Andrew Kramer


Andy is wandering the mall. He looks like a hundred other cute teenage boys shopping for himself or for gifts for families or friends, but he isn't. Andy is a fuck slut. That's right. He's a completely trained pussy boy, cock bitch. Such teens are also called pigboys or pigcunts. I am sure you have heard the names.


You often wonder and have written me about what happens to boys after they are worked over. After a man has finished totally corrupting and fucking up a boy, what happens to him? What are they like? What happens to them after they are totally ruined and then cut loose? Some of the men in our group are experts at really destroying not only a boy's body and sexuality, but also his mind.


A few of our friends, such as a certain Daniel, are easily as adept as I am when it comes to teenage boy destruction. It is a delicate and exact art. The boy must, of course, still be functioning as a cute, young, cock pig, but he must have no other interests or life. How you get a boy to that state is not only the fun, but the challenge. You need to totally destroy his self-esteem as you submit his young body to physical abuse that borders on the unbelievable.


Well, sixteen-year old Andy is a good example. Look closely at him as he wanders the mall. Other boys are with friends, yucking it up and horsing around, their round, tight asses looking delectable in their jeans, as the tops of their boxers proudly declare that they are boys and have dicks and balls. They playfully push and shove each other, cute, young faces showing teenage arrogance. They openly make passes at every cute girl from twelve to thirty, groping themselves and knowing inside their arrogant young minds that the bitches want their big fat teenage dicks. It's so typically teen, but Andy isn't doing that. He is not staring at teenage bitch tit or talking with other boys about hot, young, tight pussy.


Andy is only looking at and for one thing. COCK. That's all Andy ever looks for. That's all he looks for night and day and I mean that literally. From the moment he gets up to the time he hits the sack for the last time, he thinks only of meaty male fuckmeat!


You see we had him for a few months last year and he has never been the same since. He will never be the same. He has been brainwashed and trained only to think about dick and how to get it. He does not care about video games. He does not care about cell phones or iPods. He avoids Facebook and Twitter. He does not care about going into the movies, unless it is to suck some dude off.


He would not dare have any other hobbies, as he fears that that might mean a return visit to us and more "conditioning" and further "education" and he fears that more than life. He seldom even thinks about that anymore, because his mind has been so fucked up, it can only concentrate on his job. DICK! Yes, Andy has been totally fucked out and fucked up and now all he can ever concentrate on is cock.


He is dropping out of school because his grades went to hell. How can he get good grades when all he does at school all day is dream about sucking dick or getting fucked by the other boys and the male teachers. He sits in every class looking at the teacher's dick lump as he drools and plays with his teenage, faggot clit.


He looks right at the lumps of the other boys too. He hangs around the gym most of the day so he can see some naked, teenage fuckmeat when the boys change. He gets jittery and jumpy and feels sick if he does not see dick and can't suck it almost once an hour. He spends lots of time in the boys can so he can see boys haul their dicks out to piss.


None of the boys will speak to him because he will blurt right out, "Can I please suck you cock?" or "Will you please fuck me?"


He has been trained to always ask for dick politely. Most of these boys have girlfriends they fuck regularly and here is this homo cocksucker begging them for their big, leaking, teen pricks. Sure, they slap him around something fierce, beat him up and isolate him from the group. They ridicule him, but it does not seem to help. Well, he cannot help it. He has been conditioned by us. He keeps coming back for more, hoping to get some dick. Andy needs dick like we need water. We have worked him into a state that he gets so physically ill he thinks he will die if he does not get dick. 


Andy wasn't always this way. Oh no. When we picked him up, he was a rather normal teenage boy with a girlfriend and everything. He had a bad home life, which helped us out considerably. We beat him up, drugged him, fucked his holes until he could not walk, talk or see straight which was a lot of fun. We stretched his young tight asshole with our fingers and dicks and dildos and bottles and fists. We forced him to suck our dicks, lick our balls and eat out our assholes.


He fought. He fought hard, but he was only a teenage boy and we are big, strong, muscular dudes bursting with testosterone. We put him on a dick diet. The only time he did not feel extreme agony was when he was sucking a dick or getting his brand new cunt fucked.


He began to seek out dick just to avoid pain and torture. He would crawl to us, tongue hanging from his mouth, slobbering for our big dicks. I have never seen a boy cry so many tears, and of course, that always turned us on. We stretched his nipples and his ballsack. We hung heavy weights from his scrotum and made him crawl around that way. We made him drag cement blocks by his nutsack. He fed him on only cum and piss for days on end. Then we went to work on his mind.


Whenever he thought about anything except cock, anything at all, we punished him. We trained him to do anything, perform any humiliating or degrading act if it would get him the cock he needed. He became addicted to dick, as some are addicted to drugs. If Andy does not get cock up his ass or in his mouth every hour, he starts to feel sick to his stomach as I said.


This feeling is not mild. It is pure agony. It resembles the withdrawal attack of a drug addict. He has panic attacks if he isn't licking male asshole or nut sacks. He has been trained so that can only get satisfaction from his own dick when he is pleasing others. He is not allowed to masturbate to cum. He may masturbate to leak and is encouraged to play with his dick in public constantly, but he is terrified to cum without our permission.


He dropped out of school as we said. Well, he had to. He was playing with himself in the halls and propositioning teachers. Several of the male teachers did indeed fuck him and were sorry to see him leave. He even dropped to his knees in front of the principal and begged to suck his old dick. The principal recommended to his parents that they seek mental guidance help for him, but his parents never even got a chance.


He was kicked out of his home because he went after his own father and little brother. He groped his father's big dick and was found sucking out one of his dad's used condoms. He attacked his eleven-year-old brother in the shower and started sucking his fuck sack and cock and ass.


His father was beside himself and a bit humiliated that he had given birth to a faggot. Many men are really upset by having faggots as sons and here was an extreme case.


He was going to have the boy sent to the county mental hospital, but that is when we stepped in and offered to enter Andy in our wayward boy program. Of course, the family did not know that we had already been working on Andy for months to get him this fucked up in the first place. Andy was too scared to say anything. He knew that it would be even worse for him if he dared tell anyone of our months of "education.”


We took him to live with some of our other boys and now he sucks and fucks all day. We enrolled him in a mostly black school so he can sample lots of big, teen, nigger dick.


We are now working on his nipples. We are giving him big, fat, sow tits. His tits will soon look like pig udders. They are so sensitive he can hardly wear a shirt.


The school we have sent him to is large and urban so kids go unnoticed for months, sometimes years. He is free now to hunt for black teen cock all day.


He does get beaten up regularly, which is fine with us. He generally sucks twenty to thirty nigger cocks at school every day. Most days, he also comes home with his ass filled with black boy cum. If he does not, we punish him. He will soon be kicked out of this school as well since he is forbidden to open a book, as that will take his mind off dick.


A cocksucker does not need a formal education. He is to sit in class all period, thinking only of how he can get the cocks of every boy in the class and of the teacher as well. We make him list all the boys and teachers and estimate their dick sizes. Then we make him hang around the locker rooms so he can verify his guesses. He has to list all the boys in the school in order from largest dick to smallest. Of course he only gets to see the black boy dick hard when he sucks them or they fuck him so that is quite a challenge for the fucktoy. 


After school, he prowls the mall. Andy now needs cock so badly that he will walk up to strange guys in the mall and proposition them.


When we withhold cock from him for even a few hours, he will lick out urinals and even toilets to get a sexual fix. He will happily lick out the urinals of any public toilet as it brings him closer to dick! We make him masturbate continually, but if he comes, he gets no cock for a week and that drives him nuts.


Is Andy retarded? Not exactly, but one might think of him that way. We have conditioned him so severely that he only functions on one level — as a cock hunter.


When we take him to s/m parties, he offers to let men hurt him in the most extreme ways if they will give him cock. He will put on the most obscene shows and do the most disgusting things to get cock.


Men will constantly test his limits to see how far he will go to get fuckmeat. There is no limit. He had been conditioned this way. In this way, he may seem socially retarded. I suppose his brain is getting a bit dull as he is only allowed to think about sex and cock twenty-four hours a day.


When he gets enough dick in his holes, he is a content, rather charming young cuntboy. He is very sweet and shy. When he does not get the cock he needs, he becomes wild, ill, somewhat deranged.


We try to make sure Andy sucks fifteen to twenty cocks a day outside of the twenty to thirty at school and gets fucked seven to ten times outside of school. Most nights he is fucked several times during the night as well.


He is pretty whacked out, but we think he is somewhat cute that way and he does have an immense schlong for a sixteen year old. We have been using a pump on it for months and the results are impressive.


You see what progress we can make with a boy, if we get him young enough and for those of you who wonder what happens to our boys after we fuck them up, Andy is a good example. He cannot hold a job as he thinks about nothing but getting fucked and sucking dick all day, every day. It’s his first thought in the morning and his last thought at night. He is nothing but a walking, breathing, cumdump!


His mind has been reduced to simplicity. He lives only for cock! I think it is a wonderful way for a cute sixteen-year-old boy to be, don't you?


As for his future? Well, as long as he is young and cute and his cunt stays tight enough, he will have a good life. After that, who knows? There are always animal shows – and perhaps sexual slavery.


I know what some of my more devious friends are thinking right about now. Would it not be great to bring Andy back to the normal world, to get him off his addiction, to help him? Send him to a wonderful family or facility where he would be loved, helped and weaned off wiener! Where he could be made to feel he was worth something and perhaps even given some happiness.


Then just when he had some hope for the future and thought he might yet be a normal boy, do this to him all over again. Totally fuck him up once again! Well, I admit that might be fun, but I am not sure that Andy could be brought back from his a-dick-tion. He is pretty far gone. He cannot control his drool at the sight of a dick, even in pants. He is beaten up all the time now for hitting on straight guys. Imagine Andy just walking straight up to you and asking, "Please sir, may I suck your dick?"