Alcott Institute

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It was after dinner at McDonald's house that the strange events that occurred inspired Sam Mindl to enroll his fourteen-year-old son Jason in the Alcott Institute. Fred McDonald knew of Sam's love for ripe, young, boy pussy. Hell, the two perverts had met at one of Mr. Black's nightclubs, but neither divorced, middle-aged man had shared anything about their personal lives or families with each other. Personal lives were left outside the doors of Mr. Black's clubs, so Sam and Fred had talked about and even shared some nice, teenage ass and some good, cocksucking mouth. Fred would pull his nine-inch cock out of the mouth of some eleven-year-old boy-pussy, only to have Sam grab the fuckhole by his long, blond hair and shove his own eight-inch cock down the kid's gagging throat.

"Think you're through for the night my boy? Not by a long shot. Swallow this cunt stuffer you dirty, little dick ditch." Sam would yell while shoving his cock deep into the kid's stretched mouth, both men laughing at the way the little boy's eyes rolled. Fred would reach down and finger the boy's tight, little, melon-sized ass while Sam fed cock to the kid's pink, innocent face. Yes indeed, the two men grew closer and closer at Mr. Black's nightclub.


More than once they shared a belt to whip some boy's ass or scrotum. They loved to beat freshly fallen balls, little pink flesh sacks filled with marbles. They loved to hear the high-pitched squeal of a boy not yet fully mature. His boyish pips and squeaks were like music to their hard throbbing groins. Don't get me wrong, they also loved the husky, full-throated sound of a boy in the throes of puberty and they enjoyed beating fully-bloated, teenage balls hanging low in the sack, round and bursting with boy cum.


Sam and Fred had a lot in common. There are many such men in the world. Men who keep hidden their secret longings and desires. Men who find dark, twisted paths to release their pent up frustrations. Men who pat little boys on the head when they would really rather be shoving a finger up their asses or a big, fat, bum splitting dick.


That was why Fred decided to trust Sam and to take him into his own private life. Also, Fred couldn't resist the urge to show off so he invited Sam over to dinner.


Sam was not only impressed by Fred's spacious home but also at once taken with his two bright-eyed sons. Tim and Tom. They were extraordinarily well-behaved. In fact, they served dinner to the two men, and only spoke when spoken to and kept their eyes on the floor. Tim was fifteen and well built, a kind of typical high school jock, but with a sensitive, smooth face, full lips, bright blue eyes, and a really cute punky nose. Tim had dirty blond hair. Tom was twelve, and one of the most perfect specimens of flowering boyhood Sam had ever seen. He was not tall, about five foot and slender. He had a pouty mouth, the kind you just wanted to ram a dick into, and a darling, pug nose. He too had big blue eyes, and although his hair was darker in color than Tim’s, it fell about his forehead like fine silk. Both boys wore baggy jeans and tee shirts.


"Tim is a sophomore in high school and a very good student, aren’t you Tim?" Fred had boasted over dinner.


"Yes, sir, I try sir." Tim had said in a nice cum-filled throaty teenage voice.


Sam often thought that boys of that age had so much cum in their nuts that the scum backed up into their throats, giving their voices that full sound.


"Tim is chaffing at the bit a bit these days. His hormones are overacting and he's dying to date a girl at school, aren’t you Tim?" Fred said.


Sam didn't know how to react to the suddenly sexual situation, didn't know how free Fred was with his sons.


"Yes, sir," Tim said, looking at the carpet and scraping one naked foot across the rug.


"Yes, Sam, some little filly has caught my son’s eye. They grow up so fast nowadays, don't they? One day they are babies sucking their thumbs and the next thing you know they’re sucking on God knows what."


Fred laughed, and Tim blushed. Tom stood still as a statue as if he feared the slightest move might shift the attention to him.


"What did you suck today, Tim?" Fred asked, slapping his hand on the table.


"Cock, sir," the fifteen-year-old boy answered, his face red with shame.


Sam sprang an immediate hard on.


"What did you suck yesterday, Tim?"


"I sucked dick, sir." Tim's voice grew even more hoarse and throaty.


Fred turned to Sam with a big smile. "My son is a cocksucker." His smile broadened. "A very good cocksucker." He turned back to his son.


"How can you date some girl at school, Tim, when you’re a cocksucker?"


Tim dared to raise his head just a bit. Was it defiance?


"She's a very nice girl, sir, I like her very much."


Sam felt he was privy to some family feud, some revealing of private family secrets.


"If she is a nice girl son, do you think she'll want to kiss a boy whose has a cock in his mouth every day?"


Were the boy's eyes filling up with tears? Sam wondered.


"Would she have to know about that, sir?"


"She could smell the dick on your breath. I don't care how often you brush your teeth it's still there. I'm surprised the boys on your athletic teams don't smell the dick on your breath. Tommy here can smell it, can't you, Tom? Can't you smell the stink of sweaty cock on your big brother's breath?"


"Yes, sir!" Tommy snapped, not even thinking.


Tommy started to tremble like a leaf.


Fred turned to Sam.


"We don't allow Tim to date. He's too young and wild. He'd only end up fucking some cunt pregnant. Wouldn't you, Tim?"


Sam watched the fifteen-year-old boy's muscular shoulders twitch.


"The other boys my age all have girlfriends."


He was fighting his father, no doubt about it.


"Yes, my boy, but then they aren't cocksuckers. They aren't ass pussies. Maybe when you are eighteen, I will allow you to date. I'm not promising. We'll have to see what your behavior is like in the next couple of years. Of course, the Alcott Institute will help."


At the mention of the Alcott Institute, of which Sam had never heard, both boys began to cry. Just like that. Just like turning on a faucet. Huge, swollen tears rolled down their smooth cheeks. Watching young Tom cry was a delight, but nowhere near the pleasure Sam got from watching hunky, fifteen-year-old Tim cry. There was something special in the sight of a well-muscled, lean-limbed teenage boy crying like a little baby. Sam's dick gave a lurch and sent spatters of pre-cum into his trousers.


"Fred, you never mentioned that you have such a good relationship with your sons,” Sam ventured.


Truth be known, Fred had never mentioned his sons at all, just as Sam had never mentioned his own fourteen-year-old son, Jason.


Fred laughed.


"I had to make sure I could trust you." He turned to the boys. "Why don't you boys go and slip into something more comfortable, you know what I mean. Perhaps our guest would like a bit of entertainment."


Both boys were out of the room like a shot.


"Which of my boys would you say was the most fuckable Sam? I trust your taste in boy ass."


It was Sam's turn to blush. "I don't want to offend you, Fred, by saying anything off color about your own sons."


"Nonsense, Sam. You must think of my boys as nothing more than fuck meat. That's how I think of them. Spawn of the bitch who was my wife. Fresh, young, teenage dick holes. Please, think of this as my own private nightclub. Let’s retire to the living room. Now tell me, which boy ass do you a favor?"


"Well, to be honest, it's difficult. I mean, generally, I favor young, fresh, pre-teen boy-cunt. Fresh, small, tight, young melons you can burst open with your dick, splashing seed up into their little boy guts. That's usually what I prefer as you know from the club, but in this case, there is something very exciting about your older son. He's such a good-looking jock, and yet so vulnerable. You want to just smash him up a bit if you know what I mean."


Fred roared with laughter.


"You see, you are my kind of person exactly. Those are my precise sentiments, my dear man. And believe me, I smash Tim ever chance I get, but I do also enjoy the very tight dime sized ass pucker of my youngest."


"You fuck your sons then?” Sam thought it was time to be blunt.


"Fuck them? Jesus, Sam, that's not the half of it. If anything, I am more rough with my own two boy-cunts than with any of Mr. Black's pussyboys. These two loopholes belong to me. It was my dick that made them. They are mine to do with as I please."


Fred passed Sam a brandy and a cigar.


"How do you control them so well?"


Frede beamed. "I owe it all to Alcott Institute. Mr. Black recommended them to me. They are a private school that takes your boys over the summer and shapes them up or fucks them up. They go in as smart-assed, wise-cracking, horny, little, teenage boys all masculine and cocky, and they return as completely beaten, fully trained, cunts. So terrified are they of the Alcott Institute, that my two little cuntlings wouldn't think of ever disobeying me."


Sam couldn't resist saying, "My own fourteen-year-old son Jason is a wise-cracking, loudmouth lout, always getting into trouble."


Fred nodded and puffed his cigar.


"Send him to the Alcott Institute."


The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the two boys, dressed, or undressed most interestingly. Both boys were bare-ass naked except for tiny, pink satin posing pouches. At fifteen and twelve, their bodies were so very different. Tim's was all hard muscle, although his skin was smooth and hairless. Tom's little body was lanky and slender, arms and legs and feet too big for the torso just a growing little boy. Both boys did have delectable asses. Both were full, smooth and pink, although Tim's was much better muscled than little Tom's. Sam couldn't believe his eyes. In a club, yes, but in a man's home, this was sexually maddening.


"I must say, Fred, I may be something of a pervert, but if I were you, I'd keep the little buggers dressed like this all the time."


Fred puffed arrogantly.


"I keep them better than this. I keep them bare-assed all the time so I can see their dicks and balls swing and bounce. They are never allowed to wear clothing except to school, isn't that right, boys?"


"Yes, sir," both boys chimed.


"Tom, what's the proper way for a boy of your age to sit?"


"Legs spread wide sir, pussy on display," the little guy answered.


"You are nothing but little fuck whores, aren’t you? Insatiable little dick pics."


"Yes, sir," both boys said.


Sam found himself drinking in the boys' nakedness from their big naked feet up their smooth, hairless legs to the bulges at their crotches. Tom had just a tiny lump of course, but Tim's big, teenage prick and balls that seemed to be fairly bursting from the tiny pouch. Tim was one hunky motherfucker of a teen boy.


"We have strict rules in this house, " Fred continued. "Not only do the boys remain naked, but from three-thirty in the afternoon, until bedtime, they must maintain full hard-ons. I measure their pricks at random, and if they are not fully hard, they are beaten severely. Of course, if Tim cums, he is beaten even harder. He must never cum without permission. Tom doesn't have that problem yet, but he does get a nice stiff little dickie.


“Sometimes poor Tim's balls ache from being churned up constantly and not being able to cum, but we have little games we play to get his mind off his bloated nuts. Boys have to learn control of their sexual organs. If you don't control them, they control your whole life. We have other strict rules here as well. Neither boy is allowed to shit or piss without permission. Of course, they've learned how to control all that at the Institute. The boys' pussies were also opened and prepared for me. Boys! Show Mr. Mindl your pussies."


Both boys turned, presenting Sam with their gorgeous asses. Then the boys bent over at the waist and reaching back spread their ass cheeks. That was something else that really turned Sam on, the sight of a teenage boy spreading his own hole. Tom's was tiny and pink, but the swollen ass lips showed that he had indeed been fucked often. Tim's was more corrugated and a darker brown-pink. His ass lips were really stretched, his hole gaped wide enough to shove a flashlight in. His giant fifteen-year-old shaved balls swung between his legs.


"That's quite a hole on your older boy," Sam commented.


"Yes, they worked him over to a fare-thee-well at the Institute. Had to. He was recalcitrant and difficult to tame. Kept screaming he wasn't gay, wasn't a fag, that he was normal and liked girls." Fred laughed. "They fucked him with everything but the kitchen sink. Don't get me wrong, he still gives a nice tight fuck, really strangles a dick since he's learned how to use his pussy muscles."


Sam shook his head.


"More fifteen-year-old boys need that training."


Fred grunted.


"More nine-year-old boys too."


Both men laughed. Sam ran his hands over both boys' asses. Fred leaned in to watch. Both kids trembled.


"What's the youngest boy you ever fucked?"


Sam started to lightly slap each boy's ass cheeks.


"A man could get into serious trouble for answering a question like that. The world thinks we are monsters you know."


Fred beamed, reaching over to remove Tim's pouch so his fat, teenage dick and balls could hang totally free. "Fuck the world. Most people are too insecure to pursue pleasure to its ultimate ends. I only live once. It took a lot of years for me to gain a truly free attitude and if I am cut down because of it, so what. If I should be arrested tomorrow, I don't regret one single boycunt I've plowed, one single little piglet I have split open with my fuck meat. The pleasure is so divine."


Fred began to pump his son's dick. The boy broke out in a slick sheen of sweat with Sam working on his ass and his father beating his boy meat. He knew that if he came, he would be punished horrible, but his dad kept them on the edge all the time and it was agony.


"How do you keep the little runt from shooting off behind your back, in school say?"


Fred jerked and yanked on the big dick.


"First of all, he wouldn't dare even if he could. He's too freaking scared of Alcott Institute. Look at this boy drip. Second, I keep him in a cock cage all day. If I had my way, all teenage boys would be kept that way, to be released only for the pleasure of gentlemen such as us. It's disgusting all the boys in Tim's school walking around all day with hard ons from staring at the cunt. I toyed briefly with sending them to an all-boys school or keeping them at Alcott full time, but it's kind of fun to know that Timmy here is in constant dick torture and can't do anything about it. He's got such a crush on this little freshman cunt at school, puppy love, but he can't date her. Goodness, what if she groped him and felt his cock cage?"


"What about for athletics? Don’t the other boys see the cock cage?"


"I've taken him off all teams even though he was all-state champion. I make him come right home after school now. Turn around Tim and show Mr. Mindle your dick."


Fifteen-year-old Tim turned and thrust his hips forward as he had been taught to do. His seven inch prick was very thick and meaty. Sam reached out and took it in his hands, weighing the fuck slap.


"This boy has got a real cunt stuffer on him all right."


Now Fred had Tom's pouch off and was playing with his twelve-year-old son's three-inch wee-wee.


“This one’s coming along all right too. I make the boys exercise their dicks every night. So, tell me Sam, which one do you fancy to fuck?"


"I think I'd like to fuck Tim."


"Timmy, the biggest cunt on the high school campus. A bigger cunt than any of the girls, believe me."


Fred was roughly shoving fingers into Tim's asshole.


Sam was pumping the big, leaking, teen dick.


"Please, sir, I'm going to cum if you keep doing that," Tim moaned.


"Don't you dare, boy. Don't you dare." Fred bellowed, roughly fucking three fingers into his son's asscunt. "You shot a load last month, and you know what happened."


Sam marveled at how the teenage boy's big, swollen piss slit opened and closed and how pre-fuck spit out and coated his hand and the prick.


"So you want to fuck Tim. Very well, little Tommy here can suck your dick to get you nice and wet and then he can lick your cock while you fuck Tim's cunt. Unless you prefer your ass sucked during orgasm. Tom is proficient at both I assure you. The Alcott Institute taught him well."


Sam could hold back no more, so while he unbuckled his trousers, he asked the question.


"Is there any chance that I could get my son Jason enrolled at the Alcott Institute? I would love to turn him from a rowdy teenage boy a sniveling little cock slut."


Fred chuckled.


"I could help I am sure. You need references. But only if you trust me. Only if you are totally honest with me. Now, what's the youngest boy you ever fucked?"


Sam swallowed.


"Seven. Seven-years-old."


Fred chuckled.


"Humph, I've got you beat by three years."


"Well, I've been sucked by younger – lot's younger."


"For God's sake man, who hasn’t? One of my fondest memories of my boys here, is of sneaking into their rooms as babies when their mother was sleeping and replacing their baby bottles with my dickhead. Course I was always too much of a coward in those days to fuck my own sons, but I've come out since the bitch left me. I've faced my needs and acted upon them. And look at my two cunt sons now. Just last year they were ordinary teenage boys. Now they are fucked up cum deposits. Later on, I'll have them fuck and suck each other for you, and I'll have Tom fist fuck Tim. But now, I see by your big, dripping dick you can't wait to fuck my son's beautiful ass."


As Sam slid his big prick into the fifteen-year-old ass of Fred's older son and his younger son licked his swinging scrotum and asshole, his mind couldn't help but reflect on his own fourteen-year-old stud muffin. He was fucking girls already and pretty wild. More than once, Sam had sucked on the pouch of his son’s dirty underpants and imagined getting his dick into his tight, little hole. Sam decided he needed to get the ball or balls rolling immediately to enroll his cunthole son at Alcott Institute.