A Night in TJ

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The white men crowded into the hot tiny Cantina in one of the seediest sections in the seedy town of Tijuana, Mexico. Some of the men looked like tourists, wearing shorts and t-shirts and cheap hurraches on their feet, purchased from street-vendors at the zoccalo. Others wore leather and greasy jeans. There was a small knot of bikers, who had parked their hogs just outside the doors. In the center of the dank, hot room was a small stage, with faded black curtains on either side. A few chairs had been set in front of it in three small rows. The bar was dim, with a single bare spotlight illuminating the peeling floorboards. The place was a crumbling, dingy place, the walls sweating and flaking from years of neglect. But no one was there for the atmosphere. This was a place known only to certain men who had a taste for the wildest. No one was admitted without an invitation. The price of admission was steep. The authorities had to be paid off, after all, to keep the place a secret and to keep it from getting continually raided. But every man there had paid the price gladly, certain of getting their money's worth.


The men cheered as the leather-clad slave master came from the wings. In his hand was a long chain. As he walked towards the center of the stage he yanked on it and growled, "C'mon, bitch, move it!" Suddenly, from the wings emerged a boy. He was striped completely nude. That was enough in itself to excite the lust of the audience. But what really got them gasping and moaning, was that the chain the man was holding in his fist was attached to a ring, pierced through the kid's tiny cock-head!


The boy was lovely, a slim, brown-skinned child of about twelve. He was slender and hairless and his head had been shaved close, making him look even younger. Despite the pain he was in from having his dick yanked by a chain, the boy was fully hard. The kid's prick was a tough little hang of about four inches [10 cm] and pretty thick for a pre-teen cock. The kid was grinning like a monkey as he was forced to nearly skip to the center of he stage. The master made him stop at center stage and turn so that he faced the audience. The boy stretched his arms up and folded his hands behind his head, giving every man in the room as full view of his body, from his pale, tender armpits, to his dirty bare feet. The man in leather pushed the kid to his knees.


"Down, dog," he ordered. The boy quickly fell to his knees on the bare stage and spread his slender thighs. He leaned back on his hands and thrust his pelvis forward, as if he had been trained to do this. The Master circled in front of him and laid the chain out so that it stretched from the boy's wagging cock to the edge of the stage.


"This here is our first little suck-toy of the night. All you have to do is yank his chain and he will come down and give you his mouth."


The men in the room set up a babble of moans and comments.


"Any takers?" asked the man of the audience of horny pedophiles.


One guy stepped forward. He was a bear of a man, with a big, hairy beer-belly showing through his leather vest. His dark hair was long and dirty. He grabbed the chain from the front of the stage and pulled at it a couple of times. The kid's pretty little cock jerked as he pulled on it, but the boy only continued to grin impishly. The biker pulled at the chain roughly.


"Come on, slave, get down here!" he ordered.


The boy fell forward. He got down on his hands and knees and crawled down the three narrow wooden stairs at the front of the stage until he was at the biker's feet. Immediately he bent his head down to kiss the burly man's filthy leather boots. The biker plopped himself down in one of the chairs and dug into his fly. He drew forth a thick, meaty prick, very hard and dripping with fuck-slime. He tugged on the chain again. The boy crawled forward and grasped the fat prick in his tender hands. He began to kiss and lick all over the slimy crown of the big cock. Then he opened his mouth and began taking it in his lips. His mouth stretched wide to accommodate the fat piece of fuck meat he was feeding on.


The biker moaned and got his big paw to the back of the naked kid-slave's head. He pushed his head down, making him take more of his meat. The boy just went with it, letting the man fuck into his mouth. With a strangled gasp from the kid, the man forced his dripping cock-knob down the child's tight gullet and forced his face into his stinking patch of groin fur.


"Ahhh!" the man sighed as he buried the entire length of his adult cock into the child's hot throat.


"Suck me, cunt-face!" He barked.


The boy worked his mouth and throat eagerly. His baby tongue slid over the greasy prick in his mouth, swirling around the shaft and teasing the piss hole with his milking throat muscles. The man released him and the boy began to bob his head up and down, frantically fucking his innocent looking face on the man's glistening prick. The rough biker grabbed the child's head at the temples and pulled the boy's reddening face from his groin. The long cock slithered out of his mouth with a wet pop. He pushed the boy's face to his fur covered balls.


"Suck my balls, slave. C'mon you little pup, get 'em all hot so they can feed you some cream."


Several men had gathered around the biker to get a close-up view of the action. The boy put his cute, little monkey-face down to the man's huge, low hanging sac and began to lick avidly over the hairy, sweating globes. His soft little tongue hung out of his mouth as he swiped over them, flattening his tongue and washing the man's slimy nuts in his spit.


It looked so sweet, the naked little slave licking all over the huge testicles, his eyes shining lustily as he did. Some of the man's ball hairs came off on his tongue, but he didn't stop licking at them. They just accumulated on his little licker. He opened his mouth wide and tried to suck one of the huge things into his mouth. It looked like he was trying to suck a big, hairy egg into his mouth. He nursed on it gently, his little teeth just grazing over the top of the fat testicle. The biker sprawled back on his seat, spreading his legs and let the boy work on him.


Some of the men surrounding the action pulled their cocks out of their pants and jacked them as they watched the child worship at the biker's groin. The boy looked up, his eyes rolling from right to left, staring at all the cocks surrounding his face. Then he looked back down at his task. He let the man's wet nut slip from his mouth and moved his neck slightly to nurse on the other one. There were moans of lust from the knot of horny man watching him.


"Look at the little fucker!"


"Yeah, come on you little cocksucker, suck that nut!"


"Shit, I can't wait to have the little bugger do me like that!"


The biker still had the chain in his fist. He yanked on it, causing the boy to moan as his baby prick was jerked hard from his hairless pubes. The man pushed the boy's head off of him. The large nut popped from his mouth. It fell to the bottom of his hairy sack and hung low, shifting around inside.


"Lean back and spread your legs, bitch." The biker ordered.


The boy did as he was told. He leaned back on his hands and spread his soft, tan thighs wide. The biker began to yank on the chain attached to the tiny cock-head, forcing the kiddy-dick to slap repeatedly against his soft tummy. Tiny drops of clear, sticky boy-lube dribbled from the tip and smeared around on his sleek tummy. The boy dropped his chin to his skinny chest and kneeled there passively as the man abused his prick. But the biker wanted more. He wrapped the chain around his fist a few times, taking up the slack and pulling it taut. He yanked it viciously, pulling the child's hard-on and stretching it away from his groin painfully. The kid began to sweat, his brown skin glistening in the stage light. He saw his kiddy-meat stretching grotesquely from his bare pubic mound as the man pulled and yanked at it. A soft, high-pitched cry of pain escaped his lips. The sound spurred the biker on. He twisted the chain around, making the boy's prick rotate down and around and then up again. The child's pale nutsack wrinkled and drew up to his groin. His nuts retreated into his belly, making him look like he didn't have any at all. Sweat beaded on his cheeks and forehead as he took the abuse to his cock.


"Ay! Ay!! Ayyy!!" He yelped aloud as the man whipped his little meat around by the ring in his dusky knob. He began to sniff and a couple of tears escaped the corners of his eyes and streaked down his round cheeks. The biker noticed this and gave the chain another savage yank. The boy burst into tears and wailed loudly, but made no attempt to escape the abuse. He tried to move his knees together and hunched over slightly from the pain, but continued to kneel at his abuser's feet. He cried out something in Spanish, his voice piercing the air, babbling in hot pain. The biker put his big booted foot on the kid's narrow chest and pushed down as he gave the chain another couple of savage yanks. The boy's cock stretched away from his body, looking like it would tear free of his body at any moment. The child's squealing wails of agony filled the bar. The biker laughed triumphantly. One man stepped close, jerking his pounding cock right in the kid's face.


"Oh, shit! He's crying! Oh, god, I can't hold it! Take it, you little faggot! Dirty little Mexican queer-boy! UHH! Take my…fucking…cum!!"


He fisted his cock wildly over the boy's face. The boy's face was contorted into a wail of agony, tears running freely over his flushed cheeks, snot drooling out of his nose and over his lips. The man jerked his cock hard and a rope of white-hot splooge leapt from the wide piss-slit at the tip of his bloated crown, splashing right into the boy's teary eyes. The boy wailed even louder as he felt the stinging fluid coat his eyeballs. He blinked and sobbed trying to clear his vision. His pretty mouth was open wide and contorted into a mask of pain. The man's cock shot another stream of jizz into his eyes, quickly followed by a third, which slapped a load of fuck-juice into the kid's snotty nostrils. The child screamed lustily, loudly, his wails filling the bar.


"Dois! Madre de Dois! Ayyy!! Ayy chingada!!" He sobbed.


"Ahhh! So good to shoot right in a crying little brat's FACE!!" shouted the orgazming man over the kid's noise.


He aimed his cock at the kid's screaming, open mouth and shot another jet of his thick cum into it. It hit the back of the slave's mouth, making him choke and cough. That made several of the men laugh. Fresh tears bubbled over the boy's wet cheeks. Another shot pissed into his mouth, coating his tongue. The boy moved his mouth, opening and closing it, coughing, gagging, crying and babbling incoherently, letting the cum drool out of his mouth and down his elfin chin.


The biker kept yanking on the chain, sending jolt after jolt of sharp agony into the kid's groin. He put the toe of his boot to the boy's shrinking ballsack and ground it around, digging around the kid's groin to mash his balls as they tried to pull into his body. The cock at his face continued to shoot wildly, sending stings of scalding man-juice over the child's forehead and over his tear streaked cheeks. As his load dwindled he stuck his cock-knob in the kid's slobbering, sobbing mouth and emptied the last of his cum-dribbles into it. Panting in exhaustion he fell back and plopped heavily into a seat. The biker unwrapped the chain from his fist and let it drop to the floor with a clatter. He grabbed the boy's damp head and pushed his long, pounding cock down the boy's throat. He began to fuck the sobbing, choking face, holding the sweaty head with both huge hands, leaning back in his seat, his eyes rolling up in his head. His greasy hair flew back as he rutted his hips forward, impaling the kid on his stake of fuck-meat.




He thrust the full length of his fat prick into the kid causing the child to gag furiously. The boy's throat milked his cock deliciously as he mashed the kid's flushed, wet face into his thick wiry groin-patch. He shot, spewing stream after thick stream of slimy man-spunk straight into the kid's heaving belly. The boy convulsed from the lack of air and he tried desperately to pull away from the man's strong grip. But, there was no escape for the child. The boy was too small and weak to fight the huge man. It only made the savage biker hotter to feel the boy struggle feebly in his grasp and he spunked harder into the boy's clutching throat. Just as the boy was about to pass out, he drained the last of his rancid ball-juice into the kid and let him go, slumping back in his chair and wheezing heavily.


The boy came up slowly, his limbs feeling rubbery, his head spinning. The length of the man's limber, sloppy prick slid from his lips like a snake and finally plopped out of his mouth, still drooling fuck-juice onto the boy's spit-soaked chin. Incredibly, the boy's little prick was still as hard as a little nail! This boy, as all the boys supplied for the night's entertainment, had been given a special combination of Rohitnol, Viagra and hallucinogens that kept the little performers hard, horny and very passive.


As another man grabbed at the boy's chain and pulled him away into the crowd, the spotlight, which had been trained on the scene in the audience the whole time, swung around towards the stage. The leather clad slave master/ringleader stepped to the battered mike at center stage to announce the next 'act'.


"All right, men. Yank that little bitch around all you want, but don't loose your loads to him just yet! There's plenty of boys here tonight for your perverted fucking pleasures. Now, let me introduce to you our other trainer, Sergio. Sergio has a couple of hot pups to entertain you now…" The man broke off as the sounds of shuffling came from the curtains.