Amon's Tiny Dick

Mm, humil

The Japanese are very shy and self-conscious and embarrass quite easily. This provides endless hours of fun for a lover of humiliation and degradation like myself.


My friend the coach who, while no Mr. Black, is quite sadistic and clever in his own right, introduced me to a really wonderful game that I would like to start a version of here in America...perhaps on this site. Coach Takeshi called me one night and asked if I wanted to join him in really fucking up a nice young Jap kid.


How could I resist? There was this boy Amon, a very handsome, quite muscular young man the coach had seen working out at the gym. There was only one problem with the young hunk. He had an amazingly tiny, little, boy prick. I mean even small by Japanese standards. The coach caught a glimpse of it when the kid changed even though the boy always guarded his nudity very carefully. You see the coach had been planning to hit on the kid for a date, but then when he saw that the boy was almost dickless he changed his mind, but the more he thought about it the more he saw the boy as a source of entertainment.


We confronted the boy at the gym and he was indeed a beauty. While he was changing in an isolated area of the locker room away from most of the other guys, the coach suddenly grabbed him and I pulled down his jock strap and snapped some nice pictures of the worthless, little dick. Good thing Coach Takeshi is strong because the kid was no sissy and fought like a tiger. I don't understand very much Japanese at all, but I could tell the kid was swearing up a storm and he also had tears in his beautiful, dark, young eyes. Well the coach laughed like it was just a little joke and that was that. The boy swung at us a couple times, as we moved away laughing as the coach said something like “just kidding, just kidding.”


However, that wasn't our game. That was just the set up for our game. A few days later the website was finished. The coach had created an entire Amon’s Website. He got pics of the kid from his school (being a well-known coach he can do that kind of thing), he got the kid’s address, telephone number, email address from the health club and he put together a nice website of Amon. He designed it as if Amon himself had created it.


A "Hi, I'm Amon" kind of thing except most of the website had to do with AMON'S TINY DICK. That's right. It said things like, "The thing I hate most about myself is my completely useless tiny cock. It's much too small for me to ever fuck a girl, so I don't have much of a sex life. It's so small, I can hardly even jerk off except between two fingers. No girl would ever want to date me, as she could never even feel it in her pussy if I could ever even get it in, which is doubtful. My cock is smaller than a baby's prick. I try to compensate by working out at the gym, but it does no good. I am such a fucking loser, I hang my head in shame. If my friends ever knew I had such a worthless dick, they would not hang out with me anymore. Here are some pictures of my useless dick. I hope they give you a good laugh, as my cock is not good for anything else."


Well it went on and on, but that was the idea of it and then of course there were the snapshots we had taken at the gym. Not ideal as he was twisting and fighting, but good enough to see his peanut sized equipment.


Takeshi sent Amon the website address and a telephone number. Amon was on the phone immediately warning us…then begging us not to send the address to anyone else. Takeshi told Amon that unless he met us at a hotel in Shinjuku that day all of his school friends, everyone at his job would get the address and it would be put out on sex lines and to the public. Takeshi reminded Amon of the shame his parents would feel when they learned of such a website.


Amon met us and he was nervous as hell and scared witless. Takeshi told him it was simple, that we just wanted to have a little fun with him and nobody would get hurt. He had such a nice, strong, muscular body. We just wanted him to model for us showing us his handsome body and his tiny dick. If he did a good job modeling and wasn't shy about showing all of his naked body we would just keep the pics for ourselves and take down the website.


The little fuck was so scared he fell for it. He bowed and bowed as he agreed to our demands. Well we made him pose for us. He has such a cute body and such a fuckable ass that I almost shot off watching him, but that wasn't our purpose. The purpose of this was pure, clean, humiliation.


Takeshi made him stand in front of a mirror so the shamed boy saw himself and his tiny dick. He made him kneel on the couch, legs spread with the little dick sticking out. Even erect the thing wasn't more than three inches or so...it was pathetic.


Takeshi asked me to take my dick out, get it hard and hold it up next to Amon's for a comparison picture. That was fun. He looked so helplessly at my huge fuckslab and his little worm. Takeshi slapped the boy on the ass and told him he did a very good job. Poor young Amon thought that was it.


Of course, that was just the start. The new pics appeared on the website the next week along with e-mails from pervs like us making fun of the boy and berating him for his tiny useless cock. E-mails poured into the site. E-mails almost all suggesting that the boy start to use his ass for sex...as a pussy...instead of that worthless prick which was really nothing more than a clit.


Amon called us almost out of his mind with horror and shame. He said we broke our word. Would we please take down the website? Takeshi had added the boy's address and telephone on the site and now the poor kid was getting phone calls at home where he lived with his parents. Takeshi said that it could all be resolved if Amon simply did a few little things for our amusement.


That began an endless cycle of humiliation games. The boy got in deeper and deeper. We had him meet us at the gym where Takeshi ordered the boy to walk around the entire locker room bare-assed...not covering himself. If you have ever seen pics of a Japanese sauna or locker room, they mostly all keep their hands over their genitals when they walk around. It’s actually a polite custom.


Well, we had planted some friends of ours there that day to start the jeering and name calling and soon all the guys in the locker room were making fun of the boy, pointing and even showing him their dicks which even though some of them were small by western standards were huge next to his. We forced him to go swimming in the public pool wearing such a small suit that it was obvious to everyone that he had nothing between his legs. Japanese wear tiny speedos anyways, but this one left nothing to the imagination.


The kid was really a wreck. He started to develop a nervous tic and began to shake. He lost his job. He was broken and didn't know what to do. When he was a good boy Takeshi blocked the website. When he was bad, the address was sent to guys around the world. The number of members to the site grew and grew. Guys wrote in asking for specific pics of "Little Nip Dick."


We took a series of pics of Amon measuring his little prick against those of boys of nine, ten and eleven. The boys were well hung for their age so the shame would be greater. We took pictures of schoolgirls pointing at his bare-naked body and laughing at his dick. We made him sit naked for hours at parties with his young, strong legs spread so guests could all take pictures of his useless clit. We made him put on masturbation demonstrations where we roared with laughter at his pathetic attempts at self-release. We hired a prostitute and had him try to fuck her while we videotaped it. Takeshi instructed her to make fun of him, laugh at him and finally measure his dick up against her very large clit.


He had a nervous breakdown and quit school. His family couldn't figure out what had happened to him. Takeshi got him a job dancing naked in a gay bar where everyone could make fun of him every night. It’s that same old Japanese natural submissiveness. It explains why they are so aggressive since they are afraid the submissive side will take over. Once Amon buckled under, he just went along with it. He followed orders so nicely.


"Strip bare-naked in the subway and walk up and down the car showing all the passengers your tiny dick."


"Go to a public restroom and take off your pants and underpants to piss at the urinal. Explain to the other guys there that your dick is so small you piss all over your pants unless you take them off, then stand back so they can all watch your useless cock piss"


It was just about then that I had to come back to America so I missed the part where Takeshi started to fuck the beautiful, muscular, boy ass. His goal was to teach the boy to find sexual pleasure only through his asspussy by not using his dick ever again. Knowing the coach, he will achieve his goal.


This got me thinking. I wonder if there are any really cute, young stud out there with a tiny dick who would like some of us to play with him. We could ask for certain kinds of pics, he could send them top me and I could send them out to you. The boy has to be cute, young and built quite well. or the contrast does not work and the shame level isn't the same. Think of the fun we could have offering photo op suggestions to our new friend. Yes?