A Good Dad

(Mb) (tort) (inc)

I want to commend Richard (last name deleted) one of our avid fans and a longtime member of our group. Richard started reading my stories when he was in high school and has since dedicated his life to making some of his own sexual fantasies come true. He married and had a son, then divorced and began to work on his son. He loves his son, but more as a sexual toy or experiment than as a normal father/son relationship.

Richard's hard work is starting to pay off. He has been working on the baby boy tits for over a year now, and they are permanently turning into sow teats. Richard is so proud of them, and so are all of Richard's male friends who come over to play with Mica. They often pull the boy around by his nipples. Mica’s body is quite flexible from being fucked for over a year now. The boy not only take Daddy's eight and a half inches every day, but not a day goes by when he does not also take five or six of Daddy's friends, or some nice strange men that Daddy meets in a bar or online. Of course, on weekends, Mica gets pussy fucked a whole lot more. I wish Richard could show us a photo of Mica's developing pussy, but again, we have to be very careful, don't we? He assures me the asshole is turning into a really nicely shaped cunt and can almost take a hand up it by now.
Little Mica is developing really nice cocksucker lips. The shape of his teeth and palate are changing from all the cocksucking he does. Richard has Mica sucking on something almost constantly, as he wants a perfect receptacle for dick. You can see from the little lump in the boy's swimsuit that his baby pecker is not very developed yet, but that is not unusual for his young age. The boy is just starting to blossom.
Richard says that one thing little Mica does not enjoy is pain training. Richard feels that the boy needs to toughen up a bit in the area of being able to take pain and hardship. The little guy has an hour of extreme pain every weekday and four or five hours of pain tolerance on weekends. You name it. This can vary from the use of needles to electrical current to hot wax, to a fucking machine. Richards’s friends have been very helpful in this area, coming up with some really good games for father and son to play. Richard really enjoys, and Mica really hates a birch rod beating of his tiny ass crack and right on the pussy. Richard does not stop until the pussy is swollen and dark red. He also often beats the bottoms of the boy's feet just before Mica dances naked for Richard's guests. It keeps the boy on his toes. It is a very, very pretty sight.
This summer, at my suggestion, Mica is learning how to suck dog dick. I believe that it is good for a boy his age to bond with an animal, and sucking a nice big greasy dog dick is a perfect way to do it. By the end of the summer, he will also be taking dog prick up his little boy pussy.
For the sake of legality, little Mica cannot wander about naked, has to wear a swimsuit. I suggested to him that Mica should wear a more suitable swimsuit, perhaps a tiny thong or pouch. It would still fall within legal limits, but it would give a slightly better appreciation of the boy's developing body.
Anyway, Richard says, “Hi,” and he hopes you are all having a great summer.