(Mm) (anal, fist, oral, rim, ws) (humil) (nc) (beast)
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Adam is the latest young man to audition for my upcoming theater season. He wants to be a professional actor. Some of you know that I have gotten many young men their starts in professional theater. Some have gone on to become big stars. For any of you living in the Minneapolis area, the man starring in Peer Gynt at the Guthrie, Mark Rylance, started out with me in every sense of the word. Anyway, I am helping Adam look into drama schools and universities with good programs. He has little money, so I have to write for some scholarships for him. I have connections and can help him, as he is talented, but there will be a price, of course. I told Adam nothing comes free in life. He knows I am gay and that most of the theater world is.

He knows what I mean when I say there is a price. And he has agreed. We have not discussed all the details yet, but they will include sucking my cock and taking my dick up his young ass. Like so many boys I help, he is the product of a broken home. I have given him a job cleaning the toilets in the theater to help him, and I am considering using him in two upcoming shows. I also have some potential modeling jobs for him for local TV ads and some newspaper circulars. But, it all hinges on how comfortable Adam is with himself and his body, and how willing he is to share his attributes with me.

I have scheduled a photo session with him this afternoon at my condo. It will, of course, include undraping the goods. My approach with Adam will be similar to I think, the one I used with the boy we call Naked David. Adam is quite shy, so first I will get him to undress and pose for me. Then I will make him get naked in front of my gay friends and colleagues. This should totally humiliate him and provide some fun. Then we move on to some simple submissive things and then on to more complex tasks. Eventually, I will make him clean the toilets bare-ass naked and crawl around the theater. He will be made to give his mouth and ass to every one of my friends. He will be invited to parties where he will be fondled and used. That will be just the start.


Meantime, we will see if we can have a bit of fun with him at school by getting some of the boys to use him. This is accomplished by having him send some of the photos we have taken to some of the jocks at his school along with very personal, admiring emails. You would be amazed at how creative high school jocks can be. So, today is a big day for young Adam. It may set him on a course which will change his life forever. I have to move slowly, of course, and be careful. I have not yet seen Adam's potential, by that I mean what he has in his pants. He has not done a nude audition for me with the other boys due to his age. If we use him naked on stage, we shall have to change his name and lie about his age of course. But young fresh prick meat really brings the gay audiences in, especially for the special, late night shows we sometimes do.


Adam was very nervous at our initial interview. I rubbed his neck and his shoulders to relax him. But now, being around the theater, he has relaxed quite a bit. I have noticed that he has a really nice ass mound in his trousers. It looks like he has good globes. He is a very sweet boy and hangs around all the time now, as he hates to go home to his wasted mom. It is really the perfect set up. I have tested his submissiveness in some small, simple ways. I asked him the other night if he would take home some dirty jock straps from some of the actors and wash them for us. I mean, usually, of course, the actors wash their own filthy fuck straps, but I had them leave them on purpose. I told Adam they had to be washed by hand as some of the actors were allergic to machine washing. To make things just a bit more interesting, my buddies and I pissed on some of the prick pouches and even jerked off on them. They were totally sticky and foul. I told him the best way was to wash each one separately by hand in the warm soapy water. He did an outstanding job. They came back fresh and spotless. I gave him a toothbrush to clean out the tile grout from the tiles around the toilets.


We all compliment him and tell him this is the way most young actors start out. Some of my friends lie and say they started the same way. Everyone is always very kind to him, rubbing his back and shoulders and patting him on the ass. I think that for the first time in his life he feels wanted. And boy, oh boy, is he ever wanted — right in the crack between those ass cheeks!


I don't think I will fuck him today, even if the shoot goes amazingly well. I don't want to rush things and ruin them. I may tell him I feel very close and special about him and that I usually don't feel so special about a new actor. I may even tongue kiss him a bit if he seems cuddly and wants some affection. If that works, then tonight after the show, I will take him out and who knows.


The first time I met him at a Christmas party, he was a bit wasted at the time, which is what gave me the idea that he might be ripe for plucking. He was with a girl at the party, but who gives a fuck. He is actually much cuter as you will see in the photo shoot I do today. People always look worn out when they are wasted. I can’t wait to take photos when he is really worn out from getting dick up his ass. You can see though, even from these, that he does have a really good mouth for sucking dick! So, you see how patience is needed in this game. I have been gently gaining his confidence from Christmas up until now. Oh, I wanted to have at that ass and mouth over and over, but I told myself to play it slow and safe. After I get some outstanding photos of Adam, I will share them with you. Let me know what you think or suggest.