A Problem

(MB) (anal, oral) (tort)

It’s a very uncomfortable and difficult situation when you have a very thick dick of ten inches, and you happen to love fucking young teens and little boys. Even if you ignore the moral and legal implications, you still have the problem of how in the hell do you get your thick leaking ten inches balls deep up into the guts of a small young boy. This problem continually plagues my friend Rafe. He meets some cute boy usually between the ages of eight and fourteen. He begins to date the boy who is taken with his good looks and money and status. Rafe becomes totally infatuated with the boy and really wants to have sex with his new boyfriend, but how the hell can the kid take his ten inches of fuckmeat?

Oh sure, he does all the right things. Although he wants to fuck the little bitch right now, he patiently wastes four or five dates opening the boy’s asshole with his fingers. He tells the boy that everything will be fine and that it will begin to feel good after five or ten fucks. It takes some convincing because the boy is quite scared.
The boy is quite wary of Rafe’s prick. He remembers what it was like the first few times he had to suck it. He thought his mouth would rip open, and then he thought his throat would be ripped out. He passed out twice from now being able to breathe. Rafe just kept stuffing more and more swollen pecker down the kid’s throat.
One nine-year-old lost his voice for over a week from the force. Rafe gets really frustrated when he cannot get enough dick into a little guy’s mouth and throat. It really ruins the face fuck. Don’t get me wrong, Rafe is a really nice guy, and he tries like fuck to be patient with the little bitches, but when they cry for their mommies and try to resist the big leaking fucker, Rafe understandably gets annoyed. He tried a six-year-old last month, and the kid almost choked to death sucking on Rafe’s big saggy balls. That’s why on the whole he prefers boys of twelve or thirteen. Oh, it’s a delight to slam the face and ass of an eight or nine-year-old, but it is so often really frustrating.
And opening up the ass of a young boy can take so much time and effort. Working first one and then two and then three thick fingers up his tiny virgin asshole and knowing it still is not nearly large enough to accommodate your fuckmeat can drive you mad. The itching and throbbing in Rafe’s dick and balls while he is working on a young ass, not to mention the pent-up desire, can be maddening. No wonder he tends to get a bit rough with the little shits. He may start to slap them around out of frustration.
And then, of course, after all of that work, once Rafe has fucked the little bitch five or ten times and opened his boy-pussy until it is pretty much ruined, he gets bored and wants to move on. He cannot stand a sloppy, loose pussy, and so many boys do not know how to control the muscles in their pussies to give a continued excellent fuck. To Rafe, there is nothing more tedious than a boy of eight or nine with a sloppy, loose pussy. He finds this to be true so often, especially after he fist-fucks the boys. The boy’s ass lips get all stretched and swollen, and his inner rectum begins to come out, and it’s hideous. The child has lost his beauty, and his innocent charm and Rafe must once again look for a new boyfriend.
Both Rafe and my friend Dan in Thailand have similar problems; they both crave really young virginal boy pussy, but it is so difficult to obtain it. And if you orally and anally ruin a boy over a period of two weeks or so, then you have to move on and find a new little fuckhole to play with.
You see, life can be pretty difficult when you are really well-hung and have a desire for really young hole. One of Rafe’s most recent boys was a boy of thirteen. This boy was able to last almost a month and got to the point when he could take two large hands up his hole at the same time. So in this case, there was time enough for Rafe to teach the boy to drink piss and eat shit as well as take a perfect fuck. For someone like Rafe, keeping a boyfriend for a month is heaven and like a two or three-year romance for one of us.
Before he let this boy go, Rafe tried something he has always wanted to experience. He pulled out the kid’s teeth so he could feel if a boy gumming his dick feels like a warm pussy. He says it does. He always says it was a real hoot pulling out the boy’s teeth without any numbing or painkiller for the boy. He says watching the boy squirm and twist in agony was a real highlight of his year. He especially had trouble with the wisdom teeth, as he was using a jack knife and a fork and pliers to do the work. He says he masturbated on the kid’s face three times while he worked. Of course, he would not let the boy pass out and miss the fun. Rafe said that pulling the kid’s teeth was more fun than the blowjobs that followed. Still, it was nice to feel raw gums on his pecker.