A Little Business on the Side

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The Recruiters

I was in bed with Ian and Jordy. I had just finished fucking Jordy's sweet young ass, and both boys were lying with their heads in the crooks of my arms, occasionally lapping at my armpits. Usually, after I finished fucking Jordy, Ian would clean my dick with his mouth, or vice-versa, but today I wanted to talk to the boys intimately, and I didn't want Ian to have ass and cock breath.

Ian was coltish, rather rambunctious fifteen, and Jordy was a more mature sensible sixteen.

"You want me to lick your balls?" Ian asked, ready to slide down and take my scrotum in his teenage mouth.

I swear that boy could have sex all day, every day. It was the only fucking thing he ever thought about. He didn't care about school, or sports, or TV, or movies, or music. He cared only about fucking and sucking. I like a boy like that.

"No, I want you right up here where we can talk. We need to have a serious talk."


"Oh, oh! I hate serious talks. Usually, something bad comes down."


Ian let his hand drop to my dick, and he fondled the still hefty fuck meat. Jordy threw one naked leg over my thigh and cuddled closer to me.


"What' sup, boss?" Jordy said, licking my hairy armpit.


"Nothing bad, but something disturbing that we need to do something about. I need your help, boys."


"You got us one hundred and fifty percent!" snapped Ian.


Ian could not resist scooting down to lick at my dickhead. I hauled him back up where I could talk seriously with both kids.


"The porn industry as we know it is dead. There is no reason for customers to buy DVDs or videos anymore. Porn stores are closing, and internet sales have dropped off fifty percent."


"Why is that? All dudes love fuck flicks, straight or gay. Show me a dude who doesn't like watching them."


"You're right, Jordy, all dudes get off on dirty movies, but modern technology has killed the porn industry. For Christ's sake, high school boys and girls are sending each other bare-assed photos of themselves over their iPads and cell phones. Kids today are much more open. They put naked videos of themselves up on blogs and YouTube and Xtube. On some sites, you can see girls and guys with dogs. You can see all the sucking and fucking you want. Who wants to shell out dough for a DVD, when you can hook up and whack off anytime you want it on your computer?"


"What about websites and webcam shows? You have us do those jerk off and suck and fuck shows, and that brings in money, doesn't it?" Jordy was interested in money. Ian just sucked and fucked for fun, but Jordy had a business head on his shoulders.


"Yes, the webcam shows you do bring in money. And you know, the more perverted the webcast, the more money I put aside for you dudes, but we need to think bigger. We need to think outside the box if we are going to stay in business or make the financial killing we dreamed about. I'm going, to be honest with you. Our customers are getting a bit tired of the two of you. Don't get me wrong, you are both really hot dudes, and you both have nice, big dicks for your ages and killer bods. But after some masturbating old fart has watched you suck and fuck ten times, he wants something new. Even that last show you did where you pissed on each other and drank each other’s piss, didn't get the results we wanted."


Ian sniffed and pulled one of my armpit hairs from his teeth.


"Does that mean our careers are over? Fuck, I'm only fifteen."


Ian twisted his naked body around and scratched his cute young ass.


"No, Ian, it doesn't. It just means we need to be more creative."


I paused to lean in and tongue kiss Ian, swapping spit with the cute, bare-assed kid. He loved nothing better than a good, long, sloppy, wet kiss. He sloshed my spit around in his mouth and swallowed. Jordy nibbled at one of my nipples.


"Creative, how?" he asked, lifting his cherry red lips from my tit.


"There is still big money in DVDs. Big, big money. But, the DVDs have to be customized to fit the needs of particular wealthy customers. Instead of making $29.95 on a DVD, what if we could make a hundred thousand dollars?"


"You been smoking something and not sharing?" Ian asked.


"I'm talking about custom making porn DVDs for wealthy clients who want to see specific and mostly illegal things. It's you boys who gave me a clue. You are both technically illegal, right? Oh, we have fake papers saying you are eighteen, but any asshole can see that Ian especially is younger. The customers love that. Look at all the sick shit they want to see you two do on your blogs. Really nasty, perverted stuff, right? Well, what if we picked select wealthy customers and gave them what they wanted, but charged them an arm and a leg?"


"The stuff they want to see is really nasty! It is some disgusting mother-fucking shit," Ian replied.


Ian wrinkled his cute nose. Jordy had a look of keen interest in his pretty eyes.


"Just hear me out, boys. I have shown you those gay bondage and discipline paysites on the internet. They are pretty extreme, right? I mean, dudes torture faggots, and piss on them and beat their ballsacks, and stuff huge dildos up their raped assholes. They blow their noses in faggot's mouths and make them crawl around like dogs. Those brutal sex sites are making lots of money. Because the action is so extreme, they always have a clip at the end to show that the faggot did this willingly and it was consensual."


"I like that kind of shit," Jordy said.


"Now, what if we offered DVDs of similar action for men who like to see boys worked over that way. What if we had DVDs of adult men torturing and fucking over boys, and there was no consensual disclaimer at the end!"


"You mean the boys are really like kidnapped or something?" Ian asked, his eyes as wide as saucers.


I smiled and cupped his beautiful ass.


"Not exactly. We would recruit the actors and start out with more mild activities. Then with the use of drugs, incentive, and sometimes perhaps a bit of blackmail or other leverage, we would coerce the boys to participate in more extreme films. We would custom make the films to fit the fantasies of very private, select gentlemen. For the right amount of money, we would literally give them whatever they wanted. We need to be brave here, boys. We need to give them whatever they want!"


"You thinking of doing that nasty stuff to me?" Ian asked. Jordy laughed reached over and pinched the younger boy's nipple hard. "Fucker!"


"No, boys, I am not thinking of harming either of you in any way. You will be my captains, my vice-presidents. My recruiters."


"Recruiters?" Jordy asked, playing with his own hefty sixteen-year-old dick and balls.


"Yes. I can get all the adult actors and top men that we need. I can get really mean motherfuckers, built like brick shithouses. Nasty, ripped thugs who love to hurt and work over submissive boys. I can get black, white, Latino, Asian, you name it.


“But where you two vice-presidents come in is, you have to go out and recruit the boys. I need you to find other kids that we can get hooked on drugs, and booze and partying or whatever and get involved in some of these really extreme films. I'll help. I'll teach you what to look for in a kid. He has to have a rotten home life, like yours. He has to be curious abut sex. He needs to be either wild and arrogant like Ian here, or by contrast, very shy and lonely. That kind often works best for what we have in mind. A boy like that craves love and attention, even if it comes with a generous dose of sexual abuse.


“I will teach you what to look for and what to say, but you boys need to go out into the schools and do the actual recruiting. Being young, you can get much closer to potential actors for our films."


"You want us to go to our high school and to other high schools and find porn actors for really nasty films?"


Ian licked his lips. He was excited but doubtful. His dick was hard and thumping against my leg.


"Not exactly. Think outside the box, Ian. Think big money. Think very private films for very rich clients. I want you to go do your recruiting in middle schools and grade schools." Jordy let out a whelp and swung his leg over my body, sitting astride me and looking down into my eyes. Fuck he was cute.


"You want to do s/m porn with little boys?"


His eyes glistened.


"Not just s/m, any fucking kink that a rich dude might want to see. And, not always with little boys. That all depends on the whims of the customer. But, what is the one kind of film that these video freaks can't get? Child porn. Whether it's seeing two little boys fuck each other in the ass, or suck each other, or something more creative with some pain.


“Boys in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade idolize older teen dudes like the two of you. You should have no trouble finding lots of young talent who want to hang with you and even fool around with cool, older dudes. You can offer them pot, coke, pills, booze, cigarettes, dirty movies, and lots of fun. And once we've got them, we tell them, that unless they play our way, we will send pics of them to their friends, parents, teachers, and clergy. They will feel trapped. They will do whatever we say to protect themselves. We can make the absolute nastiest, most perverted films ever made, sell them to select customers, and rake in a fortune."


"I'm not sure I get it,” Ian said, scratching his floppy bag, his dick now leaking on my leg.


"Okay, listen. Let's say, I find a client over the internet who wants a film. He sends us a scenario. He wants to see a twelve-year-old boy kidnapped by a gang of Neo-Nazis. They strip him and humiliate him. They make him play with his little-undeveloped dick and show his asshole to the camera. Then they make him suck all their dicks. Let's say, there are what, ten Neo-Nazis. We can afford a big budget, cause our asking price is sky high. Literally a hundred thousand. So all the Neo-nazis fuck the kid in the face. They are not gentle. Then they turn him over and fuck his tight, little ass. Every agonizing moment is captured on film. An innocent twelve-year-old boy ass fucked by big-dicked Nazi's."


Jordy smiled.


"That doesn't sound so bad. I wish I were twelve again."


"Yeah, but then, according to the client's wishes, the boy is tortured. They beat his ballsack with belts. They whip his ass. They burn him. They piss on him. They may even take a shit in his mouth."


"Gross," muttered Ian.


Ian didn't like shit scenes.


"They might drag him by his balls across the room, or hang huge weights from his nuts and tits. Whatever the client wanted to see. He might be forced to take a huge enema and hold it in his guts for a long period of time, screaming and sobbing in agony from the cramping. I don't know, whatever the client wants to see. And whatever age kid he wanted to see tortured.


“That is why you need to start making contacts with boys of all ages that we can call on. I want you to go to grade school and middle school, and win them over. Charm them. Learn all you can about their home lives and their desires. We'll stock a condo with video games and all kinds of computer shit to lure the kids over for parties. We'll serve them pot, pills, and Viagra. We'll get them to pose naked, just for fun. We'll play around with them a bit if we can, and size them up. If they seem freaked out or too uptight, we'll cut them loose. We'll keep the ones who show potential. We'll slowly get them more and more involved. Then when the time comes to make one of the special, nasty films, they won't be able to refuse.


"But, no snuff films," said a thoughtful Jordy.


"I agree. Absolutely no snuff. We won't go nearly that far. No permanent damage to a boy. Unless the kid has like no family and is a street kid. Then we might get fairly rough with him, like some broken bones and so on. I knew a dude once who love to break the bones of little boys. He would get a very young, small kid and break the boy's arms and legs, and fingers and toes, and then take care of the boy until he totally healed, and then break them again. It was agony for the boy."


Ian made that wrinkled face again.


"That sounds totally nasty and gross. I don't ever want to meet that dude."


I laughed and cupped his soft hairless scrotum.


"Don't worry, you are much too old for him. Your balls have dropped. But, that isn't the point, is it? The point is, we can make and should be ready to make, whatever kinds of films the clients demand. At times, it may be pretty hard for us. We may be disgusted and turned off by some of the things clients want, but we have to be ready to provide it for them."


"What happens to the boys after a really rough session? Won't some fourth-grade boy who has his little ass stretched and ripped to shreds be trouble for us?”


"Good thinking, Jordy. That is why, first of all, we need boys who come from broken homes and are neglected. We need a boy who is left alone a great deal, who can suffer and mend in privacy without a parent breathing down his neck. Second, I know two very nice, perverted doctors. Remember Ian, that one gave you a very thorough rectal exam at that party a few months back. He put an ass stretcher on you and shoved all kinds of fun things up your hole."


"That little bit of fun took me four days to recover from. I did not enjoy it."


Ian pouted and made his displeased face at me.


"Anyway, I have these two doctor friends who will attend the filming and take care of any damage. The boy will be sent home in extreme pain, but nothing that will not heal. And you can be sure, any boy we send home after filming will be much too ashamed and scared, and fucked up to ever tell anyone what happened to him. Little boys are terrified of anyone finding out their secrets, and even more terrified of being made fun of and laughed at. And, we will let them know in no uncertain terms, that if they ever breathe a word of what happened, they will be mocked and laughed at, and called a freak, and be an outcast for life. That way, we ensure our safety and security."


What I had been saying had its effect. Both Ian and Jordy had raging dripping hard-ons. Their teenage fuck meat was leaking all over my legs, hips, and stomach.


"Hey, you two studs, you’re making a fucking mess!" I said laughingly.


"Sorry," Ian said.


Ian hunkered down and started to lick his and Jordy's pre-fuck slime from my body. Of course, the tongue of a fifteen-year-old boy swiping dick snot from my torso gave me a throbbing hard-on. The big, pink head of my fucker emerged from the thick foreskin, and Jordy swooped down on it. He liked my piss-slit, trying to get my leak in his mouth.


"Here's what I suggest. Next week, you two go to some grade schools and middle schools and offer to volunteer to help the little boys with sports or some other activity. Maybe you could even arrange it to be an extra credit project at your high school. You mix with these little boycunts, and you size them up. And, I want really beautiful little boys too. No chubs or uglies. I want pretty boys with delightful asses. The kind of asses that rich clients will pay big bucks to see fucked. When you find some you connect with, and whom you think you can trust, we arrange a little after school party. Ian, now, you can lick my balls for me."


Ian crawled down and started lapping at my scrotum. He loved the fact that I have very large nuts. He loved to try to stuff them both in his cheeks, even though he never could manage it. I swear Ian spent half the day down between my legs, whereas, it was Jordy's magnificent ass that occupied me mostly with him. Jordy had an ass that just kept giving. No matter how you stretched and plowed it, it was just as tight and warm and moist as ever the next time. I worked two fingers up Jordy's ass. I knew our little talk was almost over.


"If we want to, can we be in some of the movies? Can we fuck some of that sweet, young, boy ass?" Jordy asked, frigging his leaking fucker.


"Of course, you can. As vice-presidents, you can sample all the boy ass you want, anytime you want. I am putting lots of faith and trust in you two boys to get us a really good stable of young, boy ass to work from. Don't forget to use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to do some of the work too. You can hook up with lots of fresh, young, boy pussy via the internet. Meet boys who send provocative photos to YouTube. I have seen some of the boys of twelve and thirteen shirtless or in just underpants dancing around – go for them. There have to be younger boys doing it too. A seemingly innocent blog often leads to one where you’ll find boys posting bare-assed selfies. These are our potential stars. Some of these boys would rather die than have the adults in their lives know they are posting such pics. This is our market, and you need to focus on very young boys too since that are where the money is. Some of these rich fuckers have access to films of boys in their early teens, but they would pay a fortune for some good porn featuring boys under ten. Meanwhile — oh shit, Ian you mouth on my fucking testicles feels awesome — I will line up the adult actors for our films. I will make sure they are super-hung thugs with horse cocks. We want huge cocks to plow those little, boy asses. That will really cement our success. We'll be known for the most extreme films on the market. Wet down my dick, Ian, I want to shove it up Jordy's ass again."


Ian frowned.


"You just fucked Jordy, when do I get fucked? Why am I always the last ass to get fucked?"


I laughed.


"We'll both fuck you later, and we will fuck you until you can't walk. It's just that you have such a talented tongue, Ian. I want you to lick my asshole while I fuck Jordy."


Let me tell you, my friends, until you have had a teenage boy lick your asshole while you ass fucked another, you have not lived. The tongue working its way up inside your rectum to massage your prostate while a second teenage boy bounces up and down on your thick leaking dick is pure heaven.


"And just think, you two, unless a client demands certified, virginal, little, boy ass, we will get to molest, seduce and fuck all the boys first."


Jordy laughed.


"To try out their talent. Strictly business."


He grunted as he forced the plum-sized head of my dick up into his asshole. Then, he began to lower his body down, so my fuck meat penetrated his rectum.


"Jesus," he howled," Why would any teenage stud want to be fucking bitches when he could be doing this?"


"Ith a matthher off taste," Ian said, tongue my asshole, his tongue coated with ass juice.


My asshole was squeaky clean for Ian. As I said before he didn't like shit. With some boys, I might leave my asshole a bit raunchy for added flavor, but not with Ian. He was slurping away at my ass pucker like it was the mouth of some hot fourteen-year-old cheerleader. I could feel my asshole opening and closing around his thrusting tongue. I could also feel Jordy's tight inner ass squeezing my throbbing dick as he lowered himself down to my balls. It was amazing to have two hot, beautiful, teenage studs to fuck to my heart's content. How lucky I was. And now with this new business starting, I would soon be bitchin' rich to boot. Jordy started to bounce on my dick, grunting and groaning as my fuck meat found every nook and cranny of his insides. His own teen fucker was spraying pre-fuck everyplace. And we would do this every single fucking day, three or four times a day. Sometimes we would film it for our website. Soon we would be expanding to specialized young teen and pre-teen fuck films, featuring bondage, rape, torture and you name it.


"Do you think you should shoot again, Jordy? After all, remember you have to do a live masturbation webcast tonight."


The teenage boy just laughed and bounced harder on my dick, frigging his own spraying fucker for all it was worth.


"You should know by now, I can shoot every two hours. I'll produce enough baby batter tonight to get those toothless old farts creaming all over their computers. I'll just think about our new business venture and all that sweet, baby boy ass we're going to fuck, and I'll blast so much sperm it will coat the camera lens."


"Dothn fhorgeth abou me," Ian managed, his fifteen-year tongue wiggling in my rectum.


"Get on up here and shove your dick in Jordy's mouth while I ass fuck him,” I said breathlessly.


A moment later, Ian scrambled to his big feet to bounce on the bed and ram his leaking fuck meat into his friend's face.


"Suck that big dick, you motherfucking faggot!” he howled.


And his laughing friend took it all the way down his throat in one gulp. Jordy was impaled by dick at both ends now. Saliva dripped from his chin and ran down his chest. Ass-slime squirted out of his hole each time he bounced on my dick and soaked my pubic hair and balls. I would have Ian suck them clean later. I closed my eyes and had images in my head of little boys being tortured. Pins sticking out of their little dick stalks and through their nipples as they were forced to dance naked. Their tiny grapefruit-sized asses red with welts from being whipped.


"Dogs!" I shouted, pushing my dick still deeper up Jordy's hot ass. "We need to get and train some dogs. Dog and little boy films are really difficult to get. Some little lad sucking on a big, greasy, dog dick while a second massive canine cock plows his tiny boy ass! With four more dogs straining at the leash and yapping while they are waiting for their turn. Tell me that won't make me a millionaire! Oh, Shit! I'm cumming."


I arched up and blasted a load up into Jordy's bowels. One, two, three blasts. I had to pace myself, being so much older than these teens. Cum squirted out from the kid's asshole as I pulled my dick back. He rose up, and I saw his stretched, pink, ass pucker twitch, trying to hold on to the big dickhead. My fucker popped out, and a waterfall of cum ran from his asshole onto my fuck meat and balls. Jordy, in a fit of passion, pulled his mouth from Ian's pink, teen prick and plunged down on my still throbbing cock, taking it into his mouth ass slime, cum, sweat, and all. He cleaned his ass juice and my cum off my dick, trying to suck still more sperm from my piss hole.


Ian shouted in anger, his pulsing prick having lost the mouth that was sucking it, but Jordy was wild, his own fat fucker looked so hard, I knew the boy was in pain. It bounced and throbbed, and then it discharged its load. His big boy balls drew up in their velvety sack, he moaned, and a thick, copious spray of fuck shot from his dick all over my stomach and chest. Ian dropped to his knees and started to lick the fuck off my body, jerking wildly on his own leaking pink fucker.


Both boys were making inhuman sounds of uncontrolled lust. Ian turned his head, and tongue kissed Jordy, passing cum from one mouth to the other. Jordy lowered his cute head to me and passed the fuck slop to me in a deep sperm kiss. Cum was still pouring and squirting out of Jordy's asshole, and he crawled up so that he could ass squirt my cum down on my own face coating my face with ass slop and cum. Then, both boys plunged down and began to lick me clean. I have never known two boys who loved the taste of cum so much. I don't honestly know if it was the taste or just the pure filth of the act itself. Their licking tongues went from my face to each other’s their mouths dripping fresh, teenage spit from their chins into my mouth — fifteen and sixteen-year-old male spit. What more glorious flavor on earth?


Now, Ian groaned and shifted his body so he could shoot his load onto my just barely clean face. I opened my mouth to try to catch the spray of boy fuck, but he was intent on coating my face with his cock paste. I felt like I was starring in a bukkake film. Ian grunted deeply, and his fuck snot came out in bursts. Jordy swooped down like a bird of prey to lick my face of the hot globs of jizz almost before they landed.


"Oh! Oh! Oh, motherfucking God!" Ian wailed, as his balls pumped out the scalding boy seed.


And, I knew. I knew that just a few hours hence, we would be doing this all over again in some new lustful combination. Boys like Ian and Jordy are never ending fountains of fuck slop. Fuck was all they lived for. And now, with their help, I would turn our passion into a thriving business. On with the show!