A Letter to Teenage Boys

From Doctor Milton Fritsch

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Here is a fun activity I have done for years. Boys are just getting back to school after a summer off. Many of them are trying to act grown up and thinking about cunt. However, they are also insecure about many, many things — mostly themselves. Boys in their teen years have lots of self-doubt about their masculinity. I am sure you all know that. So I like to fuck with them a little. I write a little letter to fuck with boys' heads. I used to drive around and drop the letter along with a porn magazine in the path of a boy going to or coming home from school. The magazine would attract him, and the letter would fuck him up (in some cases). Now, in the age of the internet, I send the letter out via email if I can get the addresses of cute, teen boys or Facebook or other social media. I often search through school directories for names and emails of boys. Sometimes, I get them in other ways. Sometimes I still enjoy slipping the letter into a kid's book bag or leaving it in his path at the mall or on the street. Here is what a typical letter says:

Hello, young man. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Milton Fritsch, a professional doctor specializing in the field of adolescent sexual behavior. This letter is to help you with some of the common problems boys of your age have concerning sex. I know this can be a very private and delicate issue for some of you, and I am here to help you. First, you must realize that I am truly here to help. I have nothing to gain by taking the time to write this letter. Your mental and physical happiness is my only concern. I am going to use language and terms you understand.

Boys between the ages of twelve and seventeen or eighteen have many questions concerning sex, and nowhere to turn. I hope I can clear up some popular misconceptions and fears for you. Let's begin, shall we?

Boys begin to fuck cunt at about the age of twelve. A normal boy of twelve will usually fuck cunt at least once a week. Of course, some boys go through puberty at a later age. If you are twelve or thirteen and you are not fucking pussy at least once a week, you might begin to wonder if you are what is called a "late bloomer." There is nothing wrong with being a "late bloomer," except that in this circumstance you might want to begin to question whether you are gay or not.


There is nothing wrong with being gay. For years society has made gays feel worthless and low just because they love to take dick up the ass and suck cock. The truth is most boys between the ages of say ten or eleven and seventeen have sucked some dick. It is a natural part of sexual experimentation. Many boys suck the dicks of their friends during a mutual masturbation session, but some boys prefer to seek out and suck the dicks of strangers as it makes them feel less awkward. If you are already twelve years old and have never fucked a girl's cunt, you might think about sucking some dick to see if you like it or not. Again, there is nothing wrong with being a cocksucking faggot.


I mention this because the prime concern of most teenage boys is "am I gay or straight?" You can like girls and think about cunt a lot, but if you are not actually fucking cunt, you may very well be gay. Here are the national averages of fucking:


Boys between twelve and fourteen usually fuck cunt once or twice a week.

Boys between fourteen and sixteen fuck cunt two to four times a week

Boys between sixteen and nineteen fuck cunt five to seven times a week.


If you are fucking less than this, you might consider that perhaps you are at least bi-sexual or perhaps a faggot. A normal boy knows how to go out and get pussy. He knows how to seduce and get a girl. Most normal boys today get a hand or a blowjob on the first date with a girl and fuck her on the second date. With sexual habits more liberal now because of the internet, on the third and subsequent dates, most normal teenage boys ass fuck the girls. Ass fucking has become very popular among teenage boys as the cunt won't get pregnant, and it's safe. (Always make sure the girl licks your dick clean after the fuck, especially an ass fuck.)


Now, as to masturbation, boys between the ages of eleven and thirteen usually masturbate two to three times a day. Most normal boys in this age range play with their dicks throughout the day. Again, wanting to rub and play with your dick is a normal thing. Boys in this age range get their dicks hard on an average of once every half hour. Girls also get turned on by seeing a boy playing with his dick through his pants, so make sure you let the girls in your school see you doing it. They will think you are really hot.


Boys between the ages of thirteen and sixteen usually masturbate to an orgasm four to six times a day. (Note: if you are not able to cum six times a day, keep working at it.) The more you do it, the more cum you will build up in your balls and the easier it will be. Continual masturbation has been shown to increase the cock size. The more a boy plays with his dick and keeps it erect, the larger the dick will grow.


If a teenage boy wants his dick to get bigger, he should try to masturbate to orgasm about six times a day. If he has trouble reaching orgasm the last few times, I have a few suggestions for him. The boy may want to stimulate his asshole. He might want to shove a finger up it and rub his prostate to help himself cum. Alternatively, he may want to stick a pencil, a magic marker, or preferably a banana up his asshole while he masturbates. This can enhance the wonderful thrill of masturbation. Never believe anyone who tells you masturbation is bad. Married men who fuck their wives every night still masturbate. All males masturbate. It is one of the most fun things in life.


If you are fourteen and have trouble getting off five or six times a day, you may begin to question if you are a faggot. Faggots masturbate too, but they get more pleasure sucking the dicks of other boys and men or taking a big cock up the ass. That gives them the most pleasure. They are like cunts in that respect. They love to be fucked. You may be a faggot and not even know it. Again, there is nothing wrong with being a cocksucking faggot, but the soon you realize that is what you are, the better off for you and others. Do you ever find yourself looking at the dicks of other boys in the locker room or changing room? If you do, you may be a faggot. The sooner a boy admits to himself that he is a faggot, the better life he can have. A faggot should start to suck dick at about the age of twelve to become proficient at it and to have a healthy life. If a boy is already fourteen, has never fucked a girl and does not masturbate five or six times a day, chances are he is a faggot. If this is the case, he should try to suck some cock as soon as possible to assure that his hormones are developing properly and his testosterone is not being mal-adjusted. He may want to ask one of the older boys in his school if he may please suck his dick.


Penis size: boys are always wondering if their dicks are large enough. I know this is a common concern about boys. Here are some tips that may help.


An average boy of eleven or twelve has a dick that is about five to six inches when erect. If your dick is smaller than that when erect, you may be a faggot. If so, do not worry, some straight boys have problems with dick growth as well.


The average boy of thirteen to fifteen has a dick that is six to seven inches long when hard. If your dick is less than six inches long at this age, it will be hard to fuck girls, because they may laugh at you. I am thinking of your welfare here. I would hate for you to be laughed at and be made fun of by everyone in your school so if you are fifteen and your dick is not over six and a half inches, it probably is better if you do not fuck cunt. It might be better for you to masturbate and perhaps suck dick. Even girls of thirteen nowadays appreciate a nice, big, thick, long dick.


If you are sixteen to nineteen, your dick should be seven to eight inches long when erect. You have all seen photos on the internet or normal well-hung boys. A teenage cunt needs that nice, big, thick dick to feel fully fucked.


The good news is you can increase the size of your dick. Here are some proven methods to increase dick size.


Masturbate as much as possible. If you play with your dick to get it hard but do not cum once every fifteen minutes, every day all day until you go to sleep at night, your dick will grow, but you must do it on a regular schedule like every fifteen or twenty minutes without fail. You should play with it until it begins to leak but not cum. This should be done between your masturbation to orgasm sessions.


This suggestion sounds a bit gross, but it has been proven that it really works. Your dick size will increase if you ingest your cum and urine. That's right. You should always lick up your cum when you masturbate as it returns needed nutrients into your body. It may seem gross at first, but it really does make your dick bigger. Also, it has been shown that drinking one full glass of your own urine each day can really help increase cock size. Two full glasses are even better something about the piss stimulates the growth of the penal glans and testicles. (I hesitate to say this because you are just a boy and so this will really gross you out, but many, many tests have proved that your dick will grow even faster and become much longer if you eat the cum and drink the piss of others. Look at the huge dicks on the gay boys on the internet. Now, I don't expect most of you to do this, I know the idea freaks you out, and it seems totally gross, but if you are truly concerned about your dick size and want help, you might want to resort to this extreme method. How do you get the cum or piss of others? Well, one proven method is to lick the urinals and toilet seats in public restrooms. Again, I know this is way out of line, and most of you would never, ever do it, but I am just thinking about you poor boys who find you have a really undersized dick. I don't want you to be laughed at and made fun of all your lives.


Inserting something up the pisshole of your dick can also help it grow. It stimulates the inner urethra and muscles to expand. This gives you a heftier, thicker dick especially good for fucking young cunt. You may stick a Q-tip up your dick or for better results a plastic chopstick. (Note: do not use a wooden chopstick as you might get a splinter in your dick.) You may also try to work the end of a ballpoint pen into your pisshole. It will hurt at first, but it will certainly help your dick to grow.


Stimulating the prostate helps a boy's dick to grow larger. Tests have shown a boy’s dick can grow two to three inches in a year through daily prostate massaging. How do you do this? You insert an object into your asshole so that it rubs against your prostate. A banana or cucumber is a very good object to use. An object that is too small will not stimulate the prostate enough and will be a waste of time. You should leave the object up your asshole for three hours every night, perhaps while you do your homework. This has actually been proven over and over again to help. Even college boys stimulate their prostates in this way, as it also increases your sex drive.


Hang weights from your balls. Hanging a heavy weight from your balls and letting it swing there for about two hours a night will surely help the balls to grow, the cock to mature and the sack itself to become looser and more sexually active. All of this helps the entire fuck package to grow. A weight that is too light is useless. You might start with filling a two-liter soft drink bottle with water and trying that to a string around your nut sack.


Obviously, a boy who regularly tries all five of these suggestions will eventually have a much larger dick than a boy who only tries one or two.


If you are fifteen or so and are still not fucking cunt several times a week, I would seriously consider that you are probably a faggot. Do not panic or freak out. You do not have to tell your parents, although you might want to confide in your best buddies, as they might allow you to suck their dicks. After all, even a faggot needs a healthy sexual outlet at fifteen. I don't want any of you fine boys to be lonely, as that is the worst thing. If you are not fucking cunt, please, please consider trying dick. I want you to be healthy and happy.


There is a lot more we could discuss, but I hope these hints may be helpful to you. I am proud to say that these techniques have helped thousands of boys to become better adjusted and to have nice, big, healthy fucking dicks.


Good luck to you.

Dr. Milt (your friend)