Aiden's Troubles Life

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George Clayton was a wonderful father to his two older sons, fifteen-year-old Adam and seventeen-year-old Clay. They got everything boys could want, including Aiden. That’s right. George had unyielding, conservative ideas about the place of faggots, especially since his wife had deserted him and the two boys and Aiden seven years ago. Aiden was thirteen and in eighth grade.

His big brothers and his father fucked Aiden regularly, and there was nothing he could do about it. George had started fucking him at nine. Aiden had been sucking his Daddy’s dick since he was five, and the brothers soon after. Now he was their virtual slave, but they didn’t think of it that way. They thought that’s how all faggots deserved to be treated.


"Boys," George told his sons, "Faggots exist for only one reason…to take care of guy's dicks. That’s the only fucking thing they are good for."


Adam and Clay believed their old man, so Aiden’s life was miserable. He had to get up at seven each day, and the first thing he did remove the ten-inch dildo that was kept up his ass all night unless of course George or the boys wanted to play with him during the night, in which case he slept with them. Otherwise, he slept on the floor in a small room of his own, decorated with wall-to-wall blown up photos of cocks.


Aiden would crawl into his brother's room, Clay the oldest first, and crawl beneath his blankets and suck his morning hard-on for him. If he had been fucking one of his high school girlfriends the night before, his teenage dick often tasted like cunt-slime and cum and Aiden hated that.


Sometimes the boys let him suck them off in the morning, at times, they fucked him, and sometimes they just played around a bit and held their wads for later. He had to wake Adam up the same way, although he preferred to have his sweaty ass licked in the morning.


Perhaps I should describe Aiden for you. He was thirteen as I said, but his dad had had breast enhancement done on him the year before, and so he had these big fucking humongous tits that humiliated and mortified him at all times. Each tit was larger than a cantaloupe.


The teachers at school thought he had a medical problem and talked about how sad it was and difficult for a young boy, just emerging into his teen years to have such large breasts. Now George was giving Aiden nipple injections as well, so his nipples stuck out like fucking sow udders. George often kept rubber bands around them to accentuate them even more.


Aiden was never allowed to wear a bra, and the tops his dad bought for him were always such thin material that the brown of his nipples showed right through. This, of course, made him very popular with the eighth-grade boys, not to mention all the teen boys at the local nearby high school where George often sent Aiden to make friends. Lots of Clay and Adam’s friends became Aiden’s friends.


George had told Aiden that he believes a faggot could start dating boys at thirteen. He insisted however that Aiden not date his classmates in eighth grade with their peanut pricks. Aiden had to date high school boys. He also gave Aiden a strict set of rules.


"Listen, you little cockwhore, if a boy dates you, he expects something in return, so make sure on the first date you at least suck the boy off. If he wants to fuck you, let him fuck you. You never, ever refuse a fuck from any boy who wants it. In fact, it’s a faggot’s job to offer his cunt to a boy. You should invite the boy to fuck your cunt on the first date. You know how your brothers and I feel about rubbers, so you never have the boy wear a rubber. The only exception is if he is playing games like cumming in the rubber and then having you suck it clean."


While he talked, George worked three fingers in his little son’s boy-cunt.


"You understand, faggot?"


"Yes Daddy," Aiden said like the obedient boy he was.


Aiden’s older brother, Clay, had super glued Aiden’s piss lips back and open to expose his faggot brother’s inner pisshole at all times. It was almost unbearable for Aiden because it was so sensitive down there, but his family seemed to like it and left him that way all the time. They also put a silver ring through his dickhead and hung a bell from it, so it tinkled when he walked around school.


Aiden was not allowed to speak to any girls at school and spent his time between classes sucking the dicks of the jocks who were pals with Clay. His father insisted he was too young to go steady with a boy, so he told Aiden to date a different boy each Friday and Saturday evening and to get fucked by them. He often checked Aiden’s boy-cunt when he came home from a date to make sure there was a cum deposit.


In the morning, Aiden made breakfast for his dad and brothers, and then crawled beneath the table and licked their balls and cocks while they ate and talked about sports and stuff like that.


"You know Dad," Clay offered, "I know we are all on a pretty tight budget here, and I appreciate how hard you work for us all and I was thinking. We spend an awful lot of money on toilet paper. Wouldn’t it be a great saving if we just had the faggot here, lick our asses clean after we take a dump?"


Adam roared with laughter, as did George.


"Clay, you are one nasty son of a bitch. Shit, you are a great all around kid. Let me think about that. Lots of guys do like to kiss the fag, and we don’t want his breath smelling like shit all the time, but it’s a thought." Then George turned to Adam. "Son, how is that new girlfriend of yours coming along?"


He was referring to Cindy, a twelve-year-old that Adam was dating. Of course, Cindy’s parents knew nothing about it, but Cindy wanted so to be popular, and Adam was one of the most popular boys in town.


"Great Dad. She has the tightest little pussy you ever saw. Not like Aiden here."


Adam shoved one naked big toe up Aiden’s boy-cunt, and the little boy was not allowed to resist. They often toe fucked him, as well as pushing all kinds of bottles and things up his boy-cunt.


"Now, now Adam. Be fair to your brother, he had a tight cunt once too before we started to fist fuck him. Twats get sloppy quickly.


“How’s Cindy’s ass sucking coming? I know how you love that, and you said she resisted a bit at first."


"Yeah, she told me it was dirty and gross. Tough shit. I told her I would drop her as a girlfriend unless she did it. Now, I sit and watch TV with her sucking my shit-hole for hours at a time. I sometimes sit right on the little cunt’s face. It’s awesome."


"Guess what, Dad,” Clay chimed in. "I got another cunt pregnant. Fourteen-year-old Amy Lawson and her parents are super strict Catholics and are going to make her have the whelp!"


George laughed.


"Good work, son. You are quite the baby maker. That’s eight now, right? Nothing like telling a bitch you really love them, and want to marry them, then knocking them up and then dumping them. It’s the best fun.


“Adam, you gotta start to get some cunts pregnant. Don’t worry about their parents, most of the time they are so shocked and humiliated, they never say a thing, and if they do, there are ways of taking care of it. Clay here holds the school record for getting cunt's preggers, right, Clay?"


Clay blushed.


"Shucks, Dad, it ain’t nothin'."


"It sure is, son. You have a right to be proud. That’s quite a prick you got swinging there between your legs."


Each day for school, Aiden got a thermos filled with his brother’s piss to drink and a sandwich covered in dog cum from his dad. The family kept three huge dogs, which also fucked Aiden for his family’s amusement.


When Aiden got home from school, he had to do his homework right away before the boys got home from sports practice and wanted to fuck. He had a special desk at home for his homework, the wooden seat had a ten-inch dildo sticking up from it, and he had to sit on that all the while he did his homework. The boys often brought five or six of their pal's home from school, and Aiden had to lick the sweat from sports practice off their balls and cocks and out of their assholes.


The boys didn’t shower on purpose, just so Aiden could lick them clean, including their rank armpits. Fortunately for Aiden, Clay and Adam were handsome, young studs, so the task wasn’t too rough. Sometimes Aiden put on a show for the boys either by himself or with the dogs. And then it was time to start dinner.


While he served steak or pork chops, or other goodies to his dad and brothers, Aiden usually had something like a bowl of cornflakes with piss instead of milk. He ate his meals out of a doggie dish and was never allowed to use his hands. Sometimes the boys jerked off on a salad for him or had one of the little neighborhood kids do it so they could save their big boy sperm for better things.


George also had Aiden getting fucked by three of the male teachers at school, to ensure that he received good grades. He had made Aiden seduce them. The guy at the gas station also fucked Aiden, so George got free gas for his car. The guys all went to the movies free because Clay’s buddies who worked as ushers there would fuck Aiden in the office while his dad and brothers saw the films.


By his fourteenth birthday, Aiden would have had eight hundred and twenty different cocks in him. Not bad for a cute, little, teen faggot.