Andy and the Boxer

A palimpsest based on Amy and the Boxer
(MB) (anal, oral) (humil, viol) (nc, rape)
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After a fight, Max loved to fuck. He was that kind of guy. Fighting and fucking were pretty much the same thing to him. It was all about power. He wasn't what you would call handsome. Not in a conventional way, but if you went for muscular, animalistic, brute force, then you might consider him a real find. The girls generally went for him that is until they saw his dick. That was another thing about Max, his dick. It was freakish.

Even a cock-hungry bitch wanted out when he got a look at that cunt buster. Max didn't get to fuck nearly as much as he wanted to because his dick was too damned big. So after a boxing match, when he was all sweaty and bruised and sometimes bleeding, he liked to arrange a little something special for himself. A little reward for doing his best you might say.

Boxing arenas are depressing places anyway. The lighting always reminds you of a prison or something. The air is dank like a basement, and the smell of sweat and bodies in close proximity never leaves. It's a lonely place too after a match when the crowd has gone home, leaving the floor littered with garbage for the janitors to clean up. This was the sight that greeted twenty-eight-year-old Steve Loccia and his ten-year-old son Andy.


"It's creepy," Andy said, looking around at the empty arena, wrinkling his cute little nose at the smell.


"Yeah, sure is."


Steve felt his dick twitch in his pants. This was the night — the big night of his life — he had been waiting forever since that bitch of his ex-wife took Andy and deserted him.


"The dressing rooms I this way I think."


Steve had a hand on Andy's slender little shoulder and steered him up a ramp.


When they entered the dressing room, heads turned. Max was seated on a table, a towel over his lap, his hands still bandaged from the fight. He looked a little out of it because he had taken quite a beating. Max's manager turned toward the door, and a big smile covered his ugly round face.


"Well, well, well, the cunt is here! Party time."


"Huh?" Max said, trying to focus on the door. "Fuck, he sure is. Hi, there. Ugh, you must be Steve and Andy."


Steve blushed. Andy looked scared.


"I'm Steve Loccia, and this is my ten-year-old son, Andy, just as I promised."


"He's even prettier than his picture," Harvey the manager said, not evening trying to hide the growing lump in his stained baggy trousers. "You sure you want this?" He asked Steve, one eyebrow arched.


"Jesus, Harvey you ass-wipe, you wanna talk him out of it or what?" Max asked. "Sure he wants it. He knows what's best for the little cunt." Max wiped one forearm across his sweat-slick face. "Bring the little twat closer. Let me get a look at him."


"There’s, ah, a matter of money?" Steve asked.


He was sweating too but from the fear of having to deal with these kinds of men. He was way out of his league.


"Do you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?" Max queried.


"Daddy, what's going on?" Andy asked, holding his father's hand more tightly.


"Ok, rules. No talking, faggot, without permission. I hate a cocksucker with a gabby mouth. Faggot, the mouth is for one thing and one thing only, cock."


Steve patted Andy on the shoulder.


"Shh, honey, it's going to be all right.


“He's never done anything like, well, anything at all before."


Harvey smiled at the boy.


"That's what we're paying for."


"Come closer, Twatface, let me get a look at you," Max said. "He looks good enough to eat. Pay the man, Harvey."


Harvey handed Steve a gym bag full of money


"Now don't spend it all in one place. That's quite a bundle there."


"You'll take good care of him?"


"We'll fuck his brains out. Anything else you gotta know?"


Max smiled, showing some pretty damaged teeth. Steve looked a bit guilty, but the money felt good in his arms.


"Ugh, okay. Should I go?"


"Daddy…" Andy whimpered, holding on to his father's arm.


"No, stick around a little until we get things going just so we know he'll behave. I'm a boxer, not a parent you know." Max leaned in toward Andy. "Now, you little faggot bitch, how’s about taking off your clothes and showing us your pretty, pink, little body."


"Daddy, do I gotta?"


"Andy, I told you, you have to do whatever the nice man tells you to do."


"Nice man, yeah."


Harvey laughed, rubbing his dick lump harder.


"Why do I gotta take off my clothes?"




Max could be very threatening when he grew impatient. Andy began to strip. Now Steve was a pretty normal guy. He had never been into little kids. I mean, teenagers sure, he liked some high school honey with big tits. In fact, that's what had ruined his marriage. His wife had found him fucking the guts out of a fourteen-year-old freshman cheerleader. But not little kids.


But then again, when he saw Andy strip for the two brutes, his dick did get hard. He'd seen Andy without clothes plenty of times, and it never dawned on him that he was boy cunt. He was his kid after all, and we see our own kids differently. But, suddenly standing there with the bag full of money and a new future before him, Steve saw his son as a fuckhole. As a fresh, young cumdump. It was remarkable.


Andy had stripped down to his Underoos. His chest was still pretty flat with soft, putty-like nipples that were as cute as all get out. His body was thin and pale. His legs really slender and his little, perky ass was all round and inviting.


"Oh, man, I can't wait to fuck that ass," Max said. "Take off the undies, fuckhole, and let's see some baby clitty."


"I don't wanna be naked," Andy said as tears welled up in his pretty eyes.


Max had to laugh.


"Aw, come on, Cuntface, don't be a little baby. I'm naked too under my towel here. And I got something real special to show you. So, take off the undies and show me your hairless little clitty."


To a lug like Max, bantam boys were only made for one thing, to pleasure of his dick. Sorry, but that's how he saw it. He was damned if he could think of another purpose for them. I guess he was old-fashioned that way.


Andy looked to his father, who nodded for him to comply. Suddenly he wanted to see his son's little clitty as well. He wanted him to have to show it to other guys. That was hot. Andy sniffled back some tears and lowered his Underoos. He stepped out of them and then stood up, his hands in front of his hairless, miniature dick.


"No, no, no, little cocksucker to be, put your hands at your side like a good little fuckhole and show us the goodies."


Andy stood stiffly, his bare toes curling on the cold cement floor. He moved his hands to his side and Max, and Harvey leaned in closer to get a good look at the boy’s perfect, miniature, ten-year-old dick. Even his father moved around to get a better look.


"Oh, my, what a pretty, little clitty you have. Like a little acorn. That's a real beauty, Dickdrain."


Andy scowled, "My name is Andy, not those nasty things you call me."


"Your name is whatever the fuck I want it to be, and pretty soon your name will be Stretched Holes, Andy, and if you don't watch your smart mouth, your name will be Dead Andy. Got that?"


Steve closed his eyes.


"Oh, Jesus," he moaned as his hard dick almost shot off in his pants.


Max leaned down a bit.


"Okay, Little Miss Andy, Twat-face, Cunt-hole, Slop-slut, a piece of Shit, come a little closer so we can get a good look at your pre-teen fuckhole."


Andy was so scared that he promptly obeyed, moving in closer to the drooling men.


"Bend over, spread your ass cheeks for us a little, show us some pink."


The little boy put his fingers to his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. It felt really strange. Harvey leaned down, so he was inches from Andy's asshole.


"Christ, look how small it is, boss."


"Come on, faggot, you can do better than that. Do it, like you do in your bedroom at night when you're thinking about the boys at your school fucking your boy-cunt. I know how you’re a dick hungry ten-year-olds are, their little clittys leaking all over the seats of the school desks all day. Pull them apart further!"


The tone of his request left no room for argument. Andy tugged at his delicate ass cheeks. They parted and showed a tight, pink rose. He felt funny all over, a strange sensation, kind of tingly.


"Look how he loves showing his stuff. Fags are all the same. They act so shy and innocent, but inside they are cock crazy sluts.


“You can't believe a fag, Mr. Loccia, or can I call you Steve? Take my word for it, if you hadn't sold the little fag to us before the year was out, this little cock whore would be hanging around the high school locker rooms, flashing those older jock boys. And, the reason he'd be hanging around the high school, Steve, is because every goddamned boy in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade would already have fucked him. Cumdumps like him will fuck six to eight boys a day at school and still want more. The just can't get enough cock. Well, Little Miss Andy, today you will get enough cock. Today is your lucky day. You are going to get more cock in your holes than most fuckholes can stand!"


With that, Max threw off the towel to reveal his amazing ten-inch long, baseball bat thick prick. It was fucking awesome.


"Holy Jesus," Steve stuttered. "He'll, he'll never be able to take that."


Harvey smiled.


"Yeah, we know, that's why we paid you so much. Which hole you gonna bust open first, Boss?"


"Well, let's start with a little gentle mouth action. While he is learning to lick and suck dick and balls, you can be fingering his boy-cunt to loosen it up for my fuck meat."


"Daddy," Andy sniffled.


"Be a good boy, Andy, and obey the nice man," Steve commanded, rubbing his hard dick.


Max admonished, "You're going to get fucked, Andy, fucked in the mouth and ass. You’re going to be fucked by Harvey and me, and even your Daddy if he wants in. My treat, he can still keep the money. I love to see a father fucking his son, it warms my heart. You are going to become real good friends with men's cocks, fag. Men's big, fat, fuck hoses are going to become your playmates. You’re going to be taking dick morning, noon and night.


"A lot of fight promoters will give me good matches if I provide some little fuckholes for them. That is, of course, if you even survive my massive hunk of fuck meat. Older girls and boys than you have not made it, I gotta warn you. See, I fuck like I fight. I give it all I got. Oh, baby, you’re going to be so opened up, so fucking stretched, in every way imaginable. And, if you survive my cock you get my fist, so you see, the fun just keeps coming. So let's get the party going should we?"


"Yeah," Steve whispered and shot off in his pants.