Abe, A Jap Teen Model

(Mm) (humil, viol (nc, rape)

Before we use a boy in a video, we often have to check him out to see if he is indeed what we want to use. Some of you have asked about these early stages of seducing a boy. Exactly how do we go about getting them ready? So on this trip, I recorded with my camera the early stages of preparing a boy. This boy's name is and he is fifteen. His name is pronounced Abey accent on the first syllable.

First, I wined and dined and he was all impressed that I work with teen models and do etc. when I had him slightly drunk; I invited him up to my room, where my assistant waited. He would stay in the bedroom until the kid was unconscious. We had more and I showed him some models in etc. Then I gave him some drugs.

If the boy is shy and doesn't want to partake in drugs, slip a mickey into his drink. Once the is really woozy or out, you can strip him bare-assed and get an idea if he is indeed the boy you want. Abe had really nipples, I saw at once, and and pouty and I knew I would have lots of fun helping this teen to develop them into real slut tits.

Look at them in the photos, how well formed they are. had a really smooth body with soft as velvet skin that I also liked. I got really excited, knowing what a fun night we were going to have this innocent boy into a fuck-slut.

I decided to drag him into the bedroom for a better look. We blindfolded him because my friend and assistant were afraid of being recognized in any photos. While I generally don't like blindfolding a boy, it added mystery on this occasion, and once my friend left, I could remove the blindfold for some face shots of the kid suffering.


I got the kid onto the bed and had my friend hold him so that I could get some good photos of the boy's virginal body for you on the mailing list. Please excuse my friend's shyness in covering up his face for the , but concentrate on young Abe instead. Isn't it teenage body? Look at the well-developed dick. It was then that I noticed that the boy had balls, not only for a but for a boy of any age.


I knew then that I could have hours of fun with those cum sacks and that the would be in extreme agony. I wished I had brought my ping pong paddle along, but was sure I could improvise. With my friend's help, I tied the boy to the bed so that I could really get a good shot of that fuck-sack.


You and I know that shots of fuck-sacks are not all that common on the internet. My friend and I played with the boy's body a bit, waiting for him to come around. When he was coherent enough to struggle and cry a bit, I whispered to the that I was going to fuck his virginal ass and turn it into a cunt.


I told him my friend would also fuck his ass. Then we would put our dirty dicks in his and he would suck our cocks. The boy really freaked out. He gave me all that shit about how he was straight and not and I told him as I always do, that I wasn't interested in a little fairy boy. I wanted a nice, straight boy that I could fuck and turn into a cunt!


He threw himself in his bonds and wailed and screamed and sobbed and begged, and all the while we stroked his beautiful teenage body and just kept telling him we were going to turn his ass into a pussy and there was nothing he could do. I crawled up onto the bed above so I could rub my leaking dick and balls all over his handsome face to freak him out even more.


I coated his lips with drooling , and he gagged and choked on the taste. I told him he would be a girl after we got through with him, and he could sexually service all the boys at his school. I then tied his legs back over his chest so we could have a look at that virginal boy-asshole that would soon be a fucked twat.


He looked so dear, lying like that, scared out of his mind, all trussed up bare-assed on the bed, waiting for our dicks. I decided to see what the teen had in the way of the department.


I masturbated him while my buddy played with his tits...then I took a photo of my pal jerking on the thick teen prick. Now it was time to examine the young asshole in some detail, and then prepare it for its first fuck!


After auditioning so many boys and young men who want to be models and crawl from the darkness of poverty into the shining light of stardom, I know when I have potential talent in my hands, or on my dick. Abe was one such boy. Fifteen and a beautiful virgin.


True I'd had to drug him and get him drunk to get him into my bed, but I was sure ten or fifteen cocks up his ass-pussy would whip the boy into shape. Or perhaps we would have to actually whip him, or find some other games to play with him, but I felt sure he was a natural submissive and would break before long.


I am writing this piece to illustrate to you how we begin to work with models; before they reach the stage where they pose for the stories you see picturized with their beauty. It's not easy at first. Oh no, they fight and protest quite a bit. Not only from the pain of dick in their but from the shameful realization that hundreds, maybe thousands of men are going to see them naked - are going to see disgusting, humiliating things done to them.


This is the horror they fight against. This is what fear will ruin lives, even more than the pain of a big prick up the ass and in the mouth. Of I help things along by reminding the boy that everywhere he goes this moment on... everyone he meets may be someone who has seen him fucked on the internet or in films.


I remind the boy of the Japanese baseball player who recently become a star in the US, only to have scandal follow him when it was revealed that he was fucked in several videos when he was a teen. (I'm proud to say that this famous player whose name I shall not repeat at this time, was one of Ryo's boys... well at the time Ryo was only working for the studio, he had not taken over as of yet).


Anyway, every Japanese high school boy knows of this embarrassing incident and realizes that his own shameful acts may someday emerge to ruin his life.


How do I spot talent in a star? this boy had beautiful natural cocksucker lips. When I first visited with him, I just kept imaging my big fat dick going in and out of his mouth and those lips sucking on fuck-meat.


Next, he had a really gorgeous ass, even in jeans. His globes looked full, but not at all fatty, hard and smooth and round.


Third, he seemed naturally submissive. This is the most important feature that you must look for. Try to find a boy who is shy and a bit of a loner, but who dreams of being popular and These dreamers are the easiest type to break down.


The biggest surprise with Abe was the sight of those delightful tits. His tits are real winners, full and pouty and perfect for some extreme tit torture. It wasn't until he was unconscious and I had his shirt off that I saw those prize winning . And then, I was further delighted by his heavy low hanging nut sack, very unusual for a . I started to imagine the fun we could have a session torturing his ball bag and seeing if we could get it to hang down to his knees. And not a hair on his young nuts or around his ass-pucker.


My pal and I got his legs up and spread so I could check out his asshole. You know, there are so many young models in the underground industry today, that a boy who is already fifteen had better have a pretty extraordinary asshole to make it in the business.


It’s not enough to have a pretty face; the other end had better be beautiful as well. Well, I am happy to report that Abe has a perfect asshole; pink and tiny with a corrugated rim and sweet and well, so fuckable. It looked so perfect I wondered for a moment if he even used it for shitting, so clean and . I couldn't wait to start stretching it to grotesque proportions.


Look at the beautiful shot of his ass soon to be a . He cried a lot when I played with his pucker and told him how it was going to get all stretched out of shape by the big things we would shove up it. Dicks, and bottles, and candles, and broom handles, and sausages, and dildos, and baseball bats. I a couple of fingers in and listened to him moan with pain and shame.


"If you think that hurts baby, imagine how a baseball bat will feel shoved fourteen inches up your " I told him to be happy because his extreme pain would please as well. I told him to think of the joy he was going to bring to others. And then I fucked him.


And then my friend fucked him as I cleaned my dick off on Abe's face and gave him his first taste of cock. I won't write much about his screams of pain and his begging and and sobbing and crying. You've all been there and see all of that. It was a lot of fun, to say the least.


I wanted to insert a little moral lesson into the fun, so I told Abe, "You see what happens when you get drunk at fifteen, you up getting fucked in the ass and turned into a cunt."


Boys are so unique in that when you break down their newly formed manhood, they become like little children again. He actually cried for his mommy while I was dicking him for the second time.


The second time I didn't go easy on him. I rammed that prick as deep as I could so my balls were slapping against his and then I my hips around to reach every part of his inner rectum and intestines and turn it all into hot, moist twat. I fucked him so hard, his young body was bouncing on the bed like a basketball.


You should have heard the miserable grunting that slowly replaced the sobs and cries. was grunting like a stuck pig. I pulled out to shoot my load over his face, but he looked so sexy and hot in his tortured state, that I lost control, which is very unlike me and a testament to the boy's sexuality. I never made it to his but shot my load all over his tummy and hip and the bed next to him. My sarcastic pal snapped a photo.


I hate to waste good baby batter, so I scooped it up my fingers and fed it to Abe. He tried to turn his face away, but I held it in one hand and fed him the cock-snot with the other. "Here we go baby, time for dinner. How about some nice dick spooge? You'll be eating this every day from now on."


My pal fucked him again, and the boy's asshole was now nice and and the ass lips were swollen and raw, so we allowed the boy to rest on the bed for a while, while we telephoned ten of our friends to come over to continue the kid's education.


I love it when a boy thinks he cannot possibly take even one cock and the way he squeals and grunts with the dick in him, and how he prays it will soon end, only to find that there is another dick waiting to continue the torture. When I told Abe that there were ten more to look forward to, he sobbed that it would kill him...that he couldn't take any more.


"We'll just have to wait and see," I said.


Well, he did survive...ten more pricks in his mouth and ass. And then we pissed on him and did all kinds of other nasty things. When he let him go, we told him that he had to be available night or day that we might call. He was not to date girls or go out with friends.


He was to come right home from school each day and wait for our call. He would be getting fucked at least three times a week until further notice. And if he resisted at all, or told anyone, or didn't show up when we called, we would have to pay a visit to his dear sweet old and she would not enjoy what would happen to her.


Of course, I couldn't stay for further visits with Abe, I had to move on to teen flesh, and I had a time on this trip. But I am going back for two weeks soon, partly just to check up on our boy and see how he is doing. I want to introduce him to animals and some other games.