A Sissy Boy in the Woods

A palimpsest based on A Cunt in the Woods
(mB) (anal, oral, ws) (viol) (nc)

My buddy Mike and I found this delicate sissy faggot walking in the woods, picking flowers and shit like that. The first thing that got us was his bubble butt. Even in his baggy shorts, I could see it was a big melon-sized ass. He looked so peaceful and innocent that it was almost a shame what we had to do to him.

We had been camping out and masturbating while talking about fucking cunt and here is this real live beauty. Turns out, he was twelve—perfect age to fuck. Hell, he should have started fucking at eight if you ask me. Too many uppity faggots hold out on a dude, and what is a guy to do? I gotta drain my fucking balls three times a day. So we cornered the sweet young thing and very polite like asked the sissy to take off his clothes so we could get a good look at him. Our dicks were hard as rock in our jeans, of course, and I think he may have seen that. He resisted and we had to slap him around a bit. That put him in his place. I told him if he wanted to live, he would have to do everything we told him to do.

Well, long story short, we got him naked, and he was perfect. That ass I mentioned was big and round with prize-winning deep crack. Oh, my, it was smooth like a baby. Mike and I slapped his ass, squeezed, yanked on his little ball sack, and pulled and pinched his small nipples. He kept begging us to let him go. It was so fucking hot. Mike took his tits, I took his balls, and we worked the sissy over real good.

But did I fucking mention his asshole? The little pink pucker was tight. It needed fucking real bad. Well, he was a virgin, and so he did need fucking. A sissy faggot can only go so long without stuffing his hole. A fag boy just needs it.

The fun part was that Mike and I got really creative. We handed him a Coke bottle and told him we wanted to watch him fuck himself with it. We took out our hunting knives when he resisted. Oh, man, it must have hurt him to stuff that Coke bottle up asshole. He made all kinds of funny noises and cried real hard, but we were not satisfied until it was all the way up his asshole. Then we made him fuck himself with it. He was a virgin, all right because some blood came out on the bottle.

Everything was going great. We had our big fat dicks out, and we were masturbating the fuck out of them. I asked the little sissy if he had ever tasted the dicks of any of the boys at his school. He swore he never had, so I just had to give him his very first taste of dick flavor. We both taught him how to suck dick while the little sissy fucked his asshole with the bottle.

Dumb sissy bitch did not even know he was supposed to lick a dude’s balls too. Well, we got him sucking on our sacks and licking up and down our leaking pricks. I told him if he did everything we told him too, we would let him go unharmed. He sucked much better after that. Jesus, he had real cocksucker lips. We took lots of photos of him naked and threatened to send them to all his friends and to his family as well.


We let the sissy take the Coke bottle out of his asshole and then told him to fuck himself with a beer bottle. That hurt him even more because it went deeper. I had to kick his balls when I didn’t think he was fucking himself hard enough. Then I stuck my toes in his mouth and told him to suck on them while he fucked himself with the beer bottle. Mike shot his first load all over the sissy’s face, but I was still able to hold back. I wanted a good load for his asshole as I turned it into a cunt


Mike thought it might look adorable for him to have wine bottle up his asshole, so that was the sissy’s next challenge. And you know what? He did look damn hot that way with his asshole all stretched. Pretty little twelve-year-old sissy boy with an asshole all stretched, crying to beat the band like the little girl he was. I told him he was not cooperating enough, and so I held a lighted match to his dick head. He jumped like a bucking bronco.


The little sissy faggot was not working his asshole hard enough, so Mike sat on him while I fucked the bottle as hard as I could in and out of his asshole. I fucked his asshole so hard, he passed out, so Mike pissed on the sissy’s face to wake him up again. He had the bottle in him up to the base, and his asshole must have torn a little bit because there was a trickle of blood.


And now it was time for our dicks. We both fucked him at the same time. We both shot up his asshole. We made him lick our dirty dicks clean just for fun. There were blood and shit from his asshole on our dicks too.


Now, the real fun part, we told him we wanted him to meet us at the same place next week for more fun. We told him that if he did not meet with us, we would post the naked photos of him to all his friends and family. We wiped our dirty leaking dicks all over his face. Then we both pissed on him again. I pissed up his asshole too before shoving the beer bottle up it.


I told him I would send him a photo and a note to his father saying, “your son is a cocksucking faggot sissy” unless he brought his little brother along with him next week. We figure we can have some fun with both of them. I got a hankering to watch him fuck his eight-year-old brother—their very first fuck. Mike and I might just fuck his baby ass too. Besides, we got to teach the little sissy how to eat out a man’s ass, and we might teach his baby brother how to do that too.


We let the little sissy fag go then, but took his address and phone number and all. We made him walk away in the woods with the beer bottle up his ass. It was crazy the way he walked. He was in so much pain.


I can’t wait until next weekend.