Aiden's New Daddy

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A palimpsest based on a story by Princess Lin

Aiden was frightened as he entered the school's front office. He had not done anything wrong and yet had been called to the office during school announcements to pick up a detention. What, he wondered, had he done to get a detention. He often smart-mouthed teachers but had always stopped when warned his behavior was out of line. Had some teacher decided at last to give him a detention without giving him a warning first?

It did not help that his home-life sucked. His mother and father had divorced five years earlier and he had not seen his father since. Aiden's mother had since taken to dating any man who might take some interest in her.

She frequently came home drunk or not at all, no doubt spending the night in some paramour's bed. This did not help Aiden's attitude. He totally could not wait to graduate high school and ditch his home life. Here it was Monday and his mom had not even returned from a weekend trip to Las Vegas. What a slut!

The principal's secretary, Ms. Roswell, smiled as Aiden entered and motioned for him to sit on the front office couch.

"Ms. Roswell, I thought I was supposed to pick...to pick up a detention."

"Principal Rogers will see you in a moment, dear," replied the smiling middle-aged secretary.

Aiden sat down on the couch indicated. His mind was going a thousand miles a minute. A visit with the principal? Oh god, it must be worse than he thought. The principal was a short, fat, middle-aged, balding man and Aiden was totally repulsed by the lecherous old man. He resolved to give him major attitude if he had to see him for a detention he did not even deserve.

After several minutes of wondering what he had done, and who might have written him a detention, Ms. Roswell's intercom buzzed.


"Yes, Mr. Rogers?"


"Is Aiden here?"


"Yes, Mr. Rogers."


"I'll see him now."


Ms. Roswell stood and said to Aiden, "The principal will see you now, Aiden."


Aiden stood and walked to the principal's door, he did not know if he should knock or just enter, but decided to play the rebel. He threw the thick door open and stomped in. Inside he saw Mr. Rogers seated at his imposing oak desk, but he slowed uncertainly as he also saw Mr. Brown, his gym teacher, sitting in a chair adjacent to the desk, facing the door. His mind raced remembering all the things he might have said to anger Mr. Brown enough to merit a detention. He had certainly made his share of smart-ass remarks to him, but never anything too bad. Mr. Brown was a big man, who obviously worked out. Both men were looking at him expectantly.


"Please close the door behind you Aiden and sit down," said Mr. Rogers, indicated the chair in front of his desk with one hand. Aiden, a little startled, complied.


Once the boy was seated Mr. Rogers said, "Aiden, I am very disappointed in you."


Sitting on edge Aiden waited to hear what he had done wrong.


"Your mother tells me you need a male authority figure in your life, to give you discipline. I agree with her. As the two of us have just married this weekend in Las Vegas, I am your new father and will see to it that you are brought up properly, young man."


Aiden's mind went blank in shock.


"You can pick your jaw off the floor now, son," said the principal. "I am a very physical man and want to show you my genuine affection. So why don't you come sit in daddy's lap?"


Aiden recoiled in disgust, but Mr. Brown pulled the boy to his feet and guided him around the desk. He pushed Aiden into Mr. Rogers's lap where he squirmed to get free. He could feel Mr. Rogers's erect penis bulging against his ass as Mr. Rogers held him down with both hands. Mr. Brown grabbed Aiden by the shoulders and shook him. Once he had his attention, he glared menacingly at him until he ceased to resist, allowing Mr. Rogers to hold him still in his lap.


"That's better," said the perverted principal, "Daddy is just excited at having his young son's beautiful firm ass squirming in his lap. You'll get used to it."


"You're sick!" Aiden hissed.


Mr. Rogers pushed Aiden off his lap and stood up, pushing Aiden into Mr. Brown's arms.


"See? That's what I mean. You need discipline and I will give it to you young man."


Mr. Brown pushed Aiden’s chest down onto the desk and pulled the boy’s trousers down to his knees. Aiden gasped as he felt his underwear clad ass exposed to the two men before he felt a rough hand yank his underwear down around his knees as well. Now his ass was completely naked to the two men.


"No, please!" Aiden yelled.


Mr. Brown grabbed him by the back of the neck and held him down. Aiden tried to escape, his pretty, little ass bouncing on Principal Rogers's desk.


"Oh god, please let me go!" cried the captive boy. "I'll be good."


"I'm sure you will," gloated Mr. Rogers as he held a paddle in his hand. "I'm sure that you'll be my best, little boy."


Mr. Rogers then brought the paddle down hard on Aiden's exposed ass.




"Ow!" screamed Aiden




"Ow! Please!"




"Fuck you!"




"Ow, ow, ow..." Aiden cried. The last paddle on his upturned ass had hurt like hell and he gasped for breath now.


"Are you going to be good now?" demanded Mr. Rogers.


"Ow! What?"




"Yes, yes, I'm going to be good now!" Aiden cried. He would agree to anything to stop the paddling of his sore ass.


"Good boy," whispered Mr. Rogers approvingly.


He took some ointment out of his desk and rubbed some onto Aiden's red ass. The cool cream soothed the boy and he could not help but moan in relief as he felt the same hand that inflicted his pain rub it away.


"Are you going to obey Daddy now?" Mr. Rogers asked.


"Yes," Aiden whispered petulantly.




"Ow! What?" he demanded indignantly, his ass all the more sensitive from the recent comforting of the lotion.


"When you answer me you will say 'yes daddy' or 'no daddy,' do you understand, son?"


"Yes...Daddy," Aiden said obediently…anything to stop the pain.


"That's better, now get on your knees and suck my cock."




"I said, suck Daddy's cock and remember how you are supposed to answer me or I'll paddle your ass so hard that you won't be able to sit for a week!"


"Yes, Daddy," whispered Aiden cowed by the threat.


He sank reluctantly to his knees between Mr. Rogers's legs. Confused he did not know if he could do this, but his sore ass motivated him to comply. Mr. Brown, holding a video camera in his hand, walked around to stand beside Mr. Rogers and pointed the video camera down at Aiden.


"Suck Daddy's cock, Aiden," Mr. Rogers repeated, pressing the prominent bulge in his pants up to Aiden's lips.


Aiden froze, staring at the camera lens as Mr. Rogers rubbed his bulging pants against his face.


"That's it Aiden, watch the camera," whispered Mr. Brown filming the little boy's humiliation.


"Take Daddy's cock out of his pants, Aiden," said Mr. Rogers.


Aiden did not respond at first. Mr. Rogers glared down at him ominously and asked, "Do you want another spanking, faggot?"


Aiden whimpered.


"Well then you better take Daddy's cock out and suck it then cocksucker. And remember to answer Daddy when he talks to you."


"Yes, Daddy," whispered Aiden as he inexpertly unbuckled Mr. Rogers's pants and fumbled with the button.


Mr. Rogers impatiently pushed the boy’s hands away to unbutton his pants, unzip them and pull his trousers down. His cock strained at his boxers. "Take my cock out and put it in your mouth, little boy."


Subdued, Aiden did as Mr. Rogers told him. Mr. Brown captured his submission on tape, recording his every move as he took his new Daddy's cock into his mouth.


"Oh, that's good faggot," whispered Mr. Rogers in pleasure, "now suck on Daddy's hard cock. Show him what a good cocksucking faggot you are."


His cheeks bulging with his new Daddy’s cock, Aiden looked up miserably at the camera and did as he was told, sucking on the intruding cock that filled his mouth. Mr. Rogers grabbed his head impatiently and pushed his cock in and out of Aiden's mouth, abusing him to his satisfaction.


"Oh, that's a good, little cocksucker," the principal said as he fucked his mouth, "take all of Daddy's cock."


Aiden's throat distended with each thrust of Mr. Rogers's cock into his mouth, his nose buried with each thrust into his Daddy’s pubic hairs. Aiden whimpered and sucked as Mr. Rogers pushed his cock in and out of his mouth.


"Look at the camera Aiden," Mr. Brown whispered when the boy lowered his eyes in shame. The boy’s tear filled eyes looked again at the camera as it recorded every cock thrust.


Mr. Rogers stopped then. "Okay, Aiden, you can stop."


Mr. Brown stopped the camera and led Aiden over to a leather couch.


"In the next scene you are going to ride Daddy's cock in your boy-cunt. You are going to tell us how much you love Daddy's cock."


Aiden wailed aloud at what Mr. Rogers proposed. He slapped the boy once on the face...hard. Stunned, Aiden quieted.


"That's not the response Daddy taught you. You are to answer 'yes daddy' when I tell you what to do. Anything else and I'll paddle your ass till you can't sit on it again. Understand?"


"Yes, Daddy," Aiden replied meekly.


"Good boy, if you behave, Daddy won't have to paddle your ass again."


Mr. Rogers sat down looking up at Aiden with a smile as he stood in front of him. Mr. Brown turned on the camera again as Aiden stood uncertainly in front of the couch.


"Take off your trousers and underwear and come sit in Daddy's lap, son," Mr. Rogers ordered.


Aiden looked down at his trousers and underwear still wrapped around his knees. Aiden bit his lower lip in obvious distress as he tried his best to comply. Mr. Brown followed his movements with the video camera.


“Dance for us, Aiden. Dance real sexy, shake your ass. If you don't dance hard enough and well enough. I'm going to paddle your ass so hard!"


Aiden danced. He shook his ass. He threw his arms and head around. He twisted. He lifted his legs exposing his small nuts and dick bouncing under his shirttails. His dick grew thicker and swung back and forth and he stuck out his sexy tight well-globed ass.


His body glistened with sweat from the fear and confusion of finding himself caught in this nightmare. Aiden bounced on his feet as he danced causing his little dick and balls wiggle. He was a sight indeed and the fact that while he did this he cried and begged to be let go, made the sight even more stimulating.


Mr. Rogers smiled and encouraged the boy to lift up his strong young legs higher so his little boy balls and dick swung and bounced more. Finally, the boy was allowed to stop. He stood there, shoulders slumped...chest heaving from the exertion as he shuffled his bare feet and tried to control his crying. His white cotton shirt still hid his privates The principal pulled Aiden's shirt up so the camera could catch all the action.


"That's a good boy," Mr. Rogers said, "now put my hard cock in your cunt."


Aiden hesitated, uncertain until Mr. Rogers bellowed at him, "Get on my cock now you little faggot!"


Frightened at the outburst and afraid of another spanking, Aiden stood straddled over Mr. Rogers's hard cock and held the man’s cock with one hand and gingerly placed the tip of the cock at his ass pucker and pushed. The pain was awful and the fucking thing would not go in.


"Harder… push harder," Mr. Rogers instructed.


Aiden held his breath, he shoved the cockhead into his ass ring and it popped inside. It hurt so bad he feared he would black out. He could not breathe. His ass pulsed and his asshole felt ripped. He pushed and two inches of cock went into his rectum.


“Oh, God…Oh, God…help me…help me…I can't…I just can't," Aiden wailed


"Of course you can. Come on, show some guts, be a boy not a whimpering girl. Get that cock up into your guts."


Sweat poured off the boy's smooth hairless body. The cock stuck obscenely in his stretched asshole. The boy’s breathing sounded ragged as his young chest heaved. His nipples were pebble hard and bright pink. His tummy fluttered and his dick burped out pre-cum. Sweat plastered his blond hair across his innocent, young face. His lips quivered and his eyes rolled in their sockets. Some snot bubbled from his cute, little nose, pooling on his upper lip before draining into his mouth.


He shoved more cock in and grunted with pain. The fucking cock was up him four inches. His asshole throbbed and his guts churned.


"Keep shoving it in Aiden, you’re almost half way. Keep shoving it in. The pain will go away soon."


"It's too thick. I feel like my ass is gonna tear."


"Your cunt can take it Aiden. Don't worry, keep shoving it into you. Open up that thirteen-year- old cunt like a good faggot boy."


Once again, Aiden just wanted the horror to end. He forced more of the cock up his virgin ass canal. He sat there with the cock impaled in his ass, breathing heavily with eyes half closed. His chest now hurt as well as his tummy and his stretched ass.


"You're a big boy Aiden. You can do it. Put your mind to it. Show me you can be an obedient little boy.”


Aiden obediently impaled himself on the remaining four inches. Mr. Rogers moaned appreciatively as the boy’s ass descended his shaft.


A thirteen-year-old boy with a cock in his ass is a beautiful sight, thought Mr. Brown as he filmed Aiden’s debasement.


"That's better," Mr. Rogers whispered in Aiden's left ear as Mr. Brown zoomed in on the penetration of his asshole. Mr. Rogers allowed him a moment to accommodate him. After a few minutes he became impatient however, "now ride my cock in your cunt."


Crying, Aiden raised himself up his shaft and sank back down it, then raised himself up and sank again feeling Mr. Rogers's hard cock slide inside him. Mr. Rogers moaned in pleasure.


"That's it. Now roll your hips forward so your cunt pulls on my cock as you go up it and then back as you go down. Massage my cock with your cunt," he demanded.


Aiden did as he was told, riding Mr. Rogers's cock like a proper whore now. Mr. Brown zoomed out from Aiden's thrusting crotch to capture his wanton ride. He filmed Aiden from behind, catching his small bubble butt pulling his cunt up the cock before impaling himself on it again, over, and over. Mr. Rogers held his shirt up in the front so the camera could catch it all.


"Fuck it in and out…come on…do it."


Aiden chewed his lip and fucked the big cock impaled in his guts. He was sure he was rupturing something. He fucked and the huge cock slid in and out of his little, boy asshole bringing a little inner ass out each time…a little, pink inner, little, boy ass lining. Aiden's feet were white from curling his toe so tightly.


Luxuriating in the wonderful sensation of teen cunt riding his cock Mr. Rogers did not relent from tormenting his new son for the camera.


"Good boy," he said appreciatively, "do you like riding Daddy's cock?"


Aiden did not want to answer, but knew better than to risk Mr. Rogers's wrath, "Yes, Daddy," he said grudgingly.


Mr. Brown filmed Aiden's anguished face as he unwillingly took cock in his vulnerable asshole. He could not help but look miserably at the camera as Mr. Brown filmed his degradation.


Aiden wept, but continued riding his daddy’s cock. Mr. Brown filmed Aiden's face as he squeezed his eyes shut to the image of what he was doing with his body. Aiden could not stand it anymore. He flung his head from side to side. He sobbed. Never in his thirteen years had he cried so hard. Mr. Brown zoomed out again to catch the boy’s long, blonde hair flouncing around his head like a halo as he obediently rode cock.


"Tits," Mr. Brown whispered.


Mr. Rogers pulled Aiden to a stop, impaled on his cock. "Unbutton your shirt for the camera, faggot."


With tears rolling down his face, Aiden unbuttoned his white cotton shirt from the bottom up. Once unbuttoned it fell open revealing his now exposed and erect nipples. Mr. Rogers pulled the shirt off the boy and threw it aside.


"Ride my cock, whore or I'll fucking punch your balls as I fuck your cunt!"


Mr. Brown then zoomed in on Aiden's crotch where the lithe, little boy's small dick and balls bounced wantonly as he went up and down the cock inside him as he humped his fat, balding principal. The camera capturing the blur of Aiden’s boy-cunt riding the thick eight-inch cock, engulfed in his tender, moist lips.


Aiden was a fucking animal riding the cock piercing his ass like a fucking whore. He felt the cock pushing against the knot at the base of his balls, his dick lurched, spunk shot from his dick and he collapsed in a tremendous orgasm. The most powerful orgasm of his life. He pushed his ass against the cock skewering his ass. His dick throbbed and bounced shooting fuck spunk all over his stomach…chest…face. His yelps filled the room. His hips bucked and bounced forcing the cock in further. His dick shot more and then it peaked and lessened. He lay back on Mr. Roger’s chest, his deflating dick leaking and drooling. He had literally ass fucked himself to orgasm.


As Mr. Rogers lifted the shattered boy up, his cock made a wet 'pop' as it emerged from the tight hole. Mr. Rogers quickly turned the boy around and pushed him to his knees. Aiden froze, frightened at the implications of what was before him as he stared at the blood of his busted cherry on the ass slime and shit covered cock drooling its dick snot.


"You can suck me again, faggot," Mr. Rogers requested in what sounded more like an order.


“Ohhhh...oh, my God...I...can't…I....that’s disgusting...I...please, Daddy…please.”


Mr. Rogers, irritated with the delay and his need to cum, reached out and twisted the boy’s balls and then squeezed them hard. The boy’s mouth opened and Mr. Rogers pushed the boy’s face towards the filthy cock.


"It's your ass, faggot, I think it'd be fitting for you to clean up your mess on my cock," he said in a commanding tone and forced his cock into the boy’s mouth


Aiden hesitated and then to save his balls, he leaned down and tentatively slid his lips down and over his daddy’s filthy, throbbing cock. He gagged at the taste of shit as he started to swirl his tongue around. Mr. Rogers moaned with pleasure from the intense thrill of watching his boy perform such a lewd act of sucking on his ass-slimed cock.


The smell of his own ass on the cock was overpowering. Aiden gagged severely several times — just barely keeping from throwing up. He cleaned the cock with his tongue but could not get much of it in his mouth. The smell of the cock was making the boy gag over and over again causing tears to stream from his eyes as a result.


"You need to throat that mother fucker to clean it, faggot," Mr. Rogers admonished.


He took a hand full of the boy's hair in each hand and started bearing down forcing his cock to the back of Aiden’s throat. Aiden was helpless in Mr. Rogers’ powerful grip. The cock blocking his throat passage was obstructing his air. Aiden’s teary eyes bulged as Mr. Rogers continued to press hard on the boy’s throat opening until something gave. The fat monster forced its way into Aiden's air passage until Mr.’ Roger’s pubic hair pressed into his nose. Aiden’s amazement at taking the fat cock all the way down his throat momentarily made him forget he couldn't get any air.


"God damn, throat that mother fucker, you cocksucking faggot," Mr. Rogers taunted the helpless boy.


Aiden squirmed and twisted as much as he could, but Mr. Rogers’ grip prevented him from escaping the oral rape. When he thought he could not endure another second, Mr. Rogers pulled his cock out of the boy’s throat. The boy desperately sucked in air.


"Tell me how much you want Daddy's cock in your mouth," Mr. Rogers teased.


Aiden did not want the cock back in his mouth, but knew that was not what Mr. Rogers wanted to hear so he opted to remain silent.


Mr. Rogers allowed the boy a few breaths then forced his fat cock back down the boy’s throat, but the principal wanted his answer and removed his cock from the boy’s mouth.


"Daddy asked you a question, sweetie, don't you want to feel Daddy's cock?"


"Please Daddy —" Aiden whispered miserably as he struggled for breath.


Again, he forced his cock in the boy’s throat. After a few minutes, Mr. Rogers pulled out allowing the boy a few breaths.


"But don't you want to feel how much I love you, son? Don't you want to Daddy’s cock?"


Miserably Aiden answered, "Yes, Daddy."


"Yes, what faggot? Tell Daddy what you want."


"I want Daddy's cock."


Mr. Rogers nudged the boy’s lips toward his cock pushing his cock to the boy’s lips. Aiden reluctantly took his daddy’s cock in his mouth. This time he was not as overwhelmed and actually tried to tongue the underside of the fat cock meat. Aiden worked his tongue over the cock head and he breathed deeply. Aiden sucked and licked his daddy’s cock, his tongue removing all traces of cherry blood, dick snot and shit so that daddy’s cock was sparkling clean.


Mr. Rogers started to fuck the boy’s throat. Aiden was able to take a small gulp of air each time the principal pulled the cock out of his throat. It took only minutes for Mr. Rogers to feel the first twinge warning him of his impending orgasm, his instincts taking over and the speed of his thrusts quickening. The sounds of Aiden’s distress heightened the experience. With ease acquired through practice, Mr. Rogers reached down, clutching Aiden by the hair, pushed the boy back and turned the boy’s face upward to face him. Gripping his cock, Mr. Rogers jerked frantically, his eyes set on Aiden's teary, snot covered face as he aimed the head of his cock at the boy’s swollen lips.


"You want Daddy to cum, cocksucker?" he needled, tormenting the boy for the camera.


"Yes, Daddy," Aiden repeated docilely.


"Okay, faggot," Mr. Rogers whispered as his cock swelled up, his scrotum tightening so that his testicles could empty their seed, "here I cum!"


"Nooooo!" Aiden moaned as Mr. Rogers held the boy’s head firmly.


Aiden did not expect the sudden thrust of Mr. Rogers’ hips as his balls exploded, the first line of hot, white semen spraying up his nostril. Tears formed in his eyes as he began coughing, Mr. Rogers pressed his cock into the boy’s cheek and took no notice of his distress as his second shot skipped off his cheek and up and into the bangs of his long hair. Aiden looked straight into the Cyclops eye of the cock as a third stream of the thick fluid burst from deep within his balls, the salty spray landing in his eyes before he could close them. The stinging liquid momentarily blinding the boy.


Mr. Rogers’ cock continued to pulse rhythmically with spurt after spurt of cum covering the whimpering boy.


Mr. Rogers stood there looking down at the cum-covered face below him while gently rubbing the head of his still hard cock against the soft skin, his breath slowly coming back and his fingers loosening from the boy’s hair. A light chuckle escaped from his lips as he ran his cum-covered cock across Aiden's puffy lips.


Aiden’s head was spinning and his whole body was shaking as he knelt on the floor between his new Daddy’s legs. Tears, snot and cum covered his face. He was still sniveling when Mr. Rogers probed at the boy’s mouth with his cum-covered cock.


“Lick it, lick my cock clean, clean me up nice, cocksucker.”


Aiden wanted it to be over so he did as his daddy told him.


"That's it, faggot. Be a good little cocksucker and clean Daddy’s cock.”


He licked and sucked Mr. Rogers’ cock until he it polished clean.


“Aiden, I will feed you my cum everyday just like a good daddy should. You are going to be such a good cum slut!"


"Oh, noooo!" Aiden wailed in shock and passed out.



As Mr. Brown’s cock rested in the cleft of Aiden’s ass cheeks, he took one of his fingers, coated with cum from Aiden’s face and began to probe the boy’s anus. Aiden moaned at the assault as Mr. Brown’s finger slipped past the outer ring with a little effort. The hole was tight, but in the boy’s relaxed, passed out state, he thought he would be able to get at least the head of his cock in before Aiden was aware of what was happening.


Mr. Brown aimed his cock at Aiden’s asshole with one hand and gripped the boy’s hip with the other hand. Mr. Brown pressed his hips forward hard and the head and some of the shaft popped in past the boy’s sphincter.


Aiden's eyes flew open and he screamed in shock and surprise. Mr. Brown moved a hand to cover the boy’s mouth to muffle any noises he might make while he said in his ear, "Don't worry, faggot, it won't hurt for very long."


"Stop ... please ... take it out ... it hurts!" Aiden screamed under Mr. Brown’s hand.


Mr. Brown ignored the boy’s pleas and continued to press his hips forward. More of his thick member forced its way down the tight tunnel. Aiden continued to scream and plead for Mr. Brown to stop.


After what seemed an eternity to Aiden, he finally felt Mr. Brown’s hairy balls nestle against his asscheeks and his large gut pressed against him. He could not believe that the fat, monster cock was inside his asshole, fucking him again. The pain had slightly abated since Mr. Brown had stopped moving for now. Aiden was not screaming anymore, but was sobbing quietly, trying to find a position that relieved some of the pain in his ass.


His ass felt incredibly full and he was grateful that Mr. Brown had let him have a small respite to recover. After a while, he thought it did not feel so bad anymore and wriggled his bottom to encourage Mr. Brown to fuck him so that he could get it over with.


Mr. Brown took the hint and began to pull his hips slowly back. As his cock pulled out, it left Aiden feeling empty until Mr. Brown forced it back in, filling him back up. He gasped in shock, but it was not as painful as before. Aiden breathed in heavily as Mr. Brown pushed in and then let his breath out as he pulled out. This helped him to keep from screaming as Mr. Brown pummeled his ass.


Mr. Brown was in heaven. Aiden’s ass squeezed his cock gratifyingly along its whole length as he plunged it in and out. Since Aiden was being quiet, he removed his hand from the boy’s mouth and used it to hold onto the boy’s shoulder to help pull the boy back he thrust forward.


Soon, Aiden was pushing his butt back onto him on his own, but Mr. Brown still held onto the boy tightly. His cock slid thickly in and out of the boy’s previously virgin ass with little resistance. Now that the pain had gone, the boy was able to relax his sphincter and allow Mr. Brown full access to his ass.


Aiden was amazed that the pain was gone, and he was actually beginning to enjoy the ass fucking. He was surprised at how close he actually was to cumming.


"Fuck my ass, sir," he moaned, "fuck my slutty ass!"


Mr. Brown was only too happy to comply and he sped up his hips, fucking the boy’s ass with long fast strokes. Aiden felt like a fag letting the man fuck his ass. It was not going to take him long to cum again and it hit him suddenly. His ass spasms massaged Mr. Brown’s cock and he let out a long, low moan.


"You little faggot ... you little fuckhole," Mr. Brown groaned as the boy’s ass squeezed his cock in a death grip. Soon he was coming too, filling the boy’s tight passage with the boy’s second load of cum for the day. Aiden was barely aware of the warm pulses of sperm shooting into him as Mr. Brown’s cock spit out its fluid.



A few hours later, Aiden woke up with an ache in his backside. It took him a moment to remember where he was because he could not see and he seemed to be buried under some great weight while he lay on his stomach. At first, he thought he had to use the toilet really bad, but then the feeling seemed to relent for a moment before it came back again swiftly. Then he realized where he was and that his new daddy was fucking his ass again.


Mr. Rogers had woken up a few minutes before Aiden did and found his penis still hard and still entrenched up the boy’s asshole. The house was still quiet and he had decided they had time for one last fuck before he had to get back to his room. Since he was already in the boy’s ass, it seemed like a good hole to relieve his passion in. He rolled Aiden over onto his stomach and without any preliminaries began sawing in and out.


Lying down like this made the boy’s ass feel even tighter and it tore at the skin of his cock. The cum he had pumped into Aiden hours before was still in there, squishing around as he fucked the boy and it lubricated his cock making it easier.


Aiden gritted his teeth and bore the pain in his backside. Since his lust had been sated earlier, he found that he once again despised Mr. Rogers and his lust for his body. It was hard to breathe, buried underneath him, and the muscles in his anus felt like they were cramping from being stretched and pummeled for so long. Aiden felt horrible, both physically and mentally, and hated his new daddy even more for using him again.


Mr. Rogers’ continued to jerk his hips forward and back against the boy’s ass cheeks. He covered the boy’s whole body with his, crushing him with his weight. He loved the feel of the boy’s luscious body beneath his. He reached underneath Aiden to stroke and pinch the boy’s nipples between his fingers.


When Aiden felt his new daddy’s hands fondling his nipples, Aiden's passion began to rise again. He hated his body for its response to his new daddy’s ministrations, but he began pushing back against his new daddy’s thick, intruding member. There was no way he was going to get around it, sex always felt good to her, no matter who it was with, or which of her holes was getting fucked.


“Might as well relax and enjoy it,” he thought as he heard the loud squelching sounds coming from his ass. “I'm such a cock whore.”'


Mr. Brown was really abusing the young boy’s nips; squeezing them hard and using them to help pull him into her. He was so much bigger than the boy was that his chest was pressed against the boy’s head. Aiden had to turn his head to the side to keep from being suffocated.


"That's it ... that's it my little fuck hole," Mr. Rogers’ gasped as his thick cock brutally thrust into the boy again and again. Like before, he didn't care whether Aiden was enjoying it or not, but he could tell that the boy was by the way he was writhing beneath him.


All too soon for Mr. Brown, he felt that familiar tingling in his groin. He thrust one last time forward, and gasped aloud as his cock swelled and emptied its seed once again into the depths of the boy’s bowels.


Aiden came at the same moment, pushing his ass back as best he could with Mr. Rogers’ weight on top of him. He lost control of his body and was wracked with spasms for several seconds as his orgasm overtook him.


After they both calmed down Mr. Rogers’ finally rolled off the stunning young boy. His thick cock pulled out of Aiden’s anus with an audible 'plop', leaving a deep empty feeling inside the boy. Mr. Rogers looked at the boy’s anus and saw that it was gaped open, like some strange toothless mouth in an expression of surprise.


"It's time for me to leave, little cumdump," Mr. Rogers told Aiden.


Aiden heard his new daddy speak, but did not acknowledge it. He felt horrible for enjoying his rape as much as he had. He could feel his new daddy’s cum running out of his ass as he watched his new daddy get dressed and prepare to leave with a look of supreme satisfaction on his face.


Aiden feet disgusted at himself for what he had just done and had no intention of it to happen again.



Aiden could feel the spasms of his new daddy’s cock. He wept quietly as Mr. Rogers pulled him down on top of him, nuzzling his face in the boy’s chest. Aiden's asshole squeezed without his willing after each pulse of Mr. Rogers's cock, instinctively milking him of his cum.


"That's it, take all of Daddy's cum," Mr. Rogers whispered between grunts of pleasure, "you little fuckhole."


Aiden felt sperm flooding his rectum and his body betraying him as it clasped his new daddy’s cock for more jism.


"Tell Daddy you are a fuckhole and cumdump," whispered Mr. Rogers.


"I..." he could not say it.


"Your body knows you are a faggot. Feel how your sloppy, wet boy-cunt eagerly squeezes my cock for more cum? Admit it, you are a cum whore."


“I am a fuckhole and cumdump,” Aiden thought to himself.


"I am a fuckhole and cumdump,” he repeated aloud.


Mr. Brown zoomed in on Aiden's face as it reflected his newfound knowledge, his will crumbling.


"Say it again, Aiden," Mr. Rogers ordered.


"I'm a fuckhole and a cumdump," Aiden whispered obediently, looking up vacant eyed at his new daddy smiling in satisfaction as his cock jetted more cum into his new conquest.


Aiden's boy-cunt was filled with cock and leaking excess sperm around it and down Mr. Rogers’ tight scrotum onto the floor.