Abused by Daddy

MB, anal, oral, viol, spank, rape, inc
A palimpsest based on a story by Love2Force

I had lost my mom over a year ago when I was just twelve-years-old. That was when everything changed between Daddy and me. Daddy became abusive towards me and started calling me mean names and hitting me whenever I was bad. Now, I know all parents hit their kids, but I am not talking about a slap on the ass. I am talking about being slapped in the face and even being punched. Two months after I turned thirteen, he created a special punishment. He would tie me to a table he had in the basement, which he called the punishment table, and then whip me with a leather strap.

A month after that started, I was in my bedroom, watching TV, when I heard him yell, "Paul, get your ass down here!"

I slowly walked downstairs and into the living room, seeing Daddy sitting on the couch, holding a piece of paper in his hand and giving me an angry look.

"What did I tell you about your grades, you little faggot?" he yelled.

I was scared. I knew daddy was going to hit me, but I tried to calm him down by saying, "I...I'm sorry, Daddy. I tried. I really did! My classes are hard."

He stood up and walked up to me, then said, "Quit making excuses, you goddamn sissy boy!"


He slapped me hard across the face. I started crying right away, holding my hand to my sore cheek. Daddy grabbed my hair in his fist and pulled back hard, forcing my head to tilt back and making me look at the ceiling.


"Quit crying, faggot or I'll give you something to cry about."


He pushed my head forward, making my body land awkwardly on the couch. I got myself into a sitting position as he walked up to me and sat on the coffee table, directly in front of me. I could see the anger in his eyes.


"What did I tell you would happen if you didn't bring your grades up, Paul?"


My small body was trembling, even my voice was shaking with fear as I said, "I... I'd have to...to visit...the punishment table?" Forming it like a question because I hoped I was wrong.


"That's right, faggot!" He said, then stood up and walked around the coffee table. "You know what to do."


I got up slowly, my knees weak with fear and walked towards the basement door as Daddy followed me. I walked down the stairs and saw the table in the middle of the room, with ropes tied to each of the legs. Just as I always have to do, I slowly took off my clothes, dropping them into a pile on the floor, and then I walked over to the table and bent over it. Daddy walked around to the front of the table and tied my wrists to the ropes, pulling my arms out in a Y over my head, then walked behind me and tied my ankles to the other ropes, forcing my legs apart. I was completely exposed before my Daddy, and I was scared. I hadn't stopped crying since he slapped me and now I was crying harder because I knew what was coming. I couldn't see, but I heard Daddy grab the strip of leather off the wall.


"You ready to be punished, you little faggot?"


He knew I wasn't going to answer him. I never did. He pulled his arm back and then swung forward. I threw my head back, my long black hair flying around my head, and I screamed loudly as I felt the leather strap hit me across my ass. I continued screaming as Daddy whipped me all over my ass, upper legs, and back. It seemed like forever before he finally stopped and put the strap down on the table next to me. Instead of untying me as usual though, Daddy started grabbing and squeezing my ass which hurt because of the whipping I had just taken.


"You know, faggot, I never noticed what a cute little ass you have."


He slapped it a few times making me cry out. Then, I felt one of his hands go lower, between my ass cheeks and I felt his fingers on my asshole. He began rubbing it.


"You have a nice tight little cunt, too, Paul."


"Please, Daddy, stop."


I cried as I felt his hand slide up and down my ass. I continued to beg him to stop, but instead, I felt his finger poke inside me.


"Ow! Daddy, stop!"


"Shut up, faggot! Not another word outta you!"


He pushed more of his finger inside me. It hurt. I tried not to cry out because I didn't want to get whipped again. However, I couldn't help but cry out, "Ouch! Daddy, stop! Please!"


He immediately pulled his finger out of my hole.


"You just can't shut up, can you, faggot? I know how to shut you up!"


I was afraid he was going to whip me again, but he surprised me by untying my wrists.


"Don't even think about moving, faggot!"


Then, he untied my ankles, grabbed my hips, and flipped me over, so I was lying on my back. He tied my ankles again, which forced my legs to be spread and gave him a clear view of my stiff, preteen cock. I was more scared than ever as he walked around to the front of the table and tied my wrists again; pulling me towards him so my head was hanging off the edge of the table, and then, to my horror, his pants and shorts dropped, and his long, fat cock popped out, and it pointed at me. It was rock hard and, being so close to me it looked huge, and I started struggling to try to free my arms. That's when he grabbed my nipples between his finger and thumb and twisted them making me cry out. As soon as my mouth was open, he forced his cock inside. I felt my lips stretch around the fat intruder, and it made my lips hurt, but I couldn't say anything to stop him and knew it wouldn't even help. He began pushing his hips into me, forcing his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt his sack hit my nose as he pushed the head of his cock into my throat, making me choke and he slid his hands up and down my bound body. I was helpless as my own Daddy forced his cock into my mouth and touched my naked body.


"Oh, yeah, faggot! You like that, don't you? You like Daddy's cock in your throat."


He started doing it harder and faster. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I felt his hands pulling and twisting my nipples as his hips pounded into my face. My head was forced to tilt back more as he did that, making my neck hurt and making it hard to breathe. I tried taking deep breaths when he pulled back, then let them out when he pushed in, trying to breathe around his cock, as he yanked on my nipples. I cried out, but it was muffled by my Daddy's big cock in my mouth, so barely any sound came out.


Daddy finally took a hand off my sore nipple and slid it down my stomach and to my embarrassingly hard prick. My body tensed as I felt his fingers grab my little prick and pull, making me cry out onto his cock again. Daddy seemed to like hurting me as his cock kept pushing into my throat and choking me, and then he was pulling my prick so hard my ass was coming up off the table. My tears were falling down my forehead, which felt weird, and I hated what Daddy was doing to me, but as I was tied up, there was nothing I could do about it.


Daddy began pumping his cock into my mouth faster with his cock sliding into and out of my mouth, stretching my lips. I felt Daddy's cock start to jump in my mouth and he finally pulled it out, making me gasp for breath. He backed up a step and started sliding his hand up and down his cock furiously, then moved closer to the table. I felt his sack resting on my chin, and his legs were on either side of my head. A few seconds later, I felt some kind of warm goo land on my chest. It felt weird, and I had no idea what it was, but I didn't care. I was just glad that Daddy had finally taken his cock out of my mouth and that I could breathe again. After the warm stuff stopped hitting my chest, he untied me and told me to clean up and go to bed. It was nowhere near bedtime, but I wasn't about to argue with him and get hurt more. He also told me that, from then on, I was not allowed to wear clothes in the house anymore.


Since then, whenever he felt like it, he would grab my ass, play with my nipples or rub my prick. Sometimes he would even pull me onto his lap and play with my body while he watched TV. Also, of course, he kept putting his cock into my mouth whenever he felt like it. The next time he though, he let his stuff shoot into my mouth and made me swallow it. It tasted terrible, and I hated swallowing it. I tried not to, but he held his hand over my mouth and pinched my nose so I couldn't breathe, telling me he'd let me go after his cum was gone. I had no choice but to swallow it. There was nothing I could do about any of it because, if I said anything or tried to pull away or spit out his cum, he would hit me, which he did whenever he felt like anyway. As if that wasn't bad enough, he stopped calling me Paul. Instead, he commenced calling me mean names like cocksucker and cumdump, and his favorite name, faggot. I hated all those names, and I really hated him. I wished he were dead.

Daddy came home from work earlier than I expected, so I knew I was in trouble. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, but I was still wearing my clothes. As soon as he saw me, he yelled, "Why are you wearing clothes, faggot?"


"I...I'm sorry, Daddy." I knew he was going to hit me. "I just got home from school. I was gonna take 'em off before you got home. Honest. But you came home early."


"Don't make excuses, cocksucker! Take them off! Now!"


He watched me with angry eyes as I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off and then pulled my undershirt over my head and off, putting them on the couch. I unzipped my pants and dropped them to the floor, then quickly slid out of my underwear, picking them and my pants up and putting them on top of my other clothes. I stood there staring at the floor and waited for Daddy to say something. Instead, he sat on the couch and pulled me down over his knees. My body tensed because I knew what daddy was going to do. Sure enough, he pulled his hand back and slapped my ass hard.


"Maybe that'll teach you not to disobey me, faggot!"


He spanked me, again and again, making my ass hurt, and I knew he had left his handprints on me, as he always did when he spanked me. After the first few spanks, he had started squeezing my ass and sliding his hand between my cheeks, rubbing it up and down across my rosebud, and then he would go back to spanking me a few more times. It seemed like forever before Daddy finally stopped but, once he did, he pulled me off his knees and got up.


"Sit down, cocksucker."


I sat on the couch, and he stood in front of me lifting one foot up and putting it on the couch, so he was standing in front of me.


"Suck it!"


I knew better than to be slow about it, so I took his cock in my hand, opened my mouth, and put it inside. My lips stretched around his fat cock again, which had become a familiar feeling to me by then, and I slid my mouth up and down Daddy's cock. He knew I didn't want to do it, but he didn't care because, as far as he was concerned, he owned me and could do whatever he wanted to me. I knew that, if I even tried to stop him, he would just start beating me again. So, I sucked on my Daddy's cock, taking about half of it into my mouth, and he seemed to be okay with that, even though he always made it go deeper when he controlled it. I felt his hands go to my nipples and start rubbing and squeezing them.


"You're a good little cock-sucking faggot! Show Daddy how well you've learned!"


I sucked my Daddy's cock fervently as he squeezed and twisted my nipples making me cry out onto his cock. I knew what he was doing to me was wrong and I also knew I didn't have a choice. He grabbed the sides of my head and held me still. I knew what was coming even before he started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Daddy loved fucking my face and would always push his cock deep into my mouth forcing it into my throat. He did that for a few minutes before letting go, and I knew I had to continue sucking on it. So I did as he went back to squeezing and twisting my nipples. It wasn't long before I felt Daddy's cock start twitching in my mouth. Knowing what that meant, I braced myself for the horrible taste of his cum that started shooting out of his cock seconds later. I felt a few streams hit the roof of my mouth and then it started spilling out onto my tongue. I started swallowing right away, having discovered that it was easier to swallow it all that way, and soon had swallowed all the cum his cock had put in my mouth. Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and ordered me to go to my room. I laid there and cried for hours until he called me down for dinner. After that night, I learned from my mistake and, as soon as I walked in the house and closed the door, I would take my clothes off and put them in a pile next to the jackets to be ready for school the next day.

I was late getting home from school, and Daddy was already there, standing in the living room with his arms crossed over his chest, waiting for me. As soon as the door closed, Daddy yelled, "Where the fuck have you been, faggot?"


"I...I walked home with some friends, and they were walking slowly." My voice pleading, I said, "I tried to tell them to hurry, Daddy! I swear!"


I hastily removed my clothes as I spoke. With no warning at all, Daddy slapped me right in the face so hard that I fell back on the floor.


"From now on, you will come straight home from school, cocksucker, and you will be quick about it! Now, I'm gonna have to punish you for being late."


I knew what that meant, so I started heading towards the basement trying to prepare myself for another session on the punishment table, but I was surprised when Daddy spoke.


"Uh, uh. Go to your room, faggot!"


I did, and he followed me into my bedroom.


"Lay down on the bed, cocksucker!"


I did, wondering what he was going to do to me. He pulled a rope out of his pocket. My thirteen-year-old body was shaking with fear wondering what Daddy was going to do to me, as he pulled my wrists together over my head and tied them to the headboard. Then, Daddy took his pants and shorts off. His cock wasn't hard yet and didn't look that big even when he got onto the bed and knelt over my chest putting it only inches from my face.


"Open up, cocksucker!"


He held his cock pointing at me. I did as I was told, opening as wide as I could, and he put his cock into my mouth. It didn't stretch my lips as it did when it was hard, and I started trying to lift my head up and down to suck on it, but I couldn't move much with him over me. He must not have liked the way I was doing it because he grabbed my long black hair in his fist at the top of my head and began pushing me towards him as he pushed his hips towards me. He was fucking my face at the same time as making me suck his cock, and I felt it growing in my mouth extending towards the back of my throat. In only a few minutes, his cock was hard and stretching my lips again. He pulled it out and got off me. I started to cry when he sat between my legs fearing what I thought he was going to do. He grabbed my thighs and pushed them apart roughly forcing my legs apart as far as he could, and I cried out because it hurt. I knew what he was going to do and couldn't help screaming.


"No! Please, Daddy, don't! I...I'm sorry! Please, don't!"


"Shut up, faggot! I'm gonna fuck your ass the way I fuck your mouth!"


He slid the tip of his cock up and down my crack, and then pressed it against my asshole. All of the times he had fingered me had stretched my tiny hole a little, but he still had to push pretty hard to get his cock head to pop into me, and it hurt a lot. I screamed and cried as more of his cock was forcibly shoved into my asshole. He pulled back, and he leaned over me a little and slammed his hips forward ramming his cock into me tearing my ass lips.




The size of his cock was stretching my tight little asshole and, as he began fucking me brutally and deep, I could feel it tearing. The pain was so severe that I was screaming louder than I ever had before, and Daddy seemed to love it. In fact, the more I screamed, the harder he fucked me. I felt his cock stuffing my hole He let go of my legs and started pinching and pulling on my little balls. I wanted so badly to close my legs, but I knew that wouldn't help, and would only make him beat me again, so I kept them open and just laid there, screaming and crying as my Daddy raped me brutally fucking my tight, torn ass with deep strokes. Daddy kept telling me to shut up, but he had to have known that I couldn't help it. What he was doing, the cruel pounding my asshole was taking, his pulling and pinching my balls and twisting my nipples, the tearing of my hole, hurt me badly, and I couldn't stop screaming even if I wanted to. I think he realized this too because he put his hands on my throat and started choking me. My hoarse screams became quieter as his grip tightened around my little neck.


"Ah, that's better, faggot!"


He continued his cock into me. His hands were holding him up, and I was still screaming as loud as I could, but I felt like I was close to blacking out. It wasn't much longer before he slammed his into me deep and I felt the tip of his cock jerk a few times, and then felt his cum fire into my ass as he still choked me. As his cum continued to bombard my ass, I finally blacked out. I woke up hours later. Getting off the bed, I saw a small pool of dried cum and blood on my sheets.

My report card had come in, and I knew my grades were better, but one of them, my chemistry grade, had actually gotten worse. The entire walk home, I knew I was going to get punished. Sure enough, as soon as I walked into the house and took my clothes off, Daddy made me go to the basement and tied me to the punishment table. For over an hour, he whipped me all over my back, ass, and thighs. I'll never forget the feeling of that leather strap coming down on my skin. Daddy seemed to enjoy it more than usual that day because after he was done, he didn't untie me right away as he usually did. Instead, he pulled my legs apart and punched my balls from behind. I shrieked as Daddy pummeled my balls, but I guess he wanted more screams because he grabbed the leather strap and started whipping me all over my back, ass, and legs again, occasionally string my balls as he whipped me. After another hour, I was blubbering and could no longer scream. He untied me and let me go to my room.


When I got there, I looked at my backside in the mirror and saw the red stripes and welts that covered me from my shoulders all the way down to my knees. Some of them were dark red, and some were lighter, but they all hurt. My balls were swollen twice their size in an agonizing, aching pain. When I lay on my bed, I had to lie on my stomach because it hurt to try lying on my back. I had to sleep that way for five days until my back felt good enough to finally rest on.

I had turned fourteen two days ago, and a friend of mine wanted to have a party for me, but I knew Daddy would never let me go. So I went to my room after dinner, like I always did, put on my clothes, and climbed out my bedroom window. The party was lots of fun, and I was with all my friends, the only people in the world who cared about me. When I climbed back into my window, though, Daddy was sitting on my bed. I started to cry as soon as I saw him because I knew he was going to punish me. He stood up and punched me in the stomach, which almost made me hurl as I dropped to my knees.


"You little faggot! How dare you leave this house without my permission!"


I started to get up, but he slapped me across the face, making me lay on the floor.


"Maybe that'll teach you not to sneak out, faggot!"


He grabbed my hair in his fist, pulled me up off the floor a little, and actually punched me in the face! I saw spots and felt a tooth that he had loosened, and I tasted blood and felt it coming from the corner of my mouth, but only for a few minutes, because I blacked out after that. I don't know how long I was out but, when I woke up, I was still laying on the floor, but my pants and underwear had been taken off. I looked around and saw Daddy sitting on my bed, and he kicked his foot out to tap my leg.


"You finally awake, faggot? Good. Get up!"


I did, getting dizzy as I slowly got to my feet, and he got up and turned me around, facing away from him and shoved me towards my dresser.


"Bend over it, faggot! I want your hands on it, and don't even think about moving them! I'm gonna have to really hurt you for this one, so I'm fucking that cute little fuckhole of yours with no lube, cumdump!"


I started to stand up as I looked back over my shoulder.


"Daddy, please, no! It... it'll hurt too much! Please, I'm sorry! Don't fuck me dry!"


He pushed me back down, making me put my hands on the dresser.


"You shoulda thought of that before sneaking out, faggot! Now, face the wall, and shut the fuck up! Oh, and Happy Birthday, faggot!"


I did as he said, even though I was crying so hard that I was whimpering, and felt him slide his cock up and down my crack, then felt it push against my tiny rosebud. My body tensed and I tried to brace myself for the pain, but it didn't help. I screamed as he began pushing the tip of his cock against me, forcing it into my tight boy-cunt, and felt my boy-cunt stretch and even tear a little. Blood slowly trickled down my thighs as Daddy forced more of his cock up my boy-cunt. It hurt so badly that I tried to lower my body down, but he slapped the back of my head to warn me not to. I felt his long, fat cock stuff my tiny boy-cunt as it stretched and tore more, making more blood trickle down my thighs. I was screaming so loud my throat was hurting. Having his cock in my boy-cunt hurt and I didn't think I was going to be able to take the pain. My vision started to blur and my entire body feeling like it wanted to shut down as if it wanted me to die. He taunted me as he brutally punch fucked my boy-cunt pounding hard and deep into me.


"You like your birthday, now, faggot? Happy fucking Birthday, cocksucker! Happy ass-fucking Birthday!"


Finally, he seemed to notice that my arms weren't going to hold me up for long because he pushed my back so that I put my head and shoulders were on my dresser as he fucked me. It felt like he was going all the way to my stomach. Daddy reached under me and began twisting on my nipples. He really seemed to like torturing them, and they were puffy and sore from all his manipulations.


I hated feeling his hands all over me and hated the sensation of his cock pushing in and out of my boy-cunt even more. I still felt blood trickling down my thigh as my torn rosebud was fucked sadistically. Daddy seemed to tire of playing with my tits, and grabbed my hair at the end, which was at my shoulder blades, and wrapped his fist up in it. Then, whenever he slammed his hips into me and pushed his cock deep up me, he would pull back on my hair, forcing my head to tilt back and making my head hurt.


"Is it still a happy birthday, faggot? Sing 'Happy Birthday to me,' cocksucker! Thank Daddy for your present!"


"H...Happy...uh...B...B…Birthday…to...to…m...me…Hap...Happy...uh...Bi...Bir…Birthdayto...to…m...me…Hap...Happy...uh...Bi...Bir…Birthday…Hap...Happy...uh...Bi...Bir…Birthday…Hap...Happy...uh...Bi...Bir…Birthday...to...to...m...me…ah…Tha...tha…thank you...uh...for my...my...ow...my present…Da...Daddy!"


I choked out the words as tears flowed from my eyes like little rivers. As if that was his cue, Daddy pushed his cock deep up me, as far as he could, and I felt him fill my ass with his cum. It seemed to go on forever, and some even leaked out and mingled with the blood that was still trickling down my thigh. When it finally did stop, Daddy held my hips and slowly took his cock out of me.


"That'll teach you not to leave this house without permission, won't it, faggot?"


I didn't say anything and, as he let go of my hips, I collapsed to the floor. Even though he said I needed permission to leave the house, he always said no whenever I asked.


His tearing my butt like that hurt really badly but, to be honest, it was still worth it, because even that couldn't take away the memories of those few hours where I was finally able to have some fun.

I had been in my bedroom, and Daddy yelled, "Get down here faggot!"


I quickly made my way to the living room.


"I have a special treat for you today, cocksucker!"


I saw his friend, Rick, walk into the living room.


"It's Rick's birthday today, so I'm giving him a special present. Your cunt to fuck! You better obey him just like you would me, or he gets to put you on the punishment table, and he's not as nice as I am, faggot!"


I couldn't believe it. I mean, my Daddy was mean and abusive and loved fucking me, but he had never ever made me get fucked by someone else before. I had hoped he was joking, but I knew he wasn't, even before Rick took me to my bedroom and told me to get on my bed as he took his pants and shorts off. My entire body was filled with fear as he walked up to me, pulled my legs apart, and pushed my feet to my ears exposing my rosebud to him.


Without saying a word, he put the tip of his cock, which wasn't as big as Daddy's, against my rosebud and pushed hard forcing it deep inside me. He started fucking me hard and deep as he slapped me across the face, then brought his hand back the other way, backhanding me across the other cheek. He did this a few more times, slapping me hard, as his cock pummeled my boy-cunt. I screamed and cried begging him to stop. Just like Daddy, however, he ignored me and just kept pounding away at me.


He backhanded me one last time, then leaned in and sucked one of my distended nipples into his mouth. It wasn't bad, but then he bit it, and I screamed. He moved his jaw back and forth, rubbing his teeth against my nipple, then moved on to the other one and bit it. It hurt badly, and I screamed and screamed, but he didn't care. He just kept biting my nipples while twisting the one he wasn't biting as his cock slid into and out of me.


Then, Rick grabbed my head and pushed sideways, making me tilt my head, and let go so he could start twisting my nipples. As he did this, he fucked his cock into my boy-cunt harder and faster, then I felt his teeth bite down on my neck and start sucking, the way vampires do in movies. I had always wondered how that felt, and now I knew. It hurt like hell! He began slamming his cock into me even faster, and I knew it was going to be over soon.


"Your Daddy told me you like this, faggot!"


He then put his hands around my throat and began choking me, squeezing so tight that I couldn't even scream and could barely breathe, as he was gripping my throat tighter than Daddy ever did. I started to panic, thinking he was going to kill me, and grabbed his wrists and started trying to pull his hands off me, but he was too strong. He didn't even seem to care that I was fighting, gripping my throat tighter as I felt his cock stuff my boy-cunt. Finally, Rick let go of my throat, and I gasped for air as he pulled his cock out of my hole.


"Aaahhh! Fuck, I’m cumming!"


The sticky stuff landed on my swollen ass lips and then it started leaking out instead of shooting out. That was when Rick started sliding the tip of his cock up and down my ass crack smearing his cum. Once he had stopped leaking cum, he backed away and put his pants and shorts on, then headed for the door. Before he left, he actually looked back.


"Thanks for the birthday gift, faggot! You're a great fuck!"


As soon as the door closed, I went to the mirror and looked at my nipples and neck. Rick hadn't broken the skin at all, but I had teeth marks on my neck with a little purple circle forming in the space inside them. This was the only time Daddy had ever let someone else fuck me, and I was glad. Whenever Rick visited, I had been afraid that he would fuck me again and choke me, maybe killing me next time.

Daddy had started forcing me to cook all the food about three months ago, and I had burned it tonight. He was furious with me and started beating me for it, punching my stomach a few times, slapping my face more times than I could count, and even choking me for a few minutes. I thought he was going to kill me, and I hated how many times I had thought I might die.


When he finally got tired of beating me, he said, "Since you fucked up dinner, you don't get to eat tonight, faggot! Get outta my sight!"


I cried as I went to my bedroom, falling onto my bed and crying hard. A short time later, Daddy came in and told me about the wonderful dinner he had just eaten, which he had ordered from a pizza place nearby.


"Now, I'm gonna have you for dessert, faggot!"


He grabbed my thighs and pulled my legs up, then pushed them towards me, making my knees almost touch my chest, and held his arm across them as he guided his cock into my boy-cunt. He gripped my thighs tightly, hurting me, as he slid his cock into and out of my body. Thankfully, my hole was becoming permanently stretched enough to fit his enormous cock. He didn't tear me anymore, but he still hurt me when he popped the tip into my hole. Daddy spread my legs apart so he could see my face, which was framed by my lower legs


"Your cunt seems to like my cock, cumdump! What about you? Do you like when daddy fucks you, faggot!"


I didn't say anything, which he knew I wouldn't. My hips started to hurt from having my knees pushed up against me, and he began pulling his cock so far back that just the very end was inside me, then slamming it forward, his hips slapping into me and his cock pushing hard into my boy-cunt. The force of him pushing into me hurt and I was screaming for him to stop, but he didn't. Instead, he let my thighs go and bent down. I felt my Daddy's lips take my small swollen tits into his mouth and felt his teeth gripping the little nubs at the end of my nipples as he continued banging into me.


I cried out, "Uhn! Ow! Uhn! AHHH! AHHHH!"


As I was raped by my Daddy for what seemed like the hundredth time. I was surprised when he pulled his cock out of me without putting his cum up me. This time, he made me look towards him, then shoved his cock into my mouth, stretching my lips.


"Tell me, cocksucker, how do you like the taste of your cunt? You like how you taste, don't you, faggot?"


Of course, he knew I couldn't answer with my mouth full of his fat cock, and he pressed his hand against my cheek to keep my head still as he fucked my mouth quickly. My cheeks puffed in and out as he fucked my face, and I felt his cock jerk a few times inside my mouth. Seconds later, he began shooting his cum into me. I felt it hit all the way into the back of my throat and the left side of my mouth, then spill into my right cheek as I tried swallowing. It was hard to do the way I was, and some leaked out from the right corner of my mouth, but I swallowed as much as I could hoping it would be enough. It seemed to be, as he left as soon as he was done.

I have been waiting for Daddy to come home, sitting on my bed, rocking back and forth, knowing that he was going to beat me, and probably fuck me once he saw my report card again. He was over an hour late when I heard the doorbell. Quickly, I threw on some clothes and answered it. I saw my uncle, Daddy's brother, standing there. His face was sad as he stepped into the house, and then he told me something that would change my life forever.


My Daddy, who had abused me in every way for the last two years, was dead. A car accident. I cried hard, and my uncle held me in his arms, having no idea that I was actually crying because I was glad my daddy was dead because it meant that my pain was finally over.


I'm sixteen now, and I live with my uncle. I couldn't be happier. He so kind to me, and he never touches me, except to give me a hug or to kiss my forehead when he says goodnight. No matter how much I love being free, I'll never forget being abused by Daddy.