A Little Sea Ditty

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Ordrian Wynde

There is nothing like the feel of a boy's throat, tongue, and mouth wrapped around your cock. I massaged the head of my boy, on his knees, pulling him by his ears so I could face fuck his mouth and throat. Oh sure, I know a lot of people get really bent out shape about fucking a boy’s face, but they look so cute with that fat, dark shaft sliding wetly out of their mouths stretched white and their cherry red lips making that wet seal! And then there is the sight of their noses pressed flat against a bush of hair, their little hands trying to hold onto balls that don't even fit in their hands. I love the sound they make, the raspy breathing and the occasional gag, all punctuated by the wet slurp of a nice piece of suck meat sliding in and out of a boy’s face.

For me, I was sitting in my chair, and Geoff was on his knees, doing his best to suck nine inches into his gullet. Small for his age, this nine-year-old had about half my cock in his mouth and the head of that monster cock was stuck in his throat.

His brother, Sven, a carbon copy at five, stood there watching his brother suck my tool. Sven's hairless little inch and a wish stood straight out twitching in the breeze. There was no pouch to speak of, and his little testes were still resting up high.


Both boys had long, light brown hair, cut in one of those expensive disheveled looks. Both had the same brown eyes and dusky skin tones, even the same upturned pug nose. Both shared the same thin, pursed lips, which marked a narrow mouth on their rather egg-shaped heads, and the same spattering of freckles on their high cheekbones. Both had the same strong chin, long neck, and narrow build. But, while Sven still had his teeth, Geoff only had his bicuspids and molars. All his front teeth had been removed, and he had been fitted with a plate which he wore to eat. That had happened when he tried to bite the object that was now receiving so much of his attention. I'm sure his gums were still sore, but man, what a great feeling!


His goal was simple; he had ten minutes to bring me to orgasm, or I got to fuck him till I came in his tender, tiny ass. Don't get me wrong, the kid had learned to give great head; I just had better control. I had only had the two of them for less than a week, and Geoff had lost his teeth on day two. I let him have a couple of days off while I initiated Sven into the joys of cocksucking. Of course, I let Geoff watch. Sven had actually passed out when I forced all nine inches into his mouth and choked him with it. But, he woke up so no harm, no foul.


As Geoff did his best to suck me off, his tongue swirling the head, rasping along the sensitive underside, playing with the piss-slit. And he could suck hard and long. He was working on getting all of me into his throat; his nose buried in my pubes and was really doing a good. So, I relaxed and let him keep working while I reminisced for a minute.


Their dad was one of those dot-com dudes who bailed when the company went belly up. Of course, he still had his fancy house, fancy cars, and fancy boats. He told a business associate who had lost a bundle on the deal, "that's just the cost of business." I guess he learned that sometimes, that price is more than you expected. You see, Daddy and his three boys were in south Mexico on daddy's yacht when I paid them a visit. Daddy got to watch while I fucked his eldest, a chunky thirteen-year-old with a soft, fat ass.


Their captain never saw me but knew I was there when I slipped the flat blade between his shoulder-blades. That left him paralyzed, but alive. After all, the captain always goes down with the ship. I'm sure he enjoyed his last minutes when the boat went down. There was a mate, but I gassed him and stuffed him in the fridge. I simply chloroformed daddy and the boys, tied `em up, and waited for them to wake up. You see, my agreement with a group of his investors called for some serious pain. And I always deliver.


Anyway, I know you guys like all the gory details, so I'll get on with it. See, daddy was tied up on the bed. I knew daddy would give me a hard time, so I found a bat and shattered his knees. The two younger boys now enjoying the benefits of my attentions were tied to chairs. I had decided to start with their older brother, so his hands were fixed to his ankles, his elbows to his knees. Oh yeah, did I mention that everyone was naked?


Anyway, I picked up Junior, stuffed his face in his daddy’s ass, and rubbed it around. The whole time, dad was threatening me and telling me what he was going to do, so I punched his balls five times. Man, I thought he was gonna puke his guts out. I started telling `em what I had planned. Don't think they weren't impressed, though. I slid my own fuck meat out and let daddy suck on it for a minute. Told him if he bit, I would slice his boy's balls and feed them to him. Finally, I lined up with Junior’s tight pink little hole and slammed it in.


He screamed like a fucking pig! Nine inches of fat meat into his virgin hole and he screamed bloody murder, begging to take it out and I only had two or three inches in there. Me, I just keep plowing until it was buried balls deep. Oh, the kid was still blubbering that it hurt like hell so I worked it around a bit, getting some leverage with his hips. His hole was torn, and I could see some blood, but I figured it would help lube his new found cunt. His hole was all inverted like it was trying to suck itself in. So, I slid out till just the head was stuck by his ring of muscle. His asshole was stretched and looked like it was stuck on my cock. Granted, nine inches isn't much, but the fucker is like four inches thick, and the knob is even thicker. My ass stuffer was showing streaks of blood and shit so I spit on it, leaned over him, and told him if he would beg me to fuck his ass, his boy-cunt, then I might let him live.


He started bawling like a baby when I shoved it back in. Only this time, I did it fast and steady. His gripped my cock as if it was a gloved hand. By the time I got a good rhythm going, I had him slurping on his daddy's asshole as if it was cheesecake. I've always like long, deep strokes, so I'd shove him all the way off my cock so I could see that red gaping hole just wink at me, then shove it home and pull his chubby ass right down to my pubes. Anyway, I fucked Junior till I blew off in his ass, then turned him around, and shoved his ass in daddy's face to drain.


I punched Junior in the mouth and told he was about to give me the blowjob of his life. It's amazing what Viagra can do! He looked at my sausage, streaked with his blood and shit, and my cum, and started freaking' out. I guess he didn't want to do that. So, I kept punching his face till his teeth fell out. Of course, his eyes were swollen shut, his nose was brken, and his lips looked like hamburger, but I was gonna face fuck the kid! And I did. Junior tried to shut his mouth, but I shoved into his face, through his busted lips and shattered gums, and stuffed it into his throat. And held it there till he agreed to suck it clean. Well, it was either suck it or else I was gonna shove down his throat and hold his nose till he choked to death.


By the time I left two days after I arrived, Junior had sucked dad off maybe ten time times and had ridden his daddy's puny cock about the same. What was great fun was when I sucked Junior's boy-cock. Man, his first blast was great! Full of power and sweet cream. I had managed to shove about a foot of a broom handle up his ass to help him along, When I was finished eating all his sweet jizz, I asked him if that was the first time his lightly furred three-inch cock had ever shot. It was! Man, two cherries off one kid! Anyway, I told that it had been an honor to eat his first, and only, cum. He figured out what I meant by that comment when I brought out the filet knife.


After I had sliced off his nuts, I let dad suck his dick, too. Of course, it was a little messier. Those fish filet knives do a great job, they really do. I fed his nuts to his dad, so it was only fair that dad's nuts go to him. Since Junior was toothless, he had to swallow them whole.


Man, the memories I have of those two days as I got to enjoy myself. Junior eating dad's ass, dad fuckin Junior, daddy sucking Junior's castrated ball sack, and Junior shoving his arm into his daddy’s asshole. It was too much. When it was time to leave, daddy's pathetic pecker was firmly fixed in Junior's ass, a task made easier since dad and dick no longer occupied the same space. Junior's dick was in dad's ass, leading the way for the gaff pole that packed it in deep. Personally, I couldn't figure why they were attached to those pitiful excuses of a dick, but they sure made a racket when I sliced them off!


I let daddy know that his two youngest were safe with me and that I had great plans for both of them. Geoff was going to be trained and sold to a contact I have in Turkey. And since he was so young, he really wouldn't miss those little balls of his when my friend plucked them out of their little pouch and had them with some couscous. Sven was going to be my personal little boy-toy until I got tired of him.


I decided it was time to let Junior enjoy me one last time so I shoved my fist up his ass and fucked him with my arm, punching it into his guts till I was elbow deep. I knew that would mess up his innards, so I pulled out when he stopped screaming and crying. Sure enough, you could him starting to slip away, so I shoved all nine inches of my cock into his throat and buried his nose into my balls. I fucked his face and throat even while he writhed and gasped for air. I still think he managed to swallow one good load of my spunk before he passed out. The thing is, I left my fuck pole in his throat till I was finished pissing, too.


I shoved a flare gun in Junior’s wrecked ass. I laughed and told him that he was the light of the party when I pulled the trigger. Man, the smell, the sound, and the sight were beyond belief.


I dragged dad out to the deck. I nailed his arms to a crossbeam and hauled him up high on the boat. Then, I went down, pulled the plugs in the boat’s hull, and opened the drain cocks. I figured it would take a while to sink and it did. Dad was still screaming when the mast slid under the water, watching me sitting in my boat while Geoff sucked my cock while I fingered Sven's asshole.


I mean, really, wouldn't you want to know that I had your two youngest sons if you were gonna die and leave them alone?


Any takers?