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“Hello Albert, it’s good to see you. My God, you look handsome today. No need to blush. At seventeen, boys like you know how to take compliments. Would you like a glass of beer or wine or something before we go to work? No? Well, perhaps after. Why don’t you just get undressed then? For today’s session, we’ll start off naked right away.

“I swear, Albert, your body gets more beautiful every time I see you. I love your smooth brown chest and those lovely nipples. You have the perfect body for a model, I swear. How is your girlfriend? Still fucking her day and night, I suppose. You Latino boys sure know how to fuck; I have to say that for you. She’s how old again, fourteen, right? That’s a great age for a cunt to be. Their lovely pussies are still so fresh and tight at that age.
“Oh yes, I know that you still fuck around. I would have guessed that. Why should a healthy hung, sexy boy stick to one cunt? Oh, I know she’d better be faithful to you. You have to watch those bitches. But a guy needs the freedom to play around with all that young pussy out there just waiting to be fucked.
“I hope you saved come cum for our session today. I can’t sell movies and photos if you can’t shoot a nice big load. You should try to keep down the number of times you shoot for a few days before one of our sessions. I know that’s not easy and a stud like you needs to empty his big balls three or four times a day, but still, for the sake of your career. We have to sacrifice for our careers. Isn’t being a porn star better than hustling on the street and selling drugs? I really see the potential for you as a porn star on the internet. The gay guys really seem to go for you. I know you are one hundred percent straight, and it bothers you, but when you were hustling, you had guys swinging on your dick every night. At least I took you away from that.
“Well, Albert, your dick looks nice and fat today, and your balls look full. I wonder how they would look if you didn’t cum for three or four days. Probably be hanging really heavy. What? You think you would have a permanent erection 24/7 if you didn’t unload at least a couple of times every day. I would love to see that. You would be so hot, walking around with a hard-on. Go on into the bathroom.
“I love to watch our ass move when you walk. I love how the two ass globes rise and fall. And your ass crack is so nice and deep. A lot of guys would love to suck that. You are really a sexy boy, Albert. No, leave the earring in; it’s really hot. It’s a gift from your girlfriend, huh? How romantic.
“What happens if you get her pregnant? Oh, you just dump them then, huh? Good idea. Can’t be bothered with a fucking pregnant girlfriend. You are a brilliant boy, Albert, and you seem to have a good head on your shoulders.
“Yes, climb into the tub. We have never done a bathroom session, have we?
“What about money? You need more money. Albert, I helped you out with extra last week. What do you do with it all? I know drugs are expensive, but you have to try to control how much you use. You’ll wear yourself out by the time you are eighteen. I’ll pay you more, but then you have to give me more at our sessions. No simple jerk offs and stuff. You want that kind of money then we have to do something special to earn it. After all, I have to sell the crap we shoot. Better photos, hotter sessions that get you more money. How is that? I know you won’t let any guys fuck you. You have already told me that. I know you are not a faggot. But my customers get sick of just seeing you masturbate or guys sucking on your dick. They need something more.
“So here—if you want the money, then we have to give them something special—you know what that is. It’s a dildo. It’s a bright color just for fun. I want you to fuck yourself with the dildo! That’s what I said. I want you to fuck the dildo in and out of your ass while I shoot photos and video. Since you won’t let anyone else fuck you, you’ll just have to fuck yourself.
“I know that seems queer to you, but I can’t help it. I need the money, you need the money, and we have to give the customers something special. Now do we do it, or do we call it a day, and you just go home? Yes, it will probably hurt a lot, seeing as you are so macho and never had a prick up your ass. The first few times it always hurts, but we have to start someplace. What do you mean a smaller dildo? How could I sell that? Do you think the customers want to see you stick a pickle up your ass? You are just going to have to put up with the pain if you’re going to make more money. With the rent due, and the money you need for drugs and going out, I just think you better bite the bullet and get to work. What will it, yes or no?
“That’s a wise decision, Albert. I always knew you were a cool kid. Lots of boys of seventeen are getting fucked every day. Yes, I know you’re not a faggot, I’m just saying they get their asses fucked every day, so shoving a dildo up your ass isn’t going to hurt you. Well, it’ll hurt, but it won’t damage you in any way. Your asshole will be sore for a few days is all. Have your girlfriend lick and suck it, I am sure you do that anyway. Sit on her face while you watch TV.
“Fucking yourself with a dildo will bring in the kind of money you want, Albert, I promise you. This kind of shoot raises you in the business.
“Sit on the edge of the tub. Look up at the camera. Give me that mean, sexy look you do so well. Now lift the dildo up and hold it next to your face. Look at it as if you can’t wait to shove it up your ass. Come on, baby, you can give me a sexier look than that. Spread your legs so I can get a nice shot of your dick and balls. I know your dick is soft. That’s because you’re nervous about fucking your ass with the rubber cock.
“My beautiful young Latino, spread your legs so I can see your balls better. Oh my, your feet look so sexy. I am not a guy with a foot fetish, but you really do have sexy feet. Do you make the cunts suck on your toes?
“Now lick the dildo to get it wet. No, it’s not as if you are licking dick. Studs like you don’t lick dick, I know. Lick the dildo so it will go in more easily. No, I don’t have any lube in the house, I’m sorry. You’ll just have to use your spit.
“I know you feel like you should have taken drugs this morning before this shoot, but we all like you better bright and alert. Really cover that dildo with spit. Lick it all up and down. That a boy. Good job. Now look up at the camera and take the dildo and just rub it under your ball sack a bit, as if you’re teasing your asshole.
“I bet the guys at the gym go nuts over you, huh? You walk around naked a lot just to get the faggots drooling, don’t you? Yeah, I know you do. Cute smooth brown Latino boy gets their dicks dripping like crazy. You are such a nasty boy, teasing those faggots and then not giving them any.
“Oh, I know that they can suck on you if they pay you, but still. Do you ever let guys suck on your ass? No? That’s too queer. I’m sure they would pay you extra if they could lick out your asshole. Try it sometime. When a tongue is licking out your ass, you can’t tell if it is a girl or a guy. Believe me. Getting your ass sucked has got to be the greatest feeling in the world. If you ever want to try it with a guy, let me know. No, I would not expect you to suck my ass. I would suck your cute teenage Latino ass.
“Rub that dildo under your balls as if you were massaging your asshole with it. Tease the camera. Keep your legs spread wide. Show what you’ve got baby. Be proud of it. The faggots want it. They will pay big money for these photos. They want to lick and suck on every inch of your hot young body. They want to lick your balls; your cum-filled Latino teen nuts.
“Are you ready? Are you ready to shove that dildo up your asshole for me? I know this is a first for you. This is special, Albert. This’ll give you enough money to take care of a month of drugs. Well, maybe not the way you take them, but still. Now, lick the dildo to keep it nice and wet. Now I’m going to ask you to crawl into the tub and turn your back toward me so I can see your asshole. Now spread your ass globes with your hands to give the faggots a splendid view of your rectum. Yeah, great, Albert, you’re such a good boy. The faggots love to look at your rectum. They dream of sucking on that asshole and fucking it. I know they’ll never get to fuck you because you’re all straight, but they can dream, can’t they? This dildo is their dream. They’ll pretend the dildo is their dick!
“What a beautiful asshole you have, Albert! That is a prize-winning asshole. You are such a fucking stud. No wonder the cunts go nuts for you. Now rub the head of the dildo across your asshole! I know it feels queer. That’s because this is your first time. But just think of the money. Concentrate on the money, Albert. Rub that dildo across your asshole and then just nudge your ass pucker with the head of the dildo just to tease and poke it. That tickles, doesn’t it? I’m sure you have a very sensitive asshole, Albert. Most studs do. Your ass lips are probably responding to the dildo right now.
“Oh Christ, Albert, that’s sexy. That’s hot. This is going to be the best shoot we’ve done yet. I can see the money rolling in. Spread your legs as wide as you can in the tub. I’d like to see your ball sack swinging. Oh fuck, that’s hot, Albert. The faggots will go nuts. Keep rubbing your asshole. What. Is the dildo getting dry? Well then, lick it some more. I know it has been rubbing your asshole, but how else can we keep it wet? It’s your asshole, so it doesn’t matter. Get it nice and wet this time. Does it taste kind of musty? That’s your asshole taste. That’s what the young cunts taste when they lick and suck your asshole, Albert.
“All right, now I think we’re ready to have you fuck yourself with the dildo. Are you ready? Okay, Albert, I have the lights and the cameras set properly. Are you ready to fuck yourself in the ass with the dildo? I know how much you hate this. I know it’s going to make you feel like a queer boy who is getting fucked in the ass. But it’s got to be done. You know you’re a straight macho Latino teen who fucks girls and is only doing this for the money. Get that dildo covered in spit. I am so sorry I didn’t buy any lube, but, of course, I don’t get fucked in the ass or take anything up my ass.
“Get right down in the tub on your hands and knees like a dog. Lift one foot and put it on the rim of the bathtub, so your ass opens up more. I really need to see your asshole close up as you shove the dildo up into your rectum. Of course, we’re going to have to lie and tell the distributor you are eighteen years old. But most of your fans, especially the internet ones, know that you only just turned seventeen. Okay now, raise one leg like a dog pissing, so we can clearly see your asshole, now start pushing the head of the dildo into your teenage ass pucker. We both know this is going to hurt, but we also know that drugs are expensive, and a horny little Latino boy needs his party drugs and some money to impress his girlfriends.
“You have such cute toes, Albert. Push with them onto the tub porcelain to give yourself some leverage. Push that dildo right up into your teenage asshole. Good, good boy, I can see it spreading your cunt lips. I’m sorry; I meant ass lips. It’s just that when a dick, rubber or not, is forcing itself into an asshole, the asshole often looks kind of like a cunt!
“Oh yes, that’s good Albert, very good. You got about two inches in. Now it’s the thicker part of the dildo. Now is when your ass ring will feel like it’s going to tear, but just ignore it and keep on pushing. Get that dildo up your ass, Albert! You can put your foot down now into the tub. Just stay on your hands and knees like you’re a bitch dog getting fucked by her stud.
“Look back at the camera for me so your fans can see your face. Yes, your cute face and at the same time that big red dildo sticking out of your asshole. Great. Oh, baby, I know it hurts terribly. Give your ass time to get used to it. Just like a cunt needs time to get used to a big dick in it. I know when you fuck the girls that you never give them time to adjust. You just ram in balls deep, even if the twat is a virgin, right? That’s because you’re a randy teenage stud.
“Don’t chew your bottom lip, Albert; we don’t want a bloody lip for the shoot. Try to look like you are really enjoying it. Like you do this every afternoon after school for fun! Like this is how you spend your weekends. Maybe your mamma and you share the same dildo! You take turns up your Mamma’s pussy first and then up your ass. Now come on, shove it in farther. You mustn’t disappoint your fans. They want to see that dildo cunt depth! Work it in. If you move it from side to side as you push, you’ll stretch and widen your asshole! Your rectum will stretch and also your inner asshole! Push it all the way in Albert. We need these shots to be the very best we can do. You and I both need the money. I know you need your ten percent. I’m going through a lot of work here for you. I am putting my reputation for outstanding porn on the line. So don’t let me down, Albert. I do my part, and you do yours. Shove that dildo way up your asscunt!
“Oh, that’s great, Albert, you look just like a fucking animal! Kneel there with that big red prick sticking out of your sweet, beautiful ass. Can you grind our ass in a circle like it really loves the dick and wants more cock up it? Push your ass out and grind it in a circle like you’re getting fucked by a big black cock and you love it. Oh, Albert, that’s sweet. I know it hurts like hell. We’ll be finished in twenty or thirty minutes. You gotta look like you are really enjoying it though. Lick your lips and look really sexy at the camera. That a boy. Push that ass toward the camera. Oh, I think the dildo is working itself out. Shove it in again as deep as you can. You see how the dildo gets kind of wide with that bulb near the bottom. That’s just like the knot on a dog’s dick. See if you can get some of that up your asscunt like you’re a female bitch dog, and his big red doggie prick is up your bitch hole, knot and all, fucking you.
“Move your body, so your balls swing. Yes, I can see your balls swinging right underneath your hot young ass globes with that big red dick sticking out. It’s great. The guys are really going to go nuts jerking their dicks while they look at you, Albert. Think, thousands of guys beating their fuckmeat as they look at you with a big red dildo shoved up your asshole turning it into a fucked out cunt!
“Can you get it in any deeper? I know it hurts like hell, but can you ignore the pain for just a few minutes and really shove it in as deep as you possibly can? Pound on it with your hand, so it really gets up there into your teenage guts! What do you mean it hurts so much you feel like you are going to pass out? That would ruin the entire shoot, and we would have to start all over again. Just really slam it into your guts! Don’t be such a pussy. Fuck that dildo deep into your guts, boy! Are you a man or a fucking faggot? You can take it! I have invested a lot of money into your career. And you have a pretty serious drug habit, so we can’t wreck this shoot just because you suddenly become a sensitive faggot! You can take that dildo, and you fucking well know it! You have no choice. If you want the money, Albert, that dildo has to go deeper up your cunt!
“You’re drooling, that looks good. Let the spit hang from your mouth like you’re some bitch who only lives for dick! Let the spit drip from your mouth like it’s the cum of the last ten guys who face fucked you! Because you won’t really do anything to make big money, like suck dick or take real dick up your ass, we have to create the illusion for your fans. We have to entice them!
“Stick your tongue out of your mouth like you’re a fucking bitch panting in heat from the prick up your ass. Now fuck that dildo in and out of your cunt. Oh yes, Albert, don’t be gentle. Really fuck that dildo in and out of your pussy! In, out, in, out. Faster, come on, you can do it harder than that! Get a rhythm going like you’re fucking some young teenage bitch. Only now you’re the bitch getting fucked. In, out, in, out. Fuck your ass faster and harder for the camera. I love it when you grunt like a stuck pig!
“Yeah, this is going to loosen up your asshole a whole lot! Fuck that fucking dildo in as deep as you can, as hard as you can, as fast as you can. I want to see your whole body jumping in that tub. I want to see your cunt pushing back against that dildo! Fuck yourself, Albert. Fuck your boy hole raw! Jesus, you look just like some kind of demented animal in fuck heat! You don’t even look human Albert. Maybe it’s because you are Latino. I mean the brown skin and all. You look like a fucking rutting animal! But if we’re going to sell this fucking video, you’re just going to have to fuck harder than that!
“I know it’s burning up your fucking insides and it hurts like hell. You just have to put up with it! I need a deeper, harder fuck! I know you don’t hold back when you are fucking some little thirteen-year-old twat! You even try as hard as you can to get her pregnant, don’t you? Well, I want you to pretend that this dildo is a huge dick on a big black man and he’s trying as hard as he can to get you pregnant! Slam that fucking dildo up your cunt. Get yourself pregnant! Don’t pass out. Fuck harder so the pain keeps you alert! Frig your clit—I mean cock—while you are fucking yourself. Play with your teenage dick while you fuck your hole! Show the guys that this is how you jerk off at night, a big fucking dildo up your ass-cunt while you beat your teenage fuckmeat! This is your daily masturbation routine! Mamma’s dildo up your stretched out teen pussy while you finger your filthy little spic dick!
“Okay, stop. Keep the dildo up your cunt. This is just not dynamic enough. It’s not exciting enough. The guys jerking will fall asleep before they cum. We got to give them something more. Flip over onto your back and lift your legs like a fucking cunt on her wedding night. Let’s try you fucking your cunt on your back. We need to do some intense dicking! Oh for shit’s sake, stop crying. I can’t have you crying in this video. You are supposed to love this! Here, wipe your eyes.
“You look so hot with the end of that dildo sticking right out of your young teenage ass! Maybe we need to get some shots of you walking around the house with it sticking out of your hole. Like you walk around all the time at home with your mamma’s dildo up your greasy Latino ass! Maybe you even wear it to school, to keep yourself nice and horny all day! Think of the hot videos we can make, Albert, once your asshole gets used to the dildo! This could be a prize-winning series of fuck films, but you have to cooperate! I can’t just junk all this footage now and get myself another spic!
“I’ve got some nice pills for you today, but you have got to put on a first-class show for my cameras and me. You have got to fuck your cunt like a pro! I want to see that entire dildo up your twat! Now raise those legs just like a fucking whore and smile up at the camera and start to fuck that dildo in and out of your dirty spic whore cunt!”