A Letter from Taylor Jones

(MmBb) (anal, oral) (nc, rape)


I want to thank you for your fucking mind blowing stories. First of all, let me say that I am no faggot. I am a cunt-fucking, black brother. I used to hang with the Crips, and I have lots of fucked out experiences to share with you if you like. You can share my pic with your faggot readers if you want as they will probably get hard dicks from looking at me, or even shoot their faggot spooge. That's okay. I don't mind using faggot mouth and ass every now and then. I love your stories because they give me ideas of things I can try. Of course, I love to try them on young, white pussy, but sometimes it is fun to play with a faggot too.

I got a good experience to share with you that maybe you can turn into a story. I swear to God it's true. I was offered a job by this rich, white dude to fuck his ten-year-old son. That's right, he wanted his son raped every fucking way to Sunday. He wanted his little, virgin son ass raped and mouth raped. He wanted photos of course. He told me he wanted my big nigger dick balls deep in his son's guts. He wanted me to hurt him as much as I could without damaging him so he would have to go to the hospital. He said he had a doctor friend who could look after minor things like an asshole all stretched to hell!

Well, it didn't take me long to decide. Let's think about it. Good money (I won’t say how much he paid me) a nice, bald, little ten-year-old, white boy-cunt and a chance to be as rough as I wanted. Of course, I took the job. I got a bit too rough, punching the little faggot in the face and stuff, but it is so hard to control myself once my dick gets hard. You know? I made him lick my balls and asshole, which his daddy loved. I really opened his little boy-cunt with my dick. I just kept fucking and fucking the fag boy.

Anyway and here is the interesting part that might make a good story for you. I got more fucking offers. It seems there is a network out there of guys who want their little boys tortured, raped, fucked up, and fucked over. I make a shitload of money in this business.

I got a call from this guy who wanted me to ass fuck his eight-year-old son, beat the shit out of the kid, and use him as a toilet.

Most of these perverts share the photos and videos with each other. How it usually works is that Dad watches the rape or gets a video, then picks up the child and comforts the little fag, telling the boy that daddy loves him and will protect him and everything is okay. Yeah, sure, all right except that his little ass is now the size of a coffee can.

I know one dad who kisses and protects his seven-year-old son, only to arrange for the boy to be gang fucked every few months and he comes to his boy's rescue when it is too late. The little boy is fucking freaked out and scared shitless to leave his room. His guts are all screwed up, and he doesn't even shit right. Of course, Daddy protects him and is secretly setting up the boy's next attack. Ha, is that a hoot or what?

One married couple had me come in right after the mom gave birth. I saw her feeding the baby boy from her tit, and then they had me come over and transferred the baby's mouth from the mom’s tit to my dickhead. The father kept saying, that a boy, while his newborn baby son sucked my dick. They were teaching their newborn baby boy to suck nigger dick.

I visited the family about once a month, feeding him more and more cock, and started to finger his boy-cunt when he was less than a year old. The parents would sit and watch, and they said it made their sex life much hotter. They have been asking me how soon I could fuck the baby, but I said it just was not safe until the little queer was at least two years old. I also fucked the mother just so you know. Like I told you, I ain’t no faggot. I like cunt. She said he never felt a dick that big. The husband watched. They also hold the baby to my ass crack so the baby can lick my asshole. I do wonder what will happen to that little fairy when he grows older.


This network is seemingly endless, and I have traveled across the country back and forth fucking boys for adult perverts, so I started to think, this might make a good story for you. If you have any questions or want any further info on the stuff I have done, please feel free to ask. I would love to see a story about me and my life. You will have to change names of course to protect us.

Oh, yeah, one more kinky thing. This one dude paid me lots of money just to take his thirteen-year-old faggot son out on dates. He wanted me to take him to public places, kiss him with lots of spit swapping, and feel his tits and ass in front of other people. He would watch of course. I would feel the boy up, and tongue kiss him in front of teenage boys and stuff. He would be so humiliated, but he always went along with it. I don't know how his dad made him do it, but he just always did. I would pull up his t-shirt so his little boy tits would show in front of boys, suck his nipples until they were hard little pebbles, and then make him lower his shorts to show his small pink panties covering his dicklet. I never fucked him, or nothing just showed him off and totally degraded him in front of hot, young dudes. That is what the father wanted. I would make him rub my cock in my pants so the young kids could see how big my cock got. I am sure they imagined me fucking him, but like I said, with him, I never did. Go figure, each pervert has his own kink.


I got lots more I can share with you if you like, and I can go into more detail if you just ask what you want to hear about. Hope this inspires you to write an excellent story. Thanks for reading this and for all your stories, and say hi to all the faggot cocksucker readers you have.


Taylor Jones