Alan and Me

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How lucky am I or what? So, I have these friends, a very liberal and free straight married couple. They pride themselves on their wide-open attitude toward life. So what do they do when they discover their thirteen-year-old son is gay? They come to their gay friend (me) and ask me if perhaps I would be willing to mentor the boy because they don't know how to handle it, and they want him to be happy. Well shit, do they realize that "mentor" to me means fuck his little teen boy asshole and stuff that smooth, pretty face with cock? Even though their son has never had a gay experience, he has spoken with them about his feelings and how perhaps, and I stress perhaps, he may be gay. At that age, it's so difficult to tell because many boys go through faggot stages. Lots of boys in their early teens idolize male movies and sports stars and develop crushes on them.

But who was I to argue? I would soon be getting my dick into some prime boypussy.I could almost feel my fat dick spreading those small, tight asscheeks and forcing itself into that pretty, pink pucker. I suggested that the boy come to live with me for a few months, and I could teach him about and expose him to the gay lifestyle. My friends were so grateful. And the little cunt, Alan was grateful too. You see, I had made sure that he developed a crush on me. I would take him presents when I visited his family, give him movie and concert tickets, talk to him on his own level about pop stars he liked, and all kinds of shit like that. If you want to score teen boy pussy, you have to do your homework, my friends. Before asking him to move in with me, I started to take him places to the movies, out to eat, to the mall, you name it. His parents were so grateful, they paid for most of it.

And Alan fell in love with me. One night he told me he was gay and that he knew he was in love with me. Now I had him where I wanted him. I told him I loved him too, but we had to take it slow because I was a fully-grown adult male of twenty-nine, and he was just a kid of thirteen. I said it might not ever work out. He got all teary-eyed and said he knew it would work out as he loved me and would do anything for me.


I got him into spit kissing right away. I love to lick a cute boy's face all over and gob loads of spit into a wide-open teen boy mouth. Soon we were sloshing spit back and forth. I have to give the little cunt credit. He was a damn good kisser with soft full lips and passionate intensity. He wanted to kiss me all the fucking time. I asked him if he wanted to spend some time living with me to see how things would work out, and the little faggot was so happy he almost floated up off the car seat. Fucking Fairy! So he moved in.


The first night he was there, seated on my couch. I asked him if he thought he was ready for sex. He was really horny, and he confessed that he masturbated three times a day, thinking about me. I asked him if he ever thought about doing things with any of the boys at his school, and he blushed and said he had, but now that he had me, the boys didn't matter anymore. I kissed Alan on the neck and licked his ear, and just about drove him nuts. Then I put on a gay porn tape of a forty-year-old black man with a thirteen-year-old white boy, and I explained to my little cunt the "ins and outs" of gay sex. He was fascinated. He knew all about cocksucking, of course, because kids that age are not dumb. But he knew very little about assfucking. And when the nigger in the vid pissed on the boy, Alan freaked out. Of course, it was one of my tamer vids because I didn't want to scare the boy yet.


Next, I explained the rules of my house to Alan. I told him I would establish these rules to help him. I wanted him to get comfortable with his body, with his sex, and with his sexual orientation. He nodded very seriously at all the shit I was spouting and said he would do whatever I wanted.

Here are the rules I gave him.

  • We would sleep together in my bed every night. We would sleep bare-ass naked. (You can imagine the boner I threw just thinking about having a bare-ass naked thirteen-year-old boy who was smashingly cute in bed with me every night.)

  • Alan would be naked in the house at all times. He would put his clothes in a box by the door when he got home from school. I would put his clothes for the next day in the box. (This, I told him was so he would learn to be comfortable with his sexuality.) He would remain naked when I had friends over, or even when a pizza guy delivered, or a stranger stopped over. I had lots of rough and tough pals in their thirties who couldn't wait to see some bare, pink boy ass and little thirteen-year-old dick and nuts.

  • When he was naked, at no time would he ever cover his cock and balls with his hands or any object. (I told him he was so beautiful, I wanted him to become proud of his body and especially his cock and balls. When I told him this, I had not even seen them yet. You must be patient to score with teens.)

He blushed when I told him this. I held his chin in my hand and licked his face. The rest of the rules I told him later on after he had digested the first few when I was sure he could take it. I had to give these to him in small doses. You have to work on a boy's mind as well as his body. Don't push him too fast. But here are the other "House Rules" that he eventually had to follow.

  • He must only shit and piss with permission and never unsupervised. One of my friends or I would always accompany him to the toilet to watch him shit and piss. He must learn to be proud of his body functions, so he must piss so the person supervising can see the cock pissing, and he must shit with his legs up and spread, so the turd coming out of his asshole is clearly visible. I told him my friends would frequently take photos of him doing this to mark his progress. (He turned bright red when I said this, and it took some time to get him to comply correctly.) If he had to piss or shit at school, he must call me on his cell phone and get permission.

  • He must masturbate four hours a night while he does his homework, but he must never cum without my permission. I told him he needed to gain control over his cock, and if he really loved me, he would do this as a proof of loyalty to me.He must also have a hard on after school from 4:00 pm until after dinner at 7:00 pm. Then from 8:00 pm to midnight he must masturbate while he does his homework or whatever ever other things we do like watch movies, or play games, etc.This, of course, kept him on edge at all times, and it was agonizing for him. By the time we went to bed, he was the wild fuck animal I desired.

  • He must work on his anal muscles and his pussyhole every night for two hours so that he can become a worthy lover and pleasure my big cock. I told him that to help him, my friends would often watch him doing his asshole exercises and take photos, again to mark his progress. I would provide dildos, vegetables, and household objects for him to use in his anal exercises. He could do these exercises while he masturbated and did his homework. I wanted his mind so on sex that he could not even think about anything else.

  • He must do a one-hour workout each day to increase his muscles and then afterward work on his tits for forty-five minutes. I told him I liked a boy with large prominent nipples, and he must do this for me. He could do this while maintaining his hard on after school. I gave him his own personal set of nipple clamps, clips, and screws, as well as nipple suction cups.

  • Sitting posture. He must always sit with his legs spread wide apart. If the chair has arms, he is to hook his legs over the arms of the chair. Sometimes when told to, he must put his heels up on the seat of the chair and then spread his legs as wide as possible. This would prove that he was proud to be a gay male and was proud of his young body and his sexuality. My friends, of course, loved to see him sitting this way when they came over to visit and ultimately play with Alan.

  • On the days when one of my friends or I pick him up from school, he must remove all his clothes in the car immediately and ride home bare-ass naked. The proper way to sit in the car when naked is with his bare feet up on the dashboard and legs spread. He must have a hard on.

  • All of my friends must be able to touch him anywhere on his body at any time to check his muscular development or his sexual development. He must not be shy about this. They will particularly want to check his hard on development and his anal hole development.

  • I am very close and affectionate with my friends, so he must be too. He must greet my friends with a lovely, wet, open-mouthed kiss and use his tongue. This is a proper greeting and goodbye for all my friends, even when I am not present. Being a proud gay, he must learn this. A real gay kiss to one of my friends can last anywhere from thirty seconds to five or six minutes.

  • In addition to being my lover and having sex with me, he must be willing to have sex with anyone I tell him to. I want him to have a broad understanding of sexual relations and to have a liberal attitude. This in no way diminishes my love for him, or in any way stops him from being my personal and only lover. I too may have sex with other boys, but that does not mean he is not my lover and partner. (of course, he had trouble with this one. He was at that age when he believed lovers should be faithful to each other and never go with anyone else. I slowly convinced him that his sucking dick and taking cock up his lovely ass in no way compromised our "special love.") My goal eventually was to have him fucked eight to ten times a day and sucking cock nearly continually, all the time. I fully intended to have him service the boys at his school, black thugs in the inner city, derelicts and bums, friends of mine, total strangers, the entire clientele of every gay bar in town, and anyone I chose. But the fact that he would be living with me gave me all the time in the world to put my plan into action. I'd soon have his young, teenage asshole as wide opened as the Lincoln Tunnel.

Diversion: This brings up an interesting question. Why do dudes like me take such delight in stretching a young boy's asshole beyond its limits, and turning it into a fucked out cunthole? I don't know why it is, but one of the goals in corrupting a teenager is to stretch his tiny asshole as large as possible, to get cocks, dildos, fists, feet, baseball bats, bottles — anything and everything up that young boy hole — to make it hurt as much as possible. Is it just the sight of seeing the kid in terrible pain, or is it more. Is it a real obsession with turning his teen asshole into a cunt? But sometimes we gay men who are not even interested particularly in cunt, still want to turn the boy's hole into a fucked out pussy. Isn't it odd? I only know that for me there is no thrill quite like stretching a boy's cunt beyond the point when he says it's ripping, and it can't take anymore. Maybe that's it. Maybe it's teaching the boy that we always can take more than we think we can! I knew that by the time Alan was sixteen, his asshole would be pretty much useless for anything except horse dick.

  • At school, Alan was never to speak to any girls except female teachers. He was to call all boys Sir — even boys younger than himself. This would be monitored. I would watch him on the sports field and at extra-curricular activities. He must call all other boys, Sir!

  • All the hair on his body would be shaved off, pits, bush, asshole, balls, everywhere. He would shave every two days to keep himself really smooth and clean.

  • He would also give himself three enemas a day so that his asshole and colon would always be totally clean and ready for fucking. The enema bag would be filled with soapy water, and he had to ask permission first before he could expel the liquid, and that he was monitored.

Being Gay was not as easy as Alan thought it would be. More rules would follow.

I set about getting a school wardrobe for Alan. Very tight, light tan trousers that hugged his little ass and crotch. No underwear, so when he leaked from his dick, a large visible stain would form. T-shirts, some pink, some powder blue, some other colors so small and thin that his belly button showed and his titty points poked through the extra thin material, and tennis shoes with no socks. His t-shirts often had slogans on them like "Your Boy," and "Toy." Later the tee shirt slogans would get more obvious. The tee shirts he wore when I took him to the mall were shorter and included slogans like "FuckBoy" and "Faggot." The jeans he wore to the mall and out other places with me often had a broken zipper, so he always had trouble keeping his dick in his pants.


Later, when things got so bad for him that he would sob and beg me not to make him wear such and such, or to not do such and such to him, I would remind him that I loved him and he promised he would love and obey me. For example, the first time I told him I wanted him to suck off a dog he made quite a fuss. It took lots of work to get him to the point where he would crawl around bare-assed in a public toilet sucking off strange men and eating shit logs out of unflushed toilets.


But to accomplish that, I had to begin a program of punishments to go into effect if Alan ever disobeyed me. I didn't do that until after I had been fucking his sweet ass for over a month. He loved getting fucked by me. He gave himself entirely to me. He truly was so in love with me. He loved the feel of my enormous, pink dickhead pushing its way into his rectal ring and my thick cock shaft stretching his cunt walls. I fuck brutally, and he got to love the sound and feel of my big floppy balls slapping against his flesh, as I plowed my dick in as deep as I could. I fucked him morning, noon and night. I fucked him all the time. It got so that I taught him that when I walked into a room, he was to bend over at the waist and push out his pussy at me. How fucking cute was he that way!


And, of course, not letting him cum made him all the hornier. His stiff prick leaking like crazy, he would cry that he needed to cum and couldn't stand it anymore and I would say, "Alan, if you love me, you will do this for me."


A new rule established that when he walked around the house bare-assed, he was always to be playing with his dick, and when he sat and my friends were over, I wanted him to be fingering his pussy hole relentlessly. If he was caught not playing with his dick and asshole, he would be punished. We convince his parents, "my friends," that he should continue to stay with me as it was working out so well. I, of course, convinced Alan never to speak a word of what we were doing to his straight parents, as they would not understand.


From this, you can see that I turned the boy's entire life into a sex circus. I had him thinking about fuck and only fuck twenty-four hours a day. I had him sleep at night with a dildo up his ass. I ordered him to read the filthiest books you can imagine and give book reports to my friends and me. Those were the only books he could read. The only TV he was allowed were really perverted underground fuck videos with very young boys and animals, and pain and torture. He had to give oral reports on these videos to my friends and me and then we would try out some of the activities from the films. Slowly his mind got totally fucked up along with his body.


His parents were so proud of his development and thanked me over and over. We decided that he should permanently live with me. I explained his declining grades in school as a normal response to puberty and the onset of sexual development. The truth, of course, was that he was getting fucked so much and sucking so much dick that he didn't have time to do school work.


Sometimes we would have a party, and fifteen to twenty guys would masturbate and shoot their loads right on the floor, and Alan would crawl around sucking and licking their cocksnot off the floor. We had bukkake parties with thirty to fifty guys rounded up from local gay bars shooting loads all over Alan's beautiful face. Of course, then Alan had to eat it all. I'd take him to a porno movie house in Chicago, and have him on his knees sucking off thirty or forty guys and taking it up the ass from dozens of men. I insisted the men never wear rubbers. It got to the point I had to have Alan tested for HIV every single week. At the porno film theatres, I would make him crawl up and down the aisles, licking the spilled fuckslop off the floor. I'd have him clean the walls and floor of the booths in porno bookstores with his tongue.


Three or four times a week, he would put on shows for my pals and sometimes complete strangers, where he would suck and fuck with dogs, pigs, goats, or whatever else we came up with. Before his fifteenth birthday, he could easily take two adult male hands up his asscunt at the same time. I started to pimp him out and made more money selling his ass than I did at my regular job.


We launched underground porn films starring him. He was known as "the Pigboy who will do anything!" He made an entire series of films where he ate shit from bowls, assholes, toilets, off the street — you name it.


But if he ever even looked at or touched another guy without my permission, he would be punished horribly. After all, we were lovers, weren't we?