A Little Diversion

(MmBb) (anal, oral, ws) (tort)

Part of the reason for my trip was to see an underground play put on by a theater director friend of mine. I wanted to share some moments from the production with you. Because of the ages of some of the actors involved, I did not take any photos of the play. The play was called BOYS' TORTURE CAMP. It took place in ancient Sparta at a camp where young boys are tested and trained to be warriors. As you know, in Sparta the warriors took young boys and men to be their lovers thereby strengthening their forces. The boys were ruthlessly trained from childhood on. Well, my friend's version of events was quite authentic and presented quite realistically. I expected the adult actors who portrayed the camp counselors to be not only excellent actors but well hung, and rough and brutal, which they were, but I was surprised and delighted to see how talented the young boys were.


At the start of the play, the boys wore nothing but small loin cloths with nothing underneath. When they were running around or were wrestling, the slight clothes would flop about, giving the audience a great view of the little boy treasures waiting beneath the flimsy material. Other boys wore tiny pouches covering their sweet, tiny jewels. Of course, as the torture tests commenced, the loincloths and pouches came off to reveal the boys in all their glory.


In the story of the play, the boys were put through various tests, tortures, and challenges to "strengthen" them. The adult actors who played the fucker counselors proved to be very demanding of their young co-stars. The idea was to see how much pain the boys could take and to expand their tolerance. Barbed wire, racks, vices, whips, hot coals, long sharp pins, needles, nails, and spikes were used. The boys were cheered if they were brave little boys and took the pain proudly. They were booed if they cried and begged for mercy. The boys also wrestled each other as the adult males, and the audience urged the boys to be totally brutal with each other. Eye gouging, rectum probing, dick yanking and twisting and other activities were primarily promoted.


At the end of the play, the boys were rewarded by being allowed to suck the big dicks of the counselor warriors. The best boys were fucked in the ass. All of the boys lay in a heap on the ground, and the counselor warriors stood in a circle and pissed on them. It was darling to see how many of the boys opened their little mouths to catch the sprays of piss.


My favorite actor in the show was a boy named Abel. I loved his dark hair and mysterious look. He was one of the youngest boys, but also one of the bravest. After the show, I got a chance to meet Abel, and we became quite close for a couple of hours. I found him to be very versatile. It was all in all a very well done production, and the select audience of men truly enjoyed it.