A Visit to the Studio

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Harry Horner was stoked. He had personally been invited to visit the film studio of THE MAN — the sleaziest, dirtiest, underground filmmaker in the business. How had he earned this exclusive private tour of the infamous facilities?
He had done a few small “odd jobs” for the man. He had sent him private info on some sixteen-year-old teens who were involved in a drug ring. The Man cornered most of his young stars by either blackmailing them or threatening them. These particular teens were scared stiff that they would go to prison and their nice middle-class lives would be ruined, so they “consented” to perform some really sick perverted acts in several underground films in exchange for their freedom. Then there was the twelve-year-old runaway that Harry picked up on the highway. The kid was leaving a drunken, abusive stepfather and thanks to Harry, he fell into something much, much worse. Then there was the ten-year-old daughter of a prostitute that Harry was fucking. Mom was too busy sucking dick to take care of her innocent, little girl, so Harry offered to help. Harry was a private eye, and so he had lots of shady connections with the police and some city officials. This helped The Man as well so in return The Man offered Harry a free studio tour and some lovely, fresh boy ass to top it off.
Nothing about Pedographic Studios was ordinary. It had begun as a small, cheap, underground film company that made man/boy flicks. The creator of the place, a guy, simply called The Man by his crew and actors, had worked with the legendary Mr. Black and learned his trade in Southeast Asia shooting films of young Asian boys being raped, tortured and worked over in every way possible. After a few years, he opened his own small company on the west coast of America starting out with simple boy rape and abuse flicks. The problem, of course, was always in finding talent for his films. However, he was so successful that he expanded the merchandise to include epic gang rape and perversion films. Some of his young talent became underground stars and got their own websites. Boys were shipped out to do private shows for a wealthy clientele.
Because the business was strictly underground as the ages of some of the actors were strictly illegal, Harry could only advertise his Art through the dark internet, by private mail, and through selected illicit networks. He developed a clientele of very wealthy men, many in government, law or big business, who were willing to pay vast sums of money to commission films that spoke to their very own private fantasies. While The Man staunchly refused to do snuff films or anything approaching that, pretty much every other sick perversion was fair game. The people who worked for The Man generally had his same nasty interests in abusing cute, young boys in every way possible, and if they were well enough endowed and had a true sadistic nature, they might even act with the boy in some of the films. The Man also hired pedophiles just out of prison, gang members of every ethnic persuasion and others who had “special interests.” He was safe in his hiring because he knew that if they ever told about what they did, they would be in as much jeopardy as he would be.
Gradually the studio expanded. The Man began to make films with young girl stars as well. He blackmailed newly married couples to fuck on video, he shot films of real-life incest, he had boys fuck their own mothers, and fathers fuck their own sons. The leverage he used to force his adult actors included gambling debts, hidden acts of physical abuse, embezzlement, accidental hit and run, robbery — anything he could use on his victims to get them to participate in sick degenerate films. You see, a client might say, “I want a film in which a good-looking, muscular man of about thirty-five forcing his six-year-old son to suck his dick and then fucking the boy in the ass.” Or, “I want to see a teenage boy of about sixteen take a shit on the face of his young sister.” You name it, and The Man would film it for a price.
And because Harry had donated some “talent” he was now invited to the studio. Harry was a cool looking dude of twenty-nine. He had a rough, muscular look with an unshaven face, a hard body and a naturally mean countenance. Chicks loved him until they had to experience how hard he used his huge dick. Harry was not a gentle lover.
The first thing he encountered when he entered the building, after going through a high, electrified fence monitored by two security guards was a totally naked young man seated behind a messy desk in an outer office that looked like the entrance to a nondescript company. That’s right. The young man of about nineteen years of age was totally naked. He looked up, and when he saw Harry, he did a kind of leap onto the desk where he posed with legs spread wide, and his dick and balls flopping wildly. He had a big smile on his face. Harry stopped short.
“Welcome to Pedographic Studios, Mr. Horner. The Man has instructed me to see that while you are here that your every desire is fulfilled. We’ll begin with the full studio tour unless, of course, you would like me to suck your dick or you’d like to fuck me in the ass first.”
Yes, Harry’s dick sprang to life in his trousers at once. How could it not? There was no way the kid could not see the massive slab of fuckmeat pushing out the pants material. The boy did see, and his smile grew even more prominent. Then he took his own dick in his hand and began to pump it. His voice became quiet and personal.
“Of course, if I were you, I’d hold off a while. There is lots of young candy in there...”
He hooked his thumb toward a door marked PRIVATE,
“…and while I’d be honored to service you, you might be more interested in our main attractions of young boys’ ass and mouth.
“As you know, most of our films star boys in the age range from ten years old to sixteen years old being fucked and brutalized by well-hung adults. Twelve years old seems to be the age that is most popular among our clientele. A fresh, twelve-year-old boy can become an overnight sensation. According to our sales department, the next ages that are most in demand are thirteen and fourteen.
“See that poster on the wall? That is from our latest hit. In it, a real life, just married, young couple has an encounter with an innocent twelve-year-old boy. The husband forces the boy to fuck his new bride and then fucks the boy in the mouth and ass. The bride is made to suck the husband’s cum from the boy’s ass and pass it into the boy’s mouth with a kiss. Then the boy sucks the bride’s cunt while the husband fucks the bride in the ass. The boy cleans off the dirty dick with his mouth. Then they all climb into the bathtub and piss on each other. The twelve-year-old boy’s name is Ryan, and he is going to be a huge star here. This is only his second film, but requests for him to do all kinds of kinky shit are pouring in. In his very first film, he was brutally raped by four convicts. It was one of the biggest sellers of the year.
“Oh, by the way, my name is Alan.”
Harry shook Alan’s proffered hand which seemed just a bit moist. Was that leak from Alan’s now erect dick? Alan ushered a somewhat embarrassed Harry through the door into what appeared to be a well-appointed bar or lounge. Behind the bar stood another naked boy of about fourteen years old. Harry became frustrated because the bar hid the boy’s prick and balls, and ass. The kid’s face, like the faces of most of The Man’s boys, was quite beautiful with a fresh and innocent glow to it.
“This is Kyle one of our bartenders. Unlike many of our younger boys, Kyle here is quite happy to work here and has a nice sadistic streak in him. Kyle just did a “Scouting” film in which he really worked over an eight-year-old cub scout. How’s it going, Kyle?”
“Great Alan, except I can hardly walk, Ronny rammed his gigantic motherfucker up my ass this morning and was not gentle about it.”
Harry was getting really hot over this young kid. His dick started to leak in his pants, and he cursed.
“Hello, sir, my name’s Kyle. I’d be happy to mess around with you after your tour if you’d like. We get a bonus if a guest chooses us. I’ve got an exceptionally tight pussy. May I make you a drink?”
Harry glanced at his watch and then looked at Alan.
“It’s pretty early in the day.”
“Well, you’ll be having lunch with us later, so how about a Bloody Mary to get things going?”
Harry nodded, and Kyle made the drink. Harry had trouble keeping his eyes off the boy. On the walls of the lounge were posters from other studio hits including: Seven year Old Lost in the Ghetto!, which pictured a sweet, little, blond boy surrounded by six gigantic black men with dicks that were at least a foot long; Colton’s Kennel Frolic, which showed a beautiful dark-haired boy of about nine with a look of horror on his face as two giant dogs (Rottweilers perhaps?) loomed over the kid’s naked body; and Sammy’s Piss Nightmare in which Sammy, a real doll of only six or so, sat on the floor naked while five dicks hung over him from the top of the poster and pissed down on him. The boy had lifted his face, so the piss cascaded off of it and onto his chest, legs, and tiny dick. Harry had to admit, he’d love to see any of these films, but he was not in a financial bracket to be able to afford any of them.
“Would you like Kyle’s dick leak?”
Why the fuck not?
“Some dick leak in your drink, sir?”
He nodded and watched Kyle put the glass with the drink down below the bar toward his dick. He saw his arm pumping a few times. Alan smiled.
“Nothing like fourteen-year-old dick leak except maybe thirteen-year-old dick leak, it has a different flavor that young, you know?”
He got a look at Kyle when the boy stepped out from behind the bar to serve the drink on a silver tray. The body was smooth and hairless except for a tiny patch over the ample dick and the tasty, soft-looking balls. The kid’s smooth ass rode high and was tight and perfect. When he served his drink, he winked at Harry, and the private eye’s dick lurched.
Sipping his correctly made drink, Harry followed Alan into the next room. This had a few lounge chairs and led to a hallway. Alan raised his hand in a signal for Harry to be quiet and then moved in close, his own dick rubbing up against Harry as he whispered.
“This is one of our audition rooms. Stan is auditioning a young man right now. We need to hire fuckers to work on the boys, and we only want the best in the business, but we want our fuckers to be multi-talented so that when the need arises, they can take it up the ass, suck dick, drink piss or whatever as well. So any dude who wants to work here has to audition by doing it all. We want guys who will literally fuck anything and be as sick and nasty as required. Think of what would happen if we were in the middle of filming, and one of our actors suddenly refused to do something because it was too disgusting. And, believe me, Mr. Horner, some of our films get really, really disgusting. So Stan and a few others audition all applicants. If you take a look into his office quietly, you will see that he is auditioning a young man now.”
Harry cautiously took a gander at the scene inside the office. A middle-aged dude in a suit was having his thick dick slobbered over by a kid of seventeen or eighteen. The dick was so huge that it hardly fit in the kid’s mouth. The young man was on his knees between the executive’s legs. Stan was quietly instructing him.
“I understand that this is your first dick, but you have to do better than that if you want to be hired. If you want to work for us, you should have spent less time in high school fucking pussy and more sucking the dicks of the football team. Use your tongue on the underside of the dick. Swirl it around over the cockhead and scoop up some of the dick leak. It has to go all the way down your throat to pass this audition. All the way down your throat and then all the way up your cute young ass. If you become a good fuck stud, working here can make you rich. But you have to be willing to do whatever we tell you to do. Today, you are going to spend the afternoon eating out my ass. I think you have the potential. You just can’t let nerves or morals get in the way. Take my balls out of my pants and lick them now!”
Harry could have watched this young dude’s audition for hours, but there was so much more to see. They turned a corner, and Harry gasped out loud. A naked man in his twenties was talking to three boys dressed in nothing but their underpants. The boys looked terrified...scared shitless.
“Okay, we’ll start filming in just a few minutes. You bitches know what to do. You wait until we say ‘action,’ and then you all face the camera and take off your underwear. Then you stand at attention for inspection. Do not...I repeat DO NOT COVER YOUR DICKS AND BALLS WITH YOUR HANDS! Filming is expensive, and we can’t waste time or money. Then you will turn around when told to and show us your asses. Then on command, you will spread your legs, bend over at the waist, reach back, and spread your ass cheeks. Make sure you spread enough so that we can get a good look at your assholes.”
The cute boy at the end shook his young head and began to cry. The naked man played with his own dick as if he enjoyed the sight of the teen crying.
“Knock it off, Asswipe. You will do what we tell you to do, or info on your pathetic little high school drug ring will be shared with the police. You will all be sent to juvie-prison where you will last about one hour before you are gang raped so badly you won’t be able to walk for a month. Then you will become personal bitches for about ten nasty thugs who will literally turn you into a girl.”
All three boys were trembling now. The one next to the crying boy nudged him to stop it.
“Now, after you have shown the camera your asses, you will turn around and masturbate for us. Do whatever you need to do to get off, just like at home. Play with your balls, tits, assholes — whatever you do. Each of you will shoot your fuck load onto your individual dinner plate. After all of you have cum, you will show your plates to the camera. Then you will switch plates with each other and then lick all the cum off the plate you have been given.”
The three boys groaned, and one of them gagged slightly. Harry loved watching how their toes curled with anxiety.
“Warning, if any of you puke, you will be required to lick that up as well. Then you will each be given a glass goblet. You will hold the goblet beneath your dick and piss into it. Make sure we see it clearly. Then you will exchange goblets, toast each other, and drink it all down. Now, we are almost finished with the first part of the film. All three of you will now squat for us and take a nice big shit on the floor.”
All three boys were crying now. They just could not help it. The naked man chuckled.
“And that’s the end of the morning shoot. We’ll get you cleaned up and give you some lunch and then in the afternoon, dildo play. By tonight, you boys will be free of your crimes and free to go on your way. No one but our clients and us will ever know.”
Alan laughed and ushered Harry on.
“What they don’t know is that the dildo play part of the filming gets really nasty. They will be made to shove them up each other’s asses, pull them out and then suck on them. And the dildos will get larger and larger. And of course, they won’t be let free. If their film sells well, they will have a called back in a few months to have sex with each other in front of the camera. This is just the start of their careers. All for selling a few harmless drugs at school. Imagine being sixteen and being forced to fuck your best buddy who is also straight in front of a camera while your other straight buddy eats out your ass.
“I remember the first time I had to eat out ass. There was this big bully at school who knew I was a faggot. He assumed I would love eating a dirty, sweaty, muscular, teenage ass. After a few weeks of it, I guess I did.”
They moved on, but Harry truly wanted to stay and watch the nervous fear on the three high school boys. It was such a fucking turn-on. He wanted to see them without their underpants to see what kinds of dicks and balls they had. But they were just getting started. There was so much more to see including an actual film being made with two entrancing fourteen-year-olds being put through hell.