it from his grasp. Every time I succeeded, Taylor would sigh and give me an exasperated look before retrieving my cock and resuming his stroking. The feel of my firm, warm cock flesh in his hands, quickly intrigued Taylor. He watched for several minutes with a bemused expression as the slit on the top of my cock head opened and closed like a fish's mouth each time he moved his hands up and down my cock's shaft.

"Just keep moving your hands up and down," I instructed my newest little cum dump, "that's good," I sighed as I helped him get just the right tempo with my hands on his wrists, "hold it just a little tighter." As Taylor pumped my hard cock with his slick, lubricated hands I watched Kyle on the television as the members of the pedophile club gave him a cum shower. I pumped my hips up, and my cock jerked in Taylor's hand.

My cum splattered on his dark chocolate skin as I imagined Taylor being treated to his first sperm bath by a roomful of hard-cocked child lovers. Taylor jumped, then giggled as the first gob of my jizm landed right on his nose. I reached up and smoothed the gob over his face, scooping some of it into his mouth. I smiled at Taylor's slightly disgusted look, as he tasted cum for the first time. I pulled Taylor down on top of me and kissed him, licking my cum taste from his mouth.

"That was wonderful," I said gently into Taylor's ear as I rolled to the side and allowed him to lie on the bed beside me, "get some rest now." I pulled the blanket up over our naked bodies then ran my hands over his warm smooth skin while he fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later, got up and went to the bathroom, then came back to bed. Taylor was dead to the world. I pulled his body up next to mine and fucked my hard cock against his firm, warm stomach until I coated his belly with more of my cum then fell asleep again still holding on to him.

That was my first night with Taylor. Over the following weeks I slowly moved him from having just the tip of my finger inside of him to being fucked with two fingers. I made him fuck himself, pushing his fingers deep into his cunt and ass as soon as he woke up the next morning, and every morning after that. I started making him 'buy' his meals with sex shows, or by giving me a hand job.

I wouldn't even let him have a glass of water, or use the toilet without performing some sexual act first, even if it was just spreading his legs and using his fingers to pull his cute little hairless asshole open or giving me a good tongue kiss while I fingered his ass or stroked his dick. Taylor had to learn that his life and his well-being were dependent on him satisfying whatever man or men owned him.

That was six weeks ago. Now it was my birthday and I would finally fuck my little black angel. Since that first night, Taylor had learned to suck my cock all the way down his throat. He could hold my cock inside his mouth, with his nose buried in my pubic hair, and his neck bulging from my dick being inside his throat without gagging. I always required him to suck my cock and give me a hand job at least once a day, and usually more. It was always better in the late evening when he was tired and it took longer to get me off.

Taylor had to learn that it didn't matter if his arm was tired and sore or that his jaw was cramping. The only thing that mattered was that the cock in front of him was satisfied. I started waking him up once or twice a night and making him give me another hand or blow job before he could go back to sleep.

The object was to make sure he knew that it didn't make any difference how tired and cranky he was. It only mattered how well he sucked on the cock in front of him. While my goal was to be as gentle as possible, any defiance on his part was met with harsh and immediate punishment. I had also begun to introduce him to a small amount of pain so he could get used to the idea that some men would want to hurt him for no other reason than the enjoyment of doing it.

I remember one night, about three days ago, when I had him lick and tongue fuck my ass for the first time while he used his hands to bring me off. He really fought me on that one. I had to work hard to keep a serious look on my face when I explained to Taylor what he was going to have to do. His little boy look of total disgust almost caused me to laugh, but I had to let him know that any order from a man was serious and had to be obeyed immediately.

When he flatly refused to get down on his knees and tongue kiss my ass hole, I went into the bathroom, came back with a tube of capsaicin-based ointment and pushed him down onto the bed. Holding Taylor down on the bed with my body, I pulled his legs apart and squeezed a liberal amount of the cream into and onto both his piss slit and his ass hole. Capsaicin is a numbing agent, but it is derived from chili peppers and, especially on sensitive mucus membrane, it burns for a couple of minutes first.

Taylor's defiance quickly gave way to torment as his tender piss slit and ass absorbed the cream. Soon he was crying and begging me to make it stop. I sat back in my chair and watched, my cock hard with anticipation, as he thrashed around on the bed wailing pitifully and rubbing his crotch and his ass with both hands trying to put out the fire. In the process he managed to transfer some of the cream to his lips, nose and eyes, which only aggravated his agony.

"Come here," I said holding out my arms in welcome after the burning stopped, leaving Taylor laying panting and sobbing on the bed. Taylor got off the bed and sat in my lap.

"I warned you," I reminded him as he laid his head on my shoulder and I gently stroked his trembling body with my hands. "I told you that you would be punished if you disobeyed." I gently kissed Taylor on the forehead then sent him into the bathroom to wash his hands, lips and mouth. I didn't want any residual capsaicin to be transferred to my ass or cock.

"I want you to get down on your knees and say you’re sorry for being naughty." I told Taylor as soon as he was back from the bathroom.

"I'm sorry I was naughty," Taylor said in a soft, but sincere voice after he got down on his knees.

"Tell me you're sorry for making me punish you."

"I'm sorry I made you punish me," Taylor said, his wide, innocent eyes staring at my hard cock just inches from his face. I scooted my butt forward bringing my cock right to his face, then lifted my legs and placed one foot on each of the chair's arms.

"Now do as you were instructed." Taylor leaned forward and tentatively flicked at my puckered ass hole with the tip of his tongue as he reached over his head with both hands to massage my balls and stroke my eager, twitching cock.

"Come on," I continued to encourage him, "stick it inside, push your sweet little tongue into my ass." I felt more than heard Taylor's moan as he pushed the tip of his stiffened tongue against the center of my anal sphincter. I relaxed and let his tongue begin its journey into my butt, enjoying the feel of his warm face pressed against my backside as he continued to stroke my hard cock and massage my balls.

"That's good," I said encouragingly as more of his tongue slipped into me. I held back as best I could to enjoy this, another 'first' in Taylor's journey into the world of the fuck-toy, but there came a time, as there always does, when I couldn't hold back any longer. My cock twitched powerfully and my hot come splattered on my chest and stomach. As soon as I stopped squirting Taylor pulled his face away from my backside and sat back on his heals with a triumphant look on his face.

"You still have work to do," I reminded him indicating the globs of cum on my skin. Taylor immediately stood up, then bending at the waist he began to lap my cum with the same tongue that had just been in my ass. I made him tongue my ass twice more that day, and added ass tonguing to the list of perverted sexual acts he had to do at least once a day.

All that was in the past though. Today was my birthday and today I would get to fuck my little angel. I had spent the last six weeks rubbing my cock against and cumming on every part of his body except for inside his tight, crinkled ass.

Tonight it would both be mine to 'open' for my birthday. I had awakened him early this morning for a cock sucking, then followed that up a few minutes later by fucking between his legs with the top of my cock rubbing against his little boy-cunt. Both times I had him finger fuck himself lubricated with my sperm while I watched. I had been obsessed all day long.

Every time I stopped to think about what day it was, my cock would get hard and I'd have him suck me, or give me a hand job, or tongue-fuck my ass. I swear, Taylor seemed to be just as excited as I was as the time for his first fuck drew close.

"Lay down on the bed and get yourself ready," I said when the appointed time finally arrived. Taylor reclined on the bed, spread his legs wide, then pushed fingers full of lubricant into his virgin hole. While he worked his fingers in and out of his tight, little orifice, Taylor never took his eyes from mine, looking at me with a half-smile of anticipation. I knelt on the bed, between his wide spread legs, and stroked my growing cock while I watched Taylor's fingers working in and out of his boy-cunt.

Despite having cum several times during the last few hours, the sight of my little black angel pumping his lubricated fingers in and out of his virgin boy-cunt made me hard once more. As I lowered my body towards his, Taylor pulled his fingers from his ass and, holding his legs with his hands behind his knees, lifted and spread his thighs just as he had been trained to do.

I eagerly ran my trembling hands up and down the smooth skin of his inner thighs. Then grasping the base of my hard cock with my right hand and supporting my weight with my left hand on the mattress beside Taylor's head, I looked into his wide-open innocent eyes while I rubbed the head of my cock up and down his slick hairless hole.

I relished the combination of fear and anticipation I saw on his face as my hard cock parted his virgin lips and push inside his young body. My dick throbbed with the knowledge that no matter how many hundreds or thousands of men fucked this boy-cunt after me, I would always be the first. Releasing the base of my cock I supported myself with both hands, one on each side of Taylor's head as I pushed slowly deeper into him.

I always love the feel of a young, virgin boy-cunt, but Taylor's was somehow special. He was tight and wet. He moved his hips to meet my thrust and never took his eyes from mine allowing me to see his every feeling as my hard cock stretched his virgin hole. They always display a combination of fear and anticipation as I stretch them open the first time, but Taylor seemed to be more anxious and less fearful than any of the others. He sighed deeply as my penetration reached its maximum and my pubic hair ground against his skin.

I brought my mouth to his and the little slut began to suck on my tongue like he'd been fucking all his life. Taylor's mouth was as hot as his tight, little hole. I fucked my tongue in and out of his face while I rocked my hips moving my cock gently back and forth in his hot wet boy-cunt. He met each of my gentle thrusts with one of his own as he wrapped his legs as far around me as they would reach and hung on to my neck with both arms. He seemed to be as eager for his first cunt full of cum as I was to give it to him.

I fucked with slowly increasing speed, moving with longer and longer strokes, pushing into his tight hole with ever building force. Taylor lay under me and fucked back in eager response as he sucked on my tongue and moaned more and more enthusiastically.

I lost all track of time, all my awareness concentrated in my hard, fucking cock. The moment arrived and I held him tightly against my body as my cock, buried completely inside his tight boy-cunt, twitched and spewed cum into him. The knowledge that no one else could ever be his first fuck filled me with a feeling of god-like power as I emptied my cum into his tight hole. I rolled over, pulling him on top of me without taking my spent cock from his boy-cunt.

As Taylor lay on me, with my slowly softening cock still inside his tight cum-filled hole, I stroked his hair and back with my left hand while I worked first one, then two fingers into his no longer virgin boy-cunt with my right hand. Taylor let his cheek rest on my chest, his head nestled right under my chin, as he pulled his knees up on both sides, opening himself even more for my exploration. He’d learned a lot over the last few weeks. Now that he was no longer a virgin, I think I’ll give him a fisting every day.