A Letter from Cliff Radim


Hello Everyone:

I just wanted to say that I am so happy to be accepted as part of this very, very posh and exciting group. I feel very special. My name is Cliff Radim and I live in Hampstead, in London, England. Dale10 has told me he gets to England once or twice each year and I hope to meet him. He also asked me to send this letter to introduce myself to all of you guys in the group.

I am fifteen years old. Dale said that he usually does not allow guys as young as me to be in his group, but that I seemed mature for my age so I thank him for that. I actually started to read sex stories on the internet when I was twelve. Lots of my friends read them too. But, I don't think any of them read the ones I do. You know what I mean, about boys who get used and abused, and fucked up. Somehow when I wank to those kinds of stories, the feeling is just so much better so I became addicted to the stories of dale10. He is the master of those kinds, don't you think?


I am gobsmacked at some of the stuff that goes on in his stories, and have trouble believing guys actually do that extreme stuff. But I guess they do, from all I hear. And it sure is exciting. I can't talk to my friends about it though, and I have no one to share my interest with. So if any of you would like to be my pen pal and share your experiences with me, it might help educate me.


I have never done anything with anyone. One time three of us wanked together in a field at night up in Kent when I was visiting my Grandma. But I was like twelve at the time. But that was the only sex thing I have ever done. I am really shy with girls and guys in reality. I have so many questions about sex and about how to get started. I don't even know if I am the right age to have sex. I know some boys my age are doing things with girls. Are their boys my age who do it with boys?


I feel so stupid. I have included a photo of myself. Don't know if you guys will like it. I do have some of me without the sweater if any of you want to see them, but I don't think I am much to look at. Well, thanks for reading this, and let me just say I am so happy to be a part of this really unusual and far out group. I love every mail I get and I seem to be wanking all the time. Hope to hear from some of you.


Cliff Radim