Alex's Anal Audition

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My fourteen-year-old son Alex and I were in the office of a producer of a new family-themed sitcom (yes, it was very original) on a popular cable channel. Alex was a beautiful boy, the kind the network suits always put on TV programs, with flaxen blond hair and baby blue eyes.

He had made the call-back list, and the day before I had called the producer (and somehow got past his secretary, who was probably fired as a result) and told him that Alex and I were really excited about the part and would do anything to get it. He paused as if trying to figure out what I meant, and then he invited us to come to his office the next afternoon.


"We were very impressed with Alex's reading," the producer said. He was a man in his mid to late thirties and of average build. "But of course," he continued, "a lot of the boys read well."


"No one is as good as Alex," I replied, "he can do whatever you want." I had told Alex to be prepared to do whatever I told him to do. This really was no problem, as I had been using his ass and my mouth myself for the past year. Yeah, I love boys too.


"Is that so?" the producer asked. "Whatever I want?"


"Absolutely," I responded. "Alex is completely at your service."


The producer was obviously a little wary. "There may be a lot of demands placed on the boy who gets this part. We have a very ambitious production schedule," he said, looking intently at Alex.


"That's no problem," I assured him. "Whatever you need, Alex can do."


"Hmmm. I don't know."


"Do you want to see him, shirtless? He's beautiful shirtless, and your ratings with the girls will shoot through the roof. Alex, take off your shirt," I said, not waiting for the producer to reply.


Alex stood up and removed his light blue t-shirt, revealing his taught adolescent torso. I saw the producer's eyes widen.


"Isn't he pretty?" I asked.


"Yes, he is," he responded dryly.


"He can take more off if you want him to."


The man stared at me with a mixture of disbelief and desire.


"You want to see his tight little ass?"


The man nodded ever so slightly.


"You got it. Anything you need, you got it. Alex, stand up and show him your ass."


My boy stood up and turned around so he was facing away from us. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down slowly, leaving just his white jockey shorts to cover the firm young cheeks of his butt. He then shook his rump for a few seconds, and yanked those down too, giving the producer a perfect view of his smooth little ass. It was tight as hell. I knew, as I had been fucking him almost every day after school for the past year. There was nothing better than a boy's ass.


"You want his ass, mister?" I asked. "It's better than any cunt you can find. He'll make your cock cream like it's never cum before."


The producer was speechless.


"I'll just leave the two of you alone for a while, to get to know each other better," I said, rising to leave.


The producer said nothing but just stared at my son's little ass. I knew his penis must be throbbing. Any man, even the straightest man, would be hard as a rock if he saw my son's ass.


"I'll be back in a half hour," I said, and left the room.


I went down to Hollywood Boulevard and walked around a bit. I went over to what used to be Mann's Chinese theatre and looked at some tourists putting their hands in the impressions left by long-dead actors. I watched a few young brothers, probably about fifteen and thirteen, bend over and put their hands in the spots where Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh had once memorialized themselves.


As they bent over, their ass cheeks strained erotically against their shorts, and I swear I caught their father oggling them. I thought about my own son Alex, and how he must at this moment be bent across the producer's desk getting fucked big-time. Fucked by a ped, by someone who knew what a beautiful boy's ass was for.


I made my way back to the producer's office. I could hear panting and grunting coming through the door. The secretary, a fey little thing, was sitting there and ignoring the sounds. I could distinctly here the producer yell, "Fuck yeah, take my prick up your faggot ass. Yeah, fuck, I'm fucking cumming up your fucking little ass, you fucking boy whore!" I knew Alex would be clenching his ass at this point, trying to increase the pressure on the man's penis as he got ready to ejaculate his sperm.


Five minutes later the producer opened the door.


"Your son got the part," he informed me. "He's gonna be a star."