(B) (humil)

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That’s all Andy ever looks for. That’s all he looks for night and day. You see, we had him for a few months last year, and he has never been the same since. He will never be the same. He has been brainwashed and trained to think only about cock and how to get it. He does not care about video games. He does not care about cell phones or iPods. He does not care about going to the movies unless it is to suck some dude off. Yes, Andy has been totally fucked out and fucked up, and now all he can ever concentrate on is cock. He is dropping out of school because his grades went to hell. How can he get good grades when all he does at school all day is to dream about sucking on cock or getting fucked by the other boys and the male teachers. None of the boys will speak to him because he will blurt right out, “Can I please suck your cock?” or “Will you fuck me?” Most of these boys have girlfriends, and here is this homo cocksucker begging them for their big teen pricks. Sure they slap him around, beat him up, and ostracize him from the group, but it does not seem to help. He keeps coming back for more, hoping to get some dick.


Andy was not always this way. Oh, no, when we picked him up, he was a somewhat normal teenage boy with a girlfriend and everything. The boy had a bad home life, which helped us out considerably. We beat him up, drugged him, fucked his holes until he could not walk, talk or see straight, and then went to work on his mind. Whenever he thought about anything except cock, he was punished. He was trained to do anything, perform any humiliating or degrading act if it would get him the cock he needed. He became addicted to dick, as some are addicted to drugs. If Andy does not get cock up his ass or in his mouth every hour, he starts to feel incredibly sick to his stomach. He has panic attacks if he is not licking male asshole or nut sacks. He can only get satisfaction from his own dick when he is pleasing others.


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