Adam Turns Me Gay

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My seventeen-year-old brother was popular in high school. He played football and ran with the jock crowd. Unfortunately for me, I was the exact opposite. He was a popular jock, and I was a geeky fourteen-year-old freshman. He was tall, muscular, and good-looking, while I was an awkward kid. He had many friends, and I had only a few. In fact, I hated his friends. They always picked on me at school, calling me a fag, while my big bro pretended not to notice. When he announced that he was having a party Saturday night, I cringed at the idea of his friends drinking and slobbering all over the house. I made plans to lock myself in my upstairs bedroom, play videos games, and hide out all night. I'd recently figured out how to look up porn on the Internet, so I planned on jerking off as much as my dick could handle.

By nighttime, the house was already full of my bro's jock friends. Everyone was drinking beer. There was a lot of deafening music, and guys were shouting at each other over the noise. I was in my room getting bored and a little jealous listening to the rowdy party. My brother's friends were total losers, but they sounded like they were having more fun than I was. I pulled up a straight porn video on the Internet with some chick getting undressed and playing with her pussy. I started stroking my dick, making it all swollen and sensitive. I slipped off my clothes and began jerking my dick, completely naked. After ten minutes, I got bored of the chick and tried finding something else to look at. While I was searching the Internet, I accidentally got a gay pop-up site showing a photo of two naked, young dudes kissing while their hard dicks touched each other. The one on the right was fondling the other dude's balls. Gross, I thought to myself, that's really disgusting! I was just about to close out of the screen and try to find some more straight porn when a booming voice startled me.

"Shit, you really ARE a fuckin' fag!"

I jumped out of my chair and stood there in disbelief and confusion trying to cover my hard dick. Adam, one of my brother's straight friends, was standing in the doorway. Like my brother, Adam was also seventeen years old. He was a bully and loved to pick on me. Right now, he had a look of total disgust on his face. I suddenly remembered what was on my computer screen. Oh, shit! I fumbled with the mouse trying to close the screen. My face got beet-red, and my heart was pounding. What was I going to do? How could I ever explain this? My eyes started to tear up, and after stumbling around for a moment, I finally just stood there with my head hanging down. Adam stood there silently, shaking his head in disgust, looking at me with his accusing eyes. How did he get in here? Didn't I lock my door? Shit, I forgot! Oh, fuck! I thought to myself. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! Adam closed and locked the door behind him. His eyes had a fierce shine to them that made me feel uneasy.

"Shit, faggot!" he said. “I came up here to find a bathroom so I could take a piss, and instead I got the disgusting pleasure of seeing you jerk your dick to queer porn!"

I pleaded with him, "No, Adam! It was a mistake! I'm not g…g…gay!"

"Oh, give it up, fag! I just fuckin' caught you red-handed with gay porn on your computer screen and a major hard-on!" he smirked, making me wince. "If you open your queer mouth one more time, I'm gonna beat your ass and then go downstairs to let everyone know what I just saw. You understand?"

His words were slightly slurred from the beer he'd been drinking, making me even more scared of what he might do. All I could do was weakly nod my head as I stared at the floor. I'd never been this afraid before, and I didn't know whether to sob and plead with him or just play it cool.


"Well, faggot, I came to this house tonight to party, and it looks like I'm gonna be partying up here for a while!" he chuckled.


Huh? Did Adam just say he wanted to party with me? What was he talking about?


"Someone needs to show you what a homo you are, and I guess that'll be me!"


He suddenly lurched forward and grabbed my lower jaw with his hand pulling me close to his face. I could feel my puny dick shrinking between my legs. I could also smell beer on Adam's breath.


"You need to realize how much of a fag you are, understand?"


I didn't understand what he meant, but I stared at him and nodded my head in agreement. I hated myself for being so afraid of him, but I was so ashamed and frightened. It was then that I noticed the huge tent in the front of his jeans. I couldn't believe it. Adam had a hard-on. He saw me looking at it, and he laughed at me.


”That's right, fag! It's time to get this party started and make all your dreams come true!" He laughed and then pushed me backward. "Get on your knees, faggot!"


The realization of Adam's intentions slowly dawned on me, and a look of panic spread across my face.


"No, Adam, please!" I begged. "You're making a big mistake! Let's talk about this for a minute!"


SMACK! He cut me off with a hard slap across my face. I was stunned and in pain, but the fear and humiliation hurt more. My tears started flowing.


"That was your last warning, queer!" he said. "One more word and I'll make you sorry you were born, faggot! I don't care whose brother you are. Now, get on your knees, put your hands behind your back, and open your mouth, NOW!"


I fell to my knees in shock and clasped my hands behind me. I'd never thought about putting some dude's junk in my mouth. That was disgusting. It was something for chicks and queers to do and now it was about to happen whether I wanted to or not! Why was this happening to me? My mind raced at a dizzying speed. I looked around desperately for an escape, but there was none. I was trapped!


Adam kicked off his sneakers and socks. He pulled off his shirt and then took off his jeans and boxers letting them fall to the floor. Now, we were both completely naked. Almost, I thought somewhat humorously, like the gay porn photo that had accidentally led to all this. But this was very different, unlike the gay photo, neither of us were cocksuckers, although Adam was convinced that I was and this wasn't consensual by any means. I was being raped by this jock, and I wasn't even gay! Adam's hard dick popped into the air, bouncing around in front of me. It was huge, at least eight-inches long!


"Yeah, this is gonna be sooo fuckin' sweet!" Adam slurred.


He positioned himself in front of me, grabbed my hair, and pulled my face forward.


"Open up, fag! It's time to feed you your dinner!" he said with a smirk.


I stared at his big cock. I was in shock with tears running down my face. He slapped my face really hard, and I instinctively opened my mouth to cry out. Adam immediately pushed half of his massive cock into my mouth. I could smell the pungent odor of his crotch and feel the warmth of his big, swollen dick. The salty taste sickened me, and I tried to turn my head, but Adam's strong hands wrapped around the back of my head and held me in position. He pushed his dick further in until it just barely touched the back of my throat.


"Suck on it like a piece of candy, cocksucker, and move your tongue all over it!"


He didn't move his cock around at all, just letting it sit in my mouth. I started sucking his cock as best as I could running my tongue along the bottom of it. I couldn't believe that I had a cock in my mouth and that I was actually licking it! Some of my spit started running down my chin, and Adam laughed at me making my humiliation worse. I kept my eyes closed. I couldn't bear making eye contact with him. After what seemed like an eternity, he started moving his dick slowly in and out of my mouth forcing me to suck it.


"Keep sucking on it and moving that tongue, fag! Mmm…yeah, we're about to heat things up!"


All I could smell, taste, and feel were Adam's nasty dick in my mouth. Fuck, this couldn't be happening! All at once, Adam grabbed me and forced me onto my bed. I was on my back with my head hanging over the edge. I wasn't sure why he wanted me in that position. I soon discovered that, with my head hanging over the side of the bed like that, it allowed him easier access to my throat so he could plunge his dick all the way down my tight throat!


"Open up and don't bite down, or I'll bash your head in, cocksucker!" he ordered.


With that, he rammed his dick all the way down my throat! I gagged, and my throat contracted. He quickly pulled out, and then rammed it back down again and again, and again, and again! I tried to scream, but with his huge dick all the way down my throat, I couldn't make any sound. All I could do was gag and make grunting noises, drooling all over myself. I grabbed his hands to move them off my head, but he wouldn't budge. The more I struggled, the faster he pistoned in and out of my mouth shouting obscenities at me.


"Fuck yeah, cocksucker! Take it all down your queer mouth, you faggot! Fuckin' homo!"


The more he humped my mouth, the further down my throat his cock went! It seemed to get bigger and bigger, and soon I could feel his pubes and hairy nuts smashing against my face with every thrust. He kept pistoning in and out for what seemed like forever. I finally gave up struggling after a few minutes, lost in my own misery with my head hanging over the edge of the bed, and my throat being fucked raw by this jock. He rubbed the outside of my throat with his hands, up and down my neck, feeling his cock lodged deep inside my throat. I snapped out of it when he suddenly rammed his dick down my throat and just held it there, my nose buried in his pubes.


"Yeah! Eat my fuckin' spunk, fag!"


With that, his dick swelled up, and his cum burst out, spraying the back of my throat! Fuck! I couldn't believe that a dude just blew his wad in my mouth! The salty, piss-like taste made me gag hard. He quickly pulled out and sprayed more cum onto my face. I could feel it dripping from my nose and chin.


"Ughhh! Ughhh! Ughhhh!" he moaned through his teeth with each load that he shot.


I'd never seen someone cum that much before! He shoved just the head of his dick back in my mouth and blasted more cum all over my tongue.


"Don't you dare spit it out, faggot! Swallow it all, fag, every fuckin' drop!" he ordered.


I just laid there, ready to collapse from exhaustion. I looked up with his hot cum swimming in my mouth, trying to leak out the corners. I swallowed feeling his hot goo burn down my throat and into my stomach while he just laughed.


"Fuck, you're one sick fag!" he said.


He had a nasty grin, and his cock was still hard as a rock covered in his cum and my slobber. He stretched his arms over his head and let out a peaceful sigh. I lay on the bed too tired to move my body or even look away.


"Hey, fag," Adam said, "it looks like you didn't quite satisfy my big cunt stuffer! I mean, your mouth felt good and all, and I don't want to hurt your queer pride," he sneered, "but it didn't quite do the job. Do you see what I'm gettin' at, faggot?"


I was too weak and overwhelmed to figure out what he was saying. Why didn't he just get to the fucking point? I couldn't believe this creep wanted more from me after what he just did. Did he want me to jerk him off or something? Whatever it was, I just wished he'd get on with it. I wanted this nightmare to be over.


"So," Adam said as he slapped his wet dick against my lips a few times, "that means it's time to take your cherry, faggot or did you already give it up to some queerR friend of yours?"


I heard his cruel laughter fill up the room, and I stared up at him in complete shock. Cherry? Girls had cherries that they lost after getting fucked for the first time, but not dudes, right? Please don't tell me that he's thinking about fucking me! Not even Adam would do something that messed up, would he? Only fags got fucked up the ass, not fourteen-year-old straight boys! Panic set in again, and my hands started shaking. There's no way that I could take getting fucked by Adam! He'd rip me in half with his huge cock, and I'd never be able to look at myself in the mirror again! I suddenly decided that I'd do whatever was necessary to keep him from raping me, even if it meant having to run downstairs totally naked in front of everyone! I found the strength to stand up and move toward my bedroom door, but as I moved toward the door, Adam swiftly jumped in front of me blocking my way.


"What the fuck do you think you're doing, faggot?" he said getting right up in my face.


It was now or never. I lunged at him to knock him against the wall, hoping the element of surprise would help me against his muscular body so I could run. I gave it all I had, but he merely grabbed one of my pathetic arms, twisted it behind me, and forced me onto the floor.


"What a wimpy fag!" he chuckled. "I guess I'll be taking you from behind, and don't expect me to be gentle and kiss you or anything queer like that, fairy!"


He dropped down to his knees behind me, and then pushed my body until my face was on the floor and my ass was sticking up in the air. My heart sank, and I cursed at myself for being so weak and powerless. I felt Adam's dickhead against my quivering asshole. This can't be happening! It's going to hurt sooo fucking bad! Maybe I can tighten up and keep him out, I thought. My whole body trembled.


"This is going to hurt you waaay more than it'll hurt me!" he said in a smug voice. "Well, actually, it won't hurt me at all! In fact, this is gonna feel fuckin' awesome! I've fucked a lot of chicks before, but this is the first time I've ever taken a dude’s cherry! Get ready for me to show you what a sissy boy you really are!"


With that, he shoved his massive cock into my ass with one violent, painful thrust, burying it to the hilt in my helpless, no-longer-virgin ass!


"Uggghhh! Nooo! Please! Take it out, Adam! Please! Ughhh!" I heard myself scream in vain. "Please, dude, take it out! Ughhhh!"


With all the partying and loud music, nobody heard my screams. Shit, I thought to myself, even if they had, nobody would bother coming to my rescue. Not one dude at that party gave a fuck about me, including my own brother! It wouldn't surprise me if my own big brother would come upstairs, find me being raped by Adam, then join in himself raping his own little brother's ass! I started crying. Adam continued raping my ass deep and hard. It was like a hot poker slamming into my innards! I struggled to get away, but Adam's strong hands were locked around my waist, and his firm, hairy legs were pinning mine down. Instinctively, I flung one of my arms behind me to try and fight him off. My elbow made contact with his shoulder, but he just grabbed my arm and twisted it behind me.


"That's right, sissy boy, give me a good fight! The more you struggle, the better this gets!"


He pulled his cock almost entirely out, only to slam it back in making me cry out even more.


"Uggghhh!" I cried.


"Shit, your queer ass is tight!" he exclaimed. "Looks like I got your cherry, after all, fairy!"


He grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head back, pushing his dick even deeper into my ass! My screams got louder.


"Uggghhh! Pleeeaaassse, Adam, take it out! Ughhhh! Please, Adam! I c…c…can't take it!"


"But you ARE taking it, fag!" he said. "And I'm gonna keep fucking you like only a real man can! Your queer ass will never be the same again, sissy boy!"


He suddenly dropped his body completely on top of me, flattening me out on the floor. He grabbed both my arms, yanked them to my sides, and held them there. His massive chest crushed me and pinned my entire body to the floor making it hard to breathe. All I could focus on was the enormous cock lodged up my ass, making my lower body squirm in pain under his muscular, hairy legs. He started fucking me brutally, pulling his dick out to the tip then slamming it back in, deep inside my gut, over and over again. My cries started matching his thrusts.


"Ugh! Ughhh! Ugghhh! Please! Let me go, Adam! P…p…pleeeaaassse stop, it hurts so bad! Ughhh! Ughhh!"


He put his mouth by my face, and I could smell the beer on his breath.


"Yeah, fuckin' take it, faggot! Give me that queer ass! Oh, yeah! Take it, you fuckin' homo! Yeah!"


This was a total violation of my body and the end of my pride. I was being taken like a helpless queer, my insides turned into mush by this jock. He held me on the floor and fucked me for almost an hour, pounding me mercilessly. My ass loosened up at some point making the intrusion a little less painful, but the full feeling was still agonizing. His panting and grunting were all I could hear.


I stopped begging and screaming after a while and just grunted loudly with each of his rapid thrusts.


"Ugh! Uggghhh! Ohhh! Ughhh! Ahhh! Owww!"


Was this ever going to end? He started increasing the speed of his thrusts making my ass burn like fire!


"You faggot! Queer! Fuckin' homo!" he yelled. "I'm gonna cum in your boy-cunt and coat your guts with my spunk, sissy boy!"


My tears started again as he inflicted a relentless, brutal assault on my ass, pounding in and out of me at a speed I didn't even know was possible! All I could do was cry out at the top of my lungs.


"Uggghhh! Pleeeassse! Ughhh! Nooo! Ahhh!"


He grabbed me and pulled me against his body burying his dick deep inside me. I could feel it swell and start pulsing out his hot cum.


"Ugggghhh!" he groaned as he came deep inside my ass.


He came over and over again thrashing me against him with each load of hot cum that he shot! Suddenly he pulled out, rolled to the side, grabbed my head, and pulled me down with a violent yank, cramming his huge, rock-hard cock into my mouth.


"Suck it clean, faggot! Eat my baby makers, NOW!" he demanded.


He shot two more loads in my mouth, and I could taste his salty cum. I gagged, but he forced me to swallow it. He finally pulled out of my mouth and rolled onto his back exhaling really hard.


"Damn, that was one of the best fucks I've ever had, fairy!"


He slowly stood up put his clothes back on.


"Don't worry, queer boy," Adam said reassuringly, "you let me fuck you whenever I want — your throat, your ass, whatever, and your secret will be safe with me just as long as you do whatever the fuck I tell you! If you don't, well, let's just say that there are a lot of straight dudes at school who hate faggot sissy boys and would love to beat one up!" He sneered. "So, unless you like being black-and-blue and getting bloody noses and black eyes all the time, you'd better do whatever I tell you to, faggot!"


He forced my mouth down to his feet and made me lick them clean. I carefully licked up and down each of his feet, and then sucked on his toes. He ordered me to suck his two big toes just as if they were small dicks. I moved my mouth up and down on them, sucking long and hard on his dirty toes! Adam then made sure that I licked the gunk from in between all of his toes. Shit, I couldn't believe it! Here I was, licking this jock's feet and eating his toe-crud like some happy faggot slug! Uggghhh! How disgusting!


When I was finished licking his feet and toes completely clean, Adam snorted deep and hard, then spit up a few big, yellowish loogies. He bent down and spit them into my mouth, forcing me to swallow his lumpy phlegm. He called me a fag one last time and then walked out of my bedroom.


Fuck, this jock was cruel and hateful to the very end! After a few moments, I slowly lifted my head and looked down at my crotch. I couldn't believe what I saw! My dick was hard and bigger than I'd ever seen it! What the fuck? I was just raped by a jock from school, and now I had a fuckin' hard-on? I started crying again, this time out of confusion and frustration. Adam had turned me gay and made me into a fuckin' FAGGOT! My manhood was now completely gone! I rolled back and closed my eyes, trying to ignore my aroused dick. It didn't last long, and my right hand slowly crept down firmly gripping my hard dick. I gently started jerking it. The sensation hit me, and I sped up my stroking rhythm vaguely aware of my quick breathing and the tears still in my eyes. I tried hard to think of the straight porn my computer, but all I could see in my mind was Adam's big cock and his hairy nuts.


I was shocked and disgusted with myself at getting so turned on by this jock's dick and balls, but I couldn't stop myself! I jerked my dick furiously, imagining that Adam was still raping me. I came hard, with strand after strand of my cum landing on my chest and down onto the floor. As my orgasm subsided and the shame began to settle in, I drew my knees up to my body and hugged them as I sobbed quietly. I could feel Adam's cum still dripping out of my swollen asshole. Like the fag that I'd become, I instinctively scooped his cum out of my asshole and ate it savoring the salty taste of his sweet cum! I actually couldn't wait until the next time Adam raped me! Shit, I really was a faggot!